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A Riddle to End Copenhagen

As you may know from my books, I have explained how spoken human language suffers from Gödelian Incompleteness and therefore cannot always be trusted to say something meaningful. At the same time, I have explained how useless it is to … Continue reading

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Planet Wars – New Book!

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How an Investigation into the Intellectual and Philosophical Fraud of Climate Science and Peer Review Uncovered a Plot to Create a Final Extinction Level Event to End All Life on Earth Humanity is facing a planetary-level-threat which seeks to end … Continue reading

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A Really Great Awakened Chat

These girls are great. Well worth a watch!

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The Emission Height Fallacy

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This is another one of those “the greenhouse effect doesn’t work the way we’ve always said it does, it works this new way now” schticks. If you’re logical, you may imagine that just as how the original climate alarmist backradiation … Continue reading

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First Professional Astronomer Detection of UFO from Space Telescope!?

We’ve all seen the shaky home-video cams of UFOs, but interestingly there’s never really been any cases of professional astronomers who’ve witnessed one that I can remember. Well, here you go! I am sure that there is a reasonable explanation … Continue reading

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A “Simple Experiment on Global Warming” to debunk the Radiative Greenhouse Effect, Climate Science, and Peer Review

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Just a Little Chat

Just a simple little chat between friends, covering the fundamental basics which debunk the climate fraud.

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Hyperphysics Fails at Basic Science, Logic, Reasoning, and Math

From HyperPhysics on the “Greenhouse Effect”: “A major part of the efficiency of the heating of an actual greenhouse is the trapping of the air so that the energy is not lost by convection. Keeping the hot air from escaping … Continue reading

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Interview with Oppenheimer Ranch!

This was a lot of fun! Enjoy.

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Thermodynamics 101: Socrates Debunks Climate Alarm Science

You may read my blog post about the same events discuss in the video here: Rebranding the Simulacrum with Sophistry

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