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The Greatest Scientific Fraud of All Time

In this video you’re going to learn about the greatest fraud which has ever, and which could ever, occur in science.  The audacity of the fraud is matched only by its simplicity.  The amazing thing is that anyone, down to … Continue reading

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Where do Climate Alarmist Numbers Come From?

In this video I answer a question from my blog where a reader asks where the temperature numbers come from which form the basis of climate physics and political climate alarmism?  It is an excellent question with an excellent answer … Continue reading

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Chart of Politically Correct Beliefs

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Nicely summarized: Please also watch this associated video going into analysis of how they use this chart to target people:

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The Greatest Crossover Event in Scientific History

What happens when you take one thing that is claimed to not be ridiculous, but you combine it with another thing which is clearly ridiculous?  You get ridiculousness!  In this video we lay the groundwork for the greatest revolution in … Continue reading

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How to Debunk Climate Deniers and Climate Alarmists

In this video I explain that the accepted debate between the deniers and the alarmists can be debunked by pointing out that the entire paradigm within which the debate is framed is founded on something so ridiculous and easy to … Continue reading

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How Magnifying Glass Physics Debunks Climate Alarm

In this video I give another empirical demonstration, using a magnifying glass, that basic climate theory and its resulting political weather alarmism is fundamentally flawed at its basis and that the entire field of climate science is basically pseudoscience that … Continue reading

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If you’re not aware of these things, you should make yourself And just for some commentary: We are witnessing the destruction of the Old Guard. They’re really going to miss their flat earth climate alarm too. Interesting how everything degenerate so consistently pools within one ideological political edifice currently.

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