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Why Does Everyone Hate Ontological Mathematics?

The reason is simple: because rationalists are only a few percent of the population, and it doesn’t fulfill what the rest of the population are seeking. We discuss the details.  

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Illuminism Under Threat

Public Illuminism is facing its greatest threat since its inception approximately 15 years ago. What is the true nature of the enemy forces who are trying to destroy it, and what is their ultimate goal? It is not just online … Continue reading

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Converting Christians to Illuminism – WHAT!?

How would you convert an Abrahamist to Illuminism? To answer that question, you have to answer how you would do that to a scientific materialist just the same! So, how do you even begin to solve that problem?

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Why Make Existence out of Mathematics?

Is there any philosophical advantage to making existence out of mathematics? Does it get you anything advantageous to explaining the world around us? What about the question itself: What is existence made out of? Is this useful to ask? Can … Continue reading

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How is Nothing better than Random?

A viewer sent in a question with a concern over how “nothing” constitutes a better answer to existence than “randomness”? Isn’t “nothing” just a parallel answer, similarly devoid of ontology, that doesn’t actually inform us of anything more than randomness … Continue reading

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What is the Problem of Philosophy?

Philosophy has two main problems. Any philosophy capable of solving them must in fact form a theory of everything…of explaining why something exists rather than nothing, and why it exists in the way that it does. Ontological Mathematics is the … Continue reading

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INTJ vs. ISTJ Battle Royale

An INTJ would demand that their math always be ontological, whereas an ISTJ can’t define anything about reality at all and believes that mathematics is an inexplicable miraculous coincidence which has no justification to correspond with reality (LOL!!). Thus, who’s … Continue reading

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Classical Illuminism – Idealism vs. Materialism Case Study

In this video we take a look at a case study of the materialist mind, and analyze what prevents them from being able to comprehend conceptual arguments. We also identify what the true faith-religion is for the materialist atheist: they’re … Continue reading

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Ontological Mathematics & the Theory of Everything 7: What about Physics?

Can we do any actual physics and science with ontological mathematics? In fact, we can do physics to a much more complete extent (in fact to the total extent) than materialist science can even conceive. Ontological Mathematics automatically unites thermodynamics, … Continue reading

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How to Become a Mathematikoi – You can do it!

In this video we discuss what you can do to become a Mathematikoi. Being a Mathematikoi is not restricted only to those who can solve math equations or recite long passages of philosophy – it is open to anyone who … Continue reading

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