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The Alarmist Radiative Greenhouse Effect’s Final End

In the previous two posts (first, second) we have looked at the climate alarmist’s “steel greenhouse” which they mathematically solve in such a way as to lead to what they think is an alarming behaviour about temperature, which they call … Continue reading

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Incomplete Thermodynamics

In the last post we examined the equations conserving energy, defining heat flow, and thermodynamic equilibrium for a power-generating sphere enclosed by a shell.  We examined the equations for when the system either existed in an ambient-temperature environment above 0K, … Continue reading

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The Steel Greenhouse in an Ambient-Temperature Environment

The “steel greenhouse” concept for demonstrating the radiative greenhouse effect has been debunked many times on this blog (the least reason of which its advocates attempt to conserve temperature instead of energy!), but the solution for it sitting in an … Continue reading

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Slayer’s Vindicated by Additional Independent Researchers

(originally posted at PSI) (This is what Slayer’s winning looks like!  There is no radiative greenhouse effect.  Climate alarm is totally, 100% false, total pseudoscience.) (Most pertinent quote from the paper:  “The GHG theory might even require a deep re-examination.”  – … Continue reading

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What is Flat Earth Physics?

The following is from an email exchange which will remain anonymous.  But rationalists will find it quite interesting, hilarious, and extremely saddening… “Dear Joseph, I sent the link to your Youtube presentation titled “There is no radiative Greenhouse Effect” to … Continue reading

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The Walking Braindead: Flat Earther Science Denier List

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Who gets the honour of being identified as the world’s most braindead!?  It’s not the outright Flat Earther’s, no, not at all!  Rather, it is the people who pretend to stand for modern science and who believe that they have … Continue reading

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The Problem with Climate Alarm Skeptics

The problem with most skeptics is that they’re not good enough skeptics.  They’ve done a good job and they’ve been a million times more rational than the alarmists – really no comparison here at all in rationality and intelligence level … Continue reading

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