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Revisiting the Steel Greenhouse

Solar Flux is not Q’ This was touched on in the last post, but the steel greenhouse deserves a full logical physics treatment of heat flow to explain what actually happens and why the radiative greenhouse effect believers have it … Continue reading

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Logical Physics Maths

Heat Flow The climate science greenhouse effect is a simulacrum.  It is not science, nor is everything that is based on it science.  All of climate alarm is a simulacrum, a fraud, and most of what could have been real … Continue reading

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The AGHE Fraud Part 19: “Flux In” is NOT Equal to “Flux Out”

I keep on seeing the phrase from alarmists, warmists, and luke-warmists, of this initiating assumption that, in order to conserve energy in the greenhouse diagrams and the related K-T Energy budget, you set the power input equal to the power … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the AGHE Part 18: Conserving Wattage does not Conserve Physics – Rant Free Version

Equating Flux In the last post, including a discussion about how I feel about stupid people, was an explanation of the difference between energy and energy flux.  Energy is generally a simple static scalar quantity, while flux refers to an … Continue reading

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