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OID: Ownership Inversion Deflection – An Algorithm to Hijack and Deflect Factual Statements Made by a Debate Opponent

In order to understand OID, let us take a look here for example at this exchange: We start with DREMT stating the basic facts of the geometry and the factors involved: Dr Roys Emergency Moderation Team says:April 26, 2021 at … Continue reading

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The Most Disturbing

I have watched beheading videos and things of that nature. But this is straight up the most disturbing, sickening, vomit-inducing, horrific thing I have ever seen in my life, bar none: View this post on Instagram Feminist melts down over … Continue reading

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Heat Flow Cold to Hot when both Conduction & Radiation Occurring?

PSI recently had a paper submitted where the author claimed that there are solutions to thermodynamics with heat flowing from cold to hot, as long as heat was flowing from hot to cold via a different mechanism at the same … Continue reading

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Earth is Flat! Boom! Proof from Climate Change!

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Right in Front of our Faces How does that old saying go? “The bast place to hide something is right out in the open.” Some of you may be aware that there is a major revolution happening in science right … Continue reading

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The Ducks

[this was drafted a long time ago but I never posted it at the time; given recent events (Monckton Capitulates to Slayer Science and How Anthony Watts and Christopher Monckton Helped Prove Slayer Rationalism) I think it is worth posting … Continue reading

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Anthony Watts: Loser

The mustached weirdo felt like he had to chime in via email. AW:  “Such immature hate. No need to respond, I’m putting your emails in the spam filter.” JP:  “Get a life Anthony you amazing loser. We all see what … Continue reading

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Roy Spencer: As***le (Language Warning!)

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Alright, yesterday I made the point that our antagonists, such as Watts and Monckton, get irate and nasty at us in personal correspondence.  Monckton kindly showed up here and made a fool of himself proving the point. Well, after Monckton’s … Continue reading

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The Sophistry of Backradiation

Another Tale of Two Versions Sophistry finds its greatest expression and success in deceit when it can switch reference frames, goal posts, and contexts without switching the language.  We’ve seen this already in the two versions of “the greenhouse effect”, … Continue reading

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The Amazing Nature of the Climate Greenhouse Advocate

You just gotta go check out this comment on a previous post.  It is amazing either how little these guys can do basic mathematics, or how on purpose they create their lies and sophistry.  What do you think it is?  I … Continue reading

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You are Here to Learn Reason!

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Sophistry   That paragraph is a great example of sophistry. That so few people can understand it, detect it and see it for what it is, is why this world is so stupid and ridiculous.You’re here to learn logic people…that … Continue reading

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