How Heat Debunked Climate Pseudoscience and its Greenhouse Effect

No Heat Trap CO2 does not trap heat. In fact nothing traps heat and that entire concept which comes from climate alarmism is false. Here is the definition of heat: “Heat is defined as the form of energy that is … Continue reading

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Observational Evidence From SURFRAD Sites That Falsify The “Greenhouse Effect” Hypothesis

Written by Carl Brehmer Brehmer Refutes Spencer On August 23rd, 2016 Roy Spencer wrote an article in which he states that observational evidence gathered at Desert Rock, Nevada, affirms the existence of a radiative “greenhouse effect”.  In that article he … Continue reading

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The Ducks

[this was drafted a long time ago but I never posted it at the time; given recent events (Monckton Capitulates to Slayer Science and How Anthony Watts and Christopher Monckton Helped Prove Slayer Rationalism) I think it is worth posting … Continue reading

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Your Encryption is Broken

Remember that movie review post about “The Travelling Salesman” and a few other movies? At the time I was fascinated at how Ontological Mathematics explained what was going on in those movies, and how the phenomenon of intuition was so … Continue reading

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How Anthony Watts and Christopher Monckton Helped Prove Slayer Rationalism

Their Research I had truly forgotten just how much work Mr. Watts had done in helping prove the Slayer’s position that there is no greenhouse effect.  The following 3 articles are all tied together but the 2nd article is where Anthony … Continue reading

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Anthony Watts: Loser

The mustached weirdo felt like he had to chime in via email. AW:  “Such immature hate. No need to respond, I’m putting your emails in the spam filter.” JP:  “Get a life Anthony you amazing loser. We all see what … Continue reading

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How a Magnifying Glass DEBUNKED Climate Alarm

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Can You? I was once told by a climate alarmist (Joel Shore) that “a magnifying glass in sunlight proves that light can be concentrated”, and thus that the radiative greenhouse effect is true and that their diagrams which depict it … Continue reading

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