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Earth’s Thermodynamic Energy Budget

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Instead of creating a flat-Earth “global energy budget” such as those which the field of climate science is entirely based upon, as in the figure below, I have created (and updated) a new global energy budget which is instead called … Continue reading

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They’re All In On It

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A commentator (CDM) has been in contact with a PhD in physics regarding my AMS paper and the video produced about it, which you can see here. The American Meteorological Society has had to take the position that the Sun … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Review of the Reviewers by RK

Postma BAMS Article Submission – Review of the Reviewers by Robert Kernodle I am aware of the recent (Jan 2020) article, “An Alternative Global Mean Energy Budget Model Which is Incompatible with Existing Ones”, submitted to BULLETIN OF THE AMERICAN … Continue reading

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The official position of the American Meteorological Society is that the Sun does not create Earth’s weather or climate. I present to you direct quotes and statements gathered during peer-review with the AMS and from the Bulletins of the AMS … Continue reading

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They Live as our Scientists

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My favorite movie: “They Live” Because I feel like I am dealing with some sort of clandestine freak aliens pretending to be our scientists, who stare at me and blink: “There’s nothing wrong with flat Earth theory. There’s nothing wrong … Continue reading

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Watch “Global Warming – What is the Truth? Interview with Astrophysicist Joseph Postma” on YouTube

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Watch “NEW POLL: Half of Americans Think the Democrats Have Gone TOO FAR LEFT” on YouTube

The fact that there are racial differences in voting patterns is empirical proof that multiculturalism is a failure:

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