This statement below is excellent and should be shared EVERYWHERE. It has general applicability anywhere, not just universities. 

The part near the end about people who are so fearful that they need to enforce mandates upon others with no rational justification perhaps require psychological evaluation or psychiatric treatment is excellent; this in contrast to those who are so fearful that they mandate those who are not afraid for such evaluation and treatment for the fact that they’re not afraid!

Of course, we now know that the fear held in the mind of those issuing and enforcing such mandates is only a pretense, and that it is fact completely disingenuous, used only in convenience for what such people truly wish to experience in their joy: the exercise of arbitrary and unlimited power.

It truly is disgusting.

Please share this message. 


(1)First it was not even a university, but Seneca College. Then it was the University of Ottawa. Then Carleton University, the University of Western Ontario, and the University of Toronto. Now it is almost every university in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The law faculty at McGill is also demanding it, presumably to save the university from expensive litigation (an implied threat, and one that strangely assumes that only one side of a debate can litigate in court). If it happens first in the United States, then almost immediately it is copied and pasted into policy in Canada. It is coming everywhere: mandatory vaccination for all faculty, staff, and students.

As a tenured, full Professor in Canada, it is my duty to encourage all faculty to be united in non-compliance with such measures.

Mandatory vaccination pressures are issued allegedly in accordance with “public health”. However, they are mandated through neither parliaments nor legislation, but are instead issued unilaterally by governments under the umbrella of “emergency measures”.

Typically, such vaccination mandates stipulate the following: faculty, staff, and students must show proof of full vaccination in order to access campus and perform their duties. If they do not do so (and some allow refusal only on grounds of medical or religious exemptions), then they must submit to still undefined special measures, such as frequent testing (perhaps twice each week, using rapid antigen tests), and masking at all times and in all spaces on campus.

This will be, for most Canadian faculty, the first if not only real test of their integrity and dignity, and their purpose as scholars and intellectuals. It is absolutely essential that they not fail this test from the start.

It must be emphasized that this is not a position that can be taken only by non-vaccinated faculty. Action to prohibit and prevent discrimination, and actual abuses of human rights, is a stance to be taken by all faculty, whether fully vaccinated or not.

Rather than following the alternative science narrative tied to the private interests of pharmaceutical corporations and those of politicians, we should expect Canadian universities to encourage critical thinking that—as is now commonly endorsed and celebrated—“speaks truth to power”. This would be in line with Canadian universities’ many recent statements in support of social justice. To see these same universities immediately fail the first real test of their avowed commitments, is both shocking and disappointing.

In particular, mandatory vaccination pressures plainly and indisputably discriminate against employees who are members of particular religious and ethnic communities, in such a way and to such a degree that any claims to upholding “equity, diversity, and inclusivity” become completely unravelled. Not sustaining this commitment in one area, and expecting it to be sustained in other areas, is obviously neither credible nor tenable. Furthermore, the policy which imposes such discrimination is in direct violation of a number of laws and human rights codes, both here in Quebec and in the rest of Canada.

First, faculty should notify senior administrators that at no point, and under no circumstances, can they be compelled to involuntarily release any private information about their personal health status, whether they have been fully vaccinated or not. Such a mandate violates the rights of all, not just some. Such compulsion, that lies outside of the terms and conditions of employment as established by contracts or collective agreements, would be plainly illegal on a number of fronts, including violating existing laws as exist in Quebec and the rest of Canada. At no point when we were interviewed and then hired, were any of us informed of any health requirements to perform our jobs. Established policies for universities to maintain safe working environments place that burden on university administrations—they do not imply any demand for health screening and injection of faculty.

We should be particularly concerned about the apparent effort to pressure people into vaccination. As universities that staunchly uphold ethics in research, following federal requirements, this policy instead negates voluntary informed consent. Consent cannot be mandated, by definition. The policy also violates the principle of do no harm, by not advising members of the community that compliance with this policy could result in experiencing adverse effects, ranging from the mild and trivial, to serious injury requiring hospitalization, and in some cases even death. We have not seen any language warning about adverse reactions and possible death anywhere in the policy announcements.

The compulsion to vaccinate also runs afoul of legal provisions that prohibit discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity, religion, and political beliefs.

What universities are also backing is an emergency measure, but they have not furnished any proof of an emergency. Rapidly spreading viruses are common to our university communities, as with each cold and flu that sweeps through a university population every year, even multiple times in a year. The condition of “rapid spread” and “contagiousness” is not, in and of itself, any basis for an “emergency”.

University administrations should rest assured that, as was usual, when employees develop any symptoms of any sickness, they will automatically refrain from coming to campus, as they have done when they had colds or the flu. Non-vaccinated faculty therefore represent no actual nor potential “threat” to the health of the community.

We must also point out that in the early fall of 2009, some Canadian faculty contracted H1N1, and in some cases they had to be absent from class for weeks. At no point did any university administration in Canada manifest any concern about this fact. It is important to recall that in 2009, the World Health Organization declared H1N1 to be a “global pandemic,” under the very same definition it then used for Covid-19. By enacting radically different measures today, Canadian universities are thus directly at odds with their own practice, from the recent past.

Second, if the consequence of non-compliance with such mandates are that faculty must undergo frequent testing—despite having no symptoms—then this would be unfair and discriminatory treatment based on assumed health status, and that too is illegal and lies outside of our terms and conditions of employment. Being a professor at a Canadian university has never been advertised as a position that comes with a health requirement, or a requirement for medical screening in order to perform one’s duties. Moreover, given that it is now solidly established that the fully vaccinated do carry as much viral load as the non-vaccinated, and do transmit the virus, to then subject one group of persons (assumed to be non-vaccinated) to testing, while exempting others, is obviously unfair discrimination.

One can only conclude that such a discriminatory bias is meant to punish a particular group, to hinder them in carrying out their daily work requirements, and to continue singling out healthy people as a problem. It is also obvious psychological harassment, and thus directly violates most Canadian universities’ own published workplace policies.

Before attempting to unilaterally transform the terms and conditions of employment, university administrations must at least sit down and negotiate with faculty unions. Over the past 18 months, we have seen professors suddenly required to work from home, which is work not required under existing terms and conditions of our employment—it is simply not in our job description, and most are not trained for online teaching. Conversely, we have now seen them barred from continuing remote delivery when this is their first choice. Now we see those who are assumed to be non-vaccinated being forced to undergo testing, regardless of symptoms, and regardless of possible natural immunity (which is irrationally and unjustifiably dismissed from this entire discussion).

The discriminatory testing requirement is thus another apparent legal violation, and it has no place at any Canadian university.

The announced policy is a violation of human dignity: it imposes psychological pressure through a regimen of punishment designed to make the performance of one’s ordinary work duties increasingly onerous and unsustainable. It reaches the point where we could argue that it constitutes a breach of contract.

The announced policy also demands that those who are assumed to be non-vaccinated (i.e., they do not furnish proof of full vaccination), must be visibly and publicly set apart from the rest of the community (i.e., masked where others are not masked). Given the prevailing mass psychosis that incites blame, disrespect, and even overt hatred against non-vaccinated persons, to make such non-vaccinated persons openly stand apart is to jeopardize their dignity and integrity.

Third, Canadian universities must not be pressured, and should not comply with any pressures that force their participation in a regime that violates human rights. As we are only now becoming aware of the real extent of atrocities committed at Canadian Residential Schools, which closed only in the late 1990s, Canadian educational institutions ought to be extremely wary of yet another wave of government demands for harsh, segregationist, and punitive measures in the name of “saving” people.

The administration of Canadian universities may reasonably respond that they are merely following government mandates. Any government mandate that is itself an extra-legal measure, imposed without legislative support, is not one that can be used to force a university into also violating either the law or human rights conventions established under international law, to which Canada is a signatory.

Any compliance by an individual with extra-legal extreme measures could also be read as tacit consent, which would then legitimize such measures which are backed neither by established laws, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms nor—it must be noted—are they backed by any scientific support.

The administrations of Canadian universities are best advised to be prudent, and on the right side of both the law and justice. They must immediately rescind any such policy issued under the heading of a vaccine mandate. They should also be aware that failure to do so exposes them to litigation from those at the receiving end of discriminatory treatment, not just from faculty and staff, but from an even larger number of students.

For any Canadian university to try to justify human rights abuses, because they are what the government ordered, is truly Nuremberg-worthy.

Fourth, any mandate must acknowledge that the burden of proof rests with those issuing, following, and enforcing the mandate. In particular, governments and university administrations in Canada must provide fully documented proof of the following—keeping in mind that widely spread fear is not proof of any emergency other than a psychological one:

(1.) That there is indeed a current public health emergency, as an objective and verifiable medical fact, and not as an artifact of government decrees. The greatest number of hospitalizations and deaths in Canada occurred during the so-called “first wave” of March-May, 2020. There has been no repetition of those numbers since then. Even then, we are basing this on assumptions: we assume that people were infected with Covid-19, using flawed testing at a time when the virus had not been isolated, and when the amplification cycles were too high—and we did not follow WHO guidelines that advised against relying exclusively on PCR tests in making any clinical diagnosis. We also did not routinely conduct postmortems to establish the cause of death of most elderly victims in the spring of last year. On top of that, it has since come to light that even among those who were already close to the natural end of their lives, they were often subjected to starvation and dehydration—fear kept away many workers from nursing homes, which then resulted in the neglect of residents. We have also learned that, at least in Quebec, such elderly and frail patients were given morphine that suppressed respiration and which, in almost all cases, quickly resulted in death. Thus we do not yet know the exact size and nature of even the “first wave,” the worst and arguably the only real wave we had.

(2.) That infection is spread only by the non-vaccinated. We now know definitively that the advertised “vaccines”—those in use in Canada—do not protect the injected from infection, nor do they stop them from spreading the virus, or even falling sick and dying from the virus. If the fully vaccinated can—and do—spread the virus, then any requirement for frequent and rapid testing must equally apply to them. Failure to do so is proof of discrimination on the basis of health characteristics.

(3.) That by advertising the need for vaccination, that the university population is not being misled about the real protection such injectable products afford. Countries such as Israel, which vaccinated more fully and more quickly than Canada, are now witnessing a situation where the overwhelming majority of the infected are the fully vaccinated. In both Israel and the UK in recent weeks, the fully vaccinated account for the majority of Covid deaths. Without even speaking of death, which is extremely rare for anyone exposed to Covid—vaccinated or not—in both Europe and the US there are now several hundred thousand cases of serious adverse reactions. Universally it is acknowledged—even by the manufacturers themselves—that the effectiveness of these injectable products is declining to the point where any protection they might have offered increasingly drops to insignificant levels.

(4.) That “cases” are a measure of anything significant. The term “cases” has been abused and distorted: anyone deemed to test positive for Covid-19, has been categorized as a “case”. This is despite the fact that they may have had no symptoms, or if they had symptoms they were mild and required no treatment. Typically a real case involves someone needing treatment as a patient, usually in a clinic or hospital. Therefore it needs to be proven that a rising number of so-called “cases” is any reason for extraordinary measures, especially when hospitalizations and deaths are but a tiny fraction of what they were during the first wave.

(5.) That natural immunity is not real and does not matter. Nowhere in these mandates is there any language concerning natural immunity—natural immunity is assumed to not exist, or is assumed to be irrelevant. If those issuing, complying with, or enforcing such mandatory vaccination cannot address this scientific point, then the credibility of their entire argument collapses. On that basis alone, non-compliance would be fully justified and warranted.

(6.) That healthy people can be assumed to be bearers of sickness. These workplace vaccine mandates all assume that healthy, even young and healthy people, who are not vaccinated are a “problem”. The healthy are assumed immediately and in advance to not only being actual or potential bearers of infection, but also being the sole bearers of infection, and of being solely infectious. Show the scientific support for this argument, and show it overcoming contrary scientific research.

(7.) That the so-called “Delta variant” is in fact “more dangerous”. Being more contagious does not equal more danger of sickness and death, as attested to by published government data. Show the scientific proof for the fact that the Delta variant is a significant variation, not just one that varies by 0.3% of characteristics compared to the original Covid-19. Show the data that proves beyond a doubt that it causes more hospitalizations and deaths than the original Covid-19 ever did. Without this proof, the rationale for such mandates is null and void.

(8.) That “herd immunity” can only be achieved with vaccination of 100% of a population. In particular, show the scientific support for achieving such immunity by using injectable products that confer no immunity at all. In addition, show the scientific support for the idea that herd immunity discounts natural immunity—see point #5 above.

If there is little or no scientific support for these positions, then there is no rational justification that warrants a mandate issued on medical grounds, in the name of safeguarding public health. In that case, the policy demands non-compliance and it must be rescinded.

If what remains is merely fear of danger, then in certain instances such fear of danger may in itself be a call for urgent psychological therapy or even psychiatric treatment. This is especially the case where fear is sustained in the absence of evidence or in denial of reality, and where it clearly does harm to the persons holding this fear, who then harm others (by issuing discriminatory mandates, for example).

It must also be recalled that during the height of the lockdowns, well before “vaccines” became available, and even before masking became mandatory, millions of Canadian workers operated in close quarters for long hours every day, and yet deadly outbreaks were few and far between. It remains to be shown why now, with vaccination and masking and numbers only a microscopic fraction of what they were, it is now necessary to go to extreme lengths to ensure 100% vaccination, using products that clearly cannot confer immunity. Such products are not only obviously and indisputably ineffective as tools of immunization, they can also be dangerous.The announced measures, we already know, will do absolutely nothing to curb the spread of the virus. Knowing that means the policy is being followed for reasons not having to do with public health. We should thus reaffirm our commitment to non-compliance with this policy.

Lastly, if what universities really fear is exposure to litigation, then there is a very simple answer to this concern: ask all those who wish to access campus to sign a waiver that the university bears no responsibility for anyone who may become ill on campus (assuming it can even be proved they became ill on campus). If there is widespread fear of infection, a university could also allow for continued working and learning from home for those who prefer that option. Whatever the option may be, every possible option should be investigated without resorting to extreme and discriminatory measures that violate human rights and the rights of citizenship.

[Canadian faculty are encouraged to adopt and or adapt this statement, in whole or in part, for use in their individual institutional settings, and they can do so without formally crediting this statement which is published under a Creative Commons license.]

–Dr. Maximilian C. Forte is a full tenured professor of anthropology at Concordia University, in Montreal, Quebec. He completed his PhD in anthropology at the University of Adelaide. He is a published author and academic with a focus on militarism, the militarization of the social sciences, U.S. foreign policy, imperialism, decolonization, the Human Terrain System, the Minerva Research Initiative, and various forms of “humanitarian imperialism”. (2) Professor Forte contacted the Fearless Canada team and requested that his statement be republished and shared widely. The French translation was done by Richard G, of Fearless Canada.


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  1. Zelator says:

    Very Useful. Excellent in fact. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of this satanic fiasco. Unfortunately its down to the people to stand up for themselves. We need a 100 monkey situation to occur and then it will be the “norm”. Until then the fear mongers will have the edge.

  2. Zelator says:

    “For any Canadian university to try to justify human rights abuses, because they are what the government ordered, is truly Nuremberg-worthy”. And ipso facto I expect those mandating the taking of the vaccine be held accountable. Following orders is no defence. I hope all Doctors and Nurses are listening.

  3. ilma630 says:

    It’s worth checking in Canadian law, but in UK law I believe if an employer mandates a medical intervention, they are PERSONALLY liable for any resulting ill effect. They cannot hide behind a corporate banner.

  4. Mark Munro says:

    Virology is a fraud. See Dr. Stefan Lanka –

  5. Zelator says:

    Is that right ilma630. That is so useful. Thankyou.

  6. minarchist says:

    Please watch. Please share.
    #Resist. I believe we are on the brink of a tyranny that the world has never seen.

  7. Zelator says:

    Re: Dr Michael Yeadon video link: I worked for one of the mentioned companies and what he says is true. @24.00 mins I am sure Joe will tell you it’s the same in the Physics Department of his University. Or maybe he won’t lol as they pay his wages. That’s the problem right there.

  8. minarchist says:

    I know we have to fight or run. But I don’t know how to fight this, and I wouldn’t know where to run. Whoever is behind this awful tyranny which is being brought upon us has war-gamed it 1000 ways.

  9. justgivemeall says:

    Keep the faith guys,just be ready to fight maybe for our lives. They obviously are trying to divide us out for special treatment,cut us off from banking and shopping for necessities. There is no where to go right now but try to seek out like minded people and form small groups of resistance but don’t announce it on social media as they are frantically looking for cracks in the armour. Until the general public get over their irrational fear of this thing and come to realize they have been lied to over and over there is nothing we can do. Have a great day everyone Barry

  10. boomie789 says:


    I remember OSHA enforcing something similar in the states.

  11. Things are getting to the pointy end of the Globalist Satanic Agenda. Understand this is not a war of reason, but a spiritual war against God (who represents reason and truth). We cannot win by argument. We cannot win through violence (though use of deadly force may have to be wielded in self defence at some point and this will probably escalate), but only with the resolve to die rather than submit. Such a resolve generally requires faith in God, when push comes to shove, for most people. Before crunch time it’s all just chest beating and bluster.

  12. Zelator says:

    Nuremberg trials:

    Maybe that’s the way to go, is to threaten the complicit health agencies, i.e doctors nurses etc with
    crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, and conspiracy to commit these crimes. With capital punishment penalties.

    Maybe that would cause enough disruption in the ranks of the minions implementing this crime to think twice about being involved. Break the back of the serpent. Unfortunately our own people are probably unknowingly the serpents’ servants.

  13. Zelator says:

    Here is an example statement to be made to a employee attempting to persuade you to take a jab. ” You do know if this whole thing blows over and it’s not real, you will be held accountable for so many deaths from poisonous vaccines? Under the Nuremberg code you could be jailed or even killed.

  14. Zelator says:

    We need to attack the very same minions that they are using to attack us. Its a proxy war.

  15. Zelator says:

    It’s the zombie apocalypse. Truly it is here. We need to fight on all fronts. The Bible spoke of this.
    The fall of Babylon.

  16. CD Marshall says:

    Twitter Troll
    “For about the 10th time, in = out has nothing to with COE. It’s an equilibrium constraint. No physical law states that a system must be in equilibrium.

    And of course, the energy balance is balanced. The incoming and outgoing fluxes match. You’re just reading it wrong.”

  17. The incoming and outgoing fluxes should NOT match.

  18. CD Marshall says:

    This is coming from the guy who asked me what PBL meant. He reminds me of Potholer.You could really work off some steam on Twitter with these clowns.

  19. CD Marshall says:

    Thank you though come to think of it that is a really good point.

  20. boomie789 says:


  22. CD Marshall says:

    Just read Israel is 80% jabbed and has a second wave of outbreaks. That’s been common everywhere.

    Then Canada has this idiot to deal with

  23. CD Marshall says:

  24. Steve, how are you doing there anyway mate? Australia seems to have the worst of the worst tyrants now…

  25. J Cuttance says:

    CD you’re an Aussie? Kiwi here similarly afflicted.

  26. CD Marshall says:

    Me Aussie, no. Lots of blokes on Twitter though and that place is making the gov insane or they already were and now found an outlet.

  27. CD Marshall says:

    Is this the Nazi Eugenics plan 2.0 or just a means of depopulating the planet as Gates said needed done right before this “epidemic”? Or are they same? Which eugenics was not created by the Nazis just supplemented by them.

    Just one on that list.

    Symptoms: COVID-19, Death, SARS-CoV-2 test positive
    SMQs:, Infective pneumonia (broad), Opportunistic infections (broad), COVID-19 (narrow)

    Life Threatening? No
    Birth Defect? No
    Died? Yes
    Date died: 2021-01-04
    Days after onset: 3

  28. boomie789 says:

    They want dysgenics on the masses. The top elite will use eugenics. Until there is an insurmountable genetic advantage between the elites and the slaves in the NWO.

    They want the slave class to have a Luke warm IQ and no agency.

    Where as they have a high IQ and high agency.

    Something like that.

  29. Love that one Boomie.

    It’s all just for-profit parasitical entropy.

  30. justgivemeall says:

    And still the world won’t wake up. It’s truly astounding how stupid the general public are maybe the elites are right, most people are to stupid to live. Even though everyday more and more adverse effects from the vaccines are reported the sheep still think it’s a magic cure for all that is wrong in the world. This will be a war of epic proportions once the real effects of the magic shot are revealed to the believers.

  31. Joseph E Postma says:

    Yes, well, our supposedly smart people believe in flat Earth theory, and are afraid of normal weather.

    I mean it is really clear now which side of the political spectrum is making this world hell.

    They WANT an authoritarian dictatorship to make them FEEL safe, even though it actually harms them.

    It’s herd-animal psychology…literally.

  32. boomie789 says:

    I’ve said this before but it is probably worth repeating.
    The Women, children, and men with minds like women and children, really can’t be expected to question the institutions. It isn’t in their nature. The majority of the population will always have feminine cognitive dominance. Therefore democracy equals feminine rule. Majority rule means women rule.

    Women and children are, in a sense and for lack of term, helpless and parasitic. They are hardwired from nature at birth to trust their authority figures. There isn’t much they can do about it.

    Women have a gift from the creator necessary for their role, the gift of a caring nature. The role of our institutions should be to channel that caring nature into what is best for that nation, but that isn’t what is happening.

    Our institutions are controlled by hostile international interest. They are using the institutions to channel the caring nature of women into destructive tendencies. Diversity, equity, egalitarianism, and any degeneracy they can push and get away with.

    Why? Because we are asleep in a war of who gets to dominate this planet and we’ve been losing and shooting ourselves In the foot since at least ww2. Really even before that.

  33. CD Marshall says:

    ” A Brave New World” if you haven’t seen that show it’s a hint not quite exact but a hint at the slave race cast order. Even the “Alphas” are slaves.

    To obey without question is the theme.
    I suppose Chaos Theory would be the plot.
    The Elite are convinced they can breed out the “soul” of humanity thus breed out will and chaos from the genetic makeup up the human psyche.

  34. CD Marshall says:

    “The Elite are convinced they can breed out the “soul” of humanity thus breed out will and chaos from the genetic makeup up the human psyche.”

    NOT in the show that’s my thoughts on what is happening now.

  35. Joseph E Postma says:

    Great comments you guys.

    It seems more and more like the Time Machine too…a docile slave class who are kept safe, but are eaten by their secret masters.

  36. Zelator says:

    Brilliant insight CD. Order Ab Chao; Novus Ordo Seclorum.

  37. Joseph E Postma says:

    “They are using the institutions to channel the caring nature of women into destructive tendencies.”

    Yes exactly. So now we have to care about people who cut their junk off and sterilize themselves, and give them privileged hiring quotas, and for the sake of these people feeling accepted we must also expose all of our children to their mental derangement and tell our children to do it to themselves too, we better not be fit anymore because this makes obese people feel bad, and on and on and on etc.

    The total destruction of a species’ genetics is the result.

    This world, our society at least in the West, has become totally fn psychotic…dangerously, violently retarded and psychotic. We can blame it on the female psyche, yes, however, the female psyche and the male psyche always ever worked together, the female psyche to nurture and protect children while they actually are weak, the male psyche to strengthen and push children out of their weakness. There’s nothing wrong with this set up at all.

    So what has happened is that the male has been destroyed, and removed from society, making the female psyche completely unbalanced and dominant, which then simply makes everyone weak.

    We live in a world not merely of mediocrity anymore, but of absolute debasement. And now you know why: because the person who can act the most debased and the weakest gets the most female attention! Because the baby that cries the loudest gets the mommy running to it to see what’s wrong the fastest. They wouldn’t and don’t get ANY male attention at all…none. But in this society, they get the resources of the entire state disposed to them, and they in fact get to control the state, which then controls everyone else with force. You don’t want to use some insane pronoun just made up? Well, you’re getting fined, if you don’t pay, doing to jail, if you resist jail, WE’LL FUCKING KILL YOU BIGOT.

    That we can see and figure this all out here, means that the people, controllers, who do human psychology for a living know this intimately, and have put it all into action on purpose.

    It started with murdering the best males we had, with the Brother Wars of the 20’th Century, and also the political shenanigans, which saw 100’s of millions of virile European men killed either in war or in Democide. The White European male seems to have been the actual target the whole time…fighting for other people’s “interests”, which benefitted us naught, but in fact was purposefully all engineered to wipe 100’s millions of us from the planet.

  38. Zelator says:

    It’s the same old Illuminati trick of choice. Order out of Chaos, Problem Reaction Solution and Hegel’s Dialectics. It’s the same thing. They use it all the time with false flags etc.

  39. Zelator says:

    You can even apply that to the Covid Crisis. Imagine this scenario: There is a virus ( purposely spread either real or imaginary by the Agent provocateur) The Public screams we need help. The Agent provocateur says ok we will give you a vaccine. Now that was the plan all along but it needed problem reaction solution to get the public begging for it.
    Divide and conquer is the second step. That is the Hegelian Dialectic in action.

  40. Joseph E Postma says:

    It’s not that the female psyche is in itself evil or horrible – it is perfect for what it is designed to do: care after vulnerable, helpless, and weak babies, toddlers, children, and infirm elderly.

    But this has been exploited by some alien or otherwise insane and destructive force, to make EVERYONE feel like they should be weak and infirm so that they can get the resources of the state afforded to them.

    Whereas the male psyche or method was to manage the adult able-bodied years, which would see that people have to have actual value, production, merit, negentropic behaviour, etc. Basically, what used to be normal adulthood has been removed from the human experience!

    The female psyche was to give all children a chance, the male psyche during adulthood was when that chance would be tested. And yes, people die when their chances fail, or at least not everybody succeeds. There has to be SOME test for fitness, at some point! All animals test each other for fitness, for mating, even when they wouldn’t need to…they still come up with tests of fitness! Not everyone gets to mate.

    But now, you might catch a cold, and so, since it’s not fair that one “child” (everyone is a child now) might catch a cold, and not others, then EVERYONE has to be prevented from living at all.

  41. justgivemeall says:

    You got it Joseph,just in now we are getting the news of vaccine passports in BC today so I guess that will be the end of us unwashed. Time to start the war.

  42. Zelator says:

    Great rant lol. It good to unload. 👍

  43. boomie789 says:


    Exactly. Well said. Got similar criticism elsewhere on that. I will try to emphasize that more in the future.

  44. CD Marshall says:

    Isn’t funny females in sports are now complaining that they can’t compete agaisnt transgenders and its not fair.

  45. Zelator says:

    You are always going to get criticism Boomie the world is full of liberals. You cant even hold a point of view as it may offend people. I have my views and convictions, and I respect those that go out of their way to research their beliefs and I do the same and sometimes they conflict, but on pure common sense issues like love, children our family and our property I guarantee we agree. I am also a Christian and that helps me like WWF said that when the lions come for the Christians I will die knowing I’m right, and unlike the Christians I may take some with me on the way down. But that is manhood, its fucking chivalry its honour, its what is worth dying for.

  46. CD Marshall says:

    The noble class has always hated the fact that ended and the elites consider themselves the privileged noble class.

    Power was meant to help others and influence them to do better and be better people.
    Don’t bother looking, you won’t find that very often and if it is being done the Left will bury it as quickly as they can.

    Power to the Left is being privileged above the rules and laws that the “common folk” must live by. They are constantly attacking the “1%” as if it is some unknown evil entity rules the world when in fact they are the 1%.

  47. boomie789 says:

    To be in the top 1% annual income for an individual it is around $400,000 a year. Around $700,000 a year for top 1% family income. USA.

    Try asking people what they think the “top 1%”

    $400,000 a year is a lot but they aren’t really the elite. That’s just a really successful small business man or a top lawyer or doctor.

    They really mean the top .01% at least.

  48. CD Marshall says:

    I worked in a hotel in my youngling days and 80% of the people who stayed there had over a 100k income.

  49. boomie789 says:

    “New health data released by Public Health England show that the double vaxxed are dying at a rate 434% higher than the unvaccinated. This is huge news and also quite sad. “

  50. CD Marshall says:

    So when all entropy of the universe is exhausted and can no longer do any work nothing will be left but dead cold space?

  51. CD Marshall says:

    It makes you wonder if these doses aren’t the same for everyone? Makes you wonder what it actually being put in some of these doesn’t it?

    …And on another note.
    Someone did a poll on who did you vote for in the US over 75% said Trump.

  52. lurker says:

    @boomie789 says:
    2021/08/23 at 11:55 AM

    @Boomie – this is why I really DGAF anymore about “6 million” people who have nothing to do with me, do not share my values, I don’t know and have never met, who are curiously very-well placed among all of the institutions currently creating a living hell on this planet, and incidentally were likewise placed before the “6 million” event etc…when FN HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of MY OWN people, who I do share values with, who are like me, who look and think like me, were murdered in wars and Democide which are apparently all only engineered bankers wars or political revolutions which incidentally were all controlled by the same group as the “6 million”, and in which case far, far more, MULTIPLES MORE, European men died “saving” the people of the “6 million”, and whose descendants are now constantly shit upon and having their societies and genetics destroyed for it.

    This “six mil” is a TEENY, TINY, HARDLY EVEN NOTEWORTHY, BLIP, in an otherwise deluge of mass death and genocide literally 50 TIMES worse which had been and continued to occur upon the European Caucasian. 6 million people died somewhere? Why does THAT need to define my culture, when 100’s millions of MY people were dying before and after that, many of whom died saving the people of the “6 million”, and also BY those people, while those people are now clearly trying to utterly destroy my people, making true the saying ‘no good deed goes unpunished’.

    So you want to say 6 million of some other people who have NOTHING to do with the West or Europe died? OK great. Big deal. Way more European died, and apparently a lot of them felt that they needed to protect themselves from the “6 million” group. I wonder why? Did they just randomly wake up one day and say “I think I’ll hate some group today, and makes plans to exterminate them all. No reason. Just because.” And then everyone in that society clapped and voted this person into power, for no reason…it was all just on a whim.

    Fine, so 6 million died? Here’s how that works out:

    6e6 / 2 years / 365.25 days/year / 24 hours/day * 2hours/body (to cremate) = 685 crematoria ovens, working perfectly, 24/7, non-stop. Boy, that’s a lot of ovens!

    Do the math.

  53. CD Marshall says:

    Newton’s law of cooling
    Ambient temp 288.15K
    initial temp 288.15K
    cooling constant 1s/1m/1h/1 day
    =temperature 288.15K

    Rate of cooling does not change the original temperature.

    They are showing the formula to be:
    T= T_ambient + (T_initial – T_ambient) * exp (- k * T)
    T [K] is the temperature of the object at the time t,
    T_ambient [K] is the ambient temperature,
    T_initial [K] is the initial temperature of the object,
    k [1/s] is the cooling coefficient,
    t [s] is the time of the cooling

  54. Had to login to let the last comment through…but holy, the spam and trash filter is filled with thousands of rejected comments! Somebody’s been hitting this place it seems.

    If you’ve had comments go missing…it is because the degree of auto-spam-detect here is off the charts. I can’t go through 3000 spam comments to see if there are any good ones. Perhaps if I checked everyday instead of once a few months…lol.

  55. CD Marshall says:

    Bodies were buried as well in mass graves.

    Genocide was nothing new, many conquerors practiced that in ancient times. Enemies can’t come back to kill you if they are all gone.

  56. lurker says:

    @CD Marshall says:
    2021/08/23 at 2:34 PM

    So you’re saying that jews ARE a genocidal enemy of Europeans then, and agree that they’ve killed 50X more Europeans in genocidal Democide and bankers wars than Europeans ever killed of them attempting to defend themselves from the jew’s Democide and bankers wars of genocide?

    I agree. Now you’re a Nazi. Unless you think it’s great that the Europeans lost, and lost way more people…is that how you roll? Are you jewish? You’re happy that the bulk of the genocide has occurred against Europeans? You think it’s more important in the world of humanity that some jews died, and that we must exclusively think about the jews, and who gives a fuck about the 50X more dead Europeans, and their loss of culture, their homelands, their people? Who gives a fuck about the Europeans, right? They can all die. All long as the jews live, right? 6 million is the worst number anyone could ever conceive of anything and is the most important number in existence, but 100+ million is a nice number that doesn’t matter.g

    So you go from saying how dare anyone make light of 6 million in genocide…but now when its 100+ million in genocide, well it’s nothing new and par for the course and we should just accept it? Are you jewish?

  57. CD Marshall says:

    You are a twister of words. Not playing your mind games. Genocide of anything is genocide. I don’t hate people I hate ideas that kill people. Nazis killed people for whatever reason they found to do it.
    Indians were killed in the US to take the land. Guess what? I didn’t kill them and I didn’t condone the killing. Canada and the US were at war at one point. Guess what? I didn’t do that either. Did you?

  58. Ugh…god sakes guys…somewhere else…

    If you want input from me, I’ll give it (but then let’s drop it for now at least): I don’t believe anything official anymore. I live in a world where PhD’s in physics that I work with believe in flat Earth theory, and are unable to comprehend the most basic, basic things about physics, empirical reality…night and day, etc. Guys do you know how often I think about just checking out? What kind of world is this to live in, when I cannot talk with other physicists that the world is not flat, and that it makes a difference IN THE MATH (speaking of doing the math lol)!!!!

    Everything is a lie in this world. Viral theory, germ theory, pharmaceutical theory, climate theory, relativity theory, quantum theory, etc etc etc etc. One thing seems to be behind it all: money, and control, and brain-damage of the populace.

  59. CD Marshall says:

    You either want an argument or a conversation, I find most people prefer the argument.

  60. CD Marshall says:

    “Lawyers worldwide submit new evidence to International Criminal Court alleging World Leaders & Scientific Advisors have used Covid-19 & the Injections to commit Genocide and Crimes against Humanity”

  61. CD Marshall says:

    How insane is it to now be wary of going to a hospital for they might kill you with one jab?

  62. Holy f Boomie. 😳

    So they will control where and how you even get to spend your money.

    These people look at us as animals. And truly, most are.

  63. boomie789 says:

  64. boomie789 says:

    Apparently they mandated the Vax at LSU starting in September. My sister goes there. She said she isn’t going to take it though.

  65. boomie789 says:

  66. justgivemeall says:
    Let’s try it this way and you can just link on the bottom of article
    Sorry about all that but is quite interesting

  67. CD Marshall says:

    The land of Oz really has become the land of Oz…

  68. CD Marshall says:

    Someone might want to learn how to ship them some aid…

  69. boomie789 says:

    Here’s a summary of the draconian rules in Australia right now.

    police can enter anyone’s home without a warrant.

    -curfew everyday is 8:00 p.m.

    -$1682 fine if you’re outside your home “without a valid reason”

    -you cannot visit any family or friends

    -$200 fine if you are not wearing a mask inside and outside at all times

    -you can only exercise one time per day for up to an hour

    -only one person in a household per day may leave the house for example to get groceries

    -weddings are illegal

    -gatherings of any size are illegal

    -you cannot travel more than 3 miles from your house.

    -if you live in an apartment complex where units have a balcony, you are not allowed to sit outside. If you live in a house you cannot sit on your porch or your back patio. You must stay inside at all times

    -cars on the road have their license plates checked by police and if they’re more than 3 mi from their home the car is stopped and the driver is pulled out and arrested.

    citizens are encouraged to call the police to snitch on others
    children are being taken from their homes without parent supervision and herded into stadiums to be vaccinated.

  70. oregonmatt says:


    Above you linked to this video snippet: “”
    The full video from which this was extracted is This is smoking-gun material incriminating Fauci, the FDA, CDC, etc., using their own documents and their own stated awareness of serious adverse events that would result from their rollout of the “vaccines.”
    Must watch.

  71. Joseph E Postma says:


    We don’t live here with other humans. The enemy forces have instituted themselves into all positions of influence and power. They are able to do this because they can see each other, but we cannot see them. No human would institute these things. Just as no human would say “no one says that the Earth is flat…what we do is average the solar input over the entire sphere”.

    Everyone re-watch the movie “They Live” ASAP. Get it in your head. This is what we are facing, that is what we are living in.

  72. boomie789 says:

    I hear this isn’t going over well

  73. CD Marshall says:

    Fauci (aka false-ly) has been funding the Wuhan lab for years before the epidemic broke out. The very same lab where the outbreak came from (allegedly nod wink wink) and very same district where the infected were allowed to board planes and go back to their homes approved by the WHO (the very same lab that had live infected bats).

    Gates funds a vaccine that is not FDA approved and it gets used worldwide anyway from a guy who openly said the population of the Earth needed to be depleted.

    Does anyone have the numbers of deaths by Covid and the deaths by the vaccine? I wonder if death by vaccine will surpass death by Covid and half those numbers if not more weren’t from the virus anyway.

    Next: Governments are forcing people to get a vaccine that nobody can honestly claim what it is or what the longer term effects will produce. We do know one of the short term effects though don’t we? Death.

    At this point it appears we are in a genocide war and half the populace doesn’t even know it.

    Will the insanity happening in Australia become worldwide soon? Man I’d be getting on a boat if I could and getting out that place. The leaders of Oz have lost their fn minds.

  74. CD Marshall says:

    Genocide is incorrect I guess, for like a culling of the population?

  75. boomie789 says:

    I don’t eradicate easy.

  76. CD Marshall says:

    To erase a population you need to remove the guns first. UK and Aussie did it already. They have been after the US’s guns for decades. The only reason they have not forced it is veterans who swore to protect our nation from foreign or domestic…Something they are trying weed out of current military troops.

    When it’s the law they can invade our homes they will take our guns by force. Obama has has weapons, ammo and war machines stored all over the country. FEMA is armed like a military presence. I mean seriously, WTF?

    I heard even Trump said in a rally to take the jab?

  77. CD Marshall says:

    “I don’t eradicate easy.”
    Most of us won’t, bro, that’s for the sheep. You can’t trust the sheep they’ll turn on you in heartbeat. The sheep are the ones turning people in like that Invasion of the Body Snatchers movie, point the finger , scream and call it in.

    The Sheep are the pod people, the masters are the ones hidden in plain sight like Joe said, “They Live”.

  78. boomie789 says:

    “I know, Steve Bannon, ignore that for a second and listen to what’s being said.

    So the FDA “approval” trick was this: they extended the EUA for the Pfizer product (liability shield). But they approved the Biontech COMIRNATY product (with liability!)

    However, the Comirnaty product is not available on the US market.

    So they ‘approved’ a covid shot that nobody in the US has any chance of getting.

    Meanwhile, they’re using the fake and gay op as a way to get a huge new wave of people to agree to take this poison shot.

    Just don’t.


  79. CD Marshall says:

    So I’m guessing the elites are getting the real shot? Great.

  80. CD Marshall says:

    Boomie sent your link to a Covid Crusader (Eric Nolan) on twitter…was immediately removed. He said he is going to try other methods to get the message out.

  81. justgivemeall says:

    That is totally right Boomie, it still does not have full FDA approval as it would take another 2 years.

  82. boomie789 says:

  83. boomie789 says:

    o this is a 9 month old clip. I wonder if he got it yet.

  84. CD Marshall says:

    Has anyone on here gotten the jab?

  85. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall

    No way for me.

  86. CD Marshall says:

    No way for me either. I spent three days in a hospital with Covid floors and I was fine. I was in contact with nurses who went to those floors and still fine. I felt sorry for them though they had no choice in the matter. Those with kids didn’t want to go to those floors and I could understand that. They were all scared and not one wanted to even talk about it. They all knew it was weird and not normal practice for medicine.

  87. J Cuttance says:

    I’m heroically volunteering to be in the unvaccinated control group.

  88. boomie789 says:

  89. Pablo says:

    After watching all around me in the older age group getting jabbed with no problems, I had both A.Z. jabs, on the theory that benefit is greater than the risk for older people.
    No side-effects or discomfort at the time and none since, a few months back now.

    Both my grand children caught covid at school the other day.
    One had no symptoms at all and the other a slight cough for a day.
    The parents had already been given the first of Pfizer shots and didn’t get infected.
    I would have been curious to see if I could catch it from them but they had to self-isolate for 10 days.

    A neighbour’s son, aged around 40, reacted really badly to the Pfizer. He would have died if his wife hadn’t called the ambulance. He couldn’t breathe and was rushed to hospital and eventually discharged with nebulizers. He was coughing badly for months afterwards and yet the doctor still advised having the second shot! Surprisingly he took it, with no serious side-effects so far as I know.

    So all I can say, from my perspective in the U.K. is that risks from the jab seem to be greater the younger you are, and that people’s reaction to both the virus and the jab seem random and unpredictable.
    AS for the booster coming up, I really have serious doubts that I might be pushing my luck.

  90. Pablo says:

    This is just getting silly.

    “The NHS has drawn up plans to start vaccinating 12-year-olds from the first week schools go back, The Telegraph can reveal.

    Health officials have said children would not need parental consent under the schools’ jabs programme.

    NHS trusts were told on Wednesday to prepare for the possible rollout of a 12 to 15-year-old healthy child vaccination programme beginning on Sept 6. Emails seen by this newspaper, sent by NHS England’s regional offices, say trusts must have plans ready by 4pm on Friday.

    The timetable – with the first jabs administered in less than two weeks’ time – has been drawn up despite the fact the Government’s advisers have so far not recommended such a rollout.”

  91. boomie789 says:

    ^Canadian context

  92. Speaking from the land of Oz.
    As a red pilled individual, I am really dismayed by my fellow countrymen’s aquiescence to the tyranny being foisted on us. I’m in Queensland and only had 10 days of “lockdown” because of 35 cases but it is New South Wales and Victoria that are copping the brunt of the tyranny as described by Boomie above.
    The media and State Govt leaders, but the media in particular have scared the shit out of people that the virus is going to kill them or their grandma if they don’t stop the spread.
    We went from two weeks to flatten the curve last year…which worked, to somehow morphing into “zero COVID “ . Because we were able to stop international travel down to a dribble and those travelers have to hotel quarantine at there own expense for two weeks, cases were kept to minuscule numbers and easily traced to their source, so we became quite smug about how great we were at managing the COVID.
    The Govt kept pushing the fear of an outbreak and the media reported every single new case and where it came from.
    When an out break happened they would lock the place down and send in the cops to enforce it. The sheep would be right behind them because “they were keeping us safe”.
    So when the inevitable real outbreak starts the frogs have been cooking for 18 months and are enjoying the boiling water now. Those of us that are not fooled are being ridiculed or jailed for not jumping in the pot with them.
    However not all is well in the land down under. Watch this space. The truckers are (hopefully) organising a nationwide blockade of all highways to bring the country to a standstill in protest over mandated vaccines and lockdown lunacy.
    In the words of one trucker “ we’ll show them who runs this fuckin country, and it’s not them!”

  93. CD Marshall says:

    If only you had the proper means to contest tyranny I have a few my brother has a safe full 🙂 I keep one near me in the house at all times.

  94. Pablo says:

  95. boomie789 says:

  96. boomie789 says:

  97. The boiling frogs are are feeling the heat finally.

  98. @CD
    The only ones armed in this country are the military, the cops, and the bad guys! Although I do have a cattle prod in tha house.

  99. It’s beginning!

  100. CD Marshall says:

    What’s that saying? “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. In times of crisis…

  101. tom0mason says:

    If some medical injection has a high probability of NOT stopping the infection it was supposedly manufactured to treat; actually increases the propensity of the injected person’s ability to spread the viral infection; this injection causes, in so many who are injected, large numbers of deleterious side effects, then,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IT IS NOT A VACCINE!
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,IT IS A MEDICAL EXPERIMENT!

    These GMO injections have had NO long term test data except from those who have been already injected!
    All done for control, power, and money; all done through hubris and ego; done already to so many of the human population.

  102. boomie789 says:

    Real Taliban account making fun of ISIS/ISIL.

    There is also a popular story about how ISIS accidentally attacked Israelis. ISIS publicly apologized.

    I even heard some people where heard shouting “we’re shooting our own men!”, idk though.

  103. CD Marshall says:

    “BBC host Lisa Shaw died from complications”
    Now they are eating their own with the vaccine. “Complications” was a blood clot. Which confirms the doctor who posted on PSI that said this vax thickens the blood. He suggested if you have taken the jab to thin out your blood to prevent this from happening as I recall. Strange they aren’t telling you this though, thinning the herd?

    Vit E is a good blood thinner.

  104. CD Marshall says:

    Isis apologizing?

  105. CD Marshall says:

    The problem with thinning your blood out is if you are having an operation you can’t take any blood thinners and that includes but is not limited to VIt E.

    Quite a dilemma.

  106. Zelator says:

    I worked in many fields of medicine in my time including Tropical for many years and also for the Royal College of Surgeons, and have always used my knowledge to look after my physical and mental health. We discovered quinine for instance as an anti malarial drug but found it to also have other recently well documented remedial uses. I left the field when I realised like I mentioned
    before that it became profit over the Hippocratic Oath.

    I left and worked for the biggest banks in the world. Chase, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Banca di Roma, Bank of Kuwait etc and learned a lot more about the way the world works. I am now happily retired.

    Holopathic naturopathic homeopathic medicine is available to the layman with a mindset to live a natural lifestyle. I am a qualified personal trainer in physical exercise and nutritionist and again it’s vital information we need to learn to mitigate our probably intentional poisonous environment. Listen to these doctors Boomie reported, they know what they are talking about.

    There has been suppressed medical technology including rife frequency treatment and yes Med Beds are real !

  107. Zelator says:

    For some reason, my whole post never posted. I meant to credit Boomie for his reporting as Such:

    Thanks for the excellent reporting Boomie. Well done young man.

    The new medicine age is to avoid the allopathic poisonous medicine of the pharmaceutical industry and go holistic.

    I worked in many fields of medicine in my time including tropical for many years and also for the Royal College of Surgeons,
    and have always used my knowledge to look after my physical and mental health. We discovered quinine for instance as an anti malarial
    drug but found it to also have other recently well documented remedial uses. I left the field when I realised like I mentioned
    before that it became profit over the Hippocratic Oath.

    I left and worked for the biggest banks in the world. Chase, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Banca di Roma, Bank of Kuwait etc and
    learned a lot more about the way the world works. I am now happily retired.

    Holopathic naturopathic homeopathic medicine is available to the layman with a mindset to live a natural
    lifestyle. I am a qualified personal trainer in physical exercise and nutritionist and again it’s vital information we need to learn
    to mitigate our probably intentional poisonous environment. Listen to these doctors Boomie reported, they know what they are talking about.

    There has been suppressed medical technology including rife frequency treatment and yes Med Beds are real !

  108. Joseph E Postma says:

    Oh look at this – they’re coming after Gab for existing, and not obeying globohomo:

  109. Joseph E Postma says:

    They can just say “GAB DiD MisInForMaTIoN!” and then arbitrarily shut it down. Because we live in a maximally violently retarded society of arbitrary use of force and power…because this is what demonstrates the existence of power.

  110. Zelator says:

    And that is exactly one of the protocols of the elders of zion. Check it out. It’s freely available on the internet.

  111. Barry says: we might have to consider moving to Japan,seems they actually are going to try and treat people.

  112. justgivemeall says:

    Boomie not sure what I’m doing wrong with odyssey but every time I try to load it gives me an error message
    Cheers Barry

  113. boomie789 says:

    O no. Idk why.

  114. CD Marshall says:

    Works for me on Microsoft Edge?
    But speaking of Japan
    “Japan discovers “magnetic” substance in Pfizer vaccines”

  115. CD Marshall says:

    “It has been found that the fully vaccinated acquired, carried and presumably transmitted the Delta variant to other vaccinated. World tribune”

    Is this WW3? Kind of feels like it.

  116. Brother Antericus says:
  117. Tim says:

    Or World War Z. Kinda smells like it.

  118. justgivemeall says:

    I said that to someone yesterday CD we are at some point going to have to admit we are in a war. The evidence is building in BC on the 13 sept we are going to have to provide a passport to go to certain places restaurants,concerts,bars etc. That of coarse is how it starts and then they will tighten the noose.

  119. Had to close comments on the Geraint post as someone set up an auto-spammer for that post apparently – it gets a spam comment every 3 minutes, from the same IP.

  120. CD Marshall says:

    Yep that’s political climate science…Can’t talk the science so you shut it down. Directly from Twitter I guarantee you, the climate trolls are assholes.

  121. CD Marshall says:

    You’ve gotten some good feedback from Twitter, the trolls had to shut that down.

  122. CD Marshall says:

    I mean you got some really good feedback from Twitter.

  123. justgivemeall says:

    Unbelievable they stoop to these tactics and yet the general public worship them. Talk about mass stupidity. If you thought you were right you would take it on the chin to prove it but not these cowards

  124. justgivemeall says:

    Thanks Boomie great info. I’m blown away how smart a lot of people are. I know I’m not the brightest bulb in the closet and yet when I come to this site I feel at home,I wish I had CD mind to accept and accomadate all this info. Sadly you can only increase your iq through knowledge and memory and I am sadly lacking in the memory dept.

  125. Joseph E Postma says:

    The fact that a person has the independence of mind, and the forthrightness of thought, to acknowledge and recognize this flat Earth theory at the heart of modern science, marks a person as a true philosophical elite in the history of the intellectual tradition from the academies of Greece to the Renaissance natural philosopher, in the meaningful wholesome sense of those terms.

    Knowledge is helpful, memory is helpful, however, I encountered time and time again, universally in fact, during my academic training as a student, that the students who got the best marks and got the scholarships did so because they had near-identic memories – and they often admitted to me as much. I also attained the grades that they did, but I did it through understanding the mechanics of the problems to be solved, not through memorization. Time and time again the professor would literally say “remember this for the exam” as he demonstrated a solution, and I recall that I would purposefully then ignore it, so that I could figure it out while writing the exam instead.

    Invariably the people with identic memories were dull, uninspired, unoriginal, and literally never understood, knew about, or appreciated the context and the history of what they were learning. They had no fire in them. They neither knew, nor cared to discuss, the philosophical and historical context and development as to why the equations are this way and not another way, what other ideas were tried out, etc. They were “empty” people. Because they’re more like robots, than people.

    Yes, if anyone feels at home here, if anyone has the power of mind to see a flat line and recognize within that flat Earth theory developed into modern physics – despite all of the “authorities” telling you to just accept it – absolutely, for what it is worth coming from me, such a person represents the absolute intellectual cream of the crop of this entire species.

    Chimpanzees can be trained to fly spaceships, because they merely need to follow a set of procedures, which they can memorize.

    But to actually be human, you need to be able to identify a problem in the procedures, even if everyone believes that they work, and even if they do appear to work.

  126. justgivemeall says:

    Much appreciated Joseph, I’ve always thought what a gift to have just a sense of logic if nothing else. Always ask why and why not. Most of us on this site seek knowledge not accomplishment or praise. Have a great day everyone and stay strong we will over come in the end,truth always wins.

  127. CD Marshall says:

    I asked my brother once how he use to build homes. He said he looked a the blue prints, constructed it in his head, then deconstructed it in his head, that’s how he knew if the prints were valid.

    One time a worker asked him where the center of the house was he just pointed and said right off that nail.

    Worker checked the prints, he was right.

    Thinkers are becoming fewer these days.

  128. CD Marshall says:

    “Downwelling infrared is about 300 watts per square meter, and upwelling infrared is about 320 watts per square meter. … And we get a result of negative 20 watts per square meter. That’s a small negative result. And the ground would be cooling very slightly, since we have a small net loss of radiation.”

    How much of that is accurate?

  129. Pablo says:

    “The net average solar flux reaching the surface is 336 W/m2 in 12 hours.
    This heats the surface and drives the daytime moist convection.
    The convection then heats the two atmospheric thermal reservoirs.
    The lower reservoir, the first 1 to 2 km layer of the troposphere provides almost all of the downward LWIR flux at the surface. It acts as a “thermal blanket” and is not strongly coupled to the upper atmospheric thermal reservoir. It is the thermal storage in this layer that provides the “greenhouse effect”.
    This in turn is a dominant factor in setting the night time surface temperature. The upper reservoir is cooled by the LWIR to space. The emission to space is dominated by the the molecular line narrowing of the water vapour emission. The water vapour concentration is controlled by the atmospheric temperature profile.This is reset each day by convection and atmospheric transport (weather). The 24 hour average direct LWIR window transmission flux to space stays the same as in the static energy balance.”

    From Roy Clark “The Dynamic Greenhouse Effect and the Climate Averaging Paradox”.

  130. Joseph E Postma says:

    Another definition of the greenhouse effect.

    The fact that ANY SUBSTANCE can hold thermal energy, and that ANY SUBSTANCE is a “thermal reservoir” is not the greenhouse effect.

  131. CD Marshall says:

    So how much IR is lost to space each day?
    240*4= all of it
    So if the observed exhaust is equal to the input energy in a 24 hour period
    Yet they claim 320 W/m^ out/300 W/m^2 DWIR

  132. Pablo says:

    “There is no evidence of maxima or minima of atmospheric radiation during the night that cannot be explained by the influence of temperature and humidity conditions.”

    From.. “The Nocturnal Radiation” by Anders K. Angstrom
    John G. Wolbach Library , Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics.

  133. CD Marshall says:

    World War Covid
    “Twitter has permanently suspended @AlexBerenson
    , probably the most-followed anti-lockdown voice, and disappeared every tweet he’s ever posted.

    Regardless of what you might think of Berenson, memory holing everything someone’s ever written is downright scary.”

  134. CD Marshall says:

    “There is no evidence of maxima or minima of atmospheric radiation during the night that cannot be explained by the influence of temperature and humidity conditions.”

    I’m assuming the day was easily established to be convective warming by the Sun. Not like now where you have to prove it and it is still denied.

  135. CD Marshall says:

    I’ve been looking into SSWs (sudden stratospheric warming) and I have not found a “cause” for them. They explain what happens and so forth but no cause. Naturally, they blame it on global warming. Which is directly debunked by the entire decade of the 90s where they had one of the hottest years (’98) and no SSWs (or greatly diminished) which the Arctic ice grew substantially that decade. Climate scientists even admitted they did not know why SSWs stopped that decade.

  136. Pablo says:

    “The fact that ANY SUBSTANCE can hold thermal energy, and that ANY SUBSTANCE is a “thermal reservoir” is not the greenhouse effect.”

    Exactly, and that is the point he is making.
    A review from yourself of his book would be really interesting, as it seems to be pretty much spot on.
    As the author says in his preface:
    “The fundamental error was the substitution of the meteorological surface air temperature record for the real surface temperature. ….
    All of the large scale climate models that use the concept of radiative forcing are based on pure pseudoscience. …
    The downward LWIR flux from the atmosphere does not determine or control the surface temperature and there is no equilibrium on any time scale.”

  137. Pablo says:

    Found this:
    “When the Rossby waves are strong, their amplitudes grow with height into the stratosphere where the waves break, just like on a beach. The breaking waves exert a drag on the Polar Night Jet, which weakens and distorts it. If these waves are strong enough, they may decelerate the jet sufficiently so that the westerlies turn easterly. Such a change in air flow disrupts the stratospheric polar vortex either by displacing it from its normal location over the pole or splitting it into two daughter vortices. Winds within the weakened jet slow down and turn toward the centre of the vortex. As the air converges in the centre of the vortex, it must then descend. This descent causes the air to compress and its temperature rises dramatically, sometimes by more than 50°C in just a few days. This descent also increases the pressure above the North Pole. Over the following weeks, the action of further Rossby waves allow the easterly winds to burrow down through the stratosphere. When they reach the tropopause, they often impact Atlantic weather systems and the jet stream.”
    “These types of waves are generated by flow over mountains and continental land-sea temperature contrasts. They can also be generated by year-to-year changes in large scale weather patterns such as El Nino.”

  138. ashemann says:

    I had 2 strokes in june 2020, the first time june 1st i lost the use of the right side of my body, they had me sat up in bed in A and E and my toes were about 4 foot infront of me, no matter how hard i tried i couldn’t make a toe move even a millimeter, iv’e never feared any man as a grown man myself, didn’t matter if there were 5 of the fuckers threatening my health i would fight my way through them, i took a fair few hidings in my time i can tell you, but i healed and i could live with myself, i could sleep.
    Anyway they gave me an emergency weapons grade blood thinning, i dont know what it was but the proceedure was alled being thrombolysed, it worked it cleared the blood clot and about one week later i was back to normal and out of hospital, but i gotta tell you i have never been so scared in my life as i was sat up in that bed in A and E.
    3 or 4 days later it happened all over again and another week in hospital ofcourse my stays would have been a lot longer if it wasn’t for the fact that the hospital was running on a skeleton staff due to the WuFlu.

    I’m writing this reply under CD’s post about blood thinners for clot’s caused by the vax but i suspect the converation has moved on and this post may drop out of place, but theres more chance of ocrazy cortez getting a brain transplant than me getting vaxed.

  139. boomie789 says:

    I’m not going to have power for weeks.

  140. Wow, hope you manage alright boomie!

  141. justgivemeall says:

    So sorry to see the mess Boomie hope you are well

  142. CD Marshall says:

    Boomie hope you didn’t get the brunt of that? Didn’t know you were a southern boy.

  143. CD Marshall says:

    Pablo I was wondering if Rosby waves were connected in some way, seems climate science stays clear of RW and blames “climate change” for all things. Chuck Weiss wrote about the Arctic haven’t read it all yet, really need to but I keep getting distracted by ‘thought squirrels’.

    What is a thought squirrel you may never ask? Well notice when you are outside how easily a squirrel distracts you? A thought squirrel is a mental squirrel, a thought that breaks your focus and your mind wonders through infinitesimal planes of free based cognitive chaotic reflection.

    Anyway, Chuck…

  144. CD Marshall says:

    Still a worthwhile point, thank you for sharing.

  145. Pablo says:

    “Thought squirrels”
    Ha! Like your style CD.

  146. Download: Rapid Virus Recovery. by Thomas E Levy (Free)
    Excellent protocol to ward off the V without taking the jab.

  147. Message to ‘the sheeple’

    Don’t trust; ‘The science’
    Don’t trust: The media
    Don’t trust: The government
    Don’t trust: The bureaucracy
    Don’t trust: The medical establishment
    Don’t trust: Big Pharma/Big Food/Big Tech/Big Finance
    Dont trust: The Green Movement

    Their primary motivation is self interest not benevolence.

    Apart from – have a nice day’.

  148. justgivemeall says:

    Guys went to a protest against our new passports in BC today in Nanaimo,what a great crowd probably over 400 there. Almost made me proud of my fellow man. There are a lot that understand what is going on. Nice to know if it comes to strapping on the boots that there might be some help.
    Have a great day everyone

  149. CD Marshall says:

    I think I saw a picture of that on Twitter.

  150. CD Marshall says:

    Yeah VC not Nanaimo but apparently it is spreading.

  151. CD Marshall says:

    NY City floods the cleanest the subways have been in years

  152. CD Marshall says:


  153. boomie789 says:

    It was pretty much a direct hit.

    I only have internet on my trips north to get gasoline. We’re burning 20 gallons a day.

    Once I get north of Baton Rouge my phone has internet.

  154. justgivemeall says:

    How long before you get power back do you think Boomie.

  155. boomie789 says:


    3 weeks-3 months, hard to say.

  156. boomie789 says:

  157. Zelator says:

    Wow. Hope you and your family and friends and pets are safe Boomie. Take care my friend.

  158. Zelator says:

    And Ashemann, glad to hear you pulled through ok. And hopefully you will be back on your motorbike on the roads of Isle of Mann as soon as possible. I remember those awesome pics and vids you posted many years back of you on the TT trail.

  159. boomie789 says:

    Ty we will be fine. I have it far better than most.

    Most upsetting thing that happened to me is I broke my computer running it on the generator. Bad idea.

    And a leaky roof.

    If you are going to run your computer on a generator, you need a PSU battery as an intermediary between the generator. Otherwise the dirty power will break your computer.

    I knew all that already too and did it anyway lol.


  160. boomie789 says:

    Post dammit

  161. boomie789 says:

    Oooo sorry I did post that already

  162. CD Marshall says:

    Since when has Twitter and YouTube become experts in science and the medical field?

  163. One of the reasons that you don’t see me in this forum anymore is because I spend my time building my own case against this pharmatyranny.

    World fuckery is upon us. I will fight it, in principle, in evidence, and in person, if need be.

  164. Bloody auto correct…..that would be VAX b.s.

  165. CD Marshall says:

    Joe or anyone, when you have time can you make an official comment on this video. I’d prefer a statement from a physicist or scientist in an official capacity.

  166. CD Marshall says:

    How can this crap possibly get published in peer review?

    “Unbalance of radiation thus results in the atmosphere to act as the glass of a greenhouse and increase atmospheric temperature.”

  167. Great stuff Robert. Always great to have contact maintained.

  168. A totally meaningless and senseless statement. They just reference things and use phraseology which was made up in the first place, at best as poor analogy, now believed as fact. Apparently the same is true for the entire idea of “viruses”…

  169. Your hard drives might still be salvageable boomie, if you can get them put into another system…should be able to get the data off them too, as long as they weren’t raid0. Damn though!

  170. Gases can absorb heat CD…no problem. But they are not capable of sending heat back to the source of heat!

  171. CD Marshall says:

    Are you sure its all fried or just parts? If you’re lucky one thing died to save the other components, I would guess PSU and/or MOBO would be first to go. Too bad though you had a really nice rig. One time my CPU and MOBO smoked but my PSU was fine, somehow.

  172. CD Marshall says:

    ??? Another clot to the brain???
    Ben Mitchell
    Family member met a nurse at local freedom rally in Victoria last week. She said she is terrified, gagged from speaking out, and was horrified witnessing a recently vaxxed surgeon die while operating.

    Didn’t see that on The News.

  173. justgivemeall says:

    Cd hope you survived the flood intact. Talked to some nurses at the protest the other day and talk about scary times. Was told by a fb person that her friend died in surgery for breast cancer who was suppose to make full recovery. When operating they found lungs full of cancer and liver 4 times normal size. Double vaxxed. So who knows where this will end. BC is clamping us down now so will probably have to find my boots,not how I wanted to spend my retirement. Have a great day,Barry

  174. CD Marshall says:

    Removing Trump gave the globalists the confidence to move ahead of schedule and not hide in the shadows.

  175. justgivemeall says:

    Good one Rickis,as someone who has spent days in respirators I know how he feels and how useless they are for viruses. Anyone with basic math skills should be able to figure out that .1 micron goes through not into cloth that has 20 micron holes in it.
    Have a great day Barry

  176. Zelator says:

    Ok a little bit of Philosophy and Hermetic Science for Saturday Afternoon:

    Know Thyself- A Divinity in the Flesh:

    To understand our troubled times we need to realise we live in a wheel of life.

    As history unfolds, the wheel we live in moves to different stages, i.e the scene on the earth changes.

    In Virgil’s 4th eclogue he referenced the new order of the ages i.e the NWO – i.e we are currently entering Age of Aquarius.

    So I’ve attached here a great astronomical, cosmological and astrological presentation of the reigns and powers of the ages by Santos Bonacci.

    Great philosophy and the real history of our world. As above so below. The Hermetic Science.

    From the golden age to the dark ages from the emperors to the gods, the Osiris, the Christ and
    the Caesars and the three Reich Ages. The third one we currently exist in, and how the wheel of life
    has been hijacked for gain by the third Reich.

    So Here is Part 1 : Santos Bonacci – Lawful Awakening: Sin and Salvation – 1/2

    Modern lifestyles, pollution, flouride, ELF’s etc have virtually destroyed the bodies chance of raising the chrism, and so humanity under our current world never becomes enlightened.

    However if interested, the twelve cell salts can be purchased by a company called schuessler tissue salts, but to be honest if you are not living an Essene or Pythagorean lifestyle, its unlikely to make any difference to your raising the chrism and your enlightenment.

    So although Santos mentions these, and I have personally tried them, its more historical and informational than practical in terms of the way the world is today to make it applicable. But if you want to be a vegetarian monk who sits in isolation and meditates all day then it may well work for you.

    Personally I believe humanity is too far gone to go back to that pure version of humanity that was capable of achieving this physical activation.

    Not that I think it is the only way to activate the illuminated mind but that is another story.

    Ironically certain factions of the Gnostics, but not all by any means believed in a concept of physical sin for salvation, were enlightenment was achieved by purging the soul of all desire no matter how taboo until eventually the shadow self became integrated and the soul went to heaven.

    The illuminati still believe in this enlightenment and is in fact what their name implies. However the cabal use satanic means to gain supposed supernatural advantages via sacrifice and blood rituals to push the body to emulate the pure living principal of Raising the Chrism of Astrotheological theory of adepts of past history.

    Whether this satanic method is real, only the elites and celebrities know the truth, but there has been recently enough leakage of information to think there is indeed some form of alchemical life enhancing chicanery going on in the rich circles of society.

    So here is part 2: Santos Bonacci – Lawful Awakening: Sin and Salvation – 2/2

  177. immortal600 says:

    A simple question; Can a warmer object absorb energy ( not heat) from a colder one?

  178. Zelator says:

    re above, Hello CD. That has been explained numerous times. LoLoL

    Peaceful controversy is also very applicable when challenging the C Jab.

    If you ask questions and don’t get belligerent and don’t refuse but decline at this moment
    as I am waiting more information pertaining to my question then you cannot be forced as you are merely
    waiting more information.

    Lunar Ingress:

    If you are really interested in the personal monthly raising the chrism for you personal zodiac sign,
    then you need to check the moon transit for your sign.

    Therefore 2-3 days a month the seed will be rasing in your body. Many people fast
    or abstain for those days.

    Here is a website that tracks them for your individual star sign.

  179. Zelator says:

    I wonder if the Zionist little shills embedded in this forum are at play. At least one contributor has implicated themselves and we all know who that is don’t we you nauseas little worm.

  180. Zelator says:

    Caught with your pants down. Now its time you were exposed you little weasel. Remember, you were asked a question by someone on here. He knows your lies. I actually don’t know personally the other person who outed you, but I can find out. I know who you are also and your words and behaviour on here has betrayed you. 24/7 Troll. You call everyone else a troll, you troll everywhere lol you are the biggest shill troll. Unfortunately you left your signature everywhere, but disguised by anonymous names and burn phones. But we tracked you.

  181. George says:

    Zelator, who are you talking about?

  182. Zelator says:

    Why are you so interested to know?

  183. George says:

    Zelator, never mind.

    Joe, does a warmer object absorb energy from a colder one? I know it doesn’t absorb heat. AGW proponents claim warmer objects absorb energy from colder objects but the net transfer is hot to cold. I was under the impression that warmer objects do not absorb anything from colder objects. Please enlighten me.

  184. boomie789 says:

    @George & immortal

    No. The hotter object already has the frequencies the colder object is emitting. The colder object has no frequency the hotter object doesn’t already have.

  185. CD Marshall says:

    Read this for a detailed explanation of how sophists try and side step the equation (Th^4-Tc-^4).

  186. CD Marshall says:

    E moves both ways through the system, only the net E can be considered heat. Heat flows from hot to cold. I believe Joe said the radiation equation is exactly the same the only difference is in radiation you don’t need physical contact.


    There is no such thing as “net heat”. The phrase has NO meaning.

    There is net energy, which is heat. Heat is net energy.

    They try to use the phrase “net heat” because via that they imply that both energy flows are heat, with also the difference or net between then being heat too.

    Q = s*(Th4 – Tc4).

    The two terms on the right side are each individually just energy. The NET is what is heat, Q. Hence, saying “net heat” has no meaning. “net heat” is word salad.

  187. CD Marshall says:

    The biggest claim is that all downwelling infrared longwave radiation is absorbed back in the surface. I have never seen any evidence that is true or false, just because energy moves both ways in a system doesn’t mean the surface is reabsorbing it all.

    Low level IR does not have enough energy to excite electrons.

    Radiation is quantized into photons whose energy is proportional to frequency: E=hv.
    Photon Energy=Delta E =hf
    E=Energy of the photon
    h=Plank’s constant (6.63×10^-34 Js)
    f=frequency of the EM radiation

    Frequency is the determining factor for its “heat” capability. If the surface is radiating at a higher temperature (frequency) the photon (if absorbed) does nothing.

    WV and clouds helps to maintain a temperature longer, usually reduced but stable, they do not “increase” the surface temperature.

    The only “force” I know of that can heat w/o the Sun is the adiabatic process and geothermal.

  188. tom0mason says:

    CD Marshall,
    Is it not true that for a CO2 molecule to be excited by a photon’s energy, it’s energy state and it’s orientation to the incoming photon must be PERFECTLY presented (i.e. the CO2 energy level must be ground levels (I think?), and the the photon must strike the CO2 molecule at the correct angle). Anything else and the photon whizzes by, leaving the CO2 molecule undisturbed.
    Likewise to re-radiate a photon, the energy within the CO2 molecule must be EXACTLY the correct value and the molecule must have held the energy for a finite period of time before releasing this energy (and the molecule returning to ground level state). Anything these than these PERFECT conditions and energy can only be lost (or gained) through random kinetic bumping about.

    My point is statistically how many CO2 molecules in the upper atmosphere are in that perfect situation to accept the photon; given that CO2 molecules randomly acquire and lose energy through kinetic movement together with random kinetic bumping around prohibiting the acceptance of a photon (Brownian movement )?
    And surely this same Brownian movement ensures that some (how many?) of the photon excited molecules lose energy via random kinetic bumping about and not photon re-radiation?

  189. CD Marshall says:

    Any molecule must have a dipole moment to absorb IR and CO2 does not have a natural dipole moment without being excited. The argument is from climate science is that CO2 is always excited so it does? Water vapor is the only molecule I know of with a permanent dipole moment.

    “For vibrational and/or rotational modes, there must exist a magnetic dipole for photon absorption to occur. The molecule is unaffected by nonresonant frequencies, and if the molecule is already excited, even radiation at the correct frequency will be rejected (scattered) by the molecule (thus a heated CO2 molecule will not absorb another photon).” >You are correct CO2 can’t absorb another photon until it ejects that energy, so even photons at the correct wl will be scattered or reflected, not absorbed.

    15 MICRONS is typically the only wl the Earth emits that CO2 absorbs. It can’t absorb another photon until it emits the energy absorbed. However, it can transfer kinetic energy and receive kinetic energy during that transition. You can have over a billion collisions in one second. It would seem that the closer to the surface (greater density of molecules) the less chance of absorption and greater the KE transference especially during sunlight hours.

    Joseph calculated a while back CO2 can absorb and emit in around 70 microseconds from surface to atmosphere. It does not “hold” that energy for very long translation/vibrational transference would certainly dominate the lower atmosphere during daylight solar forcing.

    Water vapor as always being the deciding factor for it has a much larger range of absorbance and the permanent dipole moment.

    CO2 modes (terrestrial atmosphere) *
    (v1) Symmetric Stretch Mode 7.20357 microns/1388.2 cm^2 {This mode is Raman active}
    (v2) Bend Mode 14.98352 microns/667.4 cm^2 {IR active}
    (v3) Asymmetric Stretch Mode 4.25695 micron/2349.1 cm^2 {IR active}
    * These factors may vary according to T and P and other factors I haven’t calculated/considered?

    {Bond stretching or bending which cause a dipole moment are IR active.}

    I’m just trying to figure all of this stuff out too just like everyone else w/o a science background.

  190. CD Marshall says:

    “You can have over a billion collisions in one second.” in a typical parcel of air with all molecules, not referring to just CO2.

  191. George – that’s their line of sophistry! They say that heat flows both ways but with most heat flowing from hot to cold, therefore it’s ok to have some heat flow from cold to hot! Lol. You see how ridiculous that is!? Gosh it’s so laughable as if they get away with it. As per the quote/comment above, heat IS ONLY the net difference, it is not both directions and also the difference of the directions, but only the difference. And heat is what is required to raise temperature, not merely any energy, but specifically heat, and heat is specifically only the net difference between hot and cold with transfer in that direction only.

  192. Thanks for the video Robert.

  193. CD Marshall says:

    “Rate of cooling does not influence the original temperature.”

    The climate nuts are foaming at the mouth over this statement for this shatters the entire “redefined” version of the GHGE…Which I understand was the original argument at one point?

  194. Pablo says:

    “The radiative equilibrium curve terminates at the surface at a temperature of roughly 59ºC or 78ºC higher than the calculated blackbody temperature, ..Convection and thermodynamic mechanical heat energy transfer short-circuit the radiative process in the troposphere and carry heat energy (often as latent heat) to the stratosphere more quickly than radiative transfer can.”
    Miskolezi (2014)

    I would say that as that radiative transfer curve is calculated on temperatures that have been put into the upper atmosphere there by convection in the first place, the tail does not wag the dog.

  195. Zelator says:

    This video that Robert shared is so important I’ve bumped it up:

    Vancomycin antibiotic – Kidney failure.

    Remdesivir antiviral – Kidney failure

  196. Pablo says:

    The theoretical and empirical physics/thermodynamics outlined in this paper predict that systems having higher surface temperatures will show higher humidity levels at lower elevations but lower humidity levels at higher elevations. This is demonstrated in the empirical decadal observational data outlined in the Introduction, in the daily radiosonde data analysis discussed above and explained by classical thermodynamics/meteorology relationships. This theoretical and empirical analysis contradicts the current GCM computer models. The physics embedded in the GCM models predict a constant relative humidity throughout the troposphere as surface temperature increases. As a result, these models imply a positive feedback from water vapor as surface temperature and specific humidity increase. The key to understanding the actual observed atmospheric humidity profile is to properly take into account the physics/thermodynamics of PV work energy in the atmosphere resulting from the release of latent heat of condensation under the influence of the gravitational field. The current physics underlying the GCM models appear to be incorrect. If anything, the actual behavior of water vapor with increasing surface temperature as outlined in this paper would imply a negative feedback. The observational data leaves little room for doubt.”

    Click to access Gilbert-Thermodyn%20surf%20temp%20&%20water%20vapour.pdf

  197. MP says:

    The truth about ALL germs and the history of germ theory. Viruses aren’t the only mythical unicorns out there.

  198. CD Marshall says:

    The original data for CO2 I used for the modes was made by LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks.

  199. George says:

    CD, There is a guy on cfact who uses the name ‘Clyde’. He posts mush the same stuff as LOL@KK. I wonder if they are the same person?

    He gave me this:

    “The second law states that there exists a state variable called entropy S. The change in entropy (ΔS) is equal to the energy transferred (ΔQ) divided by the temperature (T).

    ΔS = ΔQ / T

    Only for reversible processes does entropy remain constant. Reversible processes are idealizations. All real-world processes are irreversible.

    The climastrologists claim that energy can flow from cooler to warmer because they cling to the long-debunked Prevost Principle, which states that an object’s radiant exitance is dependent only upon that object’s internal state, and thus they treat real-world graybody objects as though they’re idealized blackbody objects via:
    q = σ T^4
    … thus the climate loons claim that all objects emit radiation if they are above 0 K. In reality, idealized blackbody objects emit radiation if they are above 0 K, whereas graybody objects emit radiation if their temperature is greater than 0 K above the ambient.

    But their blather means that in an environment at thermodynamic equilibrium, all objects (and the ambient) would be furiously emitting and absorbing radiation, but since entropy doesn’t change at thermodynamic equilibrium, the climastrologists must claim that radiative energy transfer is a reversible process.

    Except radiative energy transfer is an irreversible process, which destroys their blather. In reality, at thermodynamic equilibrium, no energy flows, which is why entropy doesn’t change.

    All idealized blackbody objects above absolute zero emit radiation. Idealized blackbody objects do not emit (nor absorb) according to the energy density gradient. Idealized blackbody objects don’t actually exist, they’re idealizations.

    Real-world graybody objects with a temperature greater than zero degrees above their ambient emit radiation. Graybody objects emit (and absorb) according to the energy density gradient.

    It’s right there in the S-B equation, which the climate loons fundamentally misunderstand:”

    Looks good to me. What do you think?

  200. I think that’s pretty good, great. I would just ammend one statement:

    “In reality, at thermodynamic equilibrium, no HEAT flows, which is why entropy doesn’t change.”

    That’s then consistent with the entropy equation first listed.

  201. George says:

    Thanks, Joe, for your response. Clyde seems to know his stuff. I can’t find fault with what he says. He is tearing up this clown ‘evenminded’ over on Cfact. That clown has been to Dr. Charles Anderson’s and Dr. Ed Berry’s blogs and been destroyed in both places.

  202. MP says:

    Virology Debunks Corona

    Longer version of last posted vid, with sources

  203. CD Marshall says:

    “In reality, at thermodynamic equilibrium, no HEAT flows, which is why entropy doesn’t change.”
    Yet they constantly use Kirchoff’s Law to justify the GHGE?

  204. CD Marshall says:

    A question of interest. What all does “Work” in the atmosphere/surface or when is it considered work.

  205. The adiabatic effect is work. Tides are work. Waves are work.

  206. CD Marshall says:

    Just ocean waves or does that include Rosby Waves?

  207. CD Marshall says:

    Former Engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory…

    “The Greenhouse Molecules that intercept the IR collide with all the other molecules including the O2 and N2 (conduction) and the temperature at the bottom of the atmosphere (ground level) increases”

  208. CD Marshall says:

    I said…
    meaning: “Thus the same parcel of air at the surface cools as it rises in the atmosphere, just as the potential energy of that parcel of air declines as it moves back towards the earth’s surface. The lapse rate cools the hotter air as it rises and warms it as it lowers.”

    Other guy stated…
    There are no parcels of air moving together .
    Gas molecules move independently and randomly.
    Molecules have constant total kinetic and gravity energy
    mgh = mcT
    Lapse rate = T/c= g/c
    g = 9.8
    c H20= 1.46
    g/c= 6.7K/km
    observed 6.5K/km standard atmosphere

    Me: Air does rise through a column. I believe it is more mathematical convenience than an absolution.

  209. tom0mason says:

    CD Marshall on 2021/09/04 at 8:53 PM
    Forgive my late reply.
    Thank-you for your good explanation.

  210. CD Marshall says:

    No thanks needed. W/o the actual scientists I’d know nothing.

  211. CD Marshall says:

    “The “planet” does not “warm or cool” when there is an imbalance given by I = (S/4)(1-a) – oeT^4. The “planet” warms and cools at every moment with the real-time in-situ heat flow.” -Joseph Postma, a real physicist.

    Yes I added the last part, so many “acclaimed physics educated” trolls out now I wanted to make that distinction.

  212. CD Marshall says:

    Just found out this snide F-er on Twitter who contradicts everything you say Joe w/o anything to back it up runs a green energy company. What a shocker that wasn’t. All these people are vile and disgusting. Follow the money or the religion and in the political climate consensus they are pretty much the same thing.

  213. CD Marshall says:

    What is this Zion stuff you guys keep talking about? Explain please.

  214. CD Marshall says:

    Paris is getting lit

  215. CD Marshall says:

    “Si vis pacem, para bellum.”

  216. CD Marshall says:

    They are getting really confused by your comment I quoted I tried explaining it to them but I don’t seem to be getting the message across ?

    “The amount of energy emitted by the surface upwards as radiation exceeds the amount of energy emitted by earth to space. Every second. Always…The gas is removing energy from the surface via convection, and the gas has low emissivity, and the lapse rate requires that the near-surface gas be higher in temperature than the expected average” -JP

    I don’t get what is so hard to understand? I told them he is just saying the surface is hotter than the average and it should be, for the average cannot be found at the surface it is around the middle of the lower atmosphere.

    Around 255 Kelvin, same as the exhaust.

    You don’t look at the hottest part of the system and claim that is the average.

    Not sure I could explain anymore simpler?

  217. Pablo says:

    CD. Try this.
    “An ideal dry atmospheric system under the influence of a gravitational field will assume an equilibrium dry adiabatic lapse rate.. The atmosphere at equilibrium will not be isothermal as is commonly believed.
    …As for the very small radiation heat transfer between layers, the only effect will be to ensure that atmosphere is not static..
    Heat is not transferred radiatively through the opaque portions of the atmosphere but the heat transfer will cause …some mixing action.”
    Bill Gilbert 2010.

    “The end result of mixing of air is, therefore, a uniform potential temperature.
    … when the potential temperature is uniform, the actual temperature decreases upward at the adiabatic rate.”
    Introduction to Meteorology. Petterssen

  218. boomie789 says:

    Doesn’t this prove that taking the vaccine is WORSE than just carrying on as normal?

    Very significantly worse.

  219. justgivemeall says:

    Couldn’t agree more seems like maybe it doesn’t work. Do you have power back yet Boomie. We had a wind storm here on van isle in 2018 and went without for about seven full days funny how you almost get use to life without the grid in that short time

  220. boomie789 says:

    Well I have a generator so I have power.

    It’s the no internet that annoys me. Which my internet on my phone is almost back to normal now.

    But no my grid is still down. Last best estimate I heard was the 17th.

  221. CD Marshall says:

    The 17th! Must be waiting for Biden to come down and see it all first and do a photo op for climate change. DO you have clean water at least or is it bottled? Plumbing work? W/O a pc has to suck. I’d go insane.

  222. boomie789 says:

    There was a boil water policy but I have plenty of clean water on hand and the plumbing and gas lines are fine.

    I’m surprised Biden didn’t drop dead from the heat and humidity, in his state.

  223. Pablo says:

    “In addition, Israel was the first country to confirm the rather troubling safety profile of covid vaccines, reporting a “murky wave of heart attacks” and an increase in all-cause mortality – even in young people – already back in March and April 2021. By now, serious and fatal cardiovascular and neurological covid vaccine adverse events have been well documented (see updated overview). Globally, covid vaccines may already have killed or severely injured more than 100,000 people.”

  224. CD Marshall says:

    I don’t get why people are still defending this even after knowing getting the vax doesn’t mean you are immune to the virus. If it is a mild case and you can fight it at home, once you beat it you can’t get it again, correct? So unless I am mistaken, getting the vax gives you the same chance of getting the virus as not taking it and you can still be a carrier with or w/o the vax.

    So the vax is simply the mask, it makes them “feel better” but doesn’t increase the odds of immunity.

    Also, I found it strange they never looked for people who could have natural immunity, you’d think they would be the first on the list to find a cure and of course patient zero…Unless that was a lab test tube.

    Absolutely nothing about this followed a normal procedure for a pandemic but it does strangely feel more like a culling. Then again maybe just Marxist playbook, never let a good crisis go to waste, invented or natural circumstance.

  225. CD Marshall says:

    boomie789 Maybe Biden is the first Nano automaton and he’s already dead 🙂 What was the name of that old cult classic? Reanimator? Come on that’s Pelosi right there!

  226. boomie789 says:

    I get a more “Weekend at Bernies” vibe.

    Pretty sure they give him amphetamines or something. Especially during the debate.

  227. John Politis says:

    Apologies if already mentioned elsewhere.
    Read this on a local thread from a similar minded person

    “Very odd that the pro-experimental gene therapy advocates are terrified of the anti genetic manipulation therapy groups.”

  228. MP says:

    Endless Covid Booster Shots for the Slaves

  229. Your own immune system hijacked as a subscription service you need to pay for.

  230. CD Marshall says:

    I copied that, great stuff and so true. Continental drift always comes to mind. It is hard to de-program what you are taught in school/academia for you are rewarded only for repeating it.

  231. boomie789 says:

    What about continental drift?

    Tectonic plate shifting?

    That not true?

  232. Philip Mulholland says:

    “There are no parcels of air moving together ”
    Yeah, right.
    [video src="" /]

  233. Pablo says:

    In this 1917 paper:

    “Almost all theories of thermal radiation rest on the considerations of the interaction between radiation and molecules. But, in general, one is satisfied with dealing only with the energy exchange, without taking into account the momentum exchange. One feels justified in this because the momentum transferred by radiation is so small that it always drops out as compared to that from other dynamical processes. But for the theoretical considerations, this small effect is on an equal footing with the energy transferred by radiation because energy and momentum are very intimately related to each other; a theory may therefore be considered correct only if it can be shown that the momentum transferred accordingly from the radiation to the matter leads to the kind of motion
    that is demanded by thermodynamics.”


  234. CD Marshall says:

    I’ve seen some really good sleight of hand magic tricks with CO2 but this one should get an award.

  235. CD Marshall says:

    A great educational video on the Ideal Gas Law

  236. CD Marshall says:

  237. boomie789 says:

  238. CD Marshall says:

    Excellent point Boomie.
    We would ask our boss, “Why do we have to waste our time doing this and that…”
    He would always reply, “Because people are idiots.” Then he would explain our job was to plan accordingly, expecting them to do the most stupidest thing possible.

    The sad part was he always ended up being right.

  239. boomie789 says:

    They don’t want to fire her, they want her to quit.

    I assume because then she could sue for wrongful termination.

  240. boomie789 says:

    Woo hoo power.

    Aug 29-Sept 12

  241. Jopo says:

    Life in Oz is just grand. They dont fear us. All our weapons were handed in. they treated us like the fools we deserved to be.

    MSM dont show this. Aust is truly F’d now

  242. CD Marshall says:

    Replying to

    and 48 others
    I’ve been told by a well-known atmospheric scientist (integral to IPCC AGW science)

    That such an experiment is impossible. There’s nothing in the real world that can demonstrate CO₂ back radiation.

    He’s not wrong….

    Note: He’s full on AGW, not a denier by any chance

  243. boomie789 says:

  244. boomie789 says:

  245. justgivemeall says:

    Hi Boomie which Odessa is this. Seems to be a few,good to see anyway if we could the police on side would save a lot of blood shed

  246. boomie789 says:


    Idk sorry

  247. CD Marshall says:

    Dr. Ed Berry was accepted for his paper to be published. Was it AMS? Not a chance.

  248. CD Marshall says:

    Has anyone made a list of careers destroyed because they wouldn’t bend the knee to climate change?

  249. boomie789 says:

  250. Joseph E Postma says:

    ^I agree Boomie! 🙂

  251. boomie789 says:

  252. CD Marshall says:

    After a few jabs the walking dead. Boomie? Meme it.

  253. boomie789 says:

    That one has been done a million times I’m sure.

    I didn’t make that btw. If it’s a meme I made I would let you know. I haven’t made to many to be honest.

  254. CD Marshall says:

    I have the perfect gif for it if only I could get it here from Twitter? They have a Walking Dead gif where they are clawing the back of a med truck of all things. So makes me think of the umpteenth jab.

  255. CD Marshall says:

    Philip Mulholland.
    You may or may not be interested but I have a guy who has compiled a ton of water vapor data and LWIR from weather stations (for nighttime) for years so much so he really doesn’t know what to do with it. He can’t figure out the minutia of the data and really needs help by someone who understands it better than he does. He sees that anytime WV is available temps at night are stable and warmer than w/o, proving the GHGE myth is highly questionable. He wants to prove with data that WV is the main driver of nocturnal temperatures not non condensing GHGs.

    He’s read your paper and is hoping you might help. He’s planning on contacting you on ResearchGate. I might send him over to Wilde as well?


  256. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall

    Huh, that does sound like a good one…

  257. boomie789 says:

    Link it if you can

  258. CD Marshall says:

    Somehow WP switched videos on me? That’s weird. It is showing two IDL videos where one was the fake CO2 example? Or maybe just human error again?

  259. boomie789 says:—Uncovering-the-Corona-Narrative—Aug-2021:8

    German guy lays it all out for us in a little over 30mins. Must watch.

    Create order out of choas(artificial).

    Digital currency and UBI incoming.

  260. CD Marshall says:

    Eli Rabett
    Ethon tweets. He’s a bird. Eli comments on climate change since 2003 as an occasional chemical physicist and full time bunny.

  261. boomie789 says:

    I enjoyed this comment “A little challenge you may enjoy – name the shareholders of the Bank Of England. For us in the UK, it is illegal to even try to find out.”


  262. CD Marshall says:

    WOW indeed. Last I heard in the US it is illegal to know what strain of the virus you have. What is that?

  263. CD Marshall says:

    So I found the video I thought was posted above. Let’s see if it stays this time?

  264. boomie789 says:


    Also, something else I heard related. Back when this first started, about a 4 month period before the flawed PCR test was introduced, they would diagnose people with covid by eye. Which is indistinguishable from a cold/flu.

    So people would go to the hospital, maybe for covid, maybe not. They would be taken in, given a room. If they coughed or sneezed, runny nose, they could be diagnosed with covid. Once a person was diagnosed with covid, they would, WITHOUT PERMISSION AND WITHOUT NOTIFYING FAMILY, put them under general anesthesia and on a ventilator. Which they got around $50k for every person they put on. Which 9/10 of people who are put on those ventilators, died.


  265. CD Marshall says:

    If that’s true they made the pandemic. I certainly think many should put on charges of murder including Bloomberg what he did to nursing homes should be prosecuted as murder. Plus, no key people appear to have had the virus and if so were treated w/o problems.

  266. CD Marshall says:

    How is Japan coming along on their treatments?

  267. Wow…so it really does just destroy the immune system.

  268. boomie789 says:

    Hospitals are full of the “vaccinated”.

  269. Great double header there Boomie!!! Love it.

  270. boomie789 says:

    @Robert Kernodle



    A German IT project manager who chooses to stay anonymous has dropped this bombshell document exposing the entire covid criminal network. It connects the complex relationships between Governments, NGOs, big pharma, private companies, documents, universities and key people. The document is 170 pages long. There are 6,500 objects and over 7,200 links, including the financial flows.”

    In case you missed this.

  271. Pablo says:

    Update on neighbour’s 40 yr old son after his second Pfizer shot.

    He kept quiet about second severe reaction, as he didn’t want to worry his mother.
    Coughing constantly, difficulty breathing, can’t sleep, needs nebuliser …symptoms not improving so far.

    See 9.17 in for Pfizer montage.

  272. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    George wrote:
    “CD, There is a guy on cfact who uses the name ‘Clyde’. He posts much the same stuff as LOL@KK. I wonder if they are the same person?”

    They were the same person, that is no longer so. On CFACT, a person can post pseudonymously via the “I’d rather post as a guest” checkbox, which I do.

    There are two problems with that:

    1) One cannot edit posts after submission when posting pseudonymously via the “I’d rather post as a guest” checkbox.

    2) Anyone can choose to use the pseudonym you’ve used.

    #1 I take care of by typing all my responses into TextPad, then ensuring formatting and spelling are correct before copying-n-pasting into the CFACT submission dialog box.

    #2 came into effect for me when ‘evenminded’ (the kook who claims he’s a professor teaching thermodynamics, but who: has denied every single fundamental physical law I’ve thrown at him, has caught himself in contradiction after contradiction and has such kooky beliefs that if he’s teaching kids what he believes, it’s no wonder kids are coming out of college dumber than when they went in) started using that ‘Clyde’ pseudonym.

    Then ‘BeyondSmartLady’ (a kook who claims to be a climate skeptic but who randomly attacks climate skeptics) took that a step further by registering a Disqus account with that pseudonym after I called her out on her unwarranted attacks against 3 climate skeptics (myself, Sean Malloy and Immortal600) and her sleazy lying debating tactics. She thought she got away with it, but…

    The ‘Clyde’ pseudonym which she hijacked from me:

    Her ‘BeyondSmartLady’ pseudonym 11 minutes later:

    She forgot to switch pseudonyms and made a post as ‘Clyde’ that she meant to make as ‘BeyondSmartLady’, realized her error 11 minutes later and posted identical content using her ‘BeyondSmartLady’ pseudonym, then attempted to delete her ‘Clyde’ comment… except I got a screenshot of it (with timestamps and URLs) before she did. Busted. LOL

    So, I went back to the old ‘LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks’ pseudonym I’d used back in my Usenet days and originally used to drop-kick the ‘evenminded’ kook. I only switched to ‘Clyde’ because it was short, and I was drop-kicking ‘evenminded’ so many times that typing out that long pseudonym was giving me carpal tunnel. I drop-kicked him so many times on one CFACT thread that the entire page stopped loading. Thousands of comments, too long to load, it just gave up trying. That kook is ineducable. LOL

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