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Absorption Spectra are not Greenhouse Effects

In this presentation I debunk another sophistical pseudoscientific claim that supposedly “proves” that the Earth is flat, that the radiative greenhouse effect is real, and that climate alarm is true.

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Slayer Youtube: How the Flat Earth Error Occured

In this presentation I discuss how the flat Earth error at the basis of climate alarm occurred.  In the main presentation we discussed how climate alarm is founded upon a most illogical mistake, and so here I will explain why … Continue reading

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Slayer Live Webcast: There is no Radiative Greenhouse Effect (Jan 10, 10AM MST)

PDF of presentation: There is no Radiative Greenhouse Effect Presentation start at 18:20. In this live webcast I will be giving a slideshow presentation which demonstrates that the radiative greenhouse effect, upon which climate alarm and even the field of climate … Continue reading

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Weather Balloon Soundings Falsify the “Greenhouse Effect” Hypothesis

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Post by Carl Brehmer —– Here are two graphs that demonstrates why the “greenhouse effect” hypothesis is false. This graph was created using raw weather balloon data on a day when the ground level humidity called the “mixing ratio” in … Continue reading

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Climate Alarm is Flat Earth Pseudoscience

The Flat Earther CONgregation Climate alarm, and most of the field of climate (pseudo)science itself, is based on the postulate of a radiative greenhouse effect. Where does the idea of a radiative greenhouse effect come from?  Where was it invented? … Continue reading

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Ontological Mathematics in Thermodynamics

Students’ Confusion Found a really great quote in an undergraduate thermodynamics textbook I pulled out from my library the other day, which is a tacit approval of Ontological Mathematics.  Before we get to that part though, I’ll quote more of … Continue reading

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New Independent Paper Supports Slayer Climate Rationalism

Executive summary can be found here and the paper can be found here. Research Report Executive Summary Background On December 15, 2009, EPA issued its Green House Gas (GHG) Endangerment Finding, which has driven very significant and costly regulations beginning … Continue reading

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