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Hate Speech is Free Speech

Why is free speech so important? Because hate speech might be true speech.  Because what you think is hate speech might be true. Because it’s a fail safe given humanity’s propensity for believing in really stupid wrong things which history … Continue reading

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The Earth’s Climate is Naturally Hostile and Unsafe

[Article by Carl Brehmer] Those who support the UN’s “Climate Change” agenda feign concern for “the poor”, yet the agenda itself is determined to lock those under its sway into perpetual poverty.  At its core the UN’s “Climate Change” agenda … Continue reading

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Canadian Sovereign Money

Please watch this video if you are still unsure of what it means to have debt-free money: People have no idea what money is, what it is supposed to be, how it is supposed to be used, and who should … Continue reading

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Trump Sound Money – The Unbelievable Monetary Reform Machinations Behind Trump

The Way the World Works Now that Bill Still has publicized this information on (as far as I know) two different occasions, I think it is safe for me to publicize it here to my own small audience. For those … Continue reading

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“Heat” is not “Pollution”

Article by Carl Brehmer It seems that everywhere you look someone is talking about “carbon pollution” by which is meant “carbon dioxide pollution”. “Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the primary greenhouse gas pollutant . . .” EPA “Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse … Continue reading

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Lovers of the Lie

This is from an internal “Slayers” email discussion of things, and someone suggested to collate & edit it and make it a post, because others might like to read it.  I know many of the readers of this blog will … Continue reading

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Your Encryption is Broken

Remember that movie review post about “The Travelling Salesman” and a few other movies? At the time I was fascinated at how Ontological Mathematics explained what was going on in those movies, and how the phenomenon of intuition was so … Continue reading

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