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Willis & Anthony & Roy = Flat Earth Theorists

Someone sent me this: Have You Seen This https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/12/31/giving-credit-to-willis-eschenbach-for-setting-the-nikolov-zeller-silliness-straight/ So, I decided to write them a letter: From: Joseph Postma Sent: December 31, 2018 11:26 AM To: Willis Eschenbach <weschenbach@gmail.com>; WUWT (Anthony Watts) <wattsup@sbcglobal.net>; Roy <roy@drroyspencer.com> Subject: Radiative Greenhouse Effect … Continue reading

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Simple Time-Dependent Model Refutes the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect

We must now look at Roy Spencer’s simple model of the greenhouse effect to see what he’s actually doing with it and what he actually thinks about it. I have updated his current model but also have a copy from … Continue reading

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Simple Experimental Demonstration that Refutes the Greenhouse Effect

Roy Spencer postulated and then performed a “simple” experiment which he thought demonstrates the greenhouse effect.  This is actually trivial to debunk so we’ll keep this short. First I’ll point out a deceptive little trick employed by Roy which he … Continue reading

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Observational Evidence From SURFRAD Sites That Falsify The “Greenhouse Effect” Hypothesis

Written by Carl Brehmer Brehmer Refutes Spencer On August 23rd, 2016 Roy Spencer wrote an article in which he states that observational evidence gathered at Desert Rock, Nevada, affirms the existence of a radiative “greenhouse effect”.  In that article he … Continue reading

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Roy Spencer: As***le (Language Warning!)

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Alright, yesterday I made the point that our antagonists, such as Watts and Monckton, get irate and nasty at us in personal correspondence.  Monckton kindly showed up here and made a fool of himself proving the point. Well, after Monckton’s … Continue reading

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Willis Eschenbach’s Greenhouse Shell Game

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Who’s What, Really? For back-links to this debacle of the steel greenhouse produced by a non-scientist with no scientific education to speak of, see here.  It’s quite a funny story and it is not surprising that this fellow is one … Continue reading

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Roy Spencer Leaked his Pants

Not what he Claims to Be I’ll intro with a pertinent quote whose source can remain anonymous: Anyone who does not provide a rational objective argument cannot have life affirming intentions, much like the parasites known as politicians/globalists who seek … Continue reading

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