The Smartest Person in the World on Climate Science & Greenie Environmentalism

Does anyone know who the smartest person in the world is?  Possibly there are a few followers of this blog that know something more than me, but publicly, in terms of a person who tries to make a difference and make themselves personally known, it is clear to me that Lyndon LaRouche is the smartest person in the world.  I’ve spent a lot of time seeking out the smartest people in the world, and at this point I am happy to say that Mr. LaRouche and his LPAC group comprise the smartest people in the world  – that are publicly known.

In last week’s Friday Webcast, Mr. LaRouche was asked to comment on the Greenie Environmentalist ideology, which ideology is of course based entirely on climate alarm, and who’s “science” as we know it is nothing more than a political front that merely creates the appearance of doing science, while actually being completely fraudulent.  I had sent in a question to LPAC earlier that week based on a blog comment I read at “RealScience” from someone of the greenieist ideology.  My question to LPAC follows:

This is a comment which was published by a well-known climate-alarmist site, and it lends insight into the mindset of the greenie environmentalist.

To quote:

“Humans are animals. We have only used logic to achieve the same animalistic ends of wanting to survive and reproduce and feel emotions, and have not at any point actually done anything logical. Thus we have achieved nothing as a species except harm and put at risk the ecological balance which has perpetuated the survival of living things for billions of years. Think of it, it took over 3 billion years of R&D to make you, and you have turned out stupid and useless as heck. Population control should exist because of people like you, we have to get rid of the inadequate as does nature, make it more cyclical and sustainable.

And another note, the society in the book 1984 is only bad in contrast to your “bubble” of living standards, The book speaks of a utopia you fool! The whole idea of consolidating the world into one power is to achieve perfect societal predictability and control in light of the unsustainability in any other model! You want to live wastefully with 7 billion people on the planet, What if everyone else does? We would last less than a day in resources. The only possible way to alleviate the social unrest brought on by the industrial austerity that will be implemented to offset global warming is via societal engineering of this scale, so I suggest you actually think for once and suck up any whining that is a result of having to put your part in to save the planet – it is your home, you either only deserve to save it, or you deserve to die.”

Note the several outright threats of murder, which is of course the underlying theme in generality.  This is a statement from a real person, that a person actually took time to write.

Perhaps it would be good to quote, and for Lyn to comment on in a webcast.

I suppose my question is: What are we going to do about this significant segment of the population that has a desire to murder people?  How do you effectively communicate REAL science, such as which the Basement Team produces and highlights, to people who don’t care what real science is or not because their purpose and intention is to commit murder, by whichever sophistical reasoning they can find to arbitrarily justify?


Joe Postma

After a lengthy preamble by Leandra Bernstein (ending at 7:55), Mr. LaRouche gives his reply:

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12 Responses to The Smartest Person in the World on Climate Science & Greenie Environmentalism

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  2. Peter Weggeman says:

    I have been aware of Mr. LaRouche for a while but this is the first time I have heard his clever description of the Green’s economic growth nemesis being due to ‘per capita energy flux density controlled by oligarchs’. The Greens of course want it to be controlled by wise Green elders. The utopian dream evolves. The latest is world government for distribution of wealth and resources with the threat of AGW as it’s raison d’etre. World population decreases naturally as fecund segments increase their ‘energy flux densities’, prosper, and have fewer kids. All because those evil oligarchs need their cheap (for a while) labor. It’s already happening.

  3. That’s just right Peter. Yes the energy flux density metric for development is brilliant. Greenieism spells extinction because the goal there is to subsist at the energy density level of the wind, and the Sun. We’re already FAR beyond that, like thousands of times beyond that, with gas power plants and especially nuclear power. The ratio for energy density from nuclear to solar is a factor of one-thousand, even if solar could be made 100% efficient. That is, you’d need one thousand times the surface area in solar panels to match what the surface area of a nuclear plant produces in electricity.

  4. squid2112 says:

    Does anyone know who the smartest person in the world is?

    Umm, yeah, that would be me … 🙂

  5. squid2112 says:

    I have been spouting off for years (to anyone that would listen, few do) that it is ALL about energy density. Period. Even though I am the smartest person (and most interesting) in the world, I do not maintain the eloquent vocabulary of Mr. LaRouche, but I have been saying the exact same thing for years. But, since I have been doing so in a much simplified manner (eg; “it is all about energy density”), and foregoing the required Webster’s for my audience, this just goes to prove that I am indeed the smartest person in the world …. as far as I know … hehehe

  6. Is that right huh? Well, welcome to the club 🙂 But do tell: what have been your thoughts on energy density, and in what regards?

  7. squid2112 says:

    Energy efficiency, as it pertains to meeting the needs of the masses around the globe, and in terms of meeting future needs, and in terms of meeting affordability needs, and in terms of meeting environmental needs, is precisely and specifically determined by density. For example, plastering the entire planet with bird beaters will not meet any of the above stated needs. Even in sure energy requirements alone (set aside the financial and environmental concerns). Same would apply to solar panels or any mathematical mix of the two. No, the only possible solution lies within energy density, fission, fusion, etc… It is highly unlikely that a non-atomic solution exists that could satisfy the future requirements of mankind, in all of the terms I have mentioned. This is because we need greatest density per recoverable work unit to be viable, even in terms of environmental impact. I keep hoping for further breakthrough and development of LENR, as that may have to the potential to satisfy at least one component on our road to discovering properly required density for present and future needs.

  8. Great stuff Squid 🙂 You’ve found a new place in my heart, lol.

  9. squid2112 says:

    Thanks Joe, sorry for some typo’s, seems with all my worldly brilliance, my keyboard is still smarter than I … 🙂

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  11. Will Pratt says:

    “Population reduction” is simply about the markets.

    These “Oligarchy” parasites make their vast fortunes by manipulating the markets. The larger the population becomes the more price stability exists and the harder it becomes to manipulate the markets.

    Money is like a liquid and tends to find its own level. so with price stability markets become deflationary by nature.

    More people = more production = cheaper produce.

    Therefore higher populations create a deflationary more stable value of commodities.

    Nobody can make a profit from a flat line As a market trader, a stable slow moving deflationary cycle = death.

    Low populations provide highly uncertain, highly volatile and extremely easy to manipulate markets.

    LaRouche is another gatekeeper. He talks about energy flux density per km2 without once mentioning commodities. He talkes about production and yet completely avoids mentioning produce.

    It’s all about produce, it always has been and it always will be.

  12. Dev says:

    The main “tool” of the oligarchs are “our” Governments.
    They are a monopoly. They have no competition. They offer alternatives within their parasitic structure ie. voting for an alternative parasite.
    I DON’T VOTE – because no party offers a “no government required” arrangement.
    But really the act of voting is part of the paradigm/mindset that condones slavery/non rational thought.

    The government controls the markets by its interference in the markets, legislation, censorship, flow of goods, taxation, even the labour price (min wage) all of which create imbalance in the market.
    There is no free market. It is tightly controlled by gov and the network of banking institutions.
    If it were free as it should be, free competition would create its own balance in all respects, a self regulating mechanism. Something government desperately wants to hide.
    Trade is what makes human society and if Trade can work unregulated (which it can) then the concept of government is in serious trouble!
    Tight control of resources is another limiting factor. Energy resources more specifically determine the ebb and flow of other resource availability and therefore trade. Again control of these resources are in the form of NGO’s but also under heavy control by gov by way of levy/duty.

    Its all about the slave mindset. and we need to get out of this illusory state.

    IF we have a “Right to Life ” as we surely do and is self evident! Then rational thought increases our productivity thus enhancing our life.
    Free rational thought can then also be considered a right and a big part of OUR Right to Life.
    What is rational is life enhancing and non-rational is often life diminishing. Moral values can be then attributed to rational thought – rational morality!
    No one can think for another – A physical impossibility. To do so would be non-rational and denies our right to life.

    In present society we have very little education – we are dictated to, and this is passed off as education .
    Real education is the development of rational thought, very much like the true scientific method.

    Oligarchs, governments ngo’s – ALL authority’s, are afraid of our ability for rational thought and is the reason for its constant suppression with dogma etc.

    The Green movement IS a socialist/fascist entity that does precisely this.
    They impose unsupportable dogma which is non-rational and therefore denies our right to life.
    Globalist groups such as the United Nations are therefore ANTI-LIFE and directly contradict their declaration of human rights. The act of making such declaration assumes that they are a self appointed moral authority ie. dictatorial and as with ANY authority COMPLETELY hypocritical and morally bankrupt.

    There is no such thing as a collective (group) moral authority. It is not a rational possibility!
    There is not higher moral authority than the self.

    ALL so called authorities are ALL Gatekeepers.
    A true teacher will not assert itself as an authority.
    A true teacher liberates.

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