What University Should Be

Found this inspiring: If only universities inculcated an attitude like this. Oh…but…that would oppress all the people who can’t think and feel like that!

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What happens if science is actually uncorrectable, or becomes uncorrectable?  This is the response I get from other scientists who I ask to consider the skeptical arguments which debunk climate alarm: “since we expect climate scientists to trust our own … Continue reading

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A Discussion of the Equations of Transfer

I was having an email discussion with an old professor of mine (from undergad) about the fraud of the radiative greenhouse effect who has himself implied doubt about the greenhouse effect.  Actually the proff is Dr. Essex who wrote the … Continue reading

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Would You Like Random News & Brief Commentary?

For the small number of people following this blog, would you like it if I posted random news stuff I come across (not necessarily or generally related to climate alarm stuff) that irks or interests me so, and that I … Continue reading

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Heat Flow Cold to Hot when both Conduction & Radiation Occurring?

PSI recently had a paper submitted where the author claimed that there are solutions to thermodynamics with heat flowing from cold to hot, as long as heat was flowing from hot to cold via a different mechanism at the same … Continue reading

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Absorption Spectra are not Greenhouse Effects

In this presentation I debunk another sophistical pseudoscientific claim that supposedly “proves” that the Earth is flat, that the radiative greenhouse effect is real, and that climate alarm is true.

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Slayer Youtube: How the Flat Earth Error Occured

In this presentation I discuss how the flat Earth error at the basis of climate alarm occurred.  In the main presentation we discussed how climate alarm is founded upon a most illogical mistake, and so here I will explain why … Continue reading

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