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A Discussion of the Equations of Transfer

I was having an email discussion with an old professor of mine (from undergad) about the fraud of the radiative greenhouse effect who has himself implied doubt about the greenhouse effect.  Actually the proff is Dr. Essex who wrote the … Continue reading

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Simple Definitions

They Agree with the Debunk From “Thermodynamics”, G. J. V. Wylen, John Wiley & Sons, 1960: “Heat is defined as the form of energy that is transferred across a boundary by virtue of a temperature difference or temperature gradient. Implied in … Continue reading

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The Atmosphere does not “Pile Heat”

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What is Insulation, And what Does it Do? People (well, the climate alarmists) don’t seem to understand what “insulation” is. They think that it means that it makes heat “pile up” inside the source of heat, or in the medium … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Steel Greenhouse

Solar Flux is not Q’ This was touched on in the last post, but the steel greenhouse deserves a full logical physics treatment of heat flow to explain what actually happens and why the radiative greenhouse effect believers have it … Continue reading

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Logical Physics Maths

Heat Flow The climate science greenhouse effect is a simulacrum.  It is not science, nor is everything that is based on it science.  All of climate alarm is a simulacrum, a fraud, and most of what could have been real … Continue reading

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Another Greenhouse Idiot

At Jeff Condon’s site “the Air Vent”, he decided to get into the “Challenge PSI” game following after Anthony Watts and Roy Spencer.  Apparently this is the fun thing to do these days, even though it continues to support PSI’s … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the AGHE Part 12: How to Lie with Math

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Math is True but Words can Lie If any of you have been reading the material on Illuminism, you will know that mathematics is the basis of reality, and that this is probably something I agree with given my favorable … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Part 8: What IS the GHE?

The one thing which has become very clear, is that the GHE doesn’t actually have a consistent explanation or description.  We have seen it as the backradiation “active heating” mechanism, where radiation from a cold source adds serially with the … Continue reading

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