The Propaganda of Irrationalism

This piece so perfectly describes climate science, how outright flat Earth pseudoscience can overtake the entire system of civilization of a scientific world:

By Stephen Hicks

Rafe Champion emails me: “Collingwood’s book An Essay on Metaphysics (1940) looks as though he saw POMO coming early in the piece. Chapter 13, “The Propaganda of Irrationalism,” depicts with chilling accuracy the process that occurs in many courses where the critical faculties of students are systematically destroyed. Collingwood first asks us to picture a civilisation where respect for truth is a powerful belief and systematic thinking is prized in intellectual and practical pursuits. Each feature of this civilisation would have characteristics derived from that prevailing habit of mind.

‘Religion would be predominantly a worship of truth … . Philosophy would be predominantly an exposition not merely of the nature of thought, action & etc. but of scientific thought and orderly (principled, thought-out) action, with special attention to method and to the problem of establishing standards by which on reflection truth can be distinguished from falsehood. Politics would be predominantly the attempt to build up a common life by the methods of reason (free discussion, public criticism). Education would be predominantly a method for inducing habits of orderly and systematic thinking’. And so on.

‘And suppose that now within this same civilisation a movement grew up hostile to these fundamental principles … an epidemic disease: a kind of epidemic withering of belief in the importance of truth and in the obligation to think and act in a systematic and methodical way. Such an irrationalist epidemic infecting religion would turn it from a worship of truth to a worship of emotion and a cultivation of certain emotional states … Infecting politics it would substitute for the ideal of orderly thinking in that field the ideal of tangled, immediate, emotional thinking; for the idea of a political thinker as a political leader the idea of a leader focussing and personifying the mass emotions of his community’.

This movement of thought would need to proceed by stealth because the healthy tissues of thought would strongly resist any open attack on the springs of rationality and scientific thinking.

‘Let a sufficient number of men whose intellectual respectability is vouched for by their academic position pay sufficient lip-service to the ideals of scientific method, and they will be allowed to teach by example whatever kind of anti-science they like, even if this involves a hardly disguised breach with all the accepted canons of scientific method.’

‘The ease with which this can be done will be much greater if it is done in an academic society where scientific specialisation is so taken for granted that no one dare criticise the work of a man in another faculty. In that case all that is necessary to ensure immunity for the irrationalist agents is that they should put forward their propaganda under the pretence that it is itself a special science, which therefore other scientists will understand that they must not criticise’.

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  1. They begin programming the children for emotionalism in elementary school. Children are now their primary targets for complete mind control.

  2. boomie789 says:

    Truth is being ripped from this world.

    El Salvador is providing Ivermectin to its citizens. Delivering it to their homes for free.

  3. boomie789 says:

  4. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Pardon my ignorance of acronyms, but what is POMO? Do you mean the Indians in Northern California?

  5. Joseph E Postma says:

    Actually, I don’t know…

    I just read around that part and absorbed the rest of the content which made enough sense for me to forget about what POMO meant…lol

    Boomie might know.

  6. Joseph E Postma says:

    Thanks for those posts Boomie!

  7. Joseph E Postma says:

    Regarding that quote by Solzhenitsyn: He was of course referring to the perpetrators as Jews…who of course then went on to commit mass-genocide against the Germans, and of course won the war to defeat the German and European peoples. They have murdered SO MANY White Europeans…the total genocide numbers in the 100’s of millions Europeans murdered by them.

  8. Zelator says:

    POMO is probably Post Modernism. I think he is trying to say that modern ideas and concepts and ways of thinking are irrational as opposed to traditional nostalgic beliefs.

    “The Propaganda of Irrationalism ” depicts with chilling accuracy the process that occurs in many courses where the critical faculties of students are systematically destroyed.

  9. Zelator says:

    Joe’s premise is that they are teaching flat earth physics at our education levels. That is what I think he means with the new discussion point. From his point of view he is correct.

  10. Zelator says:

    WE need to be careful, and identify the REAL root of these so called “jews”. There is actually no such thing as a “jew”.

    “They” are Illuminati Zionost Talmudists. “They” are Khazarian imposters. They have never set foot in the real Semitic lands until the corrupt Balfour Declaration of 1917. ( see why the USA entered the war).

    The very same Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt, and his Jesuit successors. These are the all satanic evil ones out to destroy 95% of humanity. Some call it Communism ( see below ) .They despise humanity yet they call themselves the humans of the future. The abraxas.

    I read a book yesterday called “The Satanic Conspiracy- The Specter Haunting Mankind
    by Charles Moscowitz ….and I quote:

    “The Darwinian theory holds that different races of human beings exist in a
    dynamic condition of collective flux in terms of their approximate and ever
    moving location on the ladder of evolution. The process of evolution, which
    is the process of natural selection or, in more plain language, the process of
    breeding, involves different races, or perhaps this could be described as
    different subspecies to be more literally Darwinian, are at either more or less
    superior levels of evolution. This explanation of the Theory of Evolution,
    while vigorously denied by its adherents, is unavoidable when the theory
    itself is studied and understood, which holds that a select species evolves to
    the point of superiority by which a segment of its members will transform
    into a new and superior species.
    This biological idea, which supplanted the God based understanding that
    every human being, created in the image of God is, as such, equal. The
    Theory of Evolution would go on to form the scientific and moral
    underpinning for the Nazi movement which was involved in calibrating and
    estimating different races due to their alleged levels on the evolutionary
    chain. Karl Marx, who was hired by the secretive League of the Just to write
    The Communist Manifesto in 1848, grafted Darwin’s biological theory into
    his social theory. Marx incorporated the idea of biological evolution based
    upon race, which is classic and explicit Darwinism, applying it to an
    examination of class and class conflict. Thus, for Marx, society would pass
    through levels of social evolution, from feudalism, to capitalism, to
    socialism, and finally to the utopian worldwide condition that he called
    Communism. This would be when mankind would no longer be fettered by
    such forms of false consciousness as belief in God, the family, property, the
    right to trade in goods and services, the nation-state, individual
    consciousness, and any of the other ideas or institutions that might foster
    inequalities. Under Communism, Marx opined, such institutions would
    wither away and all of humanity would become one gigantic ant colony”

    That is the Illuminati philosophy of Adam Weishaupt right there.

    Remember this from Phase IV:

    They are telling us they are hive mind. They are insect minded.

  11. Zelator says:

    I often wonder, when we are told we are One. Hurt one and you hurt us all. And I get that. From a survival point of view it would be perfect, as if you hurt me you are hurting yourself.

    But that philosophy has been hijacked by CONTROLLERS who seek to abuse this system of peace. See this is the problem. Humanity unchecked tends towards corruption. Someone always wants more, or thinks he is worth more. There is no such thing as being happy with your lot. Jealousy comes in and is used as conspiring to take from another by one who is and believes he is better and therefore the other deserves less. Communism never worked as some are more equal than others.
    Capitalism doesn’t work as the rich have the advantage. Meritocracy and Propertarianism are elitist versions of communism with always someone of elitist nature in charge.

    The Concept here is one of LACK. That there is not enough to go around.
    This is a misconception in a universe of plenty. Actually there is no such thing as lack, only that which is programmed into us. The World is swimming with opportunities and prosperousness we just don’t see it. I believe humanity needs to be sovereign as a responsible human and if we freed ourselves of the tax and life force leechers of which humanity endures we would flourish.

    But first we need to rid ourselves of our slave masters.

  12. CD Marshall says:

    “Ok. Completely bombed my Calc 2 test. Off to one hell of a start, eh? I am determined to pass, even barely. Anyone know of any resources (books, online stuff) that can help me understand this? Meteorologists, scientists, or met students go…”

    Anyone have any suggestions for them?

  13. Zelator says:

    Try here: Select your Plan:

  14. Zelator says:

    Boomie, what’s your take on the Bolsheviks?

  15. boomie789 says:

    It was just my power supply that fried, everything else is fine.

  16. boomie789 says:


    They should be shot on site

  17. boomie789 says:

    In minecraft

  18. boomie789 says:

  19. I read the Bible from cover to cover over the last year. I made the decision due to all of the Globalist oligarchs’ trolling of the Antichrist prophesies in the CoVid scam and vaccine passports/ social credit system that they are implementing because of it. What is their hatred of Christianity about, I wondered?

    After a lot of wading through ancient ritual in the Books of Moses a patten gradually emerged in the themes that permeated through history. Christianity is the ONLY religion that teaches telling the truth to EVERYONE in all but a few life saving circumstances, and even there teaches consequences for lies. Even on issues such as miracles and most importantly Jesus rising from the dead after three days, it is acknowledged that this is impossible and asks followers to CHOOSE to accept it on faith. It can be interpreted as choosing to acknowledge the limits of our understanding and holding firm to a conviction whilst acknowledging that we may not resolve paradoxes in our lifetimes.

    Contrast this ideal of truth in all circumstances with the belief in all other religions and cultures that it’s ok to lie to your enemy or often to people in your own tribe. Especially look at the Jewish cult and culture of hatred of the goyim, then you will understand not only what has happened in science, but also WHY!

    They destroyed our belief in God, corrupted our religion from within, perverted our search for truth, then science became just another tool for dominion and control.

    There is a reason Christianity calls Satan “the father of lies”. Lies being the epitome and source of all evil.

  20. Zelator says:

    I agree lol. With extreme prejudice in minecraft.

  21. Excellent, excellent stuff wickedwenchfan

  22. Zelator says:

    Wickedwenchfam well said. I flail in the wilderness of truth. Evil is a direct proportional attribute to a lack of faith. Those that have faith would never commit the shit this world puts on us. The ones without faith are cowering and fearful. Yet they have been deceived. The evil bastards are not Christians, we know that, so we know our own. When the shit hits the fan we know who we can trust. Always bear in mind and remember that the Devils greatest trick was to deceive mankind that God never existed. That is exactly what the Illumianti and all its satanic forms have taught to its synagogue of satan. It is a choice we make. A side we choose.

  23. Zelator says:

    Christians will always look out for each other. When the shit hits the fan, who can you count on you atheists, you humanists, you are all individualists looking after your own treasure. Yes we will help you, but do you know what it is to be a Christian? Its simple……. love your fellow man.

  24. Zelator says:

    You know its exactly that division amongst humans that allows the evil world to exist. Why do you think the illuminati and all the other satanic forces use divide and conquer techniques. We are not meant to be a warring species but have been set up to compete and fight each other. The Universe is abundant. We are abundant creator beings deprived of our glory. WE are being farmed to produce rather than be our heavenly selves. This is the truth. Division works only in favour of our conquerors. And yes like it or not we are not free. So what do you think of that? Fucking stinks doesn’t it? Ever felt the world is not quite right? Well hello, wake up time.

  25. CD Marshall says:

  26. CD Marshall says:

    This guy is Dr. Ryan Cole trained at the Mayo Clinic and runs the largest independent testing laboratory in Idaho.

  27. CD Marshall says:

    …If you didn’t already know that.

  28. Zelator says:

    This article just about sums the whole thing up:

    As Beverley Nation said, emotional indoctrination is everywhere and starts in our schools. It is a pre-planned agenda.

    Here is a website were you can read more about the Darwinian/Freud mind control prevalent in this world today:

    If you scroll down the page, there are several books you can read online or download.( if you press the print button it will download as a pdf)

    I suggest you start with Freud’s Mafia. All these books are by Paul T Boggs, and
    I highly recommend them.

  29. CD Marshall says:

    This person claims to be a PhD

    “CD is a self-described layperson, self taught climate change expert, whatever that means. Anyway, he’s got it all wrong…”

    “It pretty simple actually. A single CO2 molecule can absorb IR radiation (that would otherwise leave the atmosphere) and release that energy and do it again and again and again.”

    “Somewhat true, but CO2 absorbs some of the radiant heat that would otherwise leave our atmosphere and heats the atmosphere. It not very complicated. The only question is how much. The answer is enough to fuck things up!”

    If I had to guess, I’d say they have a degree in climate change gender studies.

  30. Zelator says:

    Yes CD, but don’t you tire with the endless banging your head against the wall? Don’t you realise we are in a war? If the world continues on its current path it won’t matter if you prove a global warming cretin wrong. The time to fight them with words is well over. The very same Global Warming pricks will be the very first up against the wall by the commies for being such useless little wankers. Do you think they will be spared by the satanists who want to eliminate 95% of humanity.
    It’s time to realise these pricks exist and bypass them. There ARE BIGGER AND MORE IMPORTANT battles ahead that are literally life and death issues for you and your family. You are like an ostrich with its head in the sand. I just don’t get you?

  31. boomie789 says:

    “The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know, that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over. The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone.” – Author Unkown

  32. boomie789 says:

    Let CD have his fun and excersize his mind. I like to learn with him.

  33. Zelator says:

    Fantastic Quote.

  34. Zelator says:

    Exorcise you mean lol

  35. boomie789 says:

    O lol, of course.

  36. Zelator says:

    Morning Joe.

  37. @CD 2021/09/18 at 6:12 am

    Well, that’s where things are at. People have no idea what the RGHE is, how it works, what heat flow is, or even comprehend that the sun heats the Earth. No, all we have is “The answer is enough to fuck things up!”

    Midwits…midwits will destroy this entire planet.

  38. Zelator says:

    Boomie that was a really potent quote you put there. So pertinent. It’s got me thinking ….

  39. Zealtor says:


  40. Zelator says:


  41. Zelator says:

    Seems certain words trigger WP shame Zone Sin Bin Tested a ” .” and that’s ok.

  42. zelator says:

    Let me try post something it might not like

  43. Zelator says:

    Let me do a test of something it might not like: ready…..

  44. Zelator says:

    Let me try something it might not like. 3rd attempt.. it keeps defaulting to home page. Hey talmudist programmer go suck.

  45. Zelator says:

    Right :
    Without beating about the bush, it seems we are ultimately upon the final battle of our lifetime.
    Our childrens’ future depends on us. The projected end times as prophesised has finally arrived. Who would have guessed?

    We are against a historical Serpent Tribe of Dan of Nimrod himself. The Babylonian Talmudist death cult.

    The spoils are freedom, and life itself.

    Ok so let’s inform the enemy that we come to win at all costs:

    Let the song of our brothers be upon all who we come to conquer.

    “Swing low sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home” my blessed, forgive for us what we are about to witness.

    See we have taken on and defeated everything and anything that has come in our way. – THE BATTLE OF CRECY 1346 l ENGLAND vs FRANCE

    Never underestimate the British … Zulu – Final Attack – regimental artillary at its best.

    King Baldwin vs Saladin:

    The Mission – wasteland:

    You wonder why there is so much pent up anger in the world, something is about to blow.

    WE don’t need swords or bows and arrows anymore, no more fighting in muddy fields abroad.

    We have different tools to combat the filth.

    This is the shit we do for these c*nts:

    Are you watching ….serpent cult?

    Slide Away – Oasis – Live at Knebworth 1996

    Oh – Come On lets have it! Time for talking is nearly over. As Swedish brother pA said above in a previous thread be rude:
    Well yes aghh facking get in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Game on.

  46. justgivemeall says:

    That’s a great quote Boomie , thanks for that it is truly fitting our current predicament. Off to a rally today just to support the people. But a bought a new one last week,so am ready when they come. If that is all that is left I will not go quietly.

  47. CD Marshall says:

    You need to change your current medication and dial it down. Best way to win a battle is to never inform the enemy you are coming. I’m guessing you have no military training? Constant propaganda pushes the “idiots” to violence, eventually. “Antivaxxers”, “Climate Change deniers”.
    Will set the masses off enough to help rid the population. It is a tactic used repeatedly through out history and has been very successful.

    Information wins battles far better than frothing at the mouth in the middle of town square screaming “The end is coming.” like a lunatic. Which then can be shown to the other side that you are unstable and can’t be trusted.

    The more eyes are open, the more allies you have. The more who see the insanity through Covid and Climate Change, the more you win to your side. We are at a war, information is what Media is constantly “deleting”.

    Now if you want to continue to be a dick with Joe’s approval, I’ll move on from this site and you can believe those implementing genocide never tried it before and the Nazis were just misunderstood for having camps of only Jews for their “protection” or whatever insane belief you have convinced yourself in your rants.

    I don’t care at all about these idiot trolls, I care to win people to the right side be revealing the cockroach hiding in the shadows. I also don’t reveal what I do publicly like a FN idiot. Many ways to use media to transfer data.

    The more insane you sound the more you kill your influence, the more you kill your influence the more nobody will follow you unless they are fanatics as we have plenty of those in climate change and those attacking anyone who doesn’t choose the jab. Meanwhile Biden is on his knees giving terrorists and China whatever they want as you rant about Zion or something. The real war is on the ground with cops beating people for not taking the vax. Although it was refreshing to see some cops take a stand and refuse.

    Tactics win wars.

    Cheers or flip off, either works for me.

  48. I do not approve when Z goes off on people here, which is why I delete such comments, but I suppose the damage is done already. Moderation queue then…….

  49. boomie789 says:


    That is so awful. These awful institutions.

  50. boomie789 says:

  51. What amazing losers.

  52. Zelator says:

    Hi CD. No I have never been in the military. I got as far as passing my entrance Exams to go into the RAF but never took it up as I went into Medicine instead. If your implying I have no discipline, well I had a very strict and violent upbringing at the hands of my Father who is SAS. He taught me how to street fight; I know what it is like to be beaten to a pulp, I’ve had bottles stuck in my head, baseball bats in my face, I’ve been stabbed, so I know what pain is. So I suppose I get my “take no nonsense” attitude from him. And yes I do regret my upbringing and wonder how I could have been a better person. Has it tainted me? Probably, but I’m too old in the tooth to change now.

    I apologise if I have offended you. You bring value to this forum and it would be a worse place without you.

    So please continue posting, and I will refrain from upsetting people on here. Joe, I don’t want to be banned.


  53. Zelator says:

    Joe that video of the mask on the child is disturbing. What is wrong with these people?

  54. Zelator says:

    Oasis – D’You Know What I Mean?

  55. justgivemeall says:

    I think at this point they have pretty much won. When a parent will knowingly try to smother her own child to abide by the law society is finished. Went to a freedom rally in Nanaimo yesterday mostly grey haired,next to no young people. I can’t believe how programmed our young are or maybe they simply have no problem with having their freedoms taken away, but it makes them hard to help if they won’t get involved.

  56. Zelator says:

    Justgivemeall, it’s a sad reflection that a majority are still asleep. How do we wake them?
    Heaven knows. But well done with your personal protest.

  57. Zelator says:

    We can only continue to chip away, although I fear a violent backlash may be inevitable, and be the wake up call to the sleepers to see the real picture.

  58. Zelator says:

    In Canada you have Justin Castro pulling the strings. He is such a puppet for the DS it’s blindingly obvious. We have Bojo the muppet, God where do they get these guys from lol.

  59. Sorry about the shite you had to deal with Z. Yah sometimes the shit parents put their children through just leaves the child wondering for the rest of their life what the heck must be wrong with themselves, instead of making them “stronger”.

    However, wondering all the time what must be wrong with you, makes one then look at the world to figure out what must be wrong with it.

    And here we are. You know things that are wrong with the world that no one else knows, and in my case, I can point out something that no one else in the world was able to see – flat earth in modern physics.

    Sometimes I pity the people who are so confident in themselves, which thus makes them so confident in the world-they could never question the world which sustains their core confident identity, and they have to believe in everything it tells them. These are your PhDs in physics who have their identity in the world and in their degree, and thus could never question what is even pretended as merely tangentially supporting their identity. I think I posted a meme about this recently.

    The difference though is that they have extroverted confidence. Ours is an introverted confidence, but the introverted confidence can actually do anything the extroverted confidence can do, when it wants or needs to; the extroverted confidence cannot do what the introverted one does, though.

    So in the end we did end up stronger, we just don’t feel it or express it the way that extroverts do.

    If the demon whispered into your ear, upon your death bed, that your fate is to relive your life forever, would you praise it for such wonderful news!?

    We have, on our side, the absolute highest quality minds on the entire planet.

  60. zelator says:

    Yes I think my violent dad thought it was the best for me. Wrongly thinking it would
    create a better man. I was never a strong kid, and dad used to arrange fights to harden me up.

    Can you imagine someone calling on your door for a fight. It was normal. I won them all, but I
    never wanted it. I gained respect literally through blood.

    Thanks for your kind words, it means more than you will ever know. I am not on your forum to
    criticise or use subterfuge, but only to add my value to your brilliant open discussion.

    I am an INTJ and that is generally not accepted by extrovert Politicians and other bullshit artists.

    I cannot help being who I am, and I upset some people, and I apologise, but I value freedom of expression.

    Thankyou for that.

    Blessings Z

  61. Zealtor says:

    Please don’t look back in anger, it’s not worth it, trust me.

  62. boomie789 says:

    Some of the funniest memes in a long time.

    Remember how that “assassination plot” of that evil Governor of Michigan was all FEDS?

    Malevolence and incompetence go together like Penut Butter & Jelly ey?!?


  63. boomie789 says:

  64. Zelator says:

    What was this DC Rally Boomie, was it a Trump thing? Sorry I’m a bit out of touch with the US news lol. We don’t get US News here really only what the BBC allows, which I don’t watch anyway..

  65. Joseph E Postma says:

    “US Capitol attack”

    We live in a complete simulacrum, where the media and government just invents whatever they want. As if it was at all an attack.

  66. Joseph E Postma says:

    “Malevolence and incompetence go together like Penut Butter & Jelly ey?!?”

    Man, I LOVE that. You must recall I am always saying:

    Are these people malevolent, or just retarded? Or is that the same thing!?

  67. Zealtor says:

    OK yeh, gotcha, it could have been another false flag setup. So people stayed away. Feds everywhere. Glad it turned out peaceful as the Trump supporters would have been blamed again just like the capitol building set up.

  68. CD: I just spent the last three days writing a book over EMAIL to a group of world-wide skeptics and some organization they’re part of with political influence.

    Of course, as always, some snake in the grass 5’th column operatives got in on the thread, and start arguing for backradiation heating, etc.

    So of course, I patiently go through the First Law, its definition, its equation, and then the definition and equations for heat, explaining that what is required to increase temperature is heat, and heat comes from something hotter only, as per the definitions and the equations for which I supplied all the references, etc.

    You know what the two snakes in the grass did then? Sparing the personal attacks to my intelligence they feigned to manage perceptions, they write, to quote:

    “Your definition of heat is much too restrictive. WE define heat as the thermal radiation which can come from an icecube, and that this must be absorbed, and therefore indeed a cold substance can make a hotter object increase in temperature via radiation, because this is about energy, not your restrictive definition of heat to which radiation doesn’t apply.”

    Can you fn believe that?! So their argument is to just make up new definitions, which they have no equations or references for…they just make up with words new sophistry and call “my” (they’re not MINE) definitions of the First Law and heat “too restrictive”! lol

    Yah…too restrictive indeed, because they debunk the RGHE, and so, they simply create new definitions.

    So I ended the exchange with:

    This is mockery. People, this is mockery. This is a mockery of conversation, of thinking, of reason, of bare decency.

    I cannot believe that this is what I have to engage with. I really cannot believe it.

    We’re all being played for fools by these people in a con-game. Can others really not see that this is what these snake-in-the-grass fake “skeptics” are doing?

    Do you all enjoy being mocked? Because we’re being mocked.

  69. Zelator says:

    Holy shit, Joe’s just released another batch of memes. Lol this is goon show.

  70. CD Marshall says:

    I’ve encountered that definition of “HEAT” among those with physics degrees many times. They argue all IR is heat not thermal energy, replacing the action of heating with the ability to exist as something mistakenly referred to as an IR heat signature. They claim IR from an ice cube is contributing to the heat of a room as much as the ambient temperature. They also claim that all energy is absorbed and therefore increases the internal energy of the system which in their minds equals heat. Phonons however, obey the same rules as photons under the Bose-Einstein statistics. So if that energy/frequency is not enough to excite the electron it just gets stored in the infinite bank of low level energy until it is depleted.

    Which it seems they use entropy to justify heating when in fact heating is the exact opposite of heating. The end of entropy in the universe is dead cold space.

    Which I found this on a Hyperphysics link (though sadly they are bending the knee more to the GHGE).

    Zemansky’s plea:
    Don’t refer to the “heat in a body”, or say “this object has twice as much heat as that body”. He also objects to the use of the vague term “thermal energy” and to the use of the word “heat” as a verb, because they feed the misconceptions, but it is hard to avoid those terms. He would counsel the introduction and use of the concept of internal energy as quickly as possible.

    Zemansky points to the First Law of Thermodynamics as a clarifying relationship. The First Law identifies both heat and work as methods of energy transfer which can bring about a change in the internal energy of a system. After that, neither the words work or heat have any usefulness in describing the final state of the sytem – we can speak only of the internal energy of the system.

  71. Joseph E Postma says:

    Yes exactly, CD, we’ve encountered this strategy for years. I mean, we put lots of energy into fighting it, but, what it really comes down to is trivial: they just make up whatever new definitions they want, at a whim, on the fly, as it suits them. It’s not serious debate…it’s just mockery of anyone who gets baited into it, wasting our time.

    In other news: why are cops so retarded?

  72. Joseph E Postma says:

    Oh, CD, I think that you meant to post this comment on the new post.

  73. CD Marshall says:

    I was replying to your comment above.

    Which I’d like to add they also claim IR “doesn’t know where it came from” 100% true but the frequency does tell us not only what the peak emissions would have been but that F tells us what it can “heat”.

  74. Joseph E Postma says:

    Oh yes right…which I copied into the new post.

    Yes…got that comment a bunch of times too. How does ANYTHING know to do ANYTHING? How does a planet know to orbit the Sun?

    Right, because there are reasons, which are known, which are embedded into the definitions.

    Because a hotter surface is vibrating with higher frequency and greater intensity that ANY photon that a cooler body can emit.

  75. tom0mason says:

    Just a test as WordPress phaffs around with my settings.

  76. PB2505 says:

    Hey Joseph ……. You could always just admit that you’re wrong……..How could you not know that you can save electricity and just put ice cubes in your morning coffee…..According to these boneheads it will make your coffee hotter……… Whats that old saying about being so stupid that people dont realise that they so stupid……. How are these zombies even participating normal life….. Truly strange people!!!

  77. A Thorpe says:

    Collingwood is not the only philosopher to discuss this idea and it seems to me that it is also associated with a human desire to conform to the beliefs of the majority. There have been cases of tyrants such as Hitler using psychological methods to influence people and perhaps it only becomes obvious after the event.

    Delusions and failure to face reality are probably never far from the human race and when a majority believe in a delusion it becomes a problem. Hitler was also deluded because he didn’t seem himself as evil, he thought he was correct. The mass psychosis seem to work to create a few using the delusion to control the masses, but all believing the same delusion. This was the case with witchcraft. It needed a witchfinder who believed in witches and that he could find them and a population who also believed they could detect those possessed by the devil.

    The problem today is that we have science that should be helping us but it has been corrupted. Because of inadequate education and the enormous knowledge we have acquired it is impossible to know just a small part. If our brain gives us any advantage it must be that we can think rationally and be able to analyse the information we are given. We are in a period where rational thinking and facts has been taken over with emotional views and I think this has been brought about firstly by TV and then by the internet and in particular social media. Crazy ideas spread round the world in seconds and soon appear as facts.

    Philosophers have discussed how we can recover from this and the only suggestion I have seen is civil disobedience. However, this needs a group of people who think rationally and through discussion can change minds of the deluded. Social media has polarised views and created such a mass believing in nonsense that is has become impossible to influence anybody through rational thought, especially when politicians and the media suffer from the delusions.

    Joseph and many others are doing their part to inform about the climate crisis delusion but it seems an impossible task.

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