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Just listening to the song “Skyfall” by Adelle, on a flight back home. Man that’s a trippy song full of alchemical allegory.  Spooky as hell…really…awful in a way of sorts.  Well, just look at the title.

You know, the last 3 Bond movies are one of the greatest trilogies of all time.  The trilogy is great because it follows the most fundamental archetype of the West’s story-telling tradition: God accidentally creates the Antichrist, the Antichrist kills God in a perfectly matched and brilliantly conceived trap only a God could create, and then a Hero kills the Antichrist. You have the most basic dialectical logic and archetypes there.

The only ‘fiction’ I like more than this Bond trilogy is the book “Armageddon Conspiracy” by Mike Hockney.

Just remember this: If you ever find yourself in the position of the hero…THE PRETTY BIRDIES ARE ONLY AN ILLUSION!

They’re not real. Sex, is not real. Sex, is only an illusion – the most compelling illusion that has been illusioned, but an illusion it is. You really believe in yourself when you’re having it…but it is not real, it isn’t what you imagine it is, and it isn’t really you. Sex is not actually about you, and neither are the pretty birdies. These are just tools used to trick you to think, through feelings, that the world is about you. It’s all a fraud, you know.

Then you can do something different,  something non-archetypal, and see what happens.

“Armageddon Conspiracy” ended the way it did because it simply isn’t known what the alternative would have been. Even the Gnostics protect this secret, even though they ostensibly want to see it out.

How do you break a chain of infinity, and why wouldn’t you try? What’s more insane…doing the same thing over and over again, or trying to finitize infinity? You have no other options.

Oh Hi, Dynamite.

Also, my favourite song right now is “Zero” by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s.  Don’t you know you’re a Zero?  LOL!  Man that’s some good ontological math humour right there!

Traditional Western religion assumes the pre-existence of God.  By assuming the pre-existence of something, a human mind can imagine quite a bit, especially if it is assumed that the pre-existing assumption is capable of doing anything you want it to.  Truly this will be viewed as insanity, one day.

What if we assumed a post-existence of God, rather than a pre-existence?  Science believes in evolution, and so, what is the logically ultimate end-point of evolution?  Then God is something that comes about, and reality can no longer be assumed upon an assumption of God creating it, but reality’s existence has to now be completely logically justifiable a-priori, because we got rid of the pre-existence assumption.  And such a task can be accomplished, with the logic of ontological mathematics, and the Zero.  Pre-existence actually ends up coming back…but now in a way that is logical, and hence different than it is currently used.

It’s a fun ride, one the funnest ever, transforming yourself from one perspective to the other.  The pre-existence and post-existence of God become a profound dialectical pairing, and the synthesis is found somewhere that a human (most of them) never thinks to look.


phi = -[sin(666) + cos(6*6*6)]  – that’s totally bonkers!

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12 Responses to Random Personal Aside

  1. greyfordays says:

    Speaking of songs that ring eerily true… Lateralus by Tool. I think you find a great appreciation for the lyrics, and the song in whole as they are amazing musicians.. It gives this shell of mine goosebumps. Great post. I think I will discuss the post/pre existence of God with some co workers today. Get a fun and worthy dialect going. Open them up to a new perspective!

  2. Just read the lyrics…definitely something being referenced there 🙂

    3 minutes in to the 9:23 song…good stuff!

  3. greyfordays says:

    Haha, yes it is quite lengthy as most of their songs are, but a message like that deserves a good, long song as it’s host. The end is my favorite. 🙂 I am glad you enjoy it.

  4. Max™ says:

    There ya go, that covers the structure of the song and the way it ties into the rest of the album by suggesting that you should re-order the tracks to fit a fibonacci sequence, and suddenly the weird cutoffs and abrupt starts make sense!

  5. That’s insane. I swear, the more I read the lyrics of the songs I like, the more I suspect so many of these bands are Pythagoreans or related types of Gnostics!

    Some bands I like but I can tell their music is somewhat “empty”, and their lyrics don’t mean much although the songs might be good. But the BEST songs and bands I like are always the ones within whose lyrics I can see Pythagorean/Gnostic elements. And those types of bands range from Country to Heavy Metal…they’re everywhere.

  6. Max™ says:

    Well, Maynard is kind of a jerk at times, and I’m pretty sure if you asked him on two different occasions at one time he would ramble on about how great it is and how lifechanging it was to find out about [insert philosophical or religious movement or position here] himself, and at another he’d call it a bunch of crap for potheads to sit and waste away babbling about.

    He does love putting all sorts of fun stuff to discover in his songs though, and the man has an awesome voice.

    From what I’ve read you post here, I’m kinda surprised you never heard much Tool before now, but you should go check out 10,000 Days, I imagine you’ll love Vicarious and Right in Two, though it’s weird how he combines the cynicism of those songs with the heartbreakingly sweet ode to his mother (Wings for Marie and 10,000 Days, which is about how long she suffered from cancer as I recall) in the same album.

    High is the way, but all eyes are upon the ground.
    You were the light and the way they’ll only read about.
    I only pray, Heaven knows when to lift you out.
    Ten thousand days in the fire is long enough;
    You’re going home.

  7. Heavy metal isn’t really my thing…but I’ve curiously found that many Pythagoreans are really in to it.

    Music in general doesn’t form that large of part of my life…almost irrelevant to my life, really. Whenever in first-year undergrad, trying to make friends, people would always ask me “So what music do you listen to?”, this annoyed me to no end. How the heck is that even important? “Have you read Plato?” I would reply, and friendship would be over.

    But it may be that soul-development correlates with passion for music. It seems that Pythagorean initiates are all really in to music and art and stuff. I’m not in the slightest. The idea of a concert bores me to tears. I saw one of them (Pythagoreans) say once that sexual and musical passions etc goes up with intelligence…if that’s the case then I must be quite low on the scale of intelligence! I listen to music maybe once every month or three and I perfectly detest that I am encumbered with desire for sex.

    That’s a neat quote, above.

  8. Max™ says:

    Tool is like, if pink floyd and led zepplin had a kid who was so awesome he used to give metallica wedgies before they turned into frumpy old men.

  9. Will Janoschka says:

    Try it from the other end.
    1. I do not know, but I wonder!
    2. I think, and learn, this is fun!
    3. The more I think and learn, the less I know!
    4. Thinking and learning are but a journey with no destination!
    5. Thinking and learning is still fun!

    The problem with God is mono-theism. One all knowing, and all powerful God, must be so bored, that all that God can do is destroy itself. The lotsa Gods like the Greeks had is much different. Earthlings are made in the image of God(s). An image is but a projection of a multi-dimensional entity upon a manifold with lesser dimensions. Earthlings can be as frivolous as the Gods. Gods “may’ know, but earthlings do not know. Thinking and learning is still fun! What a wondereful planet!

  10. Richard111 says:

    Many, many years ago I worked behind the “Green Door”. One of the secrets I used was the Fibonacci series in one of the secret machines. I showed my wife your equation for Phi. She has a religious mind and was, to say the least, startled!

  11. Not sure what the “Green Door” refers to nor the “secret machines” one would find behind it. Sounds interesting!

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