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A Good Excuse to watch Star Wars – Anthony Watts as a Sith Apprentice

The Boundary Conditions of a Manufactured Debate Had this comment on the “about” page: I wandered onto this blog from a twitter link about Antony Watts. Still somewhat befuddled because I was under the impression he hunted down alarmists, not … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the AGHE Part 14: Controlled Opposition

The last post of this series was a formal disproof of the atmospheric greenhouse theory.  It is an a-priori mathematical truth of reason, not merely a truth of theory or contingency, that a spherical rotating Earth with real-time sunshine can … Continue reading

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Request for Submissions

Is anyone who follows this blog good at cartoon caricatures?  What I want is a caricature cartoon of Anthony Watts, Roy Spencer, and Robert G. Brown. Watts should be shown with his ugly thick brown mustache hedge, showing his fatness … Continue reading

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Slaying Barak Obama and his Flat Earth Society: Obama is a Solar Denialist

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Dogs and their Interests In his recent speech on climate legislation, Mr. Obama quipped: “Regarding climate change, we don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society.” Mr. President, time for you to be Slayed! (oh hiiiiii NSA…booga … Continue reading

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Closing with Watts

The following is a short email sequence I shared with Anthony Watts last night over the defeat of his “challenge” to PSI and his subsequent experiment which he didn’t understand and with which he tried to ignore the answer to … Continue reading

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Another Greenhouse Idiot

At Jeff Condon’s site “the Air Vent”, he decided to get into the “Challenge PSI” game following after Anthony Watts and Roy Spencer.  Apparently this is the fun thing to do these days, even though it continues to support PSI’s … Continue reading

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Slayers “Putting Up” not “Shutting Up”

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Roy Spencer tells Slayers: “Put Up or Shut Up” Presents his “time dependent model” as a challenge (this article can be downloaded as a pdf.  original article here) Dr. Roy Spencer has challenged the Slayers to either “put up or shut … Continue reading

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