Request for Submissions

Is anyone who follows this blog good at cartoon caricatures?  What I want is a caricature cartoon of Anthony Watts, Roy Spencer, and Robert G. Brown.

Watts should be shown with his ugly thick brown mustache hedge, showing his fatness with chubby cheeks and tummy, and his eyes close together to give the appropriate signal of a pea-sized brain.  He should be looking into a mirror, with a light-bulb in front of him between him and the mirror, scratching his head, with his other hand feeling the heat from the bulb.  He should probably be sitting cross-legged in front of the mirror, as if he was rocking back and forth like a child. Maybe his hands could be on his knees. Sprawled out in front of him would be a few balled up masses of tinfoil, and a broken ohmmeter.

Spencer and Brown should be sitting behind Watts, both holding on to a single piece of paper that simply has a straight line drawn on it with the word “Earth” above the line and with an arrow pointing from the word “Earth” to the flat line.  One of their other hands should be pointed at Watts, the other at the mirror. They should look like idiot eggheads that have no possible relationship with reality.

Caption should read “A surreptitious FAIL”, or whatever else you want.

I will buy the entire “God Series” for whoever submits something acceptable.

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11 Responses to Request for Submissions

  1. johnmarshall says:

    And that bloody dog who has more concept of reality than Anthony.

  2. johnmarshall says:

    I have challenged Anthony to:-

    1) Design and build a heat engine utilizing the GHE.

    Refused because wealth and fame were not what he wants.

    2) Explain, within the concept of the GHE why deserts are hotter than rainforests.

    No reply on that one.

  3. That is a great challenge John…and crickets I am sure! lol

  4. Thanks Greg. Sounds like the usual characters were there….good, that’s a good place to keep them penned up in.

    We know who the sophist players are and have them corralled nicely…we know what their arguments are and how to defeat them. Just give it time…eventually it will blow.

  5. Greg House says:

    No part for expert reviewer without the right to sit and vote Monckton?

  6. John in France says:

    One ad hom only cancels out another. Just live with their sneers, Joe. Your time will come. I for one am quite sure of that.
    But here you are just flailing around and that’s unworthy of you.
    Best wishes,

  7. Thanks John, you’re right of course. I had a really dark week lastweek! lol

  8. SkepticGoneWild says:

    I have to respectfully agree with John. Just stick to the science and physics which is your forte, and let that do your talking. Look at the video you posted of Professor Salby. Very powerful. No theatrics All this circus sideshow stuff is an unwanted distraction. (Although I can visualize these caricatures in my head)

    Looking forward to more of your science articles.

  9. Thanks Greg,

    We are discussing that here:

    This has always been a problem for them…so now they’re re-writing physics and history, and Spencer is the front man.

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