Anarchy vs. Government – A Superfluous Debate

On the internet someone posted this video about anarchy: And then of course, we have this expected and all-too-common exchange: HS:  “If you like anarchy then you’ll love Somalia – it’s an anarchist paradise with absolutely no evil authoritarian regime … Continue reading

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LPAC vs. Hockney

I asked the people at LaRouchePAC to read the book Gödel Versus Wittgenstein, and was given this in reply: “I read a couple of chapters of it, but his writing style included many interesting concepts and conclusions that didn’t compel belief.  … Continue reading

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The Radiative Greenhouse Effect & Ontological Mathematics

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Only One Way to Test Although my output on the greenhouse topic has been greatly reduced, the reason is because I have settled at the end-point of the approaches for analysis.  There is a single way to test for a radiative … Continue reading

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Lapse Rate Refutes Radiative Greenhouse Effect

Definitive Refutation This is something I wrote about long ago (reference pg. 16), but in a recent Slayer email exchange I re-realized just how important it was.  Hopefully any Slayers will follow up in the comments if anything else needs … Continue reading

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Bottom of Atmosphere is Warmest

On Earth, as it is on Other Planets On Earth, we can definitely say that there is a significant, and important, direct solar heating of the planetary surface to high temperature by the action of sunlight.  This fact alone allows … Continue reading

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R.W. Wood Had it Right: Sun Heats Earth!

The Sun Heats the Earth I saw this quote within a recent email exchange among the Slayers, and although I don’t know the exact paper source, R.W. Wood is well-enough known to just quote him directly: R.W. Wood: “The solar rays penetrate … Continue reading

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The Hydro Flask Challenge to Anthropogenic Climate Change

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(Guest article contribution by: Dan Fauth) If you’ve ever used a Hydro Flask, you are probably as enamored with this product as I am.  Hydro Flask makes the claim that their containers will keep your chilled beverage cold for up … Continue reading

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