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Religion of Climate Change Part 5: Cold Gods don’t create Hot Gods

Going for it in the Open I identified years ago that climate alarm via the sophistically-named “atmospheric greenhouse effect” was the new religion for atheists, new agers, and other types of idiots in general: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/04/28/vatican-heavies-silence-climate-heretics-at-un-papal-summit/ See my “Religion of Climate … Continue reading

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Climate Pseudophysics, Again

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So the last post had a neat way of looking at it, but I improved on the graphic demonstration. First let us remind ourselves of the pseudoscientific greenhouse effect:       A fancy diagram with straight lines and numbers … Continue reading

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The Radiative (Climate Pseudoscience) Greenhouse Effect

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Came across this pic randomly on the interwebs. For those who still have a difficult time with why the basis of the climate science version of the greenhouse effect, which creates political alarmism, is a fraud, THIS IS WHY!! (and … Continue reading

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Guide to Bad Science

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Found this on Facebook.  Pretty much, Climate Science is the basis, the fundamental example, of how NOT to do science, of how to screw science up!    

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A Tale of Two Versions

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There They’re Their Spoken language can be confusing because you can have words which sound exactly the same but mean totally different things.  Such words are called homophones, as found in this section title.  At the very least, and if you’re very … Continue reading

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Greenhouse Fraud 20: Physics disproves the GHE; Steel Greenhouses; & General Electric Lightbulbs

What is heating… The “steel greenhouse” provides a basic schematic for the meme of the atmospheric greenhouse effect, among other sources.  Sometimes the terminology goes by the phraseology of “backradiation”, and sometimes it goes by that of “heat trapping” or … Continue reading

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The AGHE Fraud Part 19: “Flux In” is NOT Equal to “Flux Out”

I keep on seeing the phrase from alarmists, warmists, and luke-warmists, of this initiating assumption that, in order to conserve energy in the greenhouse diagrams and the related K-T Energy budget, you set the power input equal to the power … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the AGHE Part 17: Watts are not a unit of Energy, and how the IPCC Violates Conservation of Energy

Who are we Working With? Skip down to the next heading section if a cathartic discussion about stupid people doesn’t appeal to you. After my last two posts, I actually had some raging moron alarmist challenge me “to take the … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the AGHE Part 16: Further Summary

I received a question about how the 168 W/m2 solar input from the IPCC energy diagram (last post) can be converted into a temperature.  Here is my reply plus some further elaboration: _______________ Radiation Wattage can be converted directly into … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the AGHE Part 15: Current Summary

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The entire premise, the ground floor of climate alarm and all climate policy, the sky-scraper of climate alarm, rests on the foundation of the concept of the atmospheric greenhouse effect.  It is only via a postulated atmospheric greenhouse effect that … Continue reading

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