Ontological Mathematics on Climate Science

The most explosive video on ontological mathematics to date! This one’s good. Are you prepared for applied ontological mathematics? Can ontological mathematics be applied to the climate crisis? Is it possible to solve climate change with ontological mathematics? Does its … Continue reading

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Classical Illuminism – Idealism vs. Materialism Case Study

In this video we take a look at a case study of the materialist mind, and analyze what prevents them from being able to comprehend conceptual arguments. We also identify what the true faith-religion is for the materialist atheist: they’re … Continue reading

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Ontological Mathematics & the Theory of Everything 7: What about Physics?

Can we do any actual physics and science with ontological mathematics? In fact, we can do physics to a much more complete extent (in fact to the total extent) than materialist science can even conceive. Ontological Mathematics automatically unites thermodynamics, … Continue reading

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How to Become a Mathematikoi – You can do it!

In this video we discuss what you can do to become a Mathematikoi. Being a Mathematikoi is not restricted only to those who can solve math equations or recite long passages of philosophy – it is open to anyone who … Continue reading

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Akousmatikoi, Mathematikoi, or Hyperborean? Who are YOU?

In this video we outline the basic characteristics of the different levels of involvement which a person may concern themselves with Classical Illuminism, Pythagorean Illuminism, and Ontological Mathematics. We will also briefly address the concept of *hierarchy*, and establish whether … Continue reading

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Classical Illuminism – A New Way of Life for the Future

I introduce Pythagorean Illuminism, or Classical Illuminism, as a new system of society, government, religion, life, and the future. It is not open to all, but who it is open to will form the basis of a whole new system … Continue reading

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Another Botched Experiment – the Tricks of Pseudoscience

A commentator, Max, posted this comment: I came across this recent article by Hermann Harde (https://scc.klimarealistene.com/produkt/verification-of-the-greenhouse-effect-in-the-laboratory/) who seem to have done a proper experiment that shows that greenhouse effect “works as advertised” (although he admits there’s nothing to be worried … Continue reading

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Evidence of the Ontological Mathematical Singularity

Jopo wrote: The quantity of Electrons/Moles in a mole of Air = 14.4589 Moles of electrons or 8.70E24 electrons in total. Multipled by the energy i.e 14.4589 Moles of electrons * 26.801 Amp hours = 387.52 Watts or8.70E24 electrons * … Continue reading

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Peer Review is not Science

Peer review is just a racket for gatekeepers to scam exorbitant publication fees while pretending to offer a service.

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Ontological Mathematics & the Theory of Everything 5: The Mind and the Brain – Consciousness and God

Is it possible to define God and explain consciousness? In an earlier episode we realized that we would have to explain God if we were to explain existence. Learn how we can now do that, through mathematical reason.

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