Ptolemy’s Epicycles solve Climate Change

In this video we will learn how the ancient Greek astronomer Ptolemy can be used to solve climate change, by demonstrating that modern climate theory is based on a completely false conception of reality with the Sun NOT at the … Continue reading

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Toy Models, Free Body Diagrams, and the Debunk of Climate Science – Skeptical Science

In this video we will examine the concept of free body diagrams, sometimes known as “toy models” and how these can be used for doing physics. We also learn how they cannot be used for physics, i.e., when they do … Continue reading

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What is Heat Transfer? (And what happened to Academics?)

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In this follow-up to the previous video on “What is Heat”, we have a physics lesson on the MODES of heat transfer and why all modes obey the same basic principles, such as heat flowing from hot to cold only. … Continue reading

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What is Heat?

A science and physics lesson on what heat is and how our knowledge of heat debunks the pseudoscientific field of climate science.

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This is Why They Won’t DEBATE ME!

This is the audio of a debate I had with a climate alarmist flat-Earth radiative greenhouse effect believer. Just listen and have fun…it gets good.

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How The US Temperature Record Is Being Altered Part 3

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Two Species…Two Approaches to Life: One Becoming, One Degenerative

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Although I realize that everything which is called parasitical could also simply be called destructive warfare by attrition by an enemy which simply wishes to use silent weapons in a quiet war to destroy its foe.

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The Psychology of Conspiracy Deniers

This is a good discussion following up on the “midwits” concept. The 120IQ midwit crowd will be the most enslaved people of all history and all time. At 120IQ the powers that be have found a solution for complete, utter, … Continue reading

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Parallels between COVID19 and Climate Change

This is really great, from Reddit: Notice the parallels between COVID19 and climate change Both is an imminent threat to humanity. Cases / temperatures soar everywhere. Models for both spells disaster for the future, all of them were wrong. Make … Continue reading

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