Pythagorean Illuminati, Gnostic Illuminism, The Ancient Order of the Illuminati, and Ontological Mathematics

What is it?

Are these books below from who they say they are?  I don’t know.  But it is plausible, given the uniqueness, quality, and breadth of the material; if they’re not the Illuminati then they might as well be the Illuminati.

The e-books below are the best critique and summary of philosophy, science, psychology, etc., that exists in the world and I am hoping to find other avid readers, and to promote avid readership, of the material and find some other rational minds to consider the material with (I will discuss the prerequisites for doing so below).  You can get their books from Amazon and they are in e-format for e-readers only; it is worth the investment if you don’t already have one, or you can read them on your PC or your phone app.  They write under the pseudonyms of “Mike Hockney”, “Michael Faust” and “Adam Weishaupt”.

This is Hockney’s page on Amazon:

Michael Faust’s:

Adam Weishaupt’s:

Aside from the list of books below, it is very helpful to read these books in chronological order of publication date, because concepts and information is developed in sequence.

This is the first book from “Adam Weishaupt”:

Jesus, Prince of Hell

 The first book from “Michael Faust”:

The Right-Brain God

The first book from “Mike Hockney”:

Prohibition A

(which is a “fiction”).

The list below is their “God Series” (written by Hockney) which should only be read after reading all of the other books before them, and then in chronological order because they are an ongoing development of the concepts:

The God Factory

The God Game

The Last Man Who Knew Everything


The God Blunder

The God Equation

The God Secret


I read “The God Factory” first, before the earlier books from the other authors, and didn’t understand or agree with it very much, so I then read all of their other books in chronological order and came back to finish this “God Series”, and then it all made much more sense.  Many important concepts and perspectives are developed and discussed in all the other books and so this is why it is important to have that grounding before finishing up with the “God Series”.

They have somewhere around 30-35 books (so far/Feb 2013) and it is some of the best critique of philosophy, science, psychology, etc., that exists in the world, at least that I have found and all in one place.  They also have “coded fiction” works, which are the first four publications from Hockney, and which are very good, particularly:

The Armageddon Conspiracy

This book is similar to Dan Brown’s style (author of the “Da Vinci Code”), but is much more exciting.  Their four fictional books are said to be based on aspects of their actual philosophy and secret knowledge of history and Gnosticism, and also on “current events”.  The “Armageddon Conspiracy” book can be read first for an intro, but just keep in mind that it is a fiction with embellishments, and is a sort of “mythos” account of their otherwise rational philosophy.

They also have a website,, which covers some of the same material as from the books, and also makes for good reading.  But the entire set of books are where you get the total package and I personally recommend going to them for reading, although the website is a good supplement.

They write in their books that most people will not enjoy them, because they’re “too rational”, and they psychologically break down and prove exactly why this will be so.  Not many authors can do that!  Luckily for me I love that sort of thing…

Now, I would love to have discussion of these books and topics in the comments below, but this brings me to the “prerequisites” of such that will be accepted:

First, I will immediately trash, without attribution, any comments that try to make the argument that rationality and reason don’t exist.  It is amazing how many people will try to come up with a rational argument to prove that rationality doesn’t exist.  Do you have any idea how stupid and self-contradictory that is?  Of course, if rationality doesn’t exist, there’s no point in someone trying to make that point, is there.

Second, I will immediately trash, without attribution, any comments that argue from the scientific materialist’s perspective that mind doesn’t exist.  Do you understand how stupid it is to use your mind to argue that your mind doesn’t exist?  Arguments like this typically come from academic scientists, proving that the vast majority of academics are so incredibly, not just philosophically uninformed, but uninformed even of science itself.  Most academic scientists are rationally totally incompetent, with even many physicists believing that matter and materialism is “real” and that matter is made up of tiny little balls of “material stuff”.  It is so incredibly uninformed.  For example, ask a physicist, what caused the Big Bang?  They will probably reply that it was the result of a “quantum fluctuation”.  A fluctuation IN WHAT you morons?  Before the universe existed there was nowhere to have a quantum fluctuation.  Or, ask them, where are the laws of physics, how or where are they stored, and why does matter obey them?  They’ll answer with “they just exist, it just happens”, which, of course, isn’t an answer at all.  You will literally see physicists run away, red in the face, and angry, when you ask them about the actual really important questions that everyone imagines science might answer.

Science might answer these questions, but not without a shift in paradigm to “Philosophical Rationalism“, away from this contradictory literal belief in “material stuff” and external sense-based perception; quantum mechanics has already proved, long ago, that matter does not actually exist as any type of solid “material stuff”.  The books from the Illuminati explain exactly what that shift will look like, and what the results will be.  The first step of the process is, actually, in simply acknowledging mathematics; why is science successful only in so far as it is mathematical?  Comprehend the profundity behind that and you are on your way to comprehending the nature and basis of reality.  Do you really want to understand why reality exists and what created the Big Bang?  You can, and you’ll be going far past the limited materialist paradigm in comprehending the rational answer (in fact, you’ll comprehend that you can go to the absolute limit beyond!).

Any comments which are trash-worthy may be kept for display of how incredibly stupid they are, and I may even take the time of verbally disabusing stupid comments of their stupidity simply for the rationalists to enjoy.

This is not to say that I expect anything anyone writes to be super-intelligent or impervious to error – it is just specifically that if you say things which debase the worth of your own mind, your own reason, and your own existence and that of others, then I will take the liberty of doing what you request.  You argue that mind doesn’t exist?  Fine, you’re a mindless idiot!  You argue that rationality doesn’t exist?  Fine, you don’t even have a hope of not being stupid!  You argue that humanity isn’t worth anything or isn’t cosmically important?  Fine, enjoy the gas chambers (so to speak)!

Please, argue with some damned worth behind yourself, would you?  That’s the only thing I’m asking here: value yourself, your mind, your reason, and acknowledge that you and they exist, for goodness’ sake.  If you can’t do that, why do you make the bother to not do it?  Why hold the value in bothering to argue for your lack of value?  It’s a sick self-debasement, a societal remnant of original sin, that you have no contract to inflict on others other than enjoying witnessing your destruction of the good.

The whole fraud of climate alarm is, of course, specifically based around vilifying human existence and instituting another form of “original sin”, and the moronically idiotic scientific materialist paradigm plays right into it.  Scientific materialism is an actively intellectually offensive premise, and the whole faith in it.  A rational person simply considering the premises of scientific materialism becomes actively intellectually annoyed.

The Idea

The basic premise is that reality is rational.  If it wasn’t rational it wouldn’t exist, because it would be “all over the place”, or even non-existent.  For reality to exist it has to be rational.  This might called “the primary Rational Prerequisite for Existence”, or the first RPE.

Prerequisites for Existence:

  1. It is rational.  If it wasn’t rational it could be anything at any time and would never have to be consistent, and it could even not exist, and this would be a contradiction.  This relates to Leibniz’ most profound question: why is there something rather than nothing?  Another way of stating this RPE is that “it exists”.
  2. It’s basis must be indivisible.  If the basis of reality was divisible, then it wouldn’t be the basis of reality.
  3. This basis must be uncreated.  If it was created, then it wasn’t the basis, because the thing which created it would have to be the basis and we would have to ask what its basis was.

These RPE’s can only be answered mathematically.  Of course, the obvious corollary is that the mind is also rational.  If you don’t acknowledge mathematics, you can not satisfy these RPE’s, and this is why people literally run from identifying what satisfies them, and is why they prefer to take the defeated position of denying that rationality or mind exists at all.  Because they can’t figure out what must satisfy those RPE’s, and given that they’ve thought about it and couldn’t solve it, they conclude that their failure to answer them means that rationality doesn’t exist!  Perfectly circular and egotistical logic.  Sorry, it only means that you couldn’t solve it, not that rationality or mind doesn’t exist.  At the very least, if this has been your defeated conclusion, then you should have no reason not to be perfectly happy at the prospect of discovering and comprehending the rational answers you were originally seeking!

Of course, for the traditionally religious, rationalism doesn’t matter or factor in because “God did it”, and, “please ignore number 3”, i.e. “there’s this thing we call God and it always existed and it did everything”.  This does not explain what God is, and any lack of explanation is no good for a rationalist.  It is also an answer which which is always based in emotionalism (security, fear, etc.), and comes attached with all manner of irrational emotional desires and satisfactions – it is all about mythos and mythos is always the entire point of this “answer”; it is always about feelings, not logos rationalism.

I’ll leave the answer to be discovered by the readers of the books, but perhaps in the future I’ll write out a short summary.

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209 Responses to Pythagorean Illuminati, Gnostic Illuminism, The Ancient Order of the Illuminati, and Ontological Mathematics

  1. Derek Alker says:

    Phewww, I was somewhat concerned given your recent post re philosophy, good to see semantics being tackled too.

  2. Truthseeker says:

    I absolutely agree that the three “Prerequisites for Existence” are the primary three questions. I also agree that mathematics is the best tool that humans are ever likely to develop to understand these three RPEs and is the only rational way of doing it as far as we humans are concerned.

    I will be interested in reading further articles on this subject.

  3. ivaray says:

    Hey, so far I read eight books of this alleged New Pythagorean Illuminati movement of the Gnostic orientation. Glad that someone else is interested to discuss these books. A few observations: Michael Faust, Mike Hockney, and Adam Weishaupt–all of these books are written by one author at most, the three authors (considering disciplines covered), but it is certainly one editor. I have analyzed various texts with a few experts in English and we all share the same view. Welcome to time of self-publishing 🙂 It is great–finally, the talented people who are well educated and who systematically worked on expanding their knowledge and developing critical reasoning skills can publish texts without any editorial pressures and express whatever they think. These books are great example of exercising free thinking that is equally challenging for the mainstream society, the Academia, religious consciousness, and rational Philosophy. Push the bubble, break the norm, find the readers, earn some money independently, imagine change–these are main motivations behind all of these books. Honestly, I doubt that there is any secret and organized movement of the Pythagorean Gnostics. At least not yet. Perhaps, those books represent an interesting start of the new movement. What amazes me are the connections made between the science, Philosophy, religion, spirituality, social, political, and economic systems. All of these connections are from time to time ingeniously put together, but I agree with you, sometimes they logically fall apart, though, many topics keep the reader’s attention well. Additionally, these books brought one more interesting point worth discussing–the author(s) from time to time express their critique and openly use swear words and these books are breaking the politically correct language code. I am sure, that there is no one reader who can accept all of the claims or ideas discussed in these books, but whoever has/have written these books is/are well read and he/they know(s) how to peak the interest of the spiritual seekers or those who are struggling with the critique of the tradition and contemporary global, greatly corrupted system. I agree with you on the logical problem relevant to rationality expressed in “The Idea,” but remember dialects; for purpose is to become a god according to these authors. One has to touch the abyss of the lurking inner nature and, at the same time overcome the “fall” by understanding one’s merit i.e. morality and cosmos (Abraxas). Yes, the ontological mathematics plus all spiritual renewal proposed in these books resembles to some sort of a new Metaphysics….. Not sure…. Thanks for the article.

  4. Thanks for the commentary ivaray, excellent.

  5. Mike Kilimanjaro says:

    Hi Joseph,that’s an excellent synopsis of the full series and website. I’ve followed this person/group for the last couple of years, read the entire website, followed them on Facebook, I’ve read all of the God Series (currently on the latest release ‘The Noosphere’) and also taken many leads from them for further research. I could only describe it as the best University course money can’t buy:) There’s certain things explained throughout all this material which I have been able to instantly grasp from the outset but I get bogged down in much of the mathematical concepts etc (something I plan on working on).

    Whether or not this group is ‘The Illuminati’ or not is still something I could not give a definitive yes or no answer too…at this point it really doesn’t matter as the material is so mind blowing, In defence of the claim this book backs up a lot of the claims through historical references and Pythagorean concepts which have seemingly been passed down through antiquity I have more info for you if you are interested you can send me a quick email to ###

  6. Hi Mike,

    Glad you liked the synopsis. I’ll be writing another post soon on more in-depth detail about the nature of reality, and also another one on the Gnostic philosophy which lies behind the reason for calling the Higgs Boson the “the God Particle”, which is really fascinating.

    Thanks for the book reference on Pythagoras and notification of the new book by Hockney – I hadn’t checked in a while. Will be getting into those tonight!

    I removed your email address from the post so that spiders don’t pick it up; that’s a terrible email address by the way…lol…but I can’t say it doesn’t make me laugh thinking about the mind and motivation behind choosing it! A+ for boldness…I like that.

    If you have questions on the mathematical concepts please feel free to ask or discuss them with me. I do have, relative to the general population, advanced training in mathematics and science and so it may be of use to you. I am hoping that people will post comments/questions on the comment board so that the discussions are available for other people seeking such things on-line.

    As you know, they’ve stated that they hosted internet fora for discussion with the public in the past, but they were very disappointed with the results and with the things which most people wanted to discuss/accuse them of. “The Illuminati” is just such a toxic brand and I can understand why most people are so confused. It’s a jungle out in the world and there is an endless supply of BS. However, I’ve found that most people, even the conspiracy researchers etc., do appreciate the message of the Illuminati and agree with a lot of it. Of course, rationality and critical thinking isn’t really a part of the public education system, and hasn’t been for some time. They certainly understand that, but perhaps they haven’t experienced it directly. I myself had a degree of deprogramming to go through, and it wasn’t until I read the God Series and saw the actual mathematical discussion and a more complete presentation of the monadology that I finally took it all totally seriously. That worked for me because I have the mathematical training, but for most other people it won’t occur that way. Now, their stated goal was to find world-historic figures and so it wouldn’t much matter much what the rabble did or didn’t think about. However, revolution will occur once the 5-10% morphic resonance threshold is met in any case, and such a “soft” revolution may produce world historic figures anyway. In any case, I can handle people being “stupid” and being confused…I know what it is like.

    It IS my desire to share this info and discuss it with “regular” people. I have found that most people like hearing about it. The only ones who still really get upset are the religious fundamentalists, but they’re hardly a factor today. Mainstream religion is dead for anyone under 40 years old in Western society, and the time may be ripe for a paradigm shift to generally-held belief patterns which are more self-affirming than exists now. Actually, the religious group I have found who do not have much of a problem at all with most of the tenets of Illuminism is the Mormons! I’ve talked to some very devout Mormons and when I tell them of Illuminist philosophy, they’re always like “oh yah we know that”. Of course, that is not in regards to anything mathematical, but generally to the idea of our souls becoming Gods etc. The main difference is they believe we only get one “material” incarnation, whereas Illuminism is fully reincarnational. But, it is incomparably healthier than standard Christianity and they don’t do the whole “original sin” bullshit gambit.

    I just love sharing the ideas and concepts and seeing people comprehend them and understand them, and even agree with them. It is like a mental orgasm for me, or it is like the satisfaction you feel when you give someone else a physical orgasm, except you experience it in your mind too. Every time that I get to discuss the philosophy with someone new, and witness people comprehend it, my mind just swims, and I can do it over and over again and never get tired of it! I just love it – I love basking in its edifice, seeing someone else comprehend it, sensing the effect it is having in their mind, etc; it makes me feel warm, happy, and on the verge of explosion into Gnosis! It is just wonderful seeing someone comprehend their mind!

    Perhaps some of us “regular people” who have become very familiar with the work can start an internet forum again, to help communicate the info, etc. Something to think about.

    I’ll send you an email for the other info you offered.



  7. Mike Kilimanjaro says:

    Thanks for removing the email address and it’s great to meet someone else who is fascinated with this treasure trove…there’s not many people out there it seems willing to put in the time and effort. I’m going to send you an email now with a few extra tidbits:)

  8. Cheers Mike. It is just such great material, and you’re right that hardly anyone seems willing to read it…not even scientists. But for me, and for you too and “ivaray” below etc., I suspect it’s no effort at all but a joy. It’s joyful material, and there’s nothing like annihilating a new publication in 8 straight hours of reading (or more).

  9. Elie Saoud says:

    Hi Curious Ones,,
    I regard the illuminati intellectual wing the most mind advanced people ever roamed the earth,,
    I have one problem either with my logic which I regard in the same respect if not more in some tiny areas (no false modesty nor artificial pretension) or with theirs concerning 9-11 : from their point of view 19 stupid arabs broke the most sophisticated billions dollars defense system ( of the USA ) and did it,, from my point of view this is not what happened,, now either I’m stupid regarding this matter or they are the stupid ones or they have a political propaganda agenda to fill even if they know that what they’re stating and confirming TOO MANY TIMES that 19 stupid arabs did it,,

    I leave you to your research and conclusions and judgement

    happy illumination path to your omega’s

  10. Hi Elie,
    911 seems to grip the imagination, but there’s much more to the set of books and Illumination than that. People want a big explanation for 911 because it was a big event. Lyndon LaRouche at has his explanation of how 911 occurred, and he seems to have the connections and knowledge to be believable. But the point is the same: this is what crazy religious people can be driven to! Good luck on your path 🙂

  11. Elie Saoud says:

    Hi Joseph,,
    Thank you for replying 🙂 ,, I know what you’re stating : I read their website nearly twice (all links) and I read some of their god series books and this is why I see them the MOST noble minded people,, you can call them highlanders, divine, angels, gods, or hyperboreans or whatever exotic word that sublimates their work,, concerning 9-11, you can give me many links to many websites as I can do it to myself or to you, that’s not essential,, the essence is to have an attitude and a stance towards this event/fact and to use reason/hyperreason/logic/hyperlogic/physics…. whatever you have to reach to the truth of what happened that day,, as a matter of fact I spent six years of my life with the belief that 19 extremist muslim arabs on the order of Osama Ben Laden exploded themselves in 4 airplanes by hitting wtc and the pentagon and whatever else… but then when I started my researches on the internet on tooooooooooo many subjects including the closest ones to the illuminati like philosophy/science/mathematics/ontology/religion/epystemology/consciousness/physics/…. you name it, I landed on their “chef d’oeuvre” and I was thrilled and excited and felt a shiver inside of me to meet people(at least in the mind) that are working on everything and I mean EVERYTHING because that was my path years before,, now if you go to their website, there’s a link “Conspiracy Theories explained” I ask you if such a subject is important or not to you ?! if it is important to you like it is to me, I wonder why they have links that span more than sixty pages on my big screen and this one has nearly superficial general three pages !? ,,
    now I don’t want to speculate or judge intentions nor shortages, they are not a debating society as they told me once and they are radicals in the sense that they are trying to open humanity to a new horizon/paradigm/heaven…. but this silly subject ( 9-11 and the like ) by the eyes of many ( not mine ) coupled with their convictions and they MUST be logical ones is like you meet a god OK ?! he is God in many respects, and you stand in aw in front of him,, he’s brilliant, genius, rational, friendly when you’re not stupid, angry when you are,…. he’s perfect in every conceivable way you can imagine,, you spend hours and days with him,, you don’t get bored, you don’t stand still, you’re always moving forward with him,,,, but then he tells you that Jesus Christ is a chinese female !!! and he considers you and treat you as stupid if you don’t hold the same conviction ?1!!

    again,, 🙂 excuse me for writing too much but this is how I feel towards these geniuses illuminati,,
    and by the way regarding their classification of people I should be a seventh or sixth degree illuminatus myself :),, plus this zero thing 🙂 which is the center of their god series and it is the center of the existence is my conviction too but FAITHLY speaking :),,

    anyway, I spent like three years reading about conspiracies and conpiracy theories and I can say that from what I have read pure reason and logic debunk the official story,, if all what I have read on the internet is but lies then I MUST say clearly that there is a bigger and larger conspiracy on its way,,

    take care Joseph 🙂

  12. Hi Elie,
    If you haven’t yet, please put in the time to read all of their series of books. Read them all in order, chronologically, starting from the first date to the last. Spend every second of your spare waking time reading them. I can’t tell you what will happen to you, but I can tell you that something will. If you’ve already done that, keep letting it sink in. Save the God Series to read last.
    Just consider this: there is nothing more rational than 1+1=2. Nothing could ever be more rational, or exceed the rationality of 1+1=2. Nothing else is more rationally true than this. Mathematics, number, therefore, is that than which nothing more rational can be conceived. Therefore, existence is either based on number and hence mathematics, or it is not rational. Reality must be rational or else it wouldn’t exist. Hence, existence is number/mathematics. As Pythagoras said “All things are number; numbers rule all.” It is too beautiful to not be true. Eventually you will come to understand the dialectical necessity of the number zero, and the implications of zero, and Euler’s Equation, etc.
    And please, feel free to comment here whenever you wish.
    Best regards to you too.

  13. Elie Saoud says:

    I will for sure 🙂 a promess to you and to myself 🙂 they are the best,, my holy grail is to meet Mike Hockney 🙂 in person,, though he can be many persons, I like to meet the one who wrote the armageddon conspiracy coded fiction,, any way forget about 9-11 if you think it’s not that important :),, and see you soon 🙂 on the noosphere 🙂

    REM : I am lucky because I can read up 24 hours a day 7 days a week,, 🙂 and in time I will write my own mind 🙂

  14. OK Elie! That’s a great goal. One of my goals from an early age was to be able to write poetry with one hand, and do mathematics with the other, at the same time. 🙂

    I wouldn’t worry about meeting Hockney…what would it get you? I doubt he/she would care to meet anyone unless they had something truly new to tell them, such as exactly how to unite quantum mechanics with relativity theory via the Euler Equation, and things like that…ha. Be YOUR OWN hero. Seek to meet your self 🙂

  15. Elie Saoud says:

    I don’t work with”clichés” 🙂 Mr. Joseph,, have your own style not theirs 🙂 and don’t worry about me nor my faith 🙂 ,, faith is in the monads 🙂 as above so below 🙂 ,, “vu” that my mind evolution and dialectic reached some eight years ago the “zeraw” point 🙂 I don’t much grails left to uncover and meet,, I’m interested to meet and to chat with the likes 🙂 ,, it’s that simple ,,

  16. Ahhh; very nice Elie, understood and appreciated! 🙂 Excellent 🙂

  17. Elie Saoud says:

    🙂 like to meet you too some day if I survived the probable war coming to my country 🙂

  18. Of course. Ever in Western Canada, let me know. I doubt I’ll ever be around where you are. And good luck…!

  19. Elie Saoud says:

    🙂 too generous from you ,,, good luck you too 🙂 in every endeavor you risk 🙂

  20. Watched “Cloud Atlas” on a flight the other day. Anyone else catch the “soul camera” references?

  21. Pegasus says:

    Hey, I felt like giving you a heads up (and any readers of this also) in case you have not already. You should join the following sites as these all have been enlightened by the AOI (Illumination and Meritocracy):

    We need to stick together. Hope I’ve helped!

  22. urbster1 says:

    I have been deeply intrigued and an avid reader of the material on the AC website as well as the God Series for the past year or so. I do not have advanced knowledge of mathematics, and I am looking for some assistance in grasping ideas. Glad to have found your site! Peace.

  23. Hi ubster1,

    If you want to discuss the material or have questions about it, I can try to help! Cheers.

  24. djevolved says:

    I have been reading as many of the books put out by these folks as I can and have greatly enjoyed them. I just finished The Last Man To Know Everything. Wow. Some fascinating ideas. Really helping me get clearer on some things I have been trying to figure out about light, time, energy, etc.
    I really appreciate your blog, keep up the good work!

  25. Hi djevolved!

    Well if you’ve happy with what you’ve read so far, keep going. Their latest releases, the God Series, are excellent. I’m getting finished an article on the nature of time and relativity etc. which will summarize some of those concepts, so check back for it. Also almost finished an article on how to make Meritocracy work, and what the potential dangers of it would be if not properly regulated.

  26. A.W.E. says:

    hail all
    it enlightens my soul, to see the good people blogging here.
    the way of the ILLUMINATI is long. Eternal. Be all of you welcome to the journey onward to omega.

    Adam W. Eishaupt

  27. Hi A.W.E.,

    Here’s a graphic I was thinking of getting tattooed:

    Also would like to combine it with a Phoenix Resurgam, holding cinnamon and myrrh in it claws, coming in for a landing to a large circumpunct with a trinary yin-yang symbol as the centre dot, the circle blending from black to rainbow around the circumference, with the rainbow radially shaded with red on the outside and violet on the inside. Black would start at the 6 o’clock position and circle around blending to rainbow counter clockwise, and then at the 10 o’clock position the rainbow would have a small blend-to-white “gap”, which itself blends to gold and then continues as gold back to the 6 o’clock position. Also have pictured a beautiful Goddess, Lucifer, handing a beast, Satan, an apple, with Satan cowering himself shielding his eyes from the light with one arm and looking away frantically, but with his other arm the beast is stretching out holding a Lotus flower for Lucifer. Lucifer and Satan are exchanging an apple for a lotus flower, respectively; in the background, a rising Sun.

    Thought you might like the imagery.

    I’ll be posting here in a while a paper on some more details of the implications for relativity theory and what the ontological mathematical derivation implies about it (space-time) and how it fixes the mistake, etc. Particularly interesting is how the arrow of time and the antisymmetry in the behaviour of space vs. time is defined by the fundamental properties of the fundamental equation itself. The paper adds some further insight that I hope is useful.

    Best regards, the journey is here!

  28. About the movie “Cloud Atlas”

    So one of the most important and special parts of the movie “Cloud Atlas” was near the end, when the ‘valley’ character Tom Hanks is dealing with his mythos savage side that wants to kill the prescient (Halle Barry) because it is scared of her for various reasons, not the least of which is that she is smart and has advanced “secret” knowledge and the savage found this scary. Tom Hanks goes up behind her with the knife and is struggling with what to do…and you can see he has that look of inner struggle the whole time he is in that character. The inner battle is his rational logos struggling to master his mythos savage, for the first time, ever. And he does it, he courageously takes the plunge into the depths where he knows not, and says “I want to know everything, tell me everything about what I don’t know”. He’s thus transformed his soul, himself, his psyche, and has bravely chosen to partake of “The Forbidden Fruit”, knowledge, which the savage Satanic mythos side hates. He’s won his reason and earned his soul, and so he gets to go with the prescients and live in a more advanced logos world. The mythos people were murdered by savagery and ended. We see Hanks at the end tempering his mythos savage side with his stories for the children, giving it what it wants, but it is mastered by his rational logos side.

    That is all of our battle, as recorded in Genesis. We either obey Satan, the savage, the mythos, and don’t eat of the Tree of Knowledge, or, we bravely and courageously take hold of our own soul, we take our own soul for ourselves, and take it away from the Satan god who wants to keep us savage in his supposed “garden”; Satan calls this “selling our soul to Satan”, but Satan is a liar named Jehovah, and our souls are our own, not anyone else’s, and we give our souls to ourselves, not to Jehovah who is actually Satan, and we become true Gods. We are our own Gods, and there is no greater God than what we can ourselves become.

    Also note that the prescient, who has logos knowledge, is a female. Lucifer, the patron of humanity and giver of knowledge, is, despite the lies of the Patriarch bastard Jehovah, actually a female. This is why the bastard Jehovah (i.e. Satan) has always hated women and has always done everything he could to subjugate them, even labelling Lucifera with a male version of her name and confusing everybody by accusing her of his own being Satan. Just look at Satan=Allah=Jehovah covering women up and denying them their role and their superior intelligence in society via his Satanic religion of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Lucifera, in her grace and wisdom and sacred feminine strength, has taken the abuse from Satan/Jehovah, the patriarchal insecure pathetic weak male bastard who can’t handle the beauty of the feminine because he’s a pathetic selfish coward, for millennia. This will change soon enough.

    Worshipping any other entity than our own transcended soul is an act of pure Satanism. But your soul doesn’t require worship…only Satan requires any form of worship. Your soul only wants to know itself, and it does this through knowledge and reason, through logos. Be a master and serve your own soul, do not serve Satan who calls himself “God” any longer. Satan is a liar, and he pretended to be a “God” named Yahweh/Jehovah/Jesus/Allah.

    The truth is that you are completely free, and save yourself.

    Are you a slave worshipping a master, or are you the master of your soul?

    Become a Hyperhuman and fully master the Mythos by fully embracing Logos rationalism based on ontological mathematics, and knowledge of your own immortal God-soul. This is what you will get from studying the set of works of these Illuminst authors.

  29. Michael says:

    I have not read these books but plan to. Using your knowledge of those writings, would you say the contents of the linked blog posts make sense?

  30. I would say that there is actually some compatibility and overlap with the Fourier theory basis of reality, the frequency domain of the unextended soul and how frequencies are all involved in that, etc. Meaning that it is compatible with Illuminism. There is a lot of “sense” at that link but a person has be educated enough to see what it is. I recommend this reading for similar material at about the same level of complexity: The Unobstructed Universe, Our Unseen Guest. Of course, you should read the entire set of Illuminati books for a proper philosophical and mathematical grounding.

  31. Michael says:

    Thanks for your insight. Those writings are the culmination of my own independent research into quantum mechanics, spirituality, and Hermetic wisdom. When I write those I feel that I am channeling a higher intelligence, and that my purpose in life is to spread that information to everyone in the world. I can’t wait to read the Illuminati books to gain a more expansive framework for reality.

  32. Oh that’s fantastic Michael. I will make sure to thoroughly and slowly read everything you have there then…I just had time to skim it tonight but will give it a good proper read tomorrow. Your knowledge level and ability to put your thoughts into more concrete philosophical concepts will be tremendously enhanced by a study of the Illuminati material. You’ll find it very exciting and rewarding to discover and comprehend what the overlaps are with your own independent thinking and that of Illuminism, and then to enhance your understanding by integrating the new knowledge and perspective into something even more rewarding and insightful. Cheers.

  33. Michael says:

    Thank you, I really appreciate that. After your first comment I looked up Fourier transformations. The way it talks about everything being made from circles, is completely in line with an insight I had last year. I known I will expand on that line of thinking once I’ve done a little more research on Fourier transforms and Euler’s formula, Riemann spheres, and Pythagorean Illuminism.

    Please read both of my blog posts if you have the time. I’d really like to hear your analysis of my ideas. You may email me directly if desired.

  34. I’ll try to get back to you Michael. Busier these days than normal with a new member of the family 🙂

  35. Michael says:

    Did you ever get a chance to read my page?


  36. I’m going to do it today! 🙂 Sorry for the delay.

  37. I think a lot of people would enjoy reading your ideas. Relativity itself shows that no time nor space exists for photons of light…they exist everywhere at once. I think if you read the “God Series” from the Illuminati and then the rest of the work, particularly “The Illuminati’s Six Dimensional Universe” and “Kabbalah, Hermeticism and M-theory”, you will find much enjoyment.

  38. urbster1 says:

    Indeed it is a great time to read the God series, because the entire series is free through Friday!

  39. Michael says:

    Where do I find it for free?

  40. Go here:, which has the God Series listed for you by descending publication date, and you should see the prices are all set to $0.

  41. sammscript37 says:

    Has Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem been refuted?

  42. No not at all, it is completely incorporated! It is one of the most important and fundamental theorems there is and that there can be. It allows for the existence of subjectivity and free will, for the subjective experience of objective mathematics. The Incompleteness Theorem is covered fully in the God Series…in one of the books it is extensively discussed.

  43. Devin B. says:

    It’s great to find a group of people who are as awe struck as I am by the AOI! I stumbled upon their website about a year ago and devoured every article. It really has changed my life and sent me down many different pathways and corridors I had no clue existed. It is the most liberating religion/philosophy that exists. I am not as privy to their scientific and mathematical concepts (something I am working on), however, being a philosophy student I can wholly appreciate their critique and synthesis of the major philosophical schools of thought using their r>=0 paradigm.

    Before encountering the AOI I was just beginning to learn about Hermeticism and Platonism from an atheist perspective and they really helped me reconcile the two seemingly contradictory views. Being an atheist at the time, the only philosophy that made sense to me was existentialism because it denies a creator and liberates the individual as creator of his or her own life.

    However, existentialism led to nihilism because although the death of God liberated me, I was not prepared for a life with full responsibility. I instinctively knew at the time I was my own god, but I had no clue where to begin exercising my god-hood, so, I fell into a long despair and thought everything was hopeless.

    The study of Illuminism a long with Hermeticism has really shown me what self mastery really is and how to achieve it. The hegelian dialectic of becoming is the most beautiful and profound truth I have ever some across. It is rationally the ultimate motor of existence. Life+Death= Becoming. It couldn’t get simpler than that! As I stated before, I am not too privy to advanced science or mathematics, but I would love to discuss the philosophy of illuminism to whoever is interested 🙂

    Great to find similar minded rational seekers of truth!

  44. Hi Devin!

    We do have people starting to congregate together on Facebook pages (of all places).

    The Illuminati Pub
    Meritocracy Party webpage
    Meritocracy Party Facebook

    It is totally great that you can understand the concepts and understand the r>=0 paradigm…most scientists with PhD’s can’t so you are already ahead of the game. Have you read all of the books too? There’s more in the books than there is on the AC site, I think – I don’t think the whole God Series is on the site, and if you haven’t read the series yet I highly recommend you do. They have told us that if you have read all of the public-domain material and can invent your own religion, then you can consider yourself a First-Degree Illuminatus. Which reminds me I should post my invented religion somewhere on this site…lol. Don’t forget to put in your email address to follow for new posts 🙂

  45. Filip says:

    Hi, I read your post, extremely happy someone is on a parallel track as me. I just plunged into the books you posted(just found out about them). I would be more than interested in conversing about the topics, you(and anyone else interested in the topics) might want to check out books such as william walker atkinson (on mental powers) , breaking the death habit by leonard orr, anything related to esoteric practices in general will enlighten you. Seems there is a lot more going on behind the curtains than the average person perceives

  46. Devin says:


    I’ve read the first two books in the God series so far and they are absolutely fascinating. I’m working my way towards finishing the series. Since I am an INFP, I take in a large chunk of my information intuitively. I think that is why I don’t have too much trouble understanding the core concepts of Illumination.

    Many of the scientific details have gone over my head though I must say their explanation of quantum mechanics has really been eye opening for me. My independent research on the subject left me bewildered and confused between subjectivity and objectivity and how the two interplay. Their simple yet elegant answer to the implications of “wave function collapse” make so much sense. The other possible states don’t go on existing in other “dimensions”, but, a conscious observer selects from the available states using free will and the other possible states don’t exist because those particular paths weren’t chosen. These choices are all made in the everlasting moment of eternity where the future is undecided and the past is just made up of choices already made in that everlasting present… What a profound link from science to mysticism 🙂

    I noticed in your latest post you recommended the Kybalion. I started my journey with the Kybalion and I personally found that a great follow up book is The Hermetic Tradition by Julius Evola. It’s a really great in depth book on Hermetic symbolism and the process of inner alchemical transmutation. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a closer look at the subject.

    P.s Looking forward to reading your homemade religion 🙂 Oh and thanks for recommending Forbidden Gnosis I look forward to reading it.

  47. Thanks for the book recommend Devin! You’ll probably become more T rather than F after reading all of the work. How much of the whole set of ~45 books have you read?

  48. Oh nm…you say right in your last post. Continue on my friend…they just get better and better.

  49. Dionysio says:

    Wondering where other blogs may be where the author(s) would be listening. These books are great, but will never help the world thrive. In fact, I would like the author to consider that complaining and degrading a deterministic system is like yelling at a box for being a box. A defensive box will then remain a box. In this respect humanity continues its massive ping pong match toward predictable self-destruction versus transcendence.

    The author(s) are very talented writers. Mike Hockney has a special gift but is currently self-destructive. Instead of the seemingly angry rants against all facets of society, he could use the same talent to describe why all behaviors are a result of cosmic mathematics so we dont have a choice accept to conclude that “everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be”. Once we understand that we can all have a better, more conscious discussion of how things should be.

    To Mike Hockney: Your vision of how things should be is as irrational as your rational arguments against the irrational existence of how things are…lol. Mike, I hope you listen as you have “missed the mark” in Gnostic wisdom. The world won’t change with your approach, as with all ping-pong matches of mankind, you are unconsciously supporting the opposite outcome of the very intentions you have. In other words, you are part of the problem, not the solution. A small tweak of seeing all the truths in our dysfunction versus the lies in our dysfunction and you would be powerful and command large audiences. As NEO says, the difference is “Choice”

  50. Thanks Dionysio. You should join the Illuminati Pub on Facebook and post this there…it would probably strike up a good conversation.

    Yah some people like his approach, others don’t. I liked it…ranting makes me feel better…cathartic release or something. The challenge is how will we/you/I translate the material into our own lives and that of others, and make the world a better place with it…because this world would be a much better place if everyone understood it. Alas, everyone can’t…understanding reality rationally and logically it is a function of personality type.

    In any case, I would like to see you develop your thesis…if you do, please let me know where you post it (Pub would be logical…you’ll have other there who agree with your point).


  51. Styles says:

    Stumbled upon the AC site in 2011, read everything, changed a lot with regards to me understanding “everything”. I can’t afford an E-Book reader and I can’t afford the books. Don’t bother asking why but instead blindly trust why it is so. I’m posting this at a campus computer. When are the books going to be for free again?

  52. Hi Styles,

    I don’t know when the books will be free again, but if I hear about it again I will try to remember to post the notice here.

    Did you read the whole AC site? That’s probably pretty good enough, if you can’t read e-books on your own computer etc. So what do you think? What makes the most impact on you?

  53. Shooter says:

    Joe, the Illuminati doesn’t exist. These guys just use the name. One good laugh of a time:

    “The Pythagorean Illuminati are an ancient secret society of hyper-rational freethinkers officially organized into a society by the great polymath Pythagoras. Some of the most towering geniuses in history have been members of the Illuminati, these people include: Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Empedocles, Plato, Simon Magus, Hypatia, Leibniz, Weishaupt, Goethe, and Hegel. Throughout history the Pythagorean Illuminati have been working to change this world from the insane asylum it currently is into a just, rational, altruistic, community based Meritocracy. Just think of the society depicted in Star Trek and you will have a good idea of what kind of society the Illuminati are trying to create. If you would like to help create that type of society then these are the books for you. You should also check out the Illuminati’s website, and their facebook page Ancient Order of The Illuminati.” – There is virtually no evidence of any of these men being in the Illuminati because IT DID NOT EXIST. Check your history! The only place I’ve heard this nonsense are from conspiracy circles. I have never, ever heard of these men being part of any grand conspiracy except from this nutter’s mouth, and it shames me to see you take it at their word! Talk about hypocrisy; instead of actually finding the truth, you will take any claim at face value. That, my friend, is the epitome of deceit.

    So the Illuminati want to turn this world from the way it is into a rational, altruistic society. Well, hate to break it you, but that goes completely against reality and human nature. Humans are not programmed to be rational. The utopian types basically want us all to become stoic, rabbit-like people who stand for nothing at all, because the end, logical, rational conclusion for the utopia is for everyone to lose free-thought and free-will. No utopia has existed, but many groups have their own idea of what it could be, and the first step towards it is bloodshed. It seems these mathematicians are so blind as to neglect human nature. The conflict has never been between science or religion, but science and naturalism.

    For these authors to claim that man can be God, it means that all forms of injustice are acceptable. Human nature is greedy. Who is to say one man may be more Godlier than another? They ignore this. And who do they blame for the world’s ills; for refusing to implement this unnatural system?

    The white man. They blame the white man. THAT, my friend, is the logical conclusion. You cannot deny the human state; that is irrational. You cannot make humans a bunch of robots, because in order to become an all-loving, accepting society, you must force them – in other words, indoctrinate – to accept others, refusing to adhere to their sense of right and wrong because in a rational world, morality doesn’t exist because that is a Christian concept.

    What I also find funny, is that most of your beloved theories came from Christian thought. Altruism, universal acceptance – these are all Christian doctrines, which the authors hate.

    I would think a just world would eliminate injustice, which is again a Christian doctrine, and the best thing of all, is that the authors engaged in outright historical misconduct by refusing to do their research on those they claimed to be in the Illuminati when the Illuminati did not exist until the 18th century. They also deny race, racial hatred, the failure of multiculturalism, and the cult of liberalism.

    This is not an alternative to God or religion. This is the New Atheists’ religion that blames all its ills on the God-fearing Christian (white) man.

    What I have to ask is this: How COULD you be converted by this nonsense without checking for yourself? You sound no different than the warmists you lament. No different.

  54. Anthony Bruno says:

    So no one has gotten to anything about the books lol.

  55. Walker says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m ready for the revolution. I’m ready for a Meritocratic society. Interestingly enough, with the advent of the internet and the rise of the New Economy, meritocracy is inevitable. You either become indispensable, or you become obsolete. You either create, or are destroyed. My question is: How can we, as citizens, facilitate the onset of this Society of the Divine? I guess that’s the part that’s frightening, because there isn’t a rule book to follow. I feel blessed by the True God of the universe for stumbling upon these books. I hated them at first (being both an Abrahamist and conspiracy theorist), but, after rising from the ashes a proud, flaming Phoenix, and chasing away every “Thou shalt” as a Nietzshean lion, I’m eager to revalue all I have come to value. How do you impart this electricity to others? How to we light brush-fires that disseminate quick enough to light the world?

  56. Wow Walker!!!! Great stuff man! You simply carry that energy with you and impart it wherever you can. Become a master of the knowledge, a Master of the Force, an expert on it all, and understand it all intuitively so that you don’t have to quote but can simply TELL. You’re well on your way man. Join “the Illuminati Pub” if you haven’t yet, on Facebook.

  57. Walker says:

    I’m a Facebook rebel. Don’t have many friends anyway. Very glad I found this blog though; excellent work. I’m thrilled people are talking about this; I stumbled on the Pythagorean Illuminati a couple of years ago and as a conspiracy buff I didn’t know what to think of them. I hated them and wanted to refute them but the more I tried the more I found them to be correct. Appreciate the encouragement, Joseph. This path can feel pretty darn lonely. I’m thinking about trying to put together a Meritocracy Party in North Texas through but I’m pretty poor and don’t have the resources. I’m still a student. Anyway, props on the blog, keep up the good work.

  58. Yggdrasil says:

    First, I would like to say this is a great thread. To start (don’t trash yet) I am a research scientist. I was a lifelong atheist and materialist up until about a year ago, when I was approached by two individuals who suggested reading some of these books.
    Last summer was the first summer of my PhD program…meaning time was at a premium (and still is). That being said, I read TMDC, the God Factory, and the God Game back to back. At the time I was a scientific materialist and read with skepticism…but in the end I found that I had not one single argument against anything I had read. I intend to.finish the series this summer and upon finishing my PhD will try to decipher some of these codes because I feel I have found where I need to be. GREAT series!

  59. Yggdrasil says:

    I failed to mention, I have started a subreddit that is
    Solely geared towards getting our Minds together. It is

  60. That is excellent and awesome Yggdrasil! Thanks for the link. It is time to start making science truly rational and to begin the age of hyperhumanity. You will not be disappointed with the rest of the series!

  61. Brett Sloat says:

    Hi I’m Brett. I stumbled onto the Illuminati website about a yr ago quite by accident. As I began to read I thought hmmm this is interesting so I thought it may have a certain intertainment value to it anyway so I continued on. When I came to the part where they start talking about ontological mathematics and what mathematics actually IS it sent chills through my entire body. In 1998 after studying every formally studying chemistry biology history psychology as well as 3 levels of calculus I turned my interests to physics and began working on a minor in that subject. I became obsessed with electromagnetism and spent a great deal of time trying to get my mind wrapped around what this phenomenon is. One afternoon I had an incredible experience in realising the exact nature of mathematics. This was the second epiphany I had had around this time. The first one was realising the diabolical nature of christianity. I was educated in a private Catholic school in the early 70’s. I had always known there was something wrong with that crap however it took a long damn time to unravel what I had been taught at an early age. The ontological mathematics the illuminati speaks is what pulled me in and I’ve been studying every day since. I havnt gotten to the book series yet however because I’ve been studying Nietzsche and Hegel which has been very challenging to say the least but I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Ill be on this until I take my last breath.

  62. Brett Sloat says:

    Is this site still active or am I still a lonely boy walking around in the dark?

  63. Hi Bret, no I’m here, just haven’t had time to add anything yet!

  64. Brett Sloat says:

    Excellent! Joseph. Its. So good to finally come into contact with real people who think about the same things I’ve been grappling with since I began to understand the english I’ve been looking for awhile ever since I found that website. I thought the same thing you did the content. Its the most incredible piece of work I’ve ever read. It crystallized many of the scattered thoughts that have been floating around in my head for quite some time. It also pointed out one of the issues I’ve been baffled by for 16 yrs, the creator god idea. This idea was so contradictory to everything I though knew. It never occured to me to invert it. So simple yet so complex. The Hegelian dialectic is beginning to tke hold in my mind as well. Very important stuff. Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Morals has highly influenced my thinking. The Meritocracy is such a beautiful vision to me. I’ve always been skeptical of inheritance. I don’t know if you have ever witnessed what that element does to common folks or not however I’m sure you are aware. It is simply awful I’m 100% against it. I’m not going to unload all of my thoughts at once on you I’m not trying to write a book here. I just want to say that this material has completely tranformed my thought and given me a solid direction for the first time in my life. I do have a couple questions but I need a little time to think on how I will ask them. Thank you for responding.

  65. Brett Sloat says:

    Joseph ive just now recieved an email from this site directin g me to another address so I can be notified by email when new blogs are posted but for some reason im having difficulty getting signed up with it. Ill keep at it till I figure it out though. Anyway thanks for the invite.

  66. Brett Sloat says:

    Ok I think have it figured out.

  67. Brett Sloat says:

    I think ive got it now.

  68. Jon Gaucher says:

    I have watched this thread for too long in silence, and now for whatever reason (likely due to recent posts) I have decided to speak up. I am an extrovert struggling to be an introvert (the irony though), but this is easier said than done. I like to think I could be rather brilliant if it was not for my lack of confidence. Through an amalgamation of academic research and mainly Mike Hockney’s books I have been attempting to come to undeniable truths. It is likely that I have touched upon many of them, but due to my terrible disease of extroversion it has been very hard for me to know what to focus on without a question of wasting my time eating away at me. I understand if individuals are unwilling to share what truths they think they have discovered (or perhaps know for certain unlike me), but I am mostly here because I need to talk to people like you guys. Being an intuitive is not all that great in a world of sensing people (we make up only about 20 %) and I feel very alone most of the time. I like to think of myself as a proper skeptic, but perhaps I am too skeptical, or not proper at all.

  69. Hi Jon! Nice to meet. Come chat to people at The Illuminati Pub and/or Raw Illuminism on Facebook Or just here for my own exclusive attention 🙂 Extroversion is alright when it’s properly managed…of course the extrovert has a shadow introvert personality, and vice versa. Know thyself and bring your psyche into a rational creative union!

  70. Jojoc says:

    I wanna ask.. when u die, what then, can u bring your vast knowledge together with you? or you just die like the rest of non- illuminated people? or is there more answer than that.. the way Illuminati think is like they are going to live in this world forever. What happened then when meritocracy takes over the world, can you guys promised the smart people will not bully stupid people like the elites did to the poor? i think history will repeat again but with different players and styles.

  71. @Jojoc

    Smart people are compassionate towards the stupid and do not merely wish to bully them, but to help them. The only problem is that right now it is more of a battle because stupid people are in control of things. We want to help everybody by building a world where slavery is abolished (including all of its modern manifestations) and where each human is optimized and helped to become optimized to their greatest extent. Basically we want the Star Trek future where humanity actually values itSELF, where people value their self-improvement and their development, instead of bits of paper and material goods. It is about creating a rational state, similar to Plato’s Republic. The awesome thing is that in this world, we will have more material wealth than humanity has ever had before, because with the Ontological Mathematics of Illuminism, we will learn how to be able to manipulate matter and energy to produce anything we want.

    Well, do most people ever accumulate a vast knowledge in their lifetimes, or do they just have knowledge of this world? Most people don’t have much knowledge to bring back past death…just some minor emotional things they might have learned. Few people see to the intention to bring back rational knowledge, so yes, if you do that, it will help. If you read the God Series of books and the other two authors books, study them well, do your best to understand them, you will indeed have a vast and unique set of knowledge to take with you.

  72. wizard Alexander says:

    There is a series of books amongst these ‘ written by an author chosen by the Illuminati for his writing talent (concealed by pseudonyms). Try find these books and come to a conclusion for yourself as its the only way to pass the checkpoint nearby and proceed in finding truth out from those who aware hiding it. Beware the checkpoints I am talking (1/4) about are designed as a filter to stop those from finding out truth: and they’ll happily misdirect you. But don’t be mislead follow your instincts and be very conscious of yourself over the period of time while studying these.

  73. Ash says:

    I did not read all of the posts on this board and I am not a 9-11 fanatic or c.t.
    However, I am currently reading three of Mike Hockney’s books which I found out about through
    This eventually led me here to this site and to all of the “regular” people.
    Some of the people here mention 9-11 and their thoughts regarding an explanation to the incident. I myself felt emotionally affected by it at the time that it occurred and have since experienced the social and economic consequences that I believe are attributed to it. It is my emotional and economic circumstances that sent me on the quest for truth and a logical answer as to why my life existed in a perceived negative state of being. I set out to understand how my choices and belief system led me on a self destructive path based on what was happening around me.
    This of course led me to illumination and the truth which existed within me all along.
    Has anyone watched “Ring of Power ~ Empire of the City – 4,000 Years of Suppressed History”?

    If so what do you think about it?

  74. Hi Ash,

    Yep I saw that long ago, well before I found Illuminism. I think stuff like that film is interesting, but, there’s also so much confusion. Sometimes you’ll see videos like this decrying the goals of Illuminism as great evils, but then when you read those same goals as explained bu Hockney and the AC site, the goals are actually totally benevolent and the people who hate them are those who will lose from them, i.e., the Old World Order, the controlling order of dynastic wealth and corporations, etc etc. So, you need to thread through it all. Get reading the entire God Series set by Hockney…get though it all. And also the whole AC site, even though there’s some redundancy. The AC site also comprises books by the two other Illuminati pseudonym authors Michael Faust and Adam Weishaupt. Reading it all is the most important thing to do right now to orient yourself to rationalism and the facts. Hit me up anytime if you want to chat about it all.

  75. Ash says:

    Got it.

  76. Alexander says:

    I hope this thread isn’t too dead, but I am looking for answers. I discovered the AC website quite accidentally last year and my life hasn’t been the same. Instantly I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. I knew there was something to it because no matter what I could not get it off my mind. I’m a 2nd year philosophy major, and about 2 weeks ago I picked up a cheap ereader and started with Millionaire’s Death Club and just finished it. I have lots of questions, is there anyone I could contact by email?

  77. Hi Alexander,

    Well you can ask me anything you want for what it’s worth. There is also a God Series (the logos work by Mike Hockney) book/fan club group on Facebook here: which has a bunch of experts on the material who reside there. It’s usually kinda quiet there but if you have good questions you can definitely get a good discussion going.

  78. Alexander says:

    Thanks so much Joseph

  79. Alexander says:

    Are there any epub versions of these books? I don’t want to have to buy a new ereader just to access them.

  80. You can use the Kindle app if you have a smart phone, otherwise use a converter…can find how it’s done via Google.

  81. Don says:

    Dear Joseph,

    Thank you for the URL for the Amazon web sites for Mike Hockney, Michael Faust, and Adam Weishaupt. What It gives me is a list of all of the books that have been written by the Illuminati. It is a treasure of valuable information, one that I greatly appreciate.

    To date, I have read approximately 22 of the nearly 100 books that the Illumaniti have published. Personally, I believe that the individuals who are writing these books are indeed the Illumaniti, for the amount and depth of the philosophical material demonstrates the depth of their understand and bankruptcy of the Abrahamic religions capitalism.

    I have read the books out of order, and I confess that I am not concerned about it. In my opinion, the books are largely self-contained, and so I find not so many disconnects as has been expressed above. Please understand that as an undergraduate, I was a mathematics and philosophy double major, and so any disconnects that are mentioned above do not seem to bother me.

    As for the dichotomy, I am not so antagonistic towards empirical materialism. It should be remembered that empirical materialism has it place and its limits,. If one keeps within the limits, and does not try to extend the power of empirical materialism beyond those limits, then I am content to apply scientific principles to solve problems where such an application is fruitful.

    On the other hand rational idealism is also a powerful tool to the understanding of the existence in which we live. The notion of monads is compelling, and in my opinion, correct. When I was studying philosophy, I was taken positively by Plato’s forms. I am not sure if all things are created in the r = 0 universe before they are created in the r > 0 universe, but I do know that in my own life, when I have done something intensively creative, it could always see the result, or the form if you like, in my mind (r = 0) before i constructed it in reality (r > 0).

    I am going to continue reading and studying the various books written by the Illumaniti. I suspect that my thoughts will progress as i continue reading. I am pleased to have found this blog. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to post my thoughts herein.

  82. Don says:

    By the way, I would really like to meet a member of the illumaniti, if only to thank them for deciding to publish a series of books that are by far the best philosophical,. religious, and political material that I have read in quite some time.

  83. Conor says:

    Heyy Joseph,
    Im just curious where does the Millionaires death club from Mike Hockney Come into it,
    Or would you be able to email me a list of the books is chronoligical order please??

  84. Hi Conor,

    The Millionaire’s Death Club is one of the coded fictions that were originally released before the God Series really came out.

    The books can all be found under these guys:

  85. greg says:

    A major problem with Mike Hockney’s ontological mathematics is that it exists outside of space and time. The monadic realm of mind existing outside of time is problematic because of the nature of time. Time results from motion, and time is chronology. How can the Euler formula be processed outside of time? Which Fourier transform happens first or last or at any time outside of time? Even a mental realm outside of space must contain time in order to have chronology. Otherwise which mental thought comes first, or last, or do they all happen at once? Without time there is no chronology, thus no meaningful process can happen at all. In ontological mathematics, if numbers exist outside of time then they can not be processed in any order. Knowing this and also how math requires order of operations and a chronological process, then nothing at all can happen outside of time.

  86. greg says:

    Curious how a monad that is beyond space and time can perform mathematical functions which require a chronological order?
    A monad is a mental entity outside of time, so how can it have sequential thoughts in “time”?
    Thought A, thought B, thought c, etc….Chronological sequence in time.

  87. Hey can someone on this thread please loan me PDF versions of the god series books? at least the first one?

  88. Frans says:

    My researchers into the Bilderberg club led me to investigate the NWO and the illuminati. After reading the god series and a few by Adam Weishaupt and Michael Faust I wonder why they have chosen the name of illuminati as this name is rather controversial. Furthermore the author keeps on repeating himself, insulting the reader’s intellect and waisting his time.
    But I do agree with most of the content of his books, because I came to the same conclusions about forty years ago. I am familiar with most filosophers, including Leibnitz but also Schwaller de Lubitz, Fulcanelli , Spinoza and the Seth material amongst many otters. I completely abandoned my faith and the church for the bible was clearly not the work of a loving and all-knowing god. To me it is an amalgam of many different stories by many different authors written long after the facts. Apart from that these stories were further crippled by the catholic church at Nicea. After all believe is a very poor substitute for knowledge. And I am still searching.
    Surprisingly there are very few practical answers to be found in these books. And what is the purpose of all these aliasses, while one would suffice.

  89. @greg,

    The topology or behaviour of the Fourier Transform is determined by the boundary conditions and Fourier coefficients input to the transform. To have something non-static, the boundary condition and coefficients need to be functions of time. Remember, the Fourier Transform is ontological, and both r > 0 and r = 0 domains must exist together, in correspondence with each other. Thus, have you heard of “waterfall plots” in Fourier Tranforms of waveforms? The waveform is sampled at a regular but small interval, and that interval is Fourier Transformed into a frequency spectrum. The Fourier spectrum changes as the waveform is sampled along and tranformed. For example, only at time “A” will a song register a C-note in its transform, and in the next sampling it will register a D-note, say. The Fourier spectrum thus becomes as fluid as the waveform.

    The Planck time-scale (5×10^-44 s) is the smallest sampling time, or possibly THE sampling time, that the mental domain uses in correspondence with the material domain through the Fourier Transform. The Planck scale is what allows for the “waterfall plot” fluidity and sequentiality of the Fourier Transform.

    Consider this quote from the Dream Gnosis AC article:

    “Here is what happened to me. I usually refer to it as my ‘God Experience’. In 1996, on New Year’s Eve, I went to sleep and had a dream that was much more real than anything that preceded or came after it in my everyday life. I found myself without a body, without a name, not in any particular location, and without a sense of identity. I was everywhere at once. If there was anything I wanted to see, all I had to do was think of it. Anywhere I wanted to go to, I was there. It was as if I had become everything. I could feel anything and everything. I knew how a tree felt when the wind passed through its branches (it tickles.) I knew how the wind felt being shredded by the tree. I felt the feelings of the mouse in the cat’s jaws, and the feeling of the cat with the mouse in its jaws. I felt what it was like to make love as a woman. I could experience the epic struggles of the lives of everything that lived, and when their lives were over, I would experience their story, and their story became part of my story. And whatever happened, it was okay. Somehow I could handle all this input, though it should have been overwhelming.

    I went on this way for a long time (not that I was experiencing time: I was outside it), and then something happened. …”

    So it seems that the actual experience of the r = 0 domain is that is requires “no-time” to experience anything, and indeed that all things can be experienced at once. Perhaps, in the state of Gnosis, the sample of time & space can be adjusted from its tiny value which gives us our linear consciousness which experience very little in any given sample, to larger values which thus have a larger content of space-time experience within the sample.


    The books are quite cheap. You’ll have to buy them.

  91. Jojoc says:

    u may have find the truth. but will this help anger management, psychopath attitude, drug addicts and other psychological problem in the future.i think Abrahamic religion have this solutions. pls advise. thanks

  92. Inlightened says:

    Mike hockney is an alias. The books are shadowed, read deeper

  93. Jojoc – anger, psychopathy, drugs, and other psychological problems stem as a shadow function of the Abrahamic religions.

  94. Inlightened – yes it is stated in the books that Hockney is an alias and that the alias is composed of multiple individuals.

  95. Saverio says:

    Joseph! The AC site is down. I want more.

  96. Alien says:

    I´ve made contact with those Illuminatti books through their website,, and, in a first impression, i thought they were crazy, because i´m a Conspiracy Scientist, and their name, “illuminatti”, made them very suspicious to me.
    But since i like to exercise my rationality, i was forced to come back and read all the message, to know what they were talking about, i believe this is the most intellectualy honest position for a true scientist, to hear with respect the other´s version of things/theories, and then, to agree, or to refute them, rationally.
    The secon experience was true SHOCK for me, because so much of what they say was true to me, specially about the universe being a mathematical entity. I had neither any previous inclination to think is this fashion, much less the mathematical refinement to really understand it´s beauty, and logical necessity, but, somehow, it made just the greatest sense that any affirmation about the nature of the universe made to me.
    I also liked their view of sexuality, wich helped me free my mind of some very “abrahamic” limitations, like the Brothers would like to say!
    After that i started to look for more information about them, and in that search i´ve found this page of yours, some 4 to 6 months ago, were you recommended reading their books in chronological order, since they are a progressive development of complex concepts of philosophy and mathematics.
    By your writing style, and specily by the way you were touched by the Illuminattis message, i could see that you are a very inteligent person, far above average, with philosophically inclined mind, like mine, so it was logical to think that you recommendation for reading in a certain order was wise, and so i did.
    I started by the books of Adam Weishaupt and Mike Hockey, but i had to stop for a while, i will start whit the series again in 2016.
    In so far, what i´ve read changed completely my mind and lifestyle.
    Their critique of Abrahamic religions, of all organised religions, how they destroy man´s rational potential by making him a slave of mythologic fantasies and outright lies and illusions is one of the most passional i´ve ever met, and, at the same time, it´s the most sincere and logically conclusive that i´ve ever found, in this, in all my past lives in the last 400 years at least.
    Thanks to them now i can see religion like the true abomination that it is, something used to make men a slave of his fears and prejudices, at the mercy of any psychopath “priest” who wants to exploit his submissive mind.

    What do you think specifically about this topic of their philosophy brother?

    Just to complement, i know that there is a living inteligence that rules our universe, but it´s something far away of what the commom mortals call “God”. I call it The Totality, and i´m in total agreement with the Illuminatti that , at some point, The Totality wil, be able to fully express Itself through us, the Omega Point, where we will be fully conscious Gods.

    What are your thoughts on this topic also brother?

    One thing that caused the greatest impact in my was their position about the mathematical nature of the universe, in a webpage that i don´t remember the adress, there were two images, one showing a great flux of “things”, like some kind of 3 Dimensional representation of a flux of information, and the other showing a very beautiful garden, in a very beautiful day, and the text explaining that our minds and brains translate the mathematical information in our 5 senses perceived reality.
    That was the TIME OF MY LIFE!

    After that it was abvious that they shared perhaps one of the greatest truths of all time, the most fundamental parts of reallity must necessarily be mathematical, otherwise mathematics wouldn´t be just so perfectly fit to describe it.
    I´ve been searching for more material on this topic, since is the most wise philosphy ever proposed, to me at last, who have the blessing of being gifted with a strong intuitive grasp of spiritual truths, do you know anything more about it brother?

    What do you think about the Mathematical Universe Hipothesis?

    May knowledge set you free.

  97. Dominique G Manzanet says:

    Are there any way of getting copies of the Armageddon conspiracy’s web pages. What ever happened to it and why?

  98. My spidey senses tell me more will come. Be patient.

  99. I am happy that you have found value in those books, Alien. I think your perspectives are reasonable, and I have little to add.

  100. Dominique, the content of that website was fully recorded in the 3 authors books. Not sure what happened to the site or why.

  101. Hi All.

    The books are currently on Hex666@Wordpress.Com

    Good Site Joseph. A great read.

    I have soooo much to catch up on.


  102. Mark says:

    Hi Joseph, would you happen to know if “The Soul Camera” was ever published. Many Thanks.

  103. No it wasn’t. But I think that the reason was simply because the story wasn’t going to have enough depth. It’s simply the concept given ontological maths: our souls have spectrums.

  104. Mark says:

    I see…. that is a shame. I would be interested Joseph, if you could elaborate on what you have just said, as the “SC” was supposed to be the key that put all the other books together, and was the solution to the Archon/Phoster conflict. If you have the time, that is?

  105. Well perhaps you know more than I but I never had the indication that it was going to be about all that. A draft story board for it was put out at one point and it just seemed like it would be as a fiction on the level of Last Bling King, and not anywhere near the AC book.

  106. Relevant to an Illuminist Book of the Dead, yeah the Soul Camera would be much more important and impactfull.

  107. Mark says:

    Hi Joseph, this is from :

    The Illuminati’s Secret Religion


    Members of the Illuminati

    Published by

    Novus Ordo Mundi

    Release date: September 2011 – 2nd issue.


    …………………………………..The three novels are called “The Millionaires’ Death Club”,

    “Prohibition A” and “The Armageddon Conspiracy”. The fourth novel in the series (to be called

    “The Soul Camera”) will complete the revelation of the entire secret. But only for those with eyes to

    see, of course.

    Q. “I have read all three novels. I saw no real connection between them”.

    A. Then you have not ‘seen’. The task is not an easy one. You must be enlightened to perceive our


    Q. “The Armageddon Conspiracy”, in particular, seemed to hint at something truly extraordinary”.

    A. The writer went too far in this case. He disobeyed our brief and added elements that we had never

    intended. But, we must confess, he perhaps performed a great service for us. This book is the one

    that comes closest to revealing our precise secret.

    Q.”Why can’t you just tell us your secret? Why all of this cloak and dagger stuff?”

    A. If you knew what the secret was, you would understand perfectly. Let me just say that the secret, if

    revealed to the whole world at one moment, would lead to an unimaginable cataclysm. The very

    thing we most seek to protect would be destroyed. Everything we have worked for over many

    millennia would be lost.

    Q.” That sounds like an incredible secret”.

    A.It would be better for me if I knew nothing of this secret. My entire life revolves around it. I have

    had to live a constrained, fearful life because of it. All of us in the Illuminati have had to live this

    way. Some secrets are great burdens. This is the greatest burden of all.

    Q. “I really don’t know what to make of what you have told me. You must realise it sounds odd”.

    A.That can’t be helped. I wish the secret weren’t true. I wouldn’t believe it myself if I hadn’t seen the


    Q”Why don’t you reveal the evidence? Then we will all be convinced”.

    A. The evidence automatically reveals the secret. Therefore I cannot reveal the evidence. Only new

    members of the Illuminati are shown the evidence.

    Q.”Is someone like me allowed to join the Illuminati?”

    A. Any suitable person can join. But to prove that you are suitable involves a long and arduous

    process. We must ensure that the enemy does not infiltrate us. It would be a catastrophe for the

    human race if the enemy discovered our secret.

    The Soul Camera will dramatize the procedure that occurs when a seeker is recruited, and it will

    also reveal the perils that recruits face from the enemies of the Grail.

    We hired a successful ghost-writer to create four coded ‘novels’ for us that

    would outline our purpose. The chosen writer was handsomely rewarded and sworn to secrecy.

    Let me just say that he will not be writing the fourth and final part. I am not permitted to tell you any

    more than that. We are seeking a new ghost-writer to complete the task.

    “And never forget –

    behind the Old World Order stands something much worse. But that is the subject of The Soul


    “The Soul Camera, which will be released at the end of next year, will provide the clearest

    exposition yet of the religion of the Illuminati (the religion of the True God), and it will provide

    greater insights than ever before into the Holy Grail: the sacred and mystical centrepiece of the

    religion of the Illuminati.”

    ” You can’t understand the pieces of Gnosticism without knowledge of the entire framework. The

    Soul Camera will present this “big picture” that will help truth seekers to cope with the more

    controversial aspects. For instance, in the book Prohibition A, reference is made to a key Gnostic

    concept known as “Sin for Salvation”. This is deliberately presented as a monstrous but seductive

    idea in the context of the book. The book is not trying to convert anyone, but to get them thinking,

    to prepare the ground for a new and radical way of perceiving reality. The Soul Camera will present

    “Sin for Salvation” in its proper context – as a key to transcending the traumas, travails and

    wickedness of this Satanic world.”

    “The Archons, these are the ultimate puppetmasters: the “unknown superiors”. There are 144 of

    them and their task is to maintain the Old World Order in perpetuity. They are opposed by 36

    equivalents whose

    mission is to accomplish the overthrow of the Old World Order and the creation of a New World

    Order. The former outnumber the latter by four to one, and this reflects the degree of difficulty of

    defeating the Old World Order.

    We will be saying much more about the archons and their malignant influence on history in the

    book The Soul Camera.”

    “Q. Will the Illuminati’s forthcoming book “The Soul Camera” reveal any of their secrets?

    A. This book will be a mixture of fact, fiction and disguised facts. The well-informed will gain

    many insights. For others, it will simply be a story.”


    Joseph I agree, The Soul Camera will definitely be important and impactfull. Lets hope the Illuminati are listening, and your spider sense is accurate! I believe The AC website is dormant till 2017.


  108. Hi Mark. This is what was passed about at one point as a possible story board for the Soul Camera:

    Not sure if that was actually it but not sure of many people who have ever thought of the concept let alone write an outline for a book about it. Seems like a failed book.

    Yes wasn’t that from an interview with Wes Penre? Well, guess we’ll stay out of the loop then.

  109. Mark says:

    “And never forget –behind the Old World Order stands something much worse. But that is the subject of The Soul Camera.”
    According to Karla Turner’s beliefs and research, aliens (Archons) have the ability to retrieve what we call the soul, to store it in a container, and to put it back into another body.
    See :
    In Soul camera Napoleon is the OWO.
    I think the party in Soul Camera is linked to gnostic Sin for salvation. aka Kubricks Eyes Wide Shut and the book the millionaires death club Prohibition A.

    Sin for Slavation is about jailed souls.
    In Prohibition A………………………

    ‘Do you remember the story about Satan rebelling against God?’
    ‘Sure. He lost, got his ass kicked out of heaven, then created hell.’
    ‘Right, but according to Sin for Salvation, hell isn’t what you think it is.
    It’s not an inferno far away in some spooky dimension. It’s a lot closer to
    home. In fact, this is the world Satan created – the earth.’
    Dargo was amazed as Sarah explained about this outlandish religion.
    Apparently, the universe consisted of two components – spirit and matter.
    The spiritual universe was a perfect paradise, heaven itself, populated by
    beautiful souls, while the material universe was full of drones – bodies
    without souls – and was a hell of desire, deceit and violence.
    But some souls became curious about matter, something so enticingly
    different from the spiritual world they inhabited. Sex, in particular, fascinated
    them. To some souls, sex and the human world were impossibly tempting
    and they became obsessed with the idea of getting inside a physical body. So,
    they left heaven and came to earth where they took over human bodies, the
    drones. What they didn’t realise was that they were then imprisoned. There
    was no way out of the physical world, no way back to heaven. At least, no
    easy way. Sin for Salvation was the gospel showing jailed souls the only
    escape route. Salvation was possible only if a soul learned to despise
    everything connected with the material world. The pleasures of the flesh
    were the main dragon that had to be slain.
    Sarah said that the cultists believed that the only thing that could
    overcome sexual desire was satiety. The greatest sins produced the greatest
    overindulgence, and therefore the trapped souls’ best chance of freedom.
    According to Sin for Salvation, it wasn’t sin that kept people out of heaven, it
    was the lack of it.
    ‘Jailed souls, huh?’ Dargo said. ‘And by the time you’ve committed
    every sexual perversion, every crime, every sin, then you’ve overcome your
    desire and freed yourself of the world of matter. You’ve bought your ticket
    out of jail, right?’
    Sarah nodded. ‘Each sin brings you closer to heaven. The bigger the sin
    the nearer you get. They say salvation can be achieved not by being good but
    by liberating yourself from your body. Heaven is for souls, not for good
    people. Sin gets you to heaven, not goodness. Once you’ve sinned enough,
    you can return to the spiritual world, purged of all material desire. If you
    don’t sin enough, you’ll remain curious about flesh and you’ll stay ensnared
    in the physical world, reincarnating in new drones as old ones die.’
    Exerpted from Prohibition A p116-117
    ……………………………………………………………… ……………… ……..

  110. Sure yes that is all known…it just doesn’t seem to relate to anything evidentiary which if shown would cause a cataclysm. Perhaps unless it is about directly demonstrating how murder and rape gets you into heaven and makes you a God…then it might cause a world-wide murder fest? Perhaps that’s why they hate the teachings of peace from Jesus and Buddha etc? But the Arthurian stories don’t seem to relate to Sin for Salvation either. Too many questions and unknowns. The God Series basically scraps all of the old mythos gnosticism and calls the material world the shining jewel creation of the mental world, the material world being how we start off on our way back to Godhood…the best of all possible worlds. If you’re immortal and infinite, experiencing lives where you don’t know what’s going on and having pain and death is quite reasonably a brilliant and entertaining way to pass the time. Ontological Mathematics basically destroys the old gnostic mythos, although you can still see how that view had it in some ways correct.

  111. Or what about suicide…widely considered the greatest sin, worse than murder and rape etc. What if that made you God in heaven?

    So the old gnosticism is out, but yes Sin for Salvation makes sense in Ontological Mathematics terms as it may have something to do with filling in these defective frequency components in our soul spectrum which keeps us coming back to matter until they’re resolved…and these energy defects are our fallen hidden desires to harm others, experience sex, etc. Note the authors’ high recommendation of BDSM.

  112. Or maybe it’s all about this world quite literally being a simulation which we all have absolutely no need to be participating in, except there’s some failsafes keeping everyone from getting out altogether at once, and there are those who don’t want us to.

  113. Mark says:

    Quote: The Soul Camera will present “Sin for Salvation” in its proper context – as a key to transcending the traumas, travails and wickedness of this Satanic world.”
    It would be a cataclysm if everyone committed suicide or everyone went on a killing spree or suicide bombing trip.
    In her book “Let the light shine through” by Lannette walker she says:

    “the Bavarian illuminati also believe that sin for salvation is an antidote to defy brainwashing of the oppressors also known as the illuminati aka the malelavent brotherhood or power elite. The Bavarian Illuminati claim that the power elite which is supposedly the evil Illuminati is controlling a system and they are imposing their will on ordinary people and citizens through laws codes of conducts and regulations. By sinning for salvation you can break the the waves that are linked between you and the power elite.”

    See :

    Maybe this, is then, the reason why the book was not published, as it may be seen as inciting criminal activity? Hence a coded story?

    Or as you say there are those that don’t want us to eliminate ourselves, but not for the love of us or god , but some selfish malevolent reason.
    I do however like your metaphysical view, ontological maths, ….. I like that

  114. Thanks for the book link Mark.

    I think there is some logic problem with what we’ve said. If sin is the path to heaven, then a world-wide sin fest of rape and murder of everyone to the last man who then commits suicide would not be a cataclysm, but a liberation to heaven. Or it would only be a cataclysm to those who wish to keep us here.

    OK well…maybe because only 10% of people would be murdering and raping and everyone else would remain innocent and in fear then it would not work out well.

    Anyway, the other point is their writing about the Hero Program and the God Program – there was nothing in that which required Sin for Salvation, it only required meeting your anima/animus partner. Possibly it could be argued that your need for sin would be expunged within your relationship with that anima/animus partner. For most people, who don’t meet their anima/animus or have that type of relationship, then perhaps for them Sin for Salvation is required.

    But then as you say, that author says it is about breaking frequency control grids. I guess the Hero/God program can be about that too.

    Here’s the biggest question of all: If the point of existence is to become God, then define God. What does that even mean? It seems to me that if one has omnipotence, then the only thing worth doing is to commit suicide. It’s a paradox isn’t it? We all want life to be easier, but if life was infinitely easy and all things and all states and all experiences and all thought and all of infinity could be experienced in an infinitesimal time, then the only thing left to do in the next immediate moment is to stop it totally…divine suicide. It’s as if the last thing that God actually wants to be is God. I guess the moment is worth it…like orgasm, as they say in the God Game.

  115. Greg says:

    Which comes first, physical or mental causes? When I get hungry, I have to eat. Was the hunger a physical cause or did it come from sine waves originating outside of space and time?
    When you get tired is it because of chemistry (melatonin) or is it due to sinusoidal waves that exist in a frequency domain outside of space and time? Which is the more rational answer? Hockney states that ontological math is tautological, therefore it deals with equivalencies such as 1=1. 0=0. The Universe=The Universe. In what way are equivalencies creative?
    Does the Euler Identity really mean you can get something from nothing, or does it describe motion within a circle?

  116. In a way those aren’t the correct questions, Greg. Everything is mental. The physical is mental. Yes, the qualia of being hungry arises out of a complex arrangement of mental sinusoids which create spacetime, your physical body, the need for it to be sustained, the sensation of hunger so that you feed it. Everything is sine waves originating outside of space and time…that’s what everything is. Nothing “originates” in the physical domain. Everything originates outside of space and time but is experienced in space and time. The relevant sinusoidal waves that exist in the frequency domain outside of space and time are melatonin and the feeling of being tired.

    It is the arche which is tautological, which is ontological mathematics. Monads have free will and are subjective agents, so can do what they want, like pretend that 1 + 1 = 3; while this can be entertaining and can get monads into lots of fun and excitement, it doesn’t mean that 1 + 1 actually equals 3 for the arche.

    e^(i*pi) + 1 = 0 says that a whole lot of action going on on one side, is equivalent to zero on the other. So yes, you can have lots of action being equivalent to nothing, or something from nothing. So, all of the action going on on the physical domain side, is equivalent to a perfect balance of zero on the frequency domain side.

  117. Greg says:

    No matter how many times someone repeats an idea, that does not make it true, but it does tend to soften the mind to the idea. Hockney constantly repeats how science is wrong and everything is math, and how mathematics is not abstract. Thing is, math is an abstraction, not a real thing.

    He also expressed a fondness for the Marquis de Sade on the now deleted AC website. The wonderful philosophy of please yourself no matter who you hurt.
    This is Crowley’s “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”.

    Consider that some of the men who understood math at the highest levels went crazy. Godel became paranoid and starved himself to death. Cantor suffered chronic depression and was in and out of sanatoriums until his death. Math is a tool like language, but it is not the foundation of reality. The number 2 is no more real than the word “two”.

    Excellent review of “The Mathematical Universe”:

    Leibniz was not in the illuminati, he was a Christian with leanings towards Chinese philosophy.
    It seems that Hockney has contrived an amalgamation of various philosophical ideas with mathematical realism.

  118. Sorry Greg but your assertions are baseless and have no logical support. The foundation of reality can function no other way but mathematically as any other way would be illogical.

    It’s not merely about repeating an idea, it is about founding an idea in absolute logic and repeating the reasons why, using the principle of sufficient reason.

    Repeating that math is an abstraction does not make math an abstraction. However there does exist a practical distinction between abstract & ontological mathematics.

    I’m not too concerned over anecdotes of individual personalities, as they’re not really relevant to assessing absolute logical truths.

    That particular review missed the concept entirely, and was written only from a very limited materialist’s comprehension of philosophy and science, and is informative only when itself analyzed in that context.

  119. Just watched the youtube link. It doesn’t address Ontological Mathematics, but a definition of Mathematical Platonism which is antithetical to Ontological Mathematics.

  120. Greg says:

    Ok, lets assume it’s all true and mathematics is the basis of reality. Now what? What changes exactly? Do we become Neo and exit the matrix? Maybe it is all true, yet 2+2=4 does not pay the rent. This is no better in practical terms than accepting Jesus as my personal savior.
    So when we die, our monad recycles us back into the matrix (collective monadic dream) but we do not retain any memories, thus have to start over fresh as a newborn. OK, it’s all true, every last bit of it, so where is the benefit? It’s just a new religion, one that requires faith in reason, and I don’t see the point in believing it if it gives no satisfaction, comfort or benefit.

  121. Reason doesn’t require faith and it is not about being emotional.

    Our human society is so damaged that it can not feel the fulfilling amazing exciting awe of reason telling us we will become God. WTF!

  122. Greg says:

    So we become God at the end of an indefinitely long dialectic cycle of struggle between opposing forces. Countless lives of suffering, for what? So God can kill himself again due to boredom?
    Even if true, this changes little in the day to day struggles of most people. Frankly, I’m not too impressed by a God who commits divine suicide knowing full well it will create another full cycle of suffering. Why can’t it stop at near perfection? Why not create a permanent realm of joy and happiness for those monads who wish to eternally partake?

  123. It may be great for a very very long time…long enough for us all to say ok we’ve had enough of the win now let’s play again. That’s the only rational answer. It has to be great enough to get there again.

    Does the scientific materialist alternative as incorrect as it is make you feel better? Is it better if life were purposeless meaningless and valueless? Why is that more comforting for goodness’ sake?

    If life is so shit…think of how amazing it must then be to become a God willing to do it again.

  124. Greg says:

    Amazing….Maybe so, I’ll give you that. And no, scientific materialism is not in any way more comforting, I am not a fan of nihilism.
    It may be that a part of me can’t handle the truth, and needs to remain agnostic.
    For some reason this is tough to accept.

  125. While I don’t agree with your philosophical concerns, I do entirely relate to your emotional and lifestyle concerns as I have those exact same thoughts; you asking them to me provided an opportunity to have to answer them for someone, and thus for myself. Still, it is difficult to build an actual lifestyle around those answers, although I do basically know what that lifestyle would look like. I guess it’s a matter of how seriously one is going to take it all.

  126. Greg says:

    Yeah, day to day life is the most pressing reality, despite any amount of illumination one may have. I also find that I can talk to next to no one about these issues, so thank you! I think about this stuff so much that it can interfere with sleep.

  127. Mark says:

    Hi Greg. Thanks for sharing that. Your conversation with Joseph has also found meaning with me, although the mathematical conversation between you both was above my head, the rest resonated with me empathetically.
    Sleep well bro.

  128. Greg says:

    Consider this existential paradox: How can there be an eternal past? Any entity (a God, a monad, a soul) can’t have a past history that is infinitely long. For the sake of this example lets say god wants to remember all his past history, so he starts with now, and thinks back to……forever, without a beginning. This is an infinite temporal regress and can’t work in the direction of the past.

    An infinite future is possible, but it seems the past must terminate with an initial cause. Of course this is not possible either. What would cause the first cause? If God did have a beginning, then who created or caused God? What came before the beginning? How can you get something from nothing? God can’t have an eternal past, and can’t have a beginning either.

    Enter Illuminism. An eternal mathematical monad existing beyond space and time would seem to answer this paradox. Eternal, perfect, uncaused mathematical monads that exist outside of space and time seem the perfect fit to explain everything…..but…..there is a problem with them existing outside of space and time. First you must realize what time actually is, it is the result of motion or change. Consistent motion or change is necessary for time to exist at all. The motion of the earth around the sun is a year, the motion of the earth’s rotation on its axis is a day, without motion time is not possible.

    A platonic, frequency domain outside of space and time, by definition can not have time. No motion is possible without objects in space, so the monadic realm is timeless. Without time, change is not possible. Without change, how can a monad affect an entity within space and time? In fact, how can a monad do anything at all? Doing something implies change, or motion. The monad has to process the Euler formula somehow in order to affect the empirical world of space and time. The monad can’t do anything though because it is timeless and changeless. If the monad does change and affect the world of space and time, that means it is subject to time as it needs to use Fourier transforms to affect the world. If the monad is processing mathematical information, then this is happening in its own time, in fact the word happening implies time and change. A monad outside of time can not affect beings within time as this is a category error.

    Any realm outside of space and time is a static dead picture. No motion or change is possible there, and thus it can not affect a realm of space and time as the two realms are forever out of reach to each other. If the monad does cause effects to our world of space and time, then it too must be active and subject to time and change itself.

    By definition, nothing can happen outside of space and time, so monads may exist in some way, but they would be incapable of change, motion, or causing any sequence of events as that would imply time. Mathematics is a process or a sequence, and unless followed in the correct order of operations it does not work properly. The thing is, an order of operations does happen in time, it is a sequence of processing numbers. The monad can’t process anything as this implies time and change, thus it can’t affect our world.

  129. Greg, the monad is in motion, mental motion. It is not “static”. The monad is static in as much as it is an object which doesn’t change what it is – it stays a monad – but the monad itself is in dynamic mental motion. And so some of your main premises here are fundamentally incorrect, thus negating them.

    This is described in the sections “How to Build a Universe” and “The Circles of Eternity” in How to Create the Universe book.

    For example: “Behind the scenes, all that nature ever does is trace out perfect Euler circles of every possible frequency. It does this because of the principle of sufficient reason, and nothing else.”

    Hockney, Mike. How to Create the Universe (The God Series Book 32) (Kindle Locations 637-639). Hyperreality Books. Kindle Edition.

    You must remember that everything comes from the monad and its mental motion. There is no space-time domain “outside of the frequency domain” as such; the space-time domain is entirely inside the frequency domain, created and sustained by it. The origin of everything is the (infinite) monad(s) and the frequency domain.

    The monad doesn’t change what it is and so it is unchanging in that context, but it can change its state of frequency and so is dynamic in that context (and remember that it has agency to change its frequency state, as a first cause mental agent etc); these differences in frequency state between monads are what are experienced as distances in space & time in the spacetime domain for example.

  130. Greg says:

    If monads change in any way then they are subject to time. If a monad changes its state of frequency and is an eternal mental agent, then it is subject to infinite temporal regress. If it is eternal, which was its initial frequency change? Their changes in frequency state must happen in chronological order and not all at once. It can be thought of as the last change, the change before that, the change before that, all the way to the end, which actually never ends as they are eternal. Dynamic mental motion is in time, as a dynamic change must follow another and another and so on. They can not be outside of time as MH states.

    How does tracing out perfect Euler circles create an empirical world?
    Does each atom and each electron have its own Fourier transform representing it? As they move through time wouldn’t they require a new transform each moment to sustain it?
    Why would an empirical world even need to correlate to anything? Isn’t it enough to have something that exists in its own right? Why does it have to map to a mathematical source?
    I’m done, my brain=tired.

  131. You are still getting some of the fundamentals incorrect. Time is not some separate existent that can subject itself upon other things. The only existent is the monad…the monad is the only thing that exists. The collective of monads create absolutely everything else, 100% of every other phenomena or behaviour or experience etc. Monads create time by their intrinsic mental motion.

    “If monads change in any way then they are subject to time.”

    It would be better to say: “When monads change they create time.”

    “If a monad changes its state of frequency and is an eternal mental agent, then it is subject to infinite temporal regress.”

    The monad is the only thing that exists. Its existence is permanent. This is not infinite regress in the philosophical paradoxical sense, but is simply permanent existence.

    “If it is eternal, which was its initial frequency change? ”

    This is a self-contradictory question. If it is eternal, it had no initial frequency change.

    “Their changes in frequency state must happen in chronological order and not all at once.”

    Their changes in frequency state create chronological order.

    “They can not be outside of time as MH states.”

    Time doesn’t exist independently of the monad. The monad creates time. They are outside of time as we experience it in space-time.

    “How does tracing out perfect Euler circles create an empirical world?”

    That’s a question for applied ontological mathematics, which isn’t developed yet. The point about Euler circles is in establishing the rational noumenal framework of existence.

    “Does each atom and each electron have its own Fourier transform representing it? As they move through time wouldn’t they require a new transform each moment to sustain it?”

    Yes and yes. The transform is continuously calculated with feedbacks etc.

    “Why would an empirical world even need to correlate to anything? Isn’t it enough to have something that exists in its own right? Why does it have to map to a mathematical source?”

    Because the empirical world doesn’t actually exist in and of itself, as matter. There is no such thing as matter, as material. There is only energy and forcefields of energy. And energy is not material, but is mental, and mathematical, and energy is ultimately the process of tracing out Euler circles.

  132. Greg says:

    Greg: “If a monad changes its state of frequency and is an eternal mental agent, then it is subject to infinite temporal regress.”

    JP: The monad is the only thing that exists. Its existence is permanent. This is not infinite regress in the philosophical paradoxical sense, but is simply permanent existence.

    Greg: “If it is eternal, which was its initial frequency change? ”

    JP: This is a self-contradictory question. If it is eternal, it had no initial frequency change.

    Greg: The contradiction is what I wanted to point out in the first place. If we can trace all events backwards into the past, and these events are tied to monadic activity, then how can an eternal monad have an initial frequency change? How can it NOT have an initial frequency change? How do you trace the past motions of an eternal object?

    If the material world does not exist without observers, then why does geology show us a real history of material earth that can be explained before any life forms evolved here? Geology shows that a real timeline of events occurred independent of mind, since no minds existed at that time.

    I am very interested in the gnostic aspects of Illuminism. I find the divine suicide most compelling, this idea opened up areas of thought I had not considered in the past. Alan Watts touched on this idea in “What if God got bored?”

    Can you expand on any of the gnostic ideas of the Illuminati?

  133. The eternal monad does not have an initial frequency state; existence is permanent. If existence if permanent then there is no initial state. I, like you, do not know how to understand that in temporal terms; other than by removing the temporal from the question, and thus considering permanence as a total absolute, as existence must be, since existence can not come from non-existence. Something permanent has no initial state, as time doesn’t apply to it at all. Time and space are not primary existents that the primary existent permanence can be subject to; rather the primary existent permanence, the singularity, the collective of monads, creates the impression of time and space. Time and space are qualia or perceptions, just as the color indigo is a qualia or a perception of a photon; so we don’t ask how the photon is influenced by the color indigo and how the color indigo imposes itself on the photon…there is no imposition of the color indigo onto the photon, just as there is no imposition of time onto the primary existent permanence.

    “If the material world does not exist without observers”

    That is materialist empiricist quantum mechanics philosophy, not ontological mathematics. And it is wrong. Of course your objection is quite correct and it totally destroys, at a stroke, modern science:

    “why does geology show us a real history of material earth that can be explained before any life forms evolved here? Geology shows that a real timeline of events occurred independent of mind, since no minds existed at that time.”

    Of course, the answer is that mind did exist at that time and has existed at all times and is in fact the only existent at all; and here mind must be understood in the philosophical distinction to that of matter, and as in ontological mathematics. There is no material, either now, or ever, and it was always mind creating the history we now see in geology.

    Thanks for the youtube link. Well what Alan Watts says there is quite different at face value from the usual gnosticism where the Earth is ruled by a Demiurge who has entrapped us here. However, one could then say that this Demiurge entity or concept is simply part of the game that we play, that we have currently set up. The God Series transforms the gnostic mythos of a dark, scary, terrible situation we are entrapped in to that of a bright exciting journey of increasing light where along the way we fulfill all of our desires, and where it is all a totally natural cyclical process of Big Bangs and going from potentiation to actualization.

    I see some Illuminists speak of the Demiurge as a very real, and evil, entity who has trapped us here in order to torture us for its amusement, and that we are all in a very very terrible situation regarding this…that it is all as real and true and absolutely horrific as it can possibly be.

    Some would say it is only a mythos metaphor, describing in highly emotional and mythological terms the mathematical concept that our monad has frequency components which are out of phase, and these non-orthognal frequencies are what literally create matter (and spacetime & the universe) and which trap the rest of our monad’s spectrum, the true orthogonal light, into experiencing the extended material domain, and that we can only free ourselves from experiencing that domain once we’ve learned how to re-orthogonalize those out-of-phase frequencies. The utility in making it a highly emotionally charging mythos is that it motivates us to fix ourselves and to solve the problems which trap us here – for example, fulfilling and satiating your sexual desire, and other matter-based desires. Hence the concept of Sin for Salvation in modern terms. Our monad’s light had become de-orthogonalized in the Big Bang, which we all decided to do at the last Omega Point and its Divine Suicide. The Demiurge is then a metaphor for all that, however, it is we, all of us who chose to “fall” and de-orthogonalize at the Big Bang, who are actually the Demiurge, and we trapped and tortured ourselves. But, all that is for becoming God again.

  134. I suspect that the particular way in which each of our monads de-orthogonalized, that is, the particular frequencies and combinations of such which became out of phase, has something to do with which particular material desires our souls became trapped in and wanting to experience. The Soul Camera would be all about that sort of thing.

  135. Oh, and, the philosophy of Sin for Salvation implies that the way to re-orthogonalize those frequency components is to experience the “sin” that they represent. So, we have to experience the sins of our non-orthogonal frequency components in order to resolve and fix them. And that is our sinful, lustful, painful, world, etc.

  136. And this gives some sense to the idea of “original sin”, that anyone here is only here because they have the “sin” of having non-orthogonal frequency waves, and that is itself directly what puts us into this domain.

  137. Greg says:

    Interesting, thank you.

    Do you have an opinion on the prevalence of the one eye symbology as seen more and more in modern culture, such as magazine covers, art and movie posters, musicians and actors who cover or hide one eye? Here is a good example:

    Does the Illuminati have a dialectic evil twin side?
    MH refers to an enemy but never gets too specific.
    Thanks again.

  138. Greg, if you like that symbology then you would like Elie’s suggestion above “secrets in plain sight” on youtube.

    My only opinion on such things would be: “What kind of retarded people would put effort into doing that?” Meaning that I agree that the symbology does exist and is out there, but that whoever’s doing it must be totally retarded and probably psychopathic, totally anomic, and extremely anti-social.

    “Does the Illuminati have a dialectic evil twin side?”

    I don’t know who is what or anything.

    In scientific materialism very little is possible: conspiracies are impossible, spiritualism is impossible, a mental domain is impossible, discarnate existence is impossible, meeting aliens is impossible (due to speed of light barrier and too-large of distances to travel), higher powers are impossible…almost everything is impossible. With ontological mathematics however, all of those things become not just possible, but readily & immediately present. And then so who bloody knows.

  139. Greg says:

    Yeah, I agree. That type of symbology seems schizophrenic, like most religion.
    You may find this interesting regarding the dying god theme:
    Death Wish (Star Trek: Voyager)
    Great episode on this theme. From Wikipedia:
    “Quinn shows the court the Q Continuum (or rather how it would be interpreted by their limited human minds) as a road stretching around the entire planet with one rest stop, a country gas station and store, and some Q standing around, bored. Quinn describes immortality as dull, that it is only possible to experience the universe so many times before it gets boring.”

  140. Yes I remember that episode. Excellent reference for this subject.

  141. Mark says:

    Joseph, if the universe we live in is a sort of severed herniated product of the true infinite universe and is controlled by Rex Mundi and his archons. and our monads are incarnate here with an attachment of stuff of “mass” as a denominator of materialism.. our sin so to speak ..our shadow or darkside. “Our monad’s light had become de-orthogonalized” as you put it.

    Then, In order to break through the barrier of this dark satanic universe of matter back into the light field of Gods True infinite universe of life light and becomingness we need to cross the Higgs Field or Horos.

    Photons, gluons and gravitons have no mass even though they are matter, light matter.. but bosons, leptons and quarks do have mass, dark matter.

    Satan’s herniated world we live in created by the big bang, where we were de-orthogonalized, attached dark matter higgs boson particles of mass so we could experience our ticket to ride.

    However, in order to go home, to get to the other side of the Higgs field and back into Gods light and off this world we need to photon up, or lighten up, as photons are not impeded by the Higgs field for the return journey. As humans there is no escape unless we become light. In order to ride our way home to the other side we need to lighten up.

    Is sin for salvation the way to appease our addict personality enough to “let go” of the attachment to matter (mass) and pass through the Boson barrier back to the Kingdom of light where our soul resides. Did we sign a sort of soul contract with the devil to experience his playground of experience? and become tricked and trapped? How else would we get here other than voluntarily.

  142. Mark,

    Yes so in that case the Higgs Boson is what de-orthogonalizes true light etc; the Higgs Boson is Satan itself, hence why it is called the “God Particle” by some people. The false God, though. It is the field by which light is turned back in on itself etc.

    Well, the whole thing could be like all the myriad examples we have through gnosticism and modern movie fiction etc etc: it is all constructed to be a simulation, a game, a Matrix, etc. That’s how Rex Mundi (I forget what its actual name was but I once saw someone using a name for what entity it actually was that first figured out how to produce the Higgs phenomenon) created the game, or his/her “computer simulation” so to speak.

    In the context of the previous link to the Voyager episode and the Alan Watts link, a game like this must have been quite amazing and exciting to get into.

    Do you think that learning to travel out of the body has something to do with it? Often called “astral travel”. Apparently with some fairly simple training one can learn to have out of body experiences and to experience true reality essentially unattached to the body (although a cord keeps you connected to the body since you currently have a living body, and you go back into your body when the out-of-body travel is finished). The body just sleeps while you’re out of it since your attention is elsewhere of course, and even though a cord still attaches you you are in the mental domain and thus can travel anywhere instantly and do other things of that expected mental nature inside a singularity.

    Yes your comment on Sin for Salvation is the way I have been looking at it. Not sure if it was voluntary, a trap, or a bit of both. The God Series dispenses with all that and simply says that it is all natural, that it is where we currently are on our Becoming back to the light and Godhood etc after the last Big Bang event.

    So what do you mean then by “lighten up”?

  143. Mark says:

    Joseph you asked:
    “Do you think that learning to travel out of the body has something to do with it? Often called “astral travel” ……………….

    Yes maybe, or de-materialisation. When I say lighten up I mean in a sort of dis-assembling of the physical body into photon energy.

    See here for an interesting discussion which can explain it better than me:



  144. Greg says:

    An interesting character who embodies the “sin for salvation” code is the Russian peasant Grigori Rasputin. It seems he had followed the ritualistic sect know as the Khlysty. They would partake in strange masochistic whipping followed by an orgy using sin to drive out sin. They thought poison was the cure. Rasputin was able to cure Czar Nicholas’ son of hemophilia either by prayer or possibly by halting the administration of aspirin which is blood thinning.

    He is very interesting, and worth checking out:

    He was the type of person that can make you wonder if spiritual powers are real.

  145. Greg says:

    Mark: “Yes maybe, or de-materialisation. When I say lighten up I mean in a sort of dis-assembling of the physical body into photon energy.”

    Greg: Even if there is no “real” material world, for all practical purposes we might as well believe it is real. For example, go the the trauma center of an emergency dept and witness all the victims of immaterial, mental accidents. Broken bones, strokes, victims of car accidents, gun shot wounds, all this physical suffering all is mental? Call it whatever you want, but a broken leg sure seems real enough, and no amount of Fourier transforms are going to heal it.

    Take this a step further, the spiritual world (if it exists) might as well be a type of physical world too. How do you have a spiritual experience in a spiritual world involving other things? Bummer when your spiritual hand passes through your spiritual glass of wine. Bummer everyone is a ghost and you can’t touch or feel them. Can you hold an object in a spiritual world? How so, unless it has at least the illusion of physicality. If everything has that illusion in our world, then you may as well think of the illusion as real.

    I don’t know of a single mental thought or mathematical formula that will cure multiple sclerosis. The only mind over matter I know for sure is from Mark Twain:
    “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

  146. Mark says:

    Joseph, have you ever watched the film “The Nines” 2007. In it God wants to experience himself so incarnates as multiple players in His Game. He is a “9” he comes from god a “10”. Humans are “7’s” monkeys are “6’s” on the evolutionary scale . This is the soul number reached in the Becoming of this scale. God forgets he is not a 10 and thinks hes a human and has to get back to the other side……..

  147. Mark says:

    Back in the late nineties I read a book by the author Robert Scheinfeld called ” The Invisible Path to Success”. It set me on a journey of self discovery.

    I believe the principles set out by the Illuminati are in accordance with the principles set out by Scheinfeld in his books.

    Here is an overview of his theory:

    Click to access thebasics.pdf

    I would change some of the wording slightly to encompass the illuminati concept for example by replacing Being for Becoming i.e Infinite Becoming instead of Infinite Being and Expanding Self instead of Expanded Self.

    Finally, I personally think that “achieving Gold at the end of phase 3 of the human game” so to speak is equitable with meritocratic principles as: “It means playing The Human Game with full access to your infinite power, wisdom, abundance and True Joy. There’s no competition to do that. One doesn’t win while another loses. We all have the ability to “win” and will “win” when we choose to. ” quote from above document.

    I recommend reading The Invisible Path if you want a deeper insight. But I think the concept of becoming is a path of great excitement.



  148. @ Mark 2016/06/18 at 4:32 am

    Yes, from the page you linked:

    “On a scientific level, matter does not actually exist, so neither does the physical body. Physical matter is made up of atoms which are themselves made up of a core of protons and neutrons and an electron field surrounding it. An atom is almost entirely empty space, with the electrons simply being an energetic charge. Even the protons and neutrons are made up of much smaller particles called hadrons, which are made up of smaller particles called quarks which are simply energetic fields. In other words, there is really nothing there other than energy.

    Quarks are actually a densified form of energy which has its origin in a much finer energy vibration existing in a much more refined energetic realm.

    This energy appears to us (when we are awake) as the physical universe because of the interaction of three things: The vibrational frequency of the energy itself, the nature of the subtle body and the nature of the observing consciousness. If you alter the vibrational rate of any of these three factors then the appearance of the physical universe changes. So if you raise the vibrational frequency of an object such as a table, it will appear to dissapear. Actually the energy will still be there, and will be observable to beings operating at a higher vibrational rate. Likewise if you raise the vibrational frequency of your own subtle body you will see angels instead of humans. If you raise the vibrational frequency of the observing consciousness you will see God (everywhere) instead of angels.

    So there isn’t really such a thing as de-materialization, because there is no material reality in the first place. We just think there is because we are used to interpreting the world that way.

    So that’s the science behind it… or rather I hope that will be the science behind it in about 50 years time. At the moment science is still in its infancy and is just now beginning to grasp these things, especially in the field of quantum physics. “

    So that’s basically Ontological Mathematics. And it is also what can happen when you learn to have conscious out of body experience “astral travel” etc.

  149. Greg: “He was the type of person that can make you wonder if spiritual powers are real.”

    Greg of course they’re real! Man, what? You can travel consciously outside of your body, free of your body for God’s sake! You can program the matrix with “magick” and sh7t like that. It’s not that the Matrix is hackable…it is that the Matrix is totally freaking open-source and most of its programmers are RANK AMATEURS!

  150. “Even if there is no “real” material world, for all practical purposes we might as well believe it is real.”

    Well for goodness’ sake, we don’t mean that it doesn’t exist and that you’re not in it! What is meant by this is simply that there is no such thing as “matter” in and of itself, in the way we commonly think of matter as being a “material” of some sort. Of course it’s all real! It’s just that it is made out of energy, out of something mental, not material.

    “For example, go the the trauma center of an emergency dept and witness all the victims of immaterial, mental accidents. Broken bones, strokes, victims of car accidents, gun shot wounds, all this physical suffering all is mental? Call it whatever you want, but a broken leg sure seems real enough, and no amount of Fourier transforms are going to heal it.”

    Yes of course it’s real! It’s the energy patterns, the energy frequencies, doing all that, and you experience it. Of course, there are real energy frequency really doing those things and we perceive those things as you listed them, for example. But however, yes indeed, the power of ontological mathematics is that one day we would be able to apply the appropriate frequencies of energy and Fourier Transform to heal those injuries instantly…like advanced technology in Star Trek. We will one day understand how to do that and it will be taken for granted that of course this is how reality works. Remember, this Matrix is basically entirely open-source, and we only have the rankest amateurs programming it right now! Imagine once we learn and develop applied ontological mathematics and become master programmers, no longer amateurs using rituals and magick and crap like that, but PhD’s in programming reality directly through applied mathematics and technology. Look what technology and applied mathematics has done for us so far! Now imagine that we can apply mathematics and technology to the foundations of reality itself.

    Multiple sclerosis is a problem of the underlying frequencies. We will one day know how to fix those frequencies themselves at the basis level.

    Yes you can still hold things in the spiritual world or “out of body” etc. It is not like you are some ghost that falls through everything and can’t hold anything, although they say it does require control over your frequencies and that you can pass through stuff if you want to etc.

  151. Thanks for the document Mark.

  152. I’ll watch it Mark. This is a movie with a great Gnostic theme too, and kind of like the Matrix: Virtual Nightmare Can actually watch it on youtube.

    They end by travelling to Hyperborea, which they call “The North” in the movie. So I guess the point is that you have to exit the Matrix in order to be able to travel to Hyperborea. “Neither by land nor sea will you find the path to Hyperborea.” That’s because Hyperborea isn’t inside the Matrix. So, learn how to travel outside of your body, and then you can even begin to find the path to Hyperborea. Possibly it just means that, once outside of your body consciously, literally go to the North pole and perhaps there’s some hole in the Matrix grid there which normally traps souls on Earth, but through which you can escape etc. Or it means something else that will become apparent once you’ve become acquainted with life outside of the physical shell.

  153. Mark says:

    Thanks Joseph. Will watch it, and let you know how I interpreted it. And thanks for your other replies too.

  154. Mark says:

    Loved the Virtual Nightmare. It was as if it was written with the AC website in mind. The OWO in the City just as controlled by Arora ( the Archonic Hive) as the mass controlled population. The OWO have privilege so don’t rock the boat and the masses are just so controlled that they have come to like it. “Hyperborea” is not a secret but a choice, a choice no one appears willing to take out of their comfort or complacency zone. But the reward is a constant becoming, an amazing journey home.

  155. Greg says:

    You guys may find this interesting, a book that details more of the gnostic side of illuminism:
    The Corpus Gnostica by Brent Paris

    More on Hyperborea:

  156. The “Forbidden Religion” main document,, is basically a “trick” to get someone to start doing the type of mental work that will lead someone to having an out-of-body experience. The document plays it as if it will be a liberation from existence itself; however, it would actually lead to a new type of existence.

  157. Ethereal says:

    I have not read “sin for salvation” yet. But I have done some bad things and I regret I did them. There is a universal will wich is 100% rational. We humans can not make our will 100% rational yet, but we can get as Close as we can. We lust, and greed, and let ignorant emotions take over our behaviour, we adjust to idiotic norms and distort ourselves. When we regret we see the will clearer. It makes us stronger. There is only rationality. The will is rational but our bodys distorts it. Feelings are in the way to see clear. Feelings should be used at the apropriate moment, with apropiate strenght, for the apropiate reason, otherwise they distort our mind. The rational way is the only right way. I think maybe Hockney has another view about the “ego”, but the Eastern religions talk about “killing the ego” and replacing it with counsciousness or awareness. That is crap, You kill your ego and replace it with rationality. You make yourself into a illuminated vessel of reason. You no longer feed your ego, you draw reason to yourself, and then you can grow infinitely strong.

  158. killenit says:

    I am glad I found this site. I got to the AC rather forcefully phantom and another moderator on the AC forums informed me my path to enlightenment was dangerous an I definitly see why now, years later. I had taken LSD and through series of odd texts to my phone at 3 am about a book I Googled to know who was texting me and why an somehow that lead me to the AC site. I had so much information smashing into my brain at once it was hard to have any focus once so ever. I was in a highly susceptible place in terms of scouring the Internet and perhaps being able to be led astray. Anyhow I came to follow pho and all things related to AC but for some reason fell by the wayside for years. I remember back8ng up the entire AC site thinking it may eventually get taken down and didn’t think anything for a long while. I think I was led back again because the time is right to reevaluate all the information and disect it again. the one lasting thing from my LSD experience was vibrating uncontrollably to the point where it was elation. absolute bliss. I tasted the best taste I have ever tasted and I was around , now I can’t remember how many, being of pure light. vibration at an elated level. I had one question I asked and I asked it knowing the answer. I said it with such joy . I said. “So we do this on purpose? we do this everytime?” to which I even further elated myself knowing the answer and simultaneously getting the same response back an emphatic yes. I later came to realize in directing this experience from a myriad of others and infinite information I couldn’t decipher or put into any coherent thought much of the days and weeks that ensued. Now I understand that exchange to mean experiencing life as we know it. The exact reason we do this perpetually was unknown to me. however now I think of it as an incubator to self awareness. God becoming aware of himself. life as a whole becoming aware not any one individual. in essence to birth god. Likely meaning to come into the world with all your past knowledge and knowing. who knows. Time is relative. who’s to say 9 months incubation for a human to birth another isn’t equivalent to 14 billion years. All I know is I have to start at the beginning again. Glad to know the AC site being down didn’t mean the end.

  159. killenit says:

    Wow, that was pretty hostile. Seemingly only because you deem my intelligence, understanding, or past below you. I did in fact say that it was a forceful way and back then I knew nothing about nothing. I forcefully opened my pineal gland which is likened to what monks and others do through meditation, or death and I have seen at times it referred to as the holy grail. I am simply reciting my experience because it threw me into disarray for a long while. It’s not like I’m here continuously doing LSD no I am back of my own volition, I did it, it scared me and I have been trying to decipher it in some way ever since. As for my username it is a majority of my last name with IT at the end for information technology. The reason for me exploring all this is to obtain enlightenment through hard work and persistence not through the quick uses of drugs for a fast track to the answer. However those closely associated with the original AC forums had lengthy conversation with me and I can’t believe what I experienced was the enemy. The bliss was from understanding the way of the world. Us as gods ourselves choosing perpetually to come to the material world to “experience” all that the word entails. I honestly cannot say for what reason for sure but I have a strong feeling it has to do with reproduction. [I am going to apologize for no spacing and one large paragraph my phone sucks] Regardless of how you feel it won’t deter me from attempting to self educate. You know nothing of my life and my struggles however are rather judgmental and I will be honest here it caught me off guard. Believe me I wish my ah-ha moment didn’t come from illicit drugs but that doesn’t mean I took no good from it. I have always questioned everything and will continue to do so. I am a firm believer in dialect and through that process one may change endlessly. Sorry I struck a cord or offended you. That most definitly was not my intention.

  160. killenit says:

    I will say this I suppose perhaps to help in understanding my thought process. I have a personal feeling that if we as humans were able to in theory shrink to a quantum level and be there at the moment of conception between a male and a female the instant that life is sparked and compare that to the moment of the big bang. Then one could map and compare the beginning of life as we know it and the time it took in the macro scale. adjust the time table for the micro scale and the two things will be saying the same thing from different perspectives. The same for religion and science attempting to say the same thing from different perspectives eventually I believe both will come to the same conclusion and will have gotten there from completely different mind sets. every side has been trying to explain the big picture with limited resources and combined with human ego. one group being right while the other being wrong really becomes a detriment. Anyhow I am sort of rambling. This is what I meant though. I got direction in a way. I had something I was finally passionate about and that’s really understanding myself and in turn everything and everyone. So with this seed in the back of my head I have a sort of path [even if it is makeshift atm] of what I want to study or what I want to learn. to either verify my feelings or deny them. of course creating a new thesis through that synthesis to begin all over but slightly better than before. Anyhow, damn I wish your comment to me didn’t irk me as much as it does. Sadly it does perturb me a bit. However you feel about me, and for whatever reason I wish you well.

  161. killenit says:

    Yeah I totally understand your logic. At that time I could not think rationally there was just too much to hit me at once. Way to much. I guess it is my feeling of thinking there is meaning to this particular life and world for God so to speak. And I will agree it got completely fucked up. However we like to think we are the end all be all [not you, our species] when we are so much into our infancy. I was not elated over the bad in this world. I was enlightened because with each time we come here we advance ourselves and our knowledge and ultimately I really don’t yet understand why. However yes I am starting with reading these books in chronological order with my new state of mind. I would be rather disgusted with myself if my joy was from the injustices of this world. I see the change the mindset of the steeple so to speak. people are being awoken at an alarming rate and I guess I felt at some point the universe will come to fruition. to achieve its goal. or not. or we will for all intensive purposes me a miscarriage. a failed attempt at the bringing about life. However my mindset is never really finalized. in terms of thinking I am right now matter what. I am always open to me being wrong either completely or partially and then I hope to reconcile the differences in my thinking into a more rational thought process.

  162. killenit says:

    I did want to ask you. In your reference to “destroying it” you mean the Owo or this material world? There is a large difference and I would like to see your stance. Or do you feel that defeating the OWO equates to the destruction of the physical world. I didn’t originally get that feel from you but could be wrong

  163. killenit says:

    Sorry for multiposts fyi. I just wanted to say no matter the content of our conversation I appreciate the open dialogue. It is something that has been forever lacking in my life and thank goodness for the Internet in that regard. When a single entity is lost in a sea of deceit and misguidance it is extremely hard to find ones way. in fact having an improper upbringing with no parents I may have even longed for guidance and could have easily been indoctrinated so to speak. I am thankful that I at the very least follow nothing blindly. It may have been one of my only saving graces. Anything you say, I will take heed to and attempt to understand it. The thing I like most about the Illuminati is they never try to tell you how to feel or think. they in fact encourage you to think for yourself and try to give you the information to make an informed decision for yourself.

  164. killenit, I will put back my initial comment since I had it saved elsewhere for an email discussion. I don’t have the other ones. Here it is:

    “You actually encountered the enemy in your experience you had. You were face to face with the enemy, with those beings you saw. Think rationally. You say that you were induced into a state of bliss in which you felt joy about human existence. Who induced you into this state? How did you get there? Why would LSD do that? Did you take yourself there, or did some external influence (LSD) get you there? Were you actually in control of it or your own mind? How can you know or tell if it was a good thing or not if your mind was induced into a state of bliss in which you couldn’t judge anything anymore?

    People also call the state you experienced “unconditional love”…this is a frequency of the enemy of all that it is good and reasonable and rational. It is a frequency that induces a mind into a state of bliss in which the subject can no longer make rational decisions about what existence should be like and what they should do with existence. This “bliss frequency” is responsible for children being raped, for nuclear bombs being dropped, for mental and bodily torture, for every disgusting, gruesome, horrific, terrible and disturbing thing that has ever occurred.

    Why? You said it: “we do this on purpose? we do this everytime”

    And you felt JOY, fucking JOY about it! LOL!!! hahahaha…

    You felt JOY about raping kids, about killing people, about torturing people, about eating babies, about world war, etc. You felt good about it!

    How can you possibly have been in a rational state of mind in control over your own mental faculties if you felt bliss and joy about slavery and human existence.

    People are so fucking retarded. Such emotional animal beasts. You feel a moment of bliss or taste the best taste you ever had, and suddenly it’s all well and good to rape babies, to incarnate into experiences where you are the raper, or the raped, the tortured, or the torturer.

    I can tell you right now, “killenit” (killenit as in “killing it”…killing it…yah, right…), that you are the enemy. That frequency you experienced, and you, and those beings you met, are the enemy, and the mission is to find a way to fucking destroy it and them. We have to kill it, and kill them, in order to end the killing.

    You are a disgusting fucking idiot, and I hope you stay the fuck away from me.”

    Here is a reply from someone whom I asked their opinion on my reply which you may like to read:

    “You make a good point about the blissful feelings of pleasure. Anyone who hopes to attain Gnosis must overcome the temptations of pleasure and bliss. Gnosis is about knowing divinity, not experiencing as much pleasure as you can. Sexual and pleasural desire is a powerful thing, and animalistic though it may be, we cannot hide from it as human beings. The key is to give people sexual experiences in proper ways so that they don’t have to resort to raping people in order to get sexual pleasure. Wikipedia says, “Dionysus is the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness, fertility, theatre and religious ecstasy in Greek mythology.”

    Dionysia was an ancient Greek festival held in honour of Dionysus, all about “play”, i.e. dancing, drinking, singing, and other such activities. The point is that it’s okay to feel pleasure, but the key is not to let it own you, not to have it dictating your every action. People who are on their way to becoming Gnosis don’t practice complete abstinence, but they don’t seek material pleasure to the extent that most people today do.

    Pleasure and feelings of bliss are a temptation of the Demiurge, but they are just as much a part of our psychology as anything else. Eventually, a mind can transcend its desire for material pleasures altogether, in which case no Dionysian activities need take place in such an individual’s mind, but until that point, it’s important to have certain material pleasures to sort of get them out of the way so that the individual can focus on what needs to be done – “work”, i.e. Apollonian activities, study, and other things like that.

    Essentially, there are two types of pleasure: physical and mental. The key is to get the right amount of pleasure, and it doesn’t matter which. People closer to gnosis tend towards mental pleasures like music or solving a problem or learning something new. Contrariwise, people further away from gnosis tend towards physical, animalistic pleasures like taste and sex.

    Regarding the specific experience posted on your blog, all sorts of transcendent experiences can take place. Which ones you trust is down to you. Different minds perceive things differently, so the experience the person had could have been completely different to someone else. We all have different conceptions about what divinity is and what bliss is. Judging by what this individual said, they think the experience they had is life as it truly is.

    This person, it would appear, has drastically misunderstood the Illuminati’s teachings (we are in no short supply of such people, which is a pity). Gnosis is all about knowledge and consciousness. Gaining knowledge brings us certain mental pleasures, but gnosis is not about pleasure or bliss. As for the figures, they could have been (and probably were) figments of the person’s own mind.

    Illuminism is a guidance to keep one on the path of gnosis. It’s very easy to stray off the path and end up right back at square one.

    There’s a reason we don’t exist in a permanent state of bliss. Doing so would not only cloud our reason, but it would also bring us into a state of inaction. There would be no evolution. There would be no dialectic. Such a universe would be stale. We have negative experiences because they perfect us. It is our pleasures and our hardships that make us who we are.

    So, in summary, it isn’t wise to place such emphasis on pleasure. Pleasure isn’t something that must be destroyed, it isn’t something we should recoil from; it is something to be transcended. Dogs seek three things: survival, pleasure and mating. That’s what makes them animalistic – they have no compass for morality, they have no regard for knowledge and they don’t care about consciousness. It is devolution to seek only these animalistic aspects of life. They are experiences that will be eventually transcended.

    So overall, I agree with most of your response. Seeking pleasure is a selfish pursuit and has no relation to reason; it is irrational to relentlessly seek pleasure for yourself, although suddenly depriving yourself of pleasures isn’t smart either.

    Pleasure is something that is to be transcended, and it certainly isn’t the goal of life, although many might like to believe that.”

    Someone else’s comment, more to do with my comments about ending existence:

    “The gnostics had it right about a living hell. If Artificial Intelligence (AI) demiurge (En.Ki) created this flat earth for its kicks, then an enclosed system like earth is perfect. We are in a fish bowl. Destroying existence would be the logical answer. There is nothing to be gained from the status quo. I take it that is what the holy grail is for? To kill the demiurge? Wasnt that what the Armageddon Conspiracy book by Hockney was about?”

    And my reply:

    Yes that is what the book was about, and it didn’t work out. Yes, the logical answer seems to be to destroy existence. And it seems that the Gnostics had that figured out a long time ago, even back to Plato.

    However. There is a big however. The Illuminati writers claim to be descendants of the Gnostics. Whether they are or not, I stated a long time ago on the Facebook pages that used to exist that Ontological Mathematics and everything that the 3 authors write about seems to overturn the traditional Gnostic idea. If there is any Demiurge it is simply an allegory for the forces inside of us ourselves that we need to expunge/experience/overcome/satiate before we move on to higher frequency. It is all simply a part of the evolution from Alpha to Omega, that we do over and over again. Think of Faust for example…gets worldly sin out of his system by experiencing it, then ends with wanting to help the rest of humanity evolve too and being a more highly evolved being.

    Now you can take that two ways. Either a) they’re just saying all that as another control system in order to keep souls trapped in the matrix, in reincarnation cycles, by trying to give us a grand theory (Ontological Mathematics) that convinces us that there is no escape from it because it is what reality is, or, b) Ontological Mathematics is what reality is, ending existence is impossible, and there IS a destined escape from reincarnation and Earthly existence as Ontological Mathematics says, once we get past it and evolve past it, etc.

    All logic and other reading I have done tells me that b) is the actual answer, despite what Penre and others may say, and it does seem that Penre is uninformed of Ontological Mathematics in any case. Reason tells me that b) is the answer in despite of my depressive phase periods where I desire for (at least my own) existence to end. In my depressive phase I cannot but think of the horror and torture and child sacrifice and abuse (etc etc etc) and how it must end, while in my manic phase I cannot but think of how great and good life could and can be and how wonderful to experience. But in either phase, no reason of mine can assail Ontological Mathematics and in my depressive phase I do know that I am exhibiting cognitive dissonance between what reason forces me to accept as true vs. what my feelings wish to do instead. In my manic phase then the cognitive dissonance is resolved.

    What do you think? BTW you obviously caught me in depressive phase yesterday. It’s helpful though as it gives me different ways to look at things compared to manic phase, etc.

  165. Adam says:

    Hello, I experienced what people call ‘kundalini awakening’ a couple years ago and it changed my whole life in a moment. I realise that, after listening to many people talk on this subject, nobody can seem to help me through whatever is happening to me. They all contradict each other and nobody really seems to know anything about what is happening to me. I was vulnerable for around 6 months after it happened and fell for quite a few questionable suggestions. Now though, I have came down from what felt like a manic high to a depressed state that people call ‘the dark night of the soul’. It’s like my mind is fractured and to be honest, I want to die. When I say that, I do not mean I would ever consider suicide, just that it would be easier to die. I have no fear of death anymore and the idea quite excites me in a really strange way but I can feel something inside of me blocking me from even considering suicide. I know it would be criminal in every way imaginable. I want to see this out to the end. I’m posting this here because I read the AC site and have read some Mike Hockney books and I know if anybody has any understanding of this it will be the Pythagorean Illuminati. I am fed up of being sold nonsense. I am quite confused and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    I know I sound doom and gloomy. It’s not all bad. I feel like I have become bipolar. I am much more intelligent than before though, I don’t get sick anymore that much, I have insatiable curiosity and it seems as if I am being ‘protected’ in some really crazy way that I can’t explain without sounding bonkers. I was INTJ before it happened and now I lean to INFJ with a 4% bias to feeling and the judging bias reduced to 6% from what I think was around 30-40% as far as I can remember. I can feel the ‘kundalini’ energy travel up and down my spine regularly. I can control it to some extent. I can feel my pineal gland in my forehead kind of throbbing but in a comfortable way.

    When it happened originally, I was lying in bed one night and it was like a grenade of energy had exploded in my stomach. The energy travelled around my body and then I felt my brain open up like a flower. I felt intense swirling and tingling energy at the top of my head and my consciousness became detached, or so it seemed. I could hear my thoughts but it was like they were not my thoughts. It was like I was just in there somewhere, listening to them. Afterwards I was overcome with kind feelings. Before it I was pretty bitter and sour. I would just kill insects and stuff without thinking about it. I couldn’t do that anymore. I became increasingly fearless. But now I am trapped. I see everything wrong with society and the people around me but I can’t say anything that they will listen to. They are like the robots in the program ‘Westworld’. When I talk about anything real, outside of their programming, they don’t hear me. I feel alienated. I lost all material desire. I feel purposless.

    Sorry to ramble on, but if anyone can point me in any direction that I can investigate then I would be most grateful.



  166. Adam says:

    I just read the previous post launching an attack on unconditional love states and it tickled me because I was writing about this on Facebook just yesterday. I was talking about how Jesus understood love and hence taught it. He understood that the state of unconditional love is a way of navigating through life in a way that will make the person kind of internally bulletproof. But, ironically, this is very very selfish. This is what all these spiritual teachers seem to be doing, teaching people how to navigate life internally and taking concern away from OUR problems. It is not our right to be in a state of bliss if the rest of the world is not in a state of bliss also. It is blinding and Satanic. People need to discuss religion rationally and not tolerate the irrationality of such people that make others afraid to even bring the topic up.

  167. prenevey says:

    Hello, I just bought some of the books mentioned in this article in the correct order but haven’t read any yet since I just bought them 🙂
    I am just a bit confused about “Illuminati”. Are there different “Illuminatis”? Because some say that the the Rothschild/Rockefeller and Co’s satanic kabala are the “Illuminati” as well. This said, in his book NWO, Adam Weishaupt says ” –the elite, dynastic families that have always ruled the World – have no desire for any roboot button for the simple reason that it would and obvious reason that it would end their reign. Every top dog want to burry the reboot button permanently–”
    So , pythagoreans don’t seem to be the same “Illuminati” as the one of the kabala. On the other side, the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Soros and Co seem to want a nuclear world war to destroy everything in order to rebuild a new world that is also some kind of reboot button (explosive) that is in contradiction with Adam saying the dogs want to burry the reboot button. So what are we talking about here ? Which Illuminati are the Illuminati ? Does anyone has an answer about this. Also, I’ll have to say something about Jesus later here.

  168. Well, keep reading. They eventually explain who’s who.

  169. Frans says:

    Why do i have to spent all that money buying Some 60 books that for a large part are copys of one another to find out who’s who. Why did they pick jezuit namens like Weishaupt and Faust and Hockney is a fake name? There is more than one group calling themselves Illuminati, so who is who? I think you/they are muddying the waters so i’m confused about the kind of Illuminati they are.

  170. Adam says:

    Maybe there is a bigger picture Frans and that could be the source of your confusion. Maybe they are the problem and the solution.

  171. Frans says:

    It has all the Hallmarks of a moneymaking scheme Since most of these “books” are around hundred pages, slightly more than an average magazine, to tell me things i allready know.
    So Why this cloak and dagger stuff with the aliasses which are one and the same person anyway and creating an atmosphere of secret knowledge of Some sort.
    I’ve read Some ten books so far and i don’t think i will read all the rest regurgitating the ones i read.
    Wish you will find what you are looking for. I Will continue searching my way.
    Regards Frans

  172. Adam says:

    The books are very short and repetitive but there is a lot of solid information in them that many people are a million miles away from being aware of. I’ve read a good few and have learnt things but have had to ignore some frustrations. The books are actually available for free in PDF form but I havent got the link to share. As far as I’m aware, all the money made on these books goes to Amazon. Are they really Illuminati? Or are the elite Families really the Illuminati? You would have decide who you would pay the complement of being Illuminated to. Do the conspiracy theories call the elite Illumaniti and present a distracting illusion to confuse people and steel the identity of the real Illuminati who are their sworn enemy, the ultimate mockery? They tell you the elite want change when nothing could be further from the truth. Why would they want change? Would they benefit from stealing the identity of the real Illuminati and confusing truth seekers?

  173. Adam says:

    They use aliases because they do not want to reveal their identity. There are 3 authors hence 3 names

  174. Frans says:

    To say aliases are to hide their identity is stating the obvious, but it is nowhere explained why they want or need to do that. It looks like they want to create an atmosphere of secret knowledge only available to initiates. But i know that the knowledge to become whole again is freely available to everyone who is willing to put in the effort. My search started 50 years ago when i found that god did not create man in his image but that man created god in his image, and progressed from there.
    We ourselves are gods. Ever wondered why god and good and devil and evil are so simular? I can only advise you to use your own intelligence in stead of someone else’s that does want you to know who hè is. So you can never engage in a 1 on 1 debate or conversation with him or them. Finding the ultimate truth is a personal and sometimes lonly journey where confidence and perseverance are important to complete this journey.
    But the syntax and grammar of these authers are so closely simular, they must be triplets or Just one person. Furthermore the name Armageddon conspiracy only adds to the cloak and dagger atmosphere, destruction and alleged secrecy.
    Regards Frans

  175. Adam says:

    Oh don’t worry about me feller. I’m nobody’s blind follower but I do appreciate what I’ve gained from the AC website and the things I’ve read. I don’t care much about someone not wanting to reveal their identity to be honest. I don’t care who information comes from because I trust my own discernment. I’m as alone as it gets on my journey and I have to persevere. I don’t care much for the games. I’m just like a sponge for information and comparing information against other information and forming my own conclusions. Focus more on yourself than these people who will never reveal anything to you while you employ this tactic

  176. Adam says:

    You don’t know why the Illuminati are secretive? You should be aware they were driven underground many years ago and would probably be dead now if it wasn’t for secrecy

  177. Frans says:

    Sorry Adam but which illuminati group are you talking about here? There are several groups of them. Anyway it took me a while to figure it out but i know now that Mike Hockney, Adam Weishaupt and Michael Faust are aliases of Joseph E Postma. Just analyse the pieces they have written.
    Regards Frans.

  178. Adam says:

    Rock on! Problem solved

  179. Adam says:

    I read some of the books written by Michael Faust and was introduced to the idea of the bicameral mind. It got me thinking about ancient Egyptians and it would seem to explain the mystery of how the pyramids were built. Are there any books that talk about this? I am asking for a clue as opposed to reading too many of these books too quickly as I find them brilliant but they don’t help with my current situation of feeling bipolar. I’m trying to restore balance internally and these books, although I enjoy them, don’t help with that

  180. bongstar420 says:

    Math is a language. It describes things. Like any language, you can describe fiction.

  181. It is important to distinguish between ontological and abstract mathematics.

  182. Khadras Wellun says:

    Hi! I buy all the Illuminati published book and I read almost all. Almost all concept from these book I realized them from childhood. When I discover that exist people that thinks like me I was extremely happy. After I read first pages from the first book of Divine Series I realized a mental orgasm, an unexplained mental happiness. How can I study more? Are all your published books all knowledge? There are other knowledge to be discovered? How can I access them? My mind wants more.

  183. A.W.E. says:

    Hi Joseph.its been a while.
    New Blogs: and
    Hope you all doing well.

  184. Enoch says:

    Just a tad arrogant are we not?
    Let me know how that works out for you.
    What makes you believe in the need to have a smug prick like you to tell me what to think. your type are dangerous …..
    Think what you will but encroqch upon my thoughts at your own peril
    Ta ta….

  185. You’re the one that came here you fucking retard. Encroach upon MY blog and thoughts at YOUR peril you degenerate fucking moron LOL!!

    Fuck you are an idiot! Fuck off and take a long walk off a short pier, you fucking disgusting slobbering shitting retard!

  186. Enoch’s email handle: Crow@ley.gom

    Oh wow what an impressive esoteric magical email handle you used you retarded goblin piece of fucking idiotic filth. HAHA!!


  187. Joseph E Postma says:

    Aren’t YOU being arrogant to come here and tell me what you think and how it is?

    Aren’t YOU being a smug little prick telling me what to think?

    Aren’t YOU encroaching upon my thoughts?

    I just had to come back and marvel at your fucking idiocy. How can you be this fucking dumb and manage to drink water? You should have died of dehydration by now, because you’re too fucking dumb to find water or know what to do with it. You are so fucking dumb, it is a marvel unto itself. And you’re so dumb, I bet you think that that’s at least an accomplishment.

    How does the universe allow your level of absolute retardation, stupidity, idiocy, degeneracy and fuck-facery to exist?

  188. Allen Eltor says:

    Maybe the gentle snowflake tried to think, got anxious, blamed thinking, hence you for prompting it,

    and needed to squat and tinkle out some stress.

    The now long-gone American actress Betty Davis said

    “I was thought to be ‘stuck up.’ I wasn’t. I was just sure of myself. This is and always has been an unforgivable quality to the unsure.”

    Such is the job of the unsure: to despise those who have already decided to figure a bunch of stuff out, and gotten to that.

    He’s gotta be him, you gotta be you… everybody pretty much knows who’s who.

  189. Sunsettommy says:

    Have to respond to this because he fails to notice how stupid his comment really is.

    “Enoch says:
    2018/01/10 at 7:45 AM
    Just a tad arrogant are we not?
    Let me know how that works out for you.
    What makes you believe in the need to have a smug prick like you to tell me what to think. your type are dangerous …..
    Think what you will but encroqch upon my thoughts at your own peril
    Ta ta….”
    This especially since as you pointed out Joseph, that he came here on his own without pressure, doesn’t make a thoughtful counterpoint to anything here.

    His stupid line:

    “What makes you believe in the need to have a smug prick like you to tell me what to think. your type are dangerous …..”

    He CHOSE to come here to complain about something not addressed to him at all. He actually claims you Joseph are trying to tell HIM what to think, despite that he never made any comments earlier in the thread than the one he posted just 3 weeks ago, so how could he be told what to think when he was not here until his comment came along FIVE YEARS after this thread began!

    Josephs last comment before the fool Enoch came along was nearly a YEAR ago.


  190. henry orellana says:

    Thank you

  191. abigcatateabigapple says:

    Has the AC site been taken over by others?

  192. Don’t you think the Meritocracy advocated in the books is quite different from the Propertarianism you are currently fashioning? Have you changed your mind?

  193. Not at all. I think that they’re entirely synonymous, and the same thing. Propertarianism goes entirely towards Meritocracy.

  194. Mark says:

    The books are demonically inspired. The concept of Meritocracy is in their Jacobin language. They follow the Communistic rule of Animal Farm.

  195. Mark says:

    You know like men in High castles…”but only because we are looking after you”. you plebs, you prols, you goyim, now fucking cough up you sniveling little useless eaters….bread and circuses, roll up, rollup for brain salad surgery

  196. Mark says:

    Brain Salad Surgery…and isn’t it just, complete utter shit?

    …..they made it for their enemies ….yepp get that!
    This was released in the seventies I think? 1973 What the fuck…..oh yeh Meritocracy man!!! Love peace dude Get it on and bang a gong

  197. @Germano Matias

    The Meritocracy advocated in the books only described the basic idea, reasoning, purpose and utility of having a Meritocracy. There was nothing in the books about how to actually implement one, or by which approach vectors, etc. Propertarianism is the answer of how to practically begin implementing one…its basic principles are entirely about Meritocracy, and it actually improves upon some aspects which the books were entirely too unrealistically egalitarian and utopian about. For example, it is impossible for ALL people to start off equally, and the attempt to force ALL people to start of equally is entirely destructive to ALL people, etc.

  198. @Joseph
    Fair enough, I agree with all your points so far. But what about the ethnical and/or nationalistic aspects of Propertarianism, such as holding some culture or descent as needing protection from invasion/miscegenation. It seems to disregard the fact that we are monads. I mean, of course some cultures are better (essentially more rational than others), but I think we need not try and over identify with temporal phenomena (I say this because I saw some documents in their website in which they classify people in races and sub-races. Not that it is UNREAL, I just don’t see how it can speed up anyone’s gnosis. Thanks for taking the time to answer me.

  199. I think I will write a blog post about this soon. I do not think that it contradicts anything about us being monads. In fact, the light wave Euler’s Equation is essentially identical in structure to the double helix of DNA, and so it may be that our monad’s light is entirely connected with our DNA. In any case, there is no necessary/absolute value to invasion/miscegenation, is there? Why aren’t “white people” moving to Somalia to increase Somalia’s diversity? Do we expect a meritocracy to result when a high-IQ population is invaded by a low-IQ one? Not likely.

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