Photonic Mental Agency

Übermensch or Last-Man? Before anything else, any Hyperhuman would reject Climate Alarm and Malthusian Environmentalism because of what it says about humanity. As Jason Ross put it in this week’s science discussion at LPAC: “It’s child abuse. You take a … Continue reading

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Ontological Mathematics, Boundary Conditions, Physics, & Empiricism

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Ontology In the last post we discussed how although certain mathematical operations can be performed, it does not mean that they are actually representative of reality, i.e., that they’re “ontological”.  If you perform a mathematical operation which has no actual … Continue reading

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Energy Flux Density Exposes Climate Pseudoscience

I hope to make it more clear here the relevance of the climate alarm pseudoscience radiative greenhouse fraud in the light of the physical concept of energy flux density. Recall this diagram of the mechanism of the radiative greenhouse effect, … Continue reading

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Anti-Development is Murder

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“Air Conditioners Cause Heat Waves”, IPCC Says Carl Brehmer – June 2015 Those who follow the news will have noticed that the wires are abuzz with stories about how many people have died in India over the past couple of … Continue reading

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The Sophistry of Backradiation

Another Tale of Two Versions Sophistry finds its greatest expression and success in deceit when it can switch reference frames, goal posts, and contexts without switching the language.  We’ve seen this already in the two versions of “the greenhouse effect”, … Continue reading

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The Ground is not the Surface

Think like a Photon This is a comment upgrade to a post.  Recall the earlier post about thinking like a photon, rather than thinking like a human, if you want to understand why light exhibits the behaviour that it does. … Continue reading

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Fred Singer’s Position Consistent with no Radiative GHE

Converging on the Truth Atmospheric and space physicist Fred Singer published an article in October of 2014 where he concluded that his position is becoming so skeptical of climate sensitivity claims that he is no longer in agreement with the … Continue reading

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