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Explaining the Double-Slit Experiment without Probabilism

We can solve the double-slit experiment without referring to “quantum-weirdness” or probabilities with Ontological Mathematics. We do have wave-particle duality, but this is not nearly as strange as modern quantum theory makes it out to be. The solution is much … Continue reading

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Reconciling Quantum Mechanics and Relativity

Modern science is founded in instituted cognitive disparity, which began with Einstein’s hijacking of relativity theory. We can now use Ontological Mathematics to begin solving the illogical problems present in Einstein’s interpretation of relativity which subsequently found their way into … Continue reading

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Hermeticism and Illuminism: How Euler’s Formula Explains the Seven Hermetic Principles

Illuminism and Ontological Mathematics fulfills the goal of making a science out of spiritual principles. The seven Hermetic Principles can now be understood to have total justification and explanation in the God Formula, Euler’s Equation.

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Illuminism: Foundation & Lifestyle: A Guide to the Religious Pursuit of the Form of the Good in Ontological Mathematics, or Why is There Something Rather than Nothing? – Answered

New book dropped today! If you wish to understand the religion of the Illuminati, try starting here. Enjoy! I’d really appreciate you all to read it.

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Livestream Q & A / Hang Out (today) Fri. Feb 17 6pm MST

Here is the link to join: It is on the Ontological Mathematics channel and so discussion is supposed to be about that, Illuminism, etc., but we can also discuss other things if you want like climate change, issues, etc.

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Why Does Everyone Hate Ontological Mathematics?

The reason is simple: because rationalists are only a few percent of the population, and it doesn’t fulfill what the rest of the population are seeking. We discuss the details.  

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Illuminism Under Threat

Public Illuminism is facing its greatest threat since its inception approximately 15 years ago. What is the true nature of the enemy forces who are trying to destroy it, and what is their ultimate goal? It is not just online … Continue reading

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Converting Christians to Illuminism – WHAT!?

How would you convert an Abrahamist to Illuminism? To answer that question, you have to answer how you would do that to a scientific materialist just the same! So, how do you even begin to solve that problem?

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Why Make Existence out of Mathematics?

Is there any philosophical advantage to making existence out of mathematics? Does it get you anything advantageous to explaining the world around us? What about the question itself: What is existence made out of? Is this useful to ask? Can … Continue reading

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How is Nothing better than Random?

A viewer sent in a question with a concern over how “nothing” constitutes a better answer to existence than “randomness”? Isn’t “nothing” just a parallel answer, similarly devoid of ontology, that doesn’t actually inform us of anything more than randomness … Continue reading

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