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Religion of Climate Change Part 5: Cold Gods don’t create Hot Gods

Going for it in the Open I identified years ago that climate alarm via the sophistically-named “atmospheric greenhouse effect” was the new religion for atheists, new agers, and other types of idiots in general: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/04/28/vatican-heavies-silence-climate-heretics-at-un-papal-summit/ See my “Religion of Climate … Continue reading

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The New Religion of Climate Change Part 3: Religious Exploitation of Cognitive Dissonance

In the last two posts on this series (here and here), we have developed an understanding of several fundamental human cognitive characteristics: archetypes, the Master-Slave-Hero dialectic, and cognitive dissonance.  Here we explore the role of cognitive dissonance in religion. To repeat from earlier, … Continue reading

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The New Religion of Climate Change. The New Boss is the Same as the Old, Part 2

In the last post of this series we were introduced to three very important concepts in relation to human cogitation.  These were 1) Archetypes, 2) the Hegelian Dialectic, and 3) Cognitive Dissonance.  We will develop an understanding of how these … Continue reading

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The New Religion of Climate Change. The New Boss is the Same as the Old, Part 1

Setting the Landscape As we have learned in my ongoing series on the fraud of the atmospheric greenhouse effect, climate pseudoscience invented an artificial, fictional scheme by which the atmosphere can heat itself up without the Sun, so that they … Continue reading

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