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Massive Empirical Debunk of Climate Change!

In this video I present the world’s and even scientific history’s most important and incredible empirical experiment regarding the Earth’s climate and how the Earth interacts with the Sun. Even though I have demonstrated the 100% theoretical disproof of climate … Continue reading

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Kiehl and Trenberth Debunk Climate Alarm

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Most everyone knowledgeable on this subject has heard of the “K&T Energy Budget”. So how did Kiehl and Trenberth help debunk climate alarm? We have energy incoming from the Sun…that’s the 342 W/m^2.  Well sure, the Sun is a source of … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Part 8: What IS the GHE?

The one thing which has become very clear, is that the GHE doesn’t actually have a consistent explanation or description.  We have seen it as the backradiation “active heating” mechanism, where radiation from a cold source adds serially with the … Continue reading

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Sophistry, Part 1

So far, I have not seen any significant rebuttals to my paper which proved that there is no atmospheric greenhouse effect.  In that paper I developed the differential equation of heat flow for an arbitrary surface, based on textbook mathematics on the … Continue reading

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