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World’s 1st Scientific Paper on Ontological Mathematics

The Trick Here is the abstract for a new paper to be published soon on thermodynamics and Ontological Mathematics: Abstract:  “A de Saussure light trap with multiple internal layers is numerically modeled with a thermal partial differential equation.  The internal conditions … Continue reading

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Earth is Flat! Boom! Proof from Climate Change!

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Right in Front of our Faces How does that old saying go? “The bast place to hide something is right out in the open.” Some of you may be aware that there is a major revolution happening in science right … Continue reading

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LPAC vs. Hockney

I asked the people at LaRouchePAC to read the book Gödel Versus Wittgenstein, and was given this in reply: “I read a couple of chapters of it, but his writing style included many interesting concepts and conclusions that didn’t compel belief.  … Continue reading

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Feelings and Illuminism

How does Illuminism make you feel? What is worth it about Illuminism? What feelings does Illuminism give you? What feeling do you carry with you if you’re an Illuminist? What value is there to believe in Illuminism? First let us … Continue reading

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BURN YOU – Burn with the Light of Illumination, that is!

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Meritocracy: Its Weaknesses and How to Improve It, a Lesson from Climate Alarm

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Meritocracy In a Democratic Meritocracy, the role of voting has been loosely described as “the most qualified people voting on particular areas of government policy”.  One problem is that this can lead to a class of people who, expert in … Continue reading

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Pythagorean Illuminati, Illuminism, The Ancient Order of the Illuminati, and Ontological Mathematics: Update March 27 2013

Just an update to the list of recommended reading from the Illuminati’s “God Series”. The Noosphere (February 11, 2013) The Omega Point (March 26, 2013) I am just about through “The Noosphere” and have found it the best reading yet … Continue reading

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Pythagorean Illuminati, Gnostic Illuminism, The Ancient Order of the Illuminati, and Ontological Mathematics

What is it? Are these books below from who they say they are?  I don’t know.  But it is plausible, given the uniqueness, quality, and breadth of the material; if they’re not the Illuminati then they might as well be … Continue reading

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