Response to Roy Spencer Regarding His Support of Flat Earth

Roy Spencer published an article today stating that I am incorrectly ranting about the fraud of flat Earth theory making its way into modern physics via climate science.  I analyze his statement and expose that climate science truly is indeed … Continue reading

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Fake Greenhouse Effect for Fake Science

Did you know that there are two “greenhouse effects”? One is what we find in an actual, real greenhouse and thus actually physically exists and is real. The other is an entirely different scheme invented for Anthropogenic Climate Change pseudoscience … Continue reading

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Climate Change is Inversion of Reality

If we take a look at the basis of climate physics and climate change, we see that the entire field and entire agenda is based on an inversion of reality which they perform right at the very foundation of their … Continue reading

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Fake and True Heuristics

As a follow-up to my previous video, I discuss the difference between fake heuristics such as we see in climate change, and true heuristics such as we use for teaching Newton’s Laws of Motion.

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Climate Change Heuristic Proves They’re Lying to You

We often encounter this back-up argument that the climate physics greenhouse effect “is only a heuristic” and that isn’t the real greenhouse effect of climate physics. I dissect this argument to demonstrate how it proves that advocates of global warming … Continue reading

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Climate Physics Can’t Create the Climate

In this video I discuss how climate physics sets itself up in such a way that the Sun cannot create the climate. It sets itself up this way because it is based on a false paradigm of averaging the solar … Continue reading

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Transitive Logic Exposes Major Flaw in Scientific Method

In this video I use the most basic transitive logic in order to prove that the modern scientific method has committed such a scale of an error that it indicates a fundamental, systemic, structural flaw in the method.  The global … Continue reading

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