The Radiative (Climate Pseudoscience) Greenhouse Effect

Came across this pic randomly on the interwebs.

For those who still have a difficult time with why the basis of the climate science version of the greenhouse effect, which creates political alarmism, is a fraud, THIS IS WHY!! (and yes that is me yelling!):


‘nough said 🙂

Are they really that stupid to not understand it?  That is exactly what their model is pretending to do:

See the “atmospheric layer”?  That’s the cord going back into the plug (surface), to make the plug provide more power, i.e., have higher temperature.  Let’s see it again:


Again, there’s the atmosphere (cord), going back into the plug (surface) to make the plug provide even more power (have higher temperature).



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1 Response to The Radiative (Climate Pseudoscience) Greenhouse Effect

  1. Richard111 says:

    There is an interesting comment on ‘back radiation’ over at WUWT.
    My personal layman studies tell me ’emission’ is temperature dependant — absolutely!
    ‘Absorption’ only happens when frequency of incoming photons are above peak radiation temperature of the target. CO2 molecules in the atmosphere will be warmed by conduction to local air temps say from +15C to -20C (more than 80% of the total atmosphere) which means CO2 is happily radiating from 13 to 17 microns which tells me peak radiation temperature for CO2 in the atmosphere is -50C. CO2, being a gas simply CANNOT absorb the high frequency photons from the surface but DOES radiate over its lower signature bands (some 3,800 lines!!). So yes, you can measure radiation from the atmosphere produced by CO2, but it is only cooling the air and certainly not warming the surface which has an average peak radiation temperature of +14C (287.15K). If you look up the link you can buy an instrument that measures all this stuff. 🙂

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