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Religion of Climate Change Part 5: Cold Gods don’t create Hot Gods

Going for it in the Open I identified years ago that climate alarm via the sophistically-named “atmospheric greenhouse effect” was the new religion for atheists, new agers, and other types of idiots in general: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/04/28/vatican-heavies-silence-climate-heretics-at-un-papal-summit/ See my “Religion of Climate … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the AGHE Part 18: Conserving Wattage does not Conserve Physics – Rant Free Version

Equating Flux In the last post, including a discussion about how I feel about stupid people, was an explanation of the difference between energy and energy flux.  Energy is generally a simple static scalar quantity, while flux refers to an … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the AGHE Part 15: Current Summary

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The entire premise, the ground floor of climate alarm and all climate policy, the sky-scraper of climate alarm, rests on the foundation of the concept of the atmospheric greenhouse effect.  It is only via a postulated atmospheric greenhouse effect that … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Part 7: The Tautology of GHE Math

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I have likely mentioned a few times in this ongoing series that the atmospheric greenhouse effect is based on “tautologous”, illogical math.  In this post I will demonstrate and explain clearly what is meant by that, converting the math to … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Part 6: The Stupidity of Backradiation

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In this post we will expose one of the biggest scientific frauds of them all, in its relation to and its invention alongside the atmospheric greenhouse effect. In previous posts we have learned how the atmospheric greenhouse effect was invented … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Part 5: Zero Energy Balance and Latent Heat Trapping

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In Part 4 we discussed the reality-based sequence of energy flow into the system, which does work and provides heat for the planet, and compared it to the fictional set-up that climate-pseudoscience has invented so that they can vilify the beneficial, life-creating-gas … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Part 4: Heat Flow

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As we have discussed, climate scientists artificially invent an atmospheric greenhouse  effect by the simple expedient of artificially reducing the actual power of sunshine from its high temperature, into something else meaninglessly low.  In a very significant way, climate scientists … Continue reading

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