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What’s Wrong with Academics – New Book

Someone asked me in the comments what must be wrong with academic scientists for them having such difficulty with comprehension of basic physics.  This was my reply and it sets the scene for the following book-link afterwards: JP:  My next … Continue reading

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Meritocratic Power to the People from Illuminism & Propertarianism

Propertarianism is how you give the power to the people. This isn’t the “muh power to the poeple!!” like we have experienced with communism and socialism and predatory capitalism which is merely absolute power to the dictator/corporations and slavery and … Continue reading

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Illuminism, Meritocracy, and Propertarianism

I received a question about Illuminism, Meritocracy and Propertarianism, and I have been planning to write about this anyway: Don’t you think the Meritocracy advocated in the books is quite different from the Propertarianism you are currently fashioning? Have you … Continue reading

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World’s 1st Scientific Paper on Ontological Mathematics

The Trick Here is the abstract for a new paper to be published soon on thermodynamics and Ontological Mathematics: Abstract:  “A de Saussure light trap with multiple internal layers is numerically modeled with a thermal partial differential equation.  The internal conditions … Continue reading

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Ontological Mathematics in Thermodynamics

Students’ Confusion Found a really great quote in an undergraduate thermodynamics textbook I pulled out from my library the other day, which is a tacit approval of Ontological Mathematics.  Before we get to that part though, I’ll quote more of … Continue reading

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Anarchy vs. Government – A Superfluous Debate

On the internet someone posted this video about anarchy: And then of course, we have this expected and all-too-common exchange: HS:  “If you like anarchy then you’ll love Somalia – it’s an anarchist paradise with absolutely no evil authoritarian regime … Continue reading

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LPAC vs. Hockney

I asked the people at LaRouchePAC to read the book Gödel Versus Wittgenstein, and was given this in reply: “I read a couple of chapters of it, but his writing style included many interesting concepts and conclusions that didn’t compel belief.  … Continue reading

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How to Define Merit in Ontological Mathematics

The Ontology Despite the millions of words written about Meritocracy, Ontological Mathematics, and Illuminism, the objective definition of Merit has never been explicitly stated.  So I’ll do that here. It is important because of the central problem which prevents a … Continue reading

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Mental Boundary Conditions

In The Thermodynamic Mind post I made the statement: “In the God Series we learn that Ontological Mathematics, Mind, Light, and Energy are all synonymous terms…they all refer to the same thing, and they all partake of the form of the God … Continue reading

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Simulacrum of Merit

Well did I call it or what?  Climate alarm is the new religion which directly adopts the archetypal psychological patterns of Abrahamism.  That’s why Abrahamism is pushing it: Global bishops call for ‘complete decarbonisation’ Pope rallies bishops to press climate call … Continue reading

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