The Fraud of the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Part 4: Heat Flow

As we have discussed, climate scientists artificially invent an atmospheric greenhouse  effect by the simple expedient of artificially reducing the actual power of sunshine from its high temperature, into something else meaninglessly low.  In a very significant way, climate scientists reverse the actual flow of energy from the Sun and through the Earth system, such that what are climatic cooling effects from weather in the proper direction, turns into an artificial self-heating mechanism from the same climate in the reverse direction.

A point on “climate science”:  As we have already identified that mainstream climate science is based on fiction and making things up, we shouldn’t actually be doing the honor of calling it “science”, since it isn’t.  (Of course, this is what all the alarm and the vilification of the beneficial plant food carbon dioxide is all based upon.)  So from now on, I will try to always remember to write “climate-pseudoscience”, to distinguish the fabricated atmospheric greenhouse effect paradigm from whatever real science that might actually come out of studying the climate in reality by actual scientists.

In the climate-pseudoscience understanding of the energy flow from Sunshine, the sequence of heat generation on the planet Earth goes as thus:

  1. The Sun heats the Earth like a flat surface, uniformly and globally with no day & night, with a freezing cold and low power of energy (-18oC).
  2. The atmosphere gets heated by the surface via conductive contact and surface output radiation.
  3. The atmosphere then heats the surface some more even though it is colder or at the same temperature as the surface.
  4. The surface then heats the atmosphere some more.
  5. The atmosphere ends up heating the surface with twice the power of the input sunshine.
  6. Energy leaves the Earth at the same rate it comes in.

The most fundamental and primary understanding of thermodynamics and engineering, is that you can never get more work out of some energy than the first time that energy is used to do said work.  What is the work the energy is doing in this case?  And what is the energy?  The energy is the light-waves coming from the Sun.  The work it does is in raising the temperature, as it gets absorbed by the Earth on the surface and in the atmosphere.  After that, the input energy isn’t capable of doing any higher degree of work – that’s the best you’ll get out of it.

However, climate pseudoscience ignores these rules, and creates a scheme they call the “greenhouse effect” inside the system, which allows them to arbitrarily self-amplify the temperature in order to get to the temperature that they want.  They’re able to hide this fictional scheme of “over-unity” work production by ending the flow with point #6, so that it all looks okay from the outside.  But of course, we now know that looks can be deceiving.

The actual flow of energy performing work through the system is this:

  1. The Sun heats the Earth non-uniformly over a hemisphere, at a very high level of power and energy (+49oC on average, +88oC for a very large fraction).
  2. The system & atmosphere reacts to this heating (heating is the work performed by the Sunshine), and produces and sustains the climate.
  3. Energy leaves the Earth, the same amount leaving over two hemispheres, what comes in over a single hemisphere.

The only model which represents this reality and is amenable to real-time characterization of heat flow with differential calculus is the diagram presented in the previous posts on this subject.

The point is: Why would we invent an atmospheric greenhouse effect self-heating mechanism from artificial freezing cold Sunshine, when it is perfectly apparent that the real power of Sunshine is already strong enough to heat the climate by itself?  There must be a better reason why the atmospheric greenhouse effect was invented, rather than simply due to an obvious mistake which should have been correctable…

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11 Responses to The Fraud of the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Part 4: Heat Flow

  1. David Spurgeon says:

    Number 5 awaited eagerly….

  2. mitigatedsceptic says:

    Have I said this before – Mrs Thatcher used the greenhouse effect to curb the power of the miner’s unions by frightening everyone with the dire consequences of burning coal. Hence the Hadley Centre, teaming up with the Met Office and supporting research into AGW at the cash-strappeed University of East Anglia. AGW has nothing to do with science and a lot to do with politics – then as now.

  3. Greg House says:

    Joe says: “There must be a better reason why the atmospheric greenhouse effect was invented, rather than simply due to an obvious mistake which should have been correctable…”

    My guess is that initially in the 19th century it was a mistake, an “analogy trap”. They used a false analogy with the real greenhouse. They knew that glass was opaque to IR and falsely concluded on warming capability of “back radiation”. They also knew about IR properties of some gases. Then came professor Wood with his easy experiment (1909) and debunked the concept.

    As for modern warmism, it is hard to believe that they did not know what they were doing.

  4. Joe's World(progressive evolution) says:


    The distance of our planet changes which makes the Antarctic colder than the Arctic through the orbital distance difference.

    Astrology also made a MASSIVE error on orbital velocity…they had forgotten to include the sun.
    The center of orbit rotation is currently to the side of the sun by measurement. This is NOT the center of rotation though.

    This increases the actual velocity speed of orbit as now it is at a further distance.

  5. Derek Alker says:

    There is a lot more than just a false GH “theory” to protect. The GH failed hypothesis is the sum in many respects of what it deflects from, and hence by smoke and mirrors protects. AGW is just the bastard child of GH, the publicly digestable front of the agenda for this century.

    Underpinning GH “theory” is physics that still can not resolve the ultra violet light catastrophy, which in turn, rather than actual solution, has also spawned pseudo sciences, such as radiative science, and quantum mechanics. These two depend upon each other, and of course “black body” assumptions used incorrectly willy nilly, ie, W/m2 when it is assumed power = amount. The mess is far bigger than GH “theory”, and the sheer size of what will have to fall is why reason left the discussion. In point of fact, as far as the consensus, and most luke warmers go, it was never in it to begin with. Simply, in my opinion, too much pseudo-physics to protect. Too many egos, pride, careers, reputations, skeptical science blogs, money invested, and ways to control us, all to be protected by GH “theory”.

    GH “theory” is a fatherless “theory”, that of itself speaks volumes. P/4 leaves no doubt, nor room for any doubt that the “theory” is a failed hypothesis. GH is the contrived and false basis from which to launch political agendas (ie, environMENTALism for the deceived but well intended), GH is not, and never has been, anything other than a pseudo science.

  6. The GHE was invented by the Club of Rome as a method of redistributing wealth round the world. In fact few, like Gore, are getting rich at the expense of everyone rich, poor developed and underdeveloped.
    I have argued with some scientists that the 2nd law was violated by the GHE only to be assured that the 2nd law only worked for a complete system not for pats of that system. I gave up at such stupidity. This is the thinking that you are up against.

    [Reply: Indeed, pure stupidity. They have no clue what they’re doing…it’s all just careerism.]

  7. Rosco says:

    Derek is right when he said “There is a lot more than just a false GH “theory” to protect.”

    I cannot believe that the proponents equipped with their PhDs (how did some get this award which is supposed to recognize individual research ?) have nailed their cross so firmly to the mast.

    Let’s assume that eventually the greenhouse theory will be completely discredited – what about the reputations of those who insisted the world must completely reject modern industrialization ?

    They are going to look pretty silly – I have no doubt about that – none at all – and, it may sound mean, but I can’t wait.

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  9. johnmarshall says:

    Joe’s World.
    The Antarctic is high ice plateau not sea level. Average height several thousand feet so bound to be colder due to the lapse rate.

  10. Now there’s a good observation.

  11. 4TimesAYear says:

    Reblogged this on 4timesayear's Blog.

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