Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem: Ontological Mathematics vs. Science

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Most people think that Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem means something about the final answer to everything being something that can never be attained, only more and more closely approximated, because any system of logic and its axioms will always be incomplete … Continue reading

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The Best Science Book in the Universe (…and the New World Order!)

The God Series of books by Mike Hockney are, truly, the best set of books on philosophy, science, politics, religion, psychology, death, and life, that have ever been produced in the history of man.  The latest book by Hockney is … Continue reading

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Ontological Mathematics for the Lay Person – Part 1

Something from Nothing What is the difference between the abstract concept of nothing versus the nothing of the mathematical ontological zero that represents the basis of reality? This is one of the most important things, probably the most important thing … Continue reading

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Illuminist Movie Reviews

Travelling Salesman, War Games, Terminator, and Her In the movie the Travelling Salesman, the P = NP problem is actually one of solving the mathematical formula for intuition. Intuition exists, and anything that exists is mathematical. Intuition is a power much … Continue reading

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Do GCM’s Model a Flat Earth?

That GCM models use a spherical rotating Earth is a red-herring – that’s not the point. Such models do not, and can not, contain a radiative greenhouse effect as promulgated, in any case.The point is that the origin of the meme … Continue reading

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You are Here to Learn Reason!

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Sophistry   That paragraph is a great example of sophistry. That so few people can understand it, detect it and see it for what it is, is why this world is so stupid and ridiculous.You’re here to learn logic people…that … Continue reading

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Climate Pseudophysics, Again

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So the last post had a neat way of looking at it, but I improved on the graphic demonstration. First let us remind ourselves of the pseudoscientific greenhouse effect:       A fancy diagram with straight lines and numbers … Continue reading

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