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Critical Thinking Climate Change

In this video I discuss how if we simply apply the merest degree of critical thinking to climate alarm/change science, we can prove that it has no valid foundations or conclusions whatsoever. Everything that climate change alarm science predicts and … Continue reading

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You know who the clown is?  That clown is a PhD in Geophysics at the University of Chicago!  To be a PhD in geophysics requires that you’ve taken advanced-level multi-dimensional calculus including partial differential equations and Fourier Tranforms, have entirely … Continue reading

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Humans Do Not Control Atmospheric CO2

A decent presentation on the subject: I don’t know why no one ever references the data, but a global experiment was recently performed to test whether or not human emission of CO2 from the use of hydrocarbon energy was the … Continue reading

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Watch “Mother Nature Demands Child Sacrifice – #PropagandaWatch”

We will stop this madness:

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Forget Global Warming, The Sun Says An Ice Age Is Coming

This is a really good article everyone should read: One pertinent excerpt: “Professor Valentina Zharkova, a mathematician and PhD. astrophysicist has been studying the planet’s cycles for many years. In 2015, she predicted a new “minimum” or mini ice … Continue reading

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Science History Shows Flat Earth Success

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If you look at the major developments in physics over the last 115 years, there is entirely indication and precedent that the fraudulent flat Earth theory basis of climate alarm and its fake simulacral version of the greenhouse will be … Continue reading

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Back-Conduction and Alarmist Physics – No Radiative Caveat to the Laws of Thermodynamics

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I’m not going to repeat the description of alarmist radiative physics in their simulacral version of the greenhouse effect, because readers should already know by now how that argument goes.  What I will do instead is put that argument in … Continue reading

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