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Mass Hysteria of the Liberal Left

Have you been wondering why the left has gone insane? The explanation here, an excellent summary: Echoing that, their egos are also unable to handle the fact that they’re wrong about climate alarm, hence the need to label real … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Existence, The Answer to Existence

Are you interested in the meaning and purpose of existence? As in the big, absolute, total meaning of the universe and everything, including yourself…the final answer? Why the universe exists at all? Did you know that it has been found … Continue reading

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Best Of CNN Dank Memes Vol 1

This is making me LOL. I have never been one to enjoy schadenfreude and I think the practice is generally disgusting.  However, all of this is a clear exception to the rule:  

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The Other-Directed are the Enemy of Life

Gad Saad has some good commentary here in the video at the bottom.  He uses the term “the West” but he should really refer to which specific subset of Western population is seeking its own death: the liberals and leftists. … Continue reading

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Be a F***ing Idiot! Canada’s Anti-Reason Bill (language warning)

-do not read this if you don’t like crude language and general profuse swearing- It’s the System, Bitches! Lauren Southern makes the point so well in the video below that I’ll start with her: Now of course it isn’t stated … Continue reading

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The Strange Case of the Liberal Love for ISIS and Islamic Terror

For many years now, thinking people have been both startled and confused at the love and acceptance which Western liberals show and demonstrate towards Islamic terror and regressive Islamic ideologies.  If you’re not aware of this phenomenon, you may be … Continue reading

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What University Should Be

Found this inspiring: If only universities inculcated an attitude like this. Oh…but…that would oppress all the people who can’t think and feel like that!

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The Fraud of the AGHE Part 15: Current Summary

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The entire premise, the ground floor of climate alarm and all climate policy, the sky-scraper of climate alarm, rests on the foundation of the concept of the atmospheric greenhouse effect.  It is only via a postulated atmospheric greenhouse effect that … Continue reading

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Universal Declaration of Digital Rights

Hey guys, please check out this page: and give them a “like” ASAP.  They have some good Youtube vid’s you can watch from the FB page too. About Help us establish a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights that clearly … Continue reading

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