BURN YOU – Burn with the Light of Illumination, that is!





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  1. urbster1 says:

    Sorry I can’t tell if this posted already, but I would like to invite you (and anyone else interested) to join our public Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/291584434321560/

  2. Samm Simpson says:

    Do the Illuminati Gnostics believe that “Satan” is simply the profane side of a “dual” human? Or do they believe that “Satan” has a body – whether corporeal or ethereal? Do the activities of the Satanists – black mass, drinking of blood – give the Illuminati a “bad rap?” I want to understand the definitions. Also, Illuminati’s are atheists, yes? Hyperrealism and mathematics still require an act of faith – even if we are merely describing the philosophy of naturalism and a one or zero. We are obviously “built” to operate within a system that lends itself to curves and numerical patterns. Do the Gnostics have an understanding of why that is? Thanks much.

  3. Hi Samm,

    For the first two questions: Satan is an archetype that exists independent of human existence, although humans can “tap into” that psychological archetype and thus demonstrate Satanic behaviour. Satan is both an archetype (“ethereal”) and a physical entity (corporeal), although the physical entity that the archetype is currently incarnated in is rather unimportant – it could be a frog on the other side of the universe. The important thing is that “Satan” is the psychological archetype of selfishness, of service to self at the expense of others, of domination, of mastery over others rather than self, etc. It is a universal and powerful archetype, that is the dialectical opposite of the Luciferian archetype, which is giving, service to others, mastery over self, etc. Lucifer brought man knowledge at some expense to herself. Jehovah wanted to dominate and control man and keep him stupid. Jehovah is obviously Satan. This dialectic pair is overcome in Abraxas, which is reason. That is, The solution to good vs. evil is not more good, because more good just creates more evil. The solution to good vs. evil is REASON. Reason, intelligence, knowledge, etc., transcends good vs. evil. The name of the archetype which represents this for humanity is called Abraxas. Essentially, Lucifer brought us knowledge of the archetype of Abraxas.

    The activities of Satanists such as blood drinking etc. have little to do with the Illuminati, although the popular “conspiracy” press has associated the two because the Old World Order blames everything it does (enslavement, blood sacrifice, control, etc.) on the Light Side; basically the Sith pretend to be the Jedi and even label themselves as such, and then everyone thinks that Jedi = Sith and so the Sith (Jehovah) must be the good guy. When in fact, Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah has written ALL ABOUT how much he loves blood sacrifice in the Bible (needed it over and over again…burnt live blood sacrifice), and the only mention of Lucifer is that she tried to bring humanity knowledge. So, Jehovah actually = Satan, Lucifer actually = the light. For example, everyone knows that Satan is a male figure, and so Satan has made everyone think that Lucifer (a female) is not only male, but is actually Satan himself. Satan and Lucifer are opposites, and so only Satan lies, telling the world that he is the one and only god (named Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah), while Lucifer patiently tells the truth.

    Illuminists are not atheists. Illuminists believe we are becoming God…they believe in God more deeply than anyone else in fact, because they understand the fundamental and mathematical nature of what it means to be God. The idea of a God that desires worship and obedience is what is absurd and indeed evil to the Illuminist. Our souls are on a reincarnational journey, developing into God. We become God. Satan and his opposite, Lucifer, are sort of “lower level” gods, while Abraxas is the true state of God (pure reason).

    Euler’s Identity does not require faith. Faith is a belief you take on without reason. Logic is knowledge you take on for a reason which can not be disputed. If you cut through all the BS there is only one question that matters: why does something exist rather than nothing? For the irrational, the answer is “god”, but that is not actually an answer at all, it is childish idiocy, a blind guess. The question can actually be completely answered with pure rationalism, with answers which have a sufficient rational principle to justify them indisputably and without contest. The Gnostics understand all this entirely – read the God Series, from Mike Hockney, at Amazon.

  4. Samm Simpson says:

    Thank you Joe. I was able to read the chapter “There is no such thing as Time” from the Hyperrealism book, but since I am not a Kindle owner – and do not want one – I will need to access the series in another way. I am very interested in continuing these conversations and I much appreciate your work – especially in the area of exposing the lies about GHE.

    Thanks for answering my query – I want to understand the logic and I very much appreciate your taking time. When I use the word “faith” – defined as the “substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” – it seems to me that mathematicians use faith in the “attachment” process of pinning significance to numbers/formulas and in the rational act of believing that these symbols are eternally and forever true in and of themselves.

    Also, which book would you recommend as one that would point to the origin of existence?

    thanks again. best.

  5. Samm, do you use a smartphone, like an iPhone or an Android? Or even if you have a PC or laptop, you can download the kindle reader for free. I used to use an e-reader but since I got a Samsung S3 last year, I now do all my reading on that. If you have a smartphone just look on its app store for the Kindle reader.

    Your definition of faith is somewhat peculiar. “The substance of things hoped for” – I would call those wishes, or just hopes, or dreams, etc.

    “The evidence of things not seen” – now this actually has nothing to do with faith, but rationalism, and is a statement much closer to the tenets of Illuminism and Ontological Mathematics! For example, we never “see” the imaginary number, yet, the imaginary number is at the very basis of reality and we have much evidence for that. Better yet, we definitely do not “see” the number zero, yet zero is the basis of all reality. These are articles of rationalism, because Euler’s Identity doesn’t require faith, and in some respects it doesn’t require evidence – it simply is, independent of “true” or “false”, it simply is. Euler’s equation is beyond true or false, kind of like reason is beyond good and evil. Yes, Euler’s equation is true just like Reason is good, but it doesn’t have the possibility of being false ever, and so is beyond the dialectical paradigm of true v. false or good v. evil.

    In regards to pinning significance, how this is done, on number and ontological mathematics, this is discussed at length in the “God Series” by Hockney, and I would have to suggest to read them all rather than just one. If you have a smartphone or a PC/laptop, you can read them. If it is a cost issue, I will buy them for you and gift them to your email address. Let me know.

  6. authorthat says:

    Armageddon conspiracy is not quite interactive is it. No comment section.

  7. No it isn’t. Whoever these people are they don’t want to be known or talked to. There might be some “monitoring” done here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/291584434321560

  8. greyfordays says:

    I have recently began reading the “God Series” and although I haven’t finished yet, the message the author (or authors) are trying to convey resonates with me as it is a more precise and mathematical explanation of beliefs I had already formed. With that being said, is the email address shown in this picture a gateway to more information not provided in the books? Or a way to get involved in some way? Either way, I am intrigued.

  9. Hey greyfordays,

    No the pic is just something I made up…the email address is mine, but I don’t use it yet.

    Just read all the books, all 50, not only the God Series. When you’re finished all that, let me know what you thought. Other people who’ve read all the books hang out here – The Illuminati Pub.

  10. greyfordays says:

    Oh, well I like the image. I will read the books and do so. Thank you for the link and taking the time to reply!

  11. There’s only one question that remains after comprehending and integrating all of the material. The question is simple, yet utterly consequential. It’s a practical question.

  12. greyfordays says:

    Perhaps after I finish the books, I can discuss said question and conclusions with you and/or those from the pub? The books that aren’t a part of the “God series”, can I assume correctly that they should be read in order of their publication date?

  13. Publication date isn’t so much important with the rest of the books, although it would still be a nice way to read them. I read them all over the place, but going in order would make sense. Yes indeed, we all like to discuss the books and the contents and our thoughts on them, etc etc! 🙂

  14. greyfordays says:

    Okay, thank you again. That is something I would like to take part in. I look forward to the possibility. Time to buckle down and do some serious reading in the meanwhile.

  15. I went to the Armageddon site and read a few paragraphs and scrolled down. Here’s my assessment: When pigs fly! What they think they can do is change human nature. The worker’s paradise (U.S.S.R. and China, among others) were death machines and the old aristocracy was merely replaced with a new aristocracy. Did Stalin or Mao live like peasants? The rich and/or powerful always rule. Always have. They always will until human nature changes and that will take a whole lot of evolutionary time; after which we probably won’t be humans or won’t be humans as we are today. Look at what happened in America. We were given a republic and it was almost immediately corrupted and controlled by corporations and the rich. It is now morphing into a full police state.

    Still, better America — where we still have some control of the political process and still have some freedoms — than the old U.S.S.R. or China, or Cuba.

    As to the anti-religious theme — and I am not religious for logical reasons — it is possible that when our hominid ancestors became fully self-conscious they had to create God and an afterlife or go crazy. Why? They might have been able to outsmart and kill predator animals, flee a forest fire, save themselves from floods, find enough food and water to go on, but what they came to realize was that they would all die eventually and there was nothing they could do about it.

  16. Thanks D.M., agreed with your points. The books do indeed eventually get to the point that the communist systems were fundamentally flawed, because they ignored and did not reward merit, individual talent, etc. They actively opposed those, actually. In the free world individual talent does get rewarded via your own efforts, however the problem eventually comes in that those who are best at being non-producing parasitical criminals eventually gain control over the whole system, such as international bankers and speculative monetarist Wall Street, and certain corporations, and career politicians, etc., and these then simply control the government for their own interests. Production capitalism eventually gets parasitically taken over by monetarist capitalism, the former of which produces valuable things and the latter of which simply expands the money supply with no attendant increase in the physical value of that money. So, the idea is that we DO need a more sane and less corruptible form of government, than as exists in the “free world” now – not such a free world as it is a severely dumbed-down world since that is what benefits the parasites, and is what they’ve worked hard to produce. A new paradigm is needed…but it will require a more rational humanity particularly in the West than we have now…or else the West “Culture” will simply disappear as the Romans did.

    You should read the God Series…only $4 each book. It’s entertaining reading at the least. And possibly it will open avenues of thinking not considered before.

  17. Tom says:

    I’d like to know if the original armageddonconspiracy website writings are available on the web. I’ve found the following link below. It has articles on the left hand column that are missing from the current AC website. All the best..

  18. That material is now only in the books on Amazon by Michael Faust, Adam Weishaupt and Mike Hockney.

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