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Propertarianism vs Parasitical Climate Pseudoscience

Joseph and guest Noah J. Revoy discuss how Propertarian Law would provide for the ability to punish parasitical political pseudoscientific schemes such as climate change alarmism, and remove that pseudoscience from the educational, political, and public commons.

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Meritocratic Power to the People from Illuminism & Propertarianism

Propertarianism is how you give the power to the people. This isn’t the “muh power to the poeple!!” like we have experienced with communism and socialism and predatory capitalism which is merely absolute power to the dictator/corporations and slavery and … Continue reading

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Illuminism, Meritocracy, and Propertarianism

I received a question about Illuminism, Meritocracy and Propertarianism, and I have been planning to write about this anyway: Don’t you think the Meritocracy advocated in the books is quite different from the Propertarianism you are currently fashioning? Have you … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Climate Alarm

We must understand that what climate alarmism and climate “policy” is is a very cleverly crafted mental virus vector to hijack Meritocracy and other forms of political rationalism such as Propertarianism. It is a pseudoscientific invention with the intent and … Continue reading

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