Weapon of Mass Destruction

Whether or not this virus is a “leaked” (purposefully or not) genetically-engineered bioweapon, or the product of where Chinese people buy their food, the end result is the same: it has unleashed a weapon of mass destruction on the entire planet.

When you have the potential of millions of dead, and have the realized effects of global economic shutdown due to the threat of mass-casualty which in itself can create follow-on effects of societal breakdown and mass casualty down the road, then it doesn’t matter how you cut it: the world is suffering the effects of the result of the deployment of a weapon of mass destruction. We would have witnessed these exact same results, only faster, if nuclear weapons had have been used in some limited exchange between nations.

It doesn’t matter if it all fake either: these are the results we’re all now factually having to “suffer”.

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  1. I might see the information about the virus as a weapon of mass intelligence-destruction. As for an actual biological threat from the virus itself, … no.

    When three high-caliber German immunologists call current world actions extreme over-reactions, I have a hard time thinking that three such experts could all be wrong at the same time.

    The error in attributing the spread of the virus to the growing number of cases of the disease is such a basic error that I cannot believe it. What the numbers show is merely the growth rate of TESTING. Growth rate of confirmed cases tracks growth rate of tests completed. People are mistaking increased detection for increased occurrence. It’s as bad as believing in spreading sunshine over the whole Earth at once.

    I think that we might be witnessing just how ignorant most people are about basic facts, … like people die in large numbers all over the world every day. If people are so attuned to the authoritative data of the CDC and WHO, then why are they not freaking out about the 1,100 deaths per day in the USA alone (PER DAY) attributed to tobacco use? — an enabled, socially acceptable form of death that individuals DAILY make the PERSONAL DECISION to take the risk of bringing upon themselves?

    Then there are the multiple hundreds of PREVENTABLE heart-disease deaths in the USA alone? Again, PREVENTABLE. Yet, these are socially accepted, culturally and economically enabled each and every day!

    What about deaths due to automobiles? People make the PERSONAL DECISION each and every day to take the risk of getting into a car or on a motor bike or walking where there are motorized, multi-toned masses of metal whizzing by them at close distances. Why no freaking out here? Why no daily count of all these?

    Where are the shut-down orders for these? Where are the laws to disable the businesses that enable all this? Where are the headlines? … the energized news reporters on TV? … the constant, 24/7 inundation of information, reminding us every second of how many people have died from smoking, driving, and coronary heart disease, enabled and encouraged by viral behaviors and viral business that we have become so accustomed to that we are bored by these deaths, and we need a new form of death awareness to get excited about and entertain ourselves?

  2. Malcolm A Smith says:

    Since I first started reading you the climate radicals thought Earth was over populated. This is a good way to bring it down. You know somewhere a group of people are cheering this on.

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention alcohol-abuse and other substance-abuse deaths. Let’s freak out a little about these. Let’s get the daily news casts filled with THOSE numbers.

    Out of sight, out of mind, right?

    COVID-19 is the latest fashion in public awareness, more than it is anything else.

    Not to say that we should not react to the SARS CoV-2 virus. But, for God’s sake, react rationally and not stupidly to shut down civilization and kill ourselves economically.

    Okay, rant done for the moment.

  4. This thing is all an information-awareness promotional effort.

    Viruses have always been routinely mutating, infecting populations, and then easing up. This is normal. This normal is what many people have never been aware of, and only now are they becoming aware under the guise of something greatly out of the ordinary.

  5. geran says:

    The winners here are the extreme Left. I’m surprised Trump fell for it. That’s not his nature. It’s like someone had a gun to his head.

    I hope we recover, and I hope folks learn from it.

    We’ll see….

  6. geran,

    We might recover, but I am concerned about the lasting scars and the lasting precedents that could come back to bite us in the a$$ at a future time.

    We’ve now proven what sheep we are, … what unquestioning followers we can be.

    Some people might remember this commercial:

    My re-written words to the jingle are as follows:

    I fear coronavirus and I’m proud, I’m part of an hysterical crowd.
    Now if you look around these days, there seems to be coronavirus craze.
    Oh, I’m corona, he’s corona, she’s corona, we’re corona, wouldnt’ you like to fear corona too.

    Memorize it, and sing it to yourselves throughout the day. (^_^)

  7. That’s not the video I embedded, damn it:

  8. Pretty much every effort and every inroad into stopping the climate change scam has now been instantly undone.

    This is the new battle. The new front. The new assault. They have sneaked behind us in the dead of night and taken us in the rear. And if we lose this battle, we lose the war.

    One needs to understand what the Globalists want.,It wasn’t open boarders.That was just an excuse to destabilise us and weaken our resistance. I wasnt stopping fossil fuels. That was just a ploy to gain control of resources and centralise power.

    It was only ever about control. Complete and utter global control of every individual on the planet via technocracy. China was the experiment. The test case. They rolled out their plans there first. Now they have the excuse to replicate it everywhere

  9. And people love it…they just love it.

  10. boomie789 says:

    ^luvin it.

  11. boomie789 says:

    ^luvin it.

    Unedited pic

  12. MP says:

    This new viral vid seems to wake up normies fast. Over 2 million views in 1.5 day.

    It may seem to be not directly related to the fast track attempt to totalitarian world control, but it is, the Globalist Deep State is very scared about public awakening on this subject matters.

  13. boomie789 says:


    Thanks for that. Really good watch. Best explanation of pizzagate I’ve seen.

  14. Today, I posted (as I calculated it) the following on my Facebook page:

    From about the start of the COVID-19 crisis in December 2019 until now, April 12, 2020, a total of 120 days have gone by. On each and every one of those days, here are how many people died, in the United States alone, of the following:

    442 deaths per day from preventable cardiovascular disease
    1,315 deaths per day from smoking
    88 deaths per day from motor-vehicle crashes
    241 deaths per day from alcohol-related causes

    120 days x 442 cardio deaths/day = 53,040 cardio deaths
    120 days x 1,315 smoking deaths/day = 157,800 smoking deaths
    120 days x 88 motor-vehicle deaths/day = 10,560 motor-vehicle deaths
    120 days x 241 alcohol-related deaths/day = 28,920 alcohol-related deaths

    So, during the 120 days, when 22,071 people in the United States died from COVID-19, … 53,040 people died from preventable heart disease, 157,800 people died from smoking, 10,560 people died from motor-vehicles, and 28,920 people died from alcohol.

    53,040 + 157,800 + 10,560 + 28,920 = 250,320 people in the United States — people who made individual choices to accept the risks of their behavior that could kill them and DID kill them — received no news coverage, while 22,071 people caused the entire country to shut down normal operations.

    250,320 divided by 22,071 = 11 times more people in the United States died of other PREVENTABLE causes than from COVID-19. That’s 11 x 22,071 = 250,320 people died from other largely PREVENTABLE causes than from COVID-19. And the whole country shut down normal operations, because of them alone!

  15. boomie789 says:

    @Robert Kernodle

    Also look into the Flu and Pneumonia/Influenza.

    I said it in the other post, but 80,000 people died from the flu in the USA(2016?). That is a bad Flu year

    The projections are still at 100,000 last I heard for kung flu.

    that’s not all.

    Pneumonia/Influenza deaths and cases are on the decline this year. Are less people dieing from these everyday diseases? Or are people being relabeled?

    That’s not even getting into how people are diagnosed and if those numbers are accurate.

    Italy’s numbers are ridiculous and admittedly inflated.

    Then the anecdotal stories of fake bodies and fake burials.

    Interesting times we live in.

  16. boomie789 says:

    That’s still not even the scariest part.

    This dudes been saying for months now the farms are shutting down. Go in his history.

    Dumping milk, mountains of rotting produce, and the ceasing of meat production.

  17. We are seeing the emergence of, … are you ready, … The Sick House Effect.

    With the “Sick House Effect”, we have the phenomenon of “back infection”, and here’s how that works:

    All the graves or ashes of people who died from smoking, heart disease, auto crashes, alcohol abuse, and substance abuse over the past 120 days are re-examined for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus, and on those where there is any viral load at all present, we retro-declare the underlying cause of death as COVID-19, thus making the total deaths from COVID-19 greater than “otherwise would be”.

  18. MP says:

    It seems that there are multiple layers of covid-19 desception.

    We see inflated numbers by the changed procedures. What looks like a plandemic

    On the other hand we hear about symptons of people who end up in intensive care with ventilators that are equal to a certain vaccination brand that went wrong (binding anti bodies, instead of neutralizing anti bodies)

    That is also what likely happened with the so called spanish flu. The spreading was not natural virus like spreading, just like now (most of China is not affected, but many places are around the world).

    And almost all or all who die from the symptoms are people in the risk group who get flu vaccinations.

    So the blood transfusion program may not be to get good anti bodies in, but to get bad anti bodies out

  19. https://www.thediplomad.com/2020/04/one-flu-over-cuckoos-guess-or-he-said.html?m=1

    “As I have said many times before, “science” and “scientists” ain’t the same thing. A fast and easy definition of “science” is, “a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.” Is that what we have in dealing with the ChiCom virus? Hardly. We have in many respects the same sort of pseudo-science that exists in the Global Climate Change scam: a bunch of models that predict nothing, based, at best, on erroneous assumptions, i.e., guesses, and data changed to suit the winds not of nature but of politics and funding. As with the Global Climate Change nonsense, the “theories” or “models” in the ChiCom virus pandemic are not falsifiable, in other words, they do not make “testable explanations and predictions.”

    Never forget, anybody can call himself a “scientist,” just as anybody can become a “journalist,” or a “consultant.” “Scientists,” even good ones, have obligations, personal aspirations, political agendas, and, let us not forget, egos just as much as anybody else does. They need to pay the mortgage, too. Throughout history, we find “scientists” going where money, power, and prestige beckon.

    Recent decades, of course, have seen an explosion in the population of “scientists.” Look at how many college majors have the word “science” attached to their description. We have gone well beyond the white-haired chemist or physicist thinking deep thoughts while conducting replicable and falsifiable experiments. We have the political activist posing as the concerned and caring expert; we have the bureaucrat protecting his fief posing as the expert. We live in an era of mountebanks with access to enormous megaphones and power.”

  20. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/cdc-borrowing-pneumonia-deaths-from-flu-covid-19-james-lyons-weiler

    So, how can we believe the CDC? Who the hell can we trust? Is data manipulation actually going on in THIS organizations too? It’s really getting frustrating on many levels.

    I saw an argument by someone saying that people who compare deaths from COVID-19 to other causes of death are not providing the proper context. I call bullshit on that, because it is THEY who are failing to provide proper context via their shortsighted focus.

    I did a little graph, showing the weeks of development of cumulative deaths from (supposedly) COVID-19, along with cumulative deaths accruing (supposedly) from smoking [based on a simple daily average derived from a yearly total].

    The CONTEXT here was the weeks over which COVID-19 deaths have been manically tracked.
    The CONTEXT of both causes of death was the same time period over which deaths from both causes accumulated.

    What becomes obvious is that the sheer volume of deaths attributed to smoking … dwarfs the volume of deaths attributed to COVID-19, … to such an extent that the supposed exponential increase in deaths from COVID-19 over such a short time shows up as a mere upward tick from a flat line that then becomes roughly a linear rate of increase on a scale SEVEN TIMES SMALLER in volume:

  21. To add even more CONTEXT, here’s another graph:

  22. boomie789 says:

    Good news


    “WASHINGTON DC – In a stunning turn of events, Surgeon General Jerome Adams explained in an interview on live XM radio, that the Coronavirus Task Force has, effectively, dumped the Bill Gates/CDC/WHO predictive contagion model, and is now working with the real data.

    He explained on the Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow, that given the new data, businesses will begin to re-open as early as May, others in June.

    This runs contrary to the out-and-out fear-mongering of Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates who have made a media tour, threatening the public that businesses may not re-open for six months to a year, or until and unless governments purchase their conveniently patented, big-pharma vaccination.”


    “WASHINGTON D.C – President Trump has just cut-off the WHO from funds, in an order carried out on Tuesday. The president is demanding that questions are answered surrounding their failure to warn the international community on the nature of the coronavirus.

  23. Pierre D. Bernier says:

    A good read…


    Not sure the left will like the results so much. As the guy concludes… After seing the result of an economic shutdown, people might see that CO2 emission control might not be such a good idea ! ! !

  24. boomie789 says:

    “Winter will not give up, warns the Weather Service. Record cold temperatures are possible from the Upper Mississippi Valley into portions of the Plains…the mid section of the nation.

    Temperatures will be 10 to 30 degrees below average across much of the central and eastern United States.

    Meanwhile, heavy snow is likely over parts of the Northern/Central Rockies…”

    It definitely got oddly cold again here in the deep south. Cold winds.

  25. Were 15C below in Calgary and still getting snow as if it’s mid December. It really is like what an ice age onset would be like.

  26. It’s been a freaky-weather year here in central NC, USA — unseasonably warm winter days, interspersed with seemingly normal cold days, … now normally warm days, suddenly interrupted by unseasonably cold days. And lots of rain over the year, seemingly.

    I’ve been calling it split-personality weather (SPW).

  27. boomie789 says:

    Would you look at that? Been trying to find a graph like this. I’ve heard even people who had a heart attack are relabeled as having died from Kung Flu.

  28. What is up with … “flu” … “pneumonia” … conflation statistics? I can’t find it now, but today, at one point, I cam across a table at a cdc website that was so convoluted and confusing on the distinction that I don’t see how anyone could use it to target a specific cause of death (is it even possible to do this, I’m wondering now).

    And now, I have found this:


    … which raises the question, “Does anybody really know what they are talking about?”

  29. Oh, and I made another graph, just for my home state:

    If we believe the attribution of smoking to death, as the cdc and other organizations put forth, then, based on a daily average from yearly total deaths, the number of adults who die EACH DAY from their own smoking in North Carolina is 38.

    PER DAY. .. 38 people dead. … From smoking. … Each and every day. Yet, somehow eager TV news personalities are not jumping all over this twenty-four hours a day. Society is not shut down. Schools are not closed. The state is not discussing the unprecedented level of stupid proposal that they are now [just friggin’ totally unbelievable], which is to allow all students to pass their grade, ONLY by completing their assignments, with zero expectations to make any sort of grade on them — they just get a pass [based ONLY on completing an assignment] or fail, for (I guess) not even doing that. Oh my God! As if education were not deep in the gutter already. Now we have zero expectations, instead of reduced expectations.

    How about we forgive people for not wiping their asses anymore. Crude, I know, but just when I thought the level of stupid in my state could not grow any more, ….

  30. boomie789 says:

    @Robert Kernodle

    We get it, you vape.

    And so this isn’t a complete sh!tpost, here is a new channel I found.

  31. boomie789 says:

    @ Robert Kernodle
    O yea, I’ve read air pollution kills 100,000 Americans every year.

    Medical Malpractice Iv’e heard anywhere from 200,000 up to almost 500,000 a year, thats actually pretty nuts.

    and for reference smoking.


    “More than 480,000 deaths annually (including deaths from secondhand smoke)”

    Yet we shut down the whole country for 100,000. And that number is certainly inflated.

    I used to smoke cigarettes. I actually quit with a vape. Haven’t smoke a cig in maybe 2 years now. You’d be amazed how much money goes into lying about vaping and the special interest against it. Including state governments.

  32. boomie789 says:

    Hot off the presses and highly relevant.

  33. Thanks boomie for that huge source of info.

    And no, I don’t vape. My lungs are virgin — always have been, always will be. (^_^)

    I was just thinking that, if the new coronavirus could be inactivated by UV sunlight, then the greenhouse people are out of luck, since, in their world, UV power of sunshine is reduced to one fourth of total.

  34. boomie789 says:

    The UK is going full on authoritarian nanny state.


    They really broke the door, wait till end.

    Notice how they are not wearing gloves, mask, ANYTHING. In a group. Traveling from home to home. Makes a lot of sense. /s.

    ^ got taken down from reddit. Lots of post making fun of the counter quarantine protesters.


    “A man has become the first person in the UK to be jailed for visiting a hospital without a valid medical reason and then bragging about it on Facebook.”
    Following his visit, he updated his Facebook, writing: “I went to ICU, A+E, Level One, Level Two, upstairs and downstairs. No sanitisers in sight, no bacterial rub, nothing.
    “Spoke to two different workers – Vinny (he called himself, lanyard was backwards) is loving the overtime he’s getting and wore a mask for about one day when it first hit Stoke Mandeville a Month ago.
    He added: “I’m not saying covid doesn’t exist, it’s a respiratory virus, but is predominantly focusing on the elderly and infirm (same as standard flu).
    “Now think about how many people day in day out dying from normal s**t… but getting put into the covid-19 stat to keep the pandemic going.”
    And he ended his Facebook post by writing: “Bottom line is, if your [sic] missing your lattes Stoke Mandeville Costa is still open.”
    He was arrested the next day and on Thursday, he was jailed for 12 weeks at Oxford Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to one count of causing a public nuisance, and one count of contravening the government’s emergency restriction of movement.

    He was also ordered to pay £300 compensation to the NHS Trust.

  35. MP says:

    In the climate discussion there are 2 mainstream narratives. Alarmists and Luke warmers, while the not mainstream discussed elephant in the room is that the whole greenhouse effect hypothesis is wrong.

    With the corona discussion the main narratives are it came from bats, and it came from a lab. And mixing with 5g as the conspiracy distractor. While the not mainstream discussed elephant in the room is a flu shot that went wrong, causing immune over reaction when exposed to a normal corona virus months later.


  36. MP says:

    If it was a stronger/enhanced virus (from lab or bats doesn’t matter) also low immune babies and small children should be affected, with at least very high fevers, just like the normal flu pattern

    What would the WHO and CDC do when a flu shot goes wrong?

    Inflating the numbers everywhere by procedure changes and blaming a random virus type? Muddying the data waters?

  37. MP says:

    The proposed medicine mix is hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and z-pack

    Hydroxychloroquine is an immune over reaction modulator. Zinc (anti virus infection) and z-pack (anti bacteria infection) are for getting rid of where the immune system over reacts on.

    So the main problem for people who end up in intensive care with ventilators is an immune over reaction, what is a known vaccination risk

  38. MP says:

    CDC and Fauci Whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD about: COVID-19 masks, pandemia, vaccines and transmitting disease.

  39. boomie789 says:


    Damn it got taken down. I’ve only watched half.

    What a bombshell though.

    Lol, what’s in their terms of service that restricts that video?

  40. boomie789 says:


    AHH it’s on bitchute


    What do you guys think of https://gibiru.com/? Becoming my favorite alternative search engine. Couldn’t find those links on google.

  41. MP says:

    @ boomie789

    Right. A Bombshell. Here is another one. It is about organ harvest procedures.

  42. boomie789 says:


    I did have the Donor removed last time I renewed my license. Seems that might not be enough though.

    Made me think of a good tattoo idea.

    I remember a while ago there was a story about a guy who when into the ER unconscious.

    It was a heart attack or stroke or something.

    They rip his shirt off and across his chest it reads, “do not recessitate”. If I remember right the patient was an Ex-con, probably got that tattoo in prison.

    Anyway the doctors actually stopped in their tracks when they read it. They debated for a while.

    They eventually decided to listen to the tattoo. They treated it like a will of some sort. They let the patient die.

    So I’m thinking get a tattoo that says, “don’t take my organs”. Lol.

    Be a little weird being my only tattoo though.

  43. My tattoo would read, “I’d prefer not to be a vegetable, but while you debate, enjoy your next breath like you never have before.”

    Well, that’s a bit long, but, at least, it would give them something interesting to do.

  44. boomie789 says:


  45. “…In the Ruling Caste’s perfect world, there are two castes: theirs and everybody else—call it the untouchables, or better yet, the deplorables—impoverished, dependent, and subservient. A thriving, independent middle class—one of capitalism’s greatest creations—simply has no right to exist. It doesn’t need a Ruling Caste—reason enough to hate it—and must be eliminated…” – Robert Gore, “Coronacide”, at https://straightlinelogic.com/2020/04/23/coronacide-by-robert-gore/

  46. “One thing global warming has taught the Ruling Caste: confer payola, positions, and prestige on the Scientific Caste and you can get whatever Science you want. So roll out scary pandemic predictions from bought and paid for Experts and Voilà! people will hand you their livelihoods and their freedom. In that Ruling Caste perfect world, we’d grant them permission to execute us if the Experts recommended it, docilely lining up for the firing squad or gas chamber. Who are we to argue with the Experts?”

  47. boomie789 says:

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you’d be cracking the skull of a cutthroat. Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur — what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”

    -Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
    —The Gulag Archipelago

    I know to much to go in that line, I and those like me actually have guns. Not just axes and hammers. The US military/police voted 2/3 Trump. Their power is an illusion, a magic trick.

    On a lighter note, a hilarious song I listen to when I start thinking about that stuff.

  48. CD Marshall says:

    So the Pauli Exclusion Principle refers to fermions not bosons (If I got this right) so how does that relate to CO2 photons which if I am not mistaken is bosons?

    “No two electrons in an atom can have identical quantum numbers. This is an example of a general principle which applies not only to electrons but also to other particles of half-integer spin (fermions). It does not apply to particles of integer spin (bosons)…”

    So how would that still apply?

  49. CD Marshall says:

    What I mean is photons ejected from CO2 but aren’t all photons boson based so how would PEP be used as an example of a lower energy photon not able to increase the temperature of a higher energy source?

  50. boomie789 says:

    @MP and others
    Huge resource on what you were talking about.

    On March 12th, 2020, Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta held a global town hall on “Corona Facts and Fears.” During the discussion, Anderson said to the viewing audience, “And, again, if you are concerned about coronavirus, and you haven’t gotten a flu shot…you should get a flu shot.”

    Setting safety and efficacy of influenza vaccination aside, is Anderson’s claim that the flu shot will help people fight COVID-19 remotely true? The short answer is no.

    In fact, the results of many peer-reviewed, published studies prove that Anderson’s recommendation may have been the worst advice he could have given the public.

    In searching the literature, the only study we have been able to find assessing flu shots and coronavirus is a 2020 US Pentagon study that found that the flu shot INCREASES the risks from coronavirus by 36%. “Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as “virus interference…’vaccine derived’ virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus…” Here are the findings:

    They go back and mention other times it’s happened too.

  51. Twitter Suspends Account Of Biotech Company Testing UV Light To Treat Coronavirus | Zero Hedge

    They do not want ANY non-vaxx treatment!!!!! Comments are great.

  52. boomie789 says:

    Lol, that is actually the same article. NVM.

  53. boomie789 says:

    This is some good stuff. Comparing with flu. Critiquing quarantine of healthy people(you quarantine the sick, not the healthy). Also people coming out of quarantine have weakened immune systems.
    Suicide rate, domestic abuse, child molestation, and substance abuse are spiking.
    Medical workers actually being laid off, because of non-essential, elective surgery, regular hospital stuff closing down.
    Talks about gloves and mask are not helpful.
    He gets into being pressured to label cause of death as kung flu.

    He gets into pretty much all of it.

  54. That video is must-see material for all sheep governors.

    I particularly like the part where the ranting interviewer asks a question that the docs just spent the previous seven minutes asking, as if no brain was between his ears to process what his ears had just received. … And the whiny female interviewer (she might be in Part II) who seems to have no clue that ER’s can be overwhelmed (and HAVE been overwhelmed) during flu seasons of past years.

    At present, herd obedience is preferred over herd immunity.

  55. I particularly like the part (of the docs’ interview) where the ranting interviewer asks a question that the docs just spent the previous seven minutes ANSWERING. [typo correction from previous comment]

  56. CD Marshall says:

    Meanwhile China’s government and production went unchanged by COVID-19. The World Health Org. let them cover it up and has been aiding them in damage control. Even after the outbreak was known the WHO allowed foreigners to go home even though the Wuhan district was in full lock down.

    My brother’s (intelligence) opinion is that it was never meant to get out but now that it did they wanted to see what would happen. The world became the testing grounds.

    An interesting take…


  57. CD Marshall says:

    Does anyone have a consolidated list of all the fake energy budgets that shows the +33 degrees (or some variation there of) made up in the atmosphere? I’m in a conversation with someone who claims they don’t show that.

  58. boomie789 says:


    I liked the very last bit. They are poking the bear, testing our limits.
    “we just got a bomb threat from china, everybody on lock down for 3 months.”

    @ everyone

    Friendly reminder of possible upcoming food shortage. Start a garden, get some chickens(eggs), stock some food.

  59. Tornado warning likely throughout the week — everybody put on lock down.

    Pollution index high this week — everybody put on lock down.

    Drunk driving deaths on the rise — everybody put on lock down.

    Lightning strikes large tree, which falls across road — everybody put on lock down.

    Rainy spell in the forecast, with possible flooding threat — lock it down!

    Bear reported roaming the neighborhood — lock it down!

    90-degree days in the forecast — lock it!

    More cases of sunburn being reported — lock ‘er down, Bubba!

    I’m not feeling so well

    I’m hungry

    My dog ate a rock

    My girlfriend just broke up with me

    Lock. It. Down!

    The universal solution to all crises, right? The precedent has been set.

  60. boomie789 says:


    Lol exactly.

  61. CD Marshall says:

    Look on the bright side those attending public indoctrination schools are now getting a better education by NOT going to school.

  62. boomie789 says:


    Ha! That is a silver lining. Maybe homeschooling will get a boost.

    lockdowns is how you control prisoners, literally. Something happens in prison. A fight, a tipoff, rumors of a riot, lockdown!

    Prison Planet.

    “We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law. We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men”

    Edward R Murrow

  63. Joseph E Postma says:

    It’s just as well for kids to not got to school at all, and not even bother with doing the lessons sent home. It is just as well. You know why, right?

    Because if our entire education system can begin from Kindergarten and end at at tenured PhD’s in physics and astrophysics and meteorology, where the practitioners have no ability to comprehend what is wrong with starting physics based on flat Earth theory, see nothing wrong with flat Earth theory and in teaching in to undergrads, see nothing wrong with freezing cold feeble sunshine that cannot heat the Earth created by flat Earth theory, then what real value is there and has there been at all in our education system?

    WHAT FN VALUE AT ALL GUYS!? Is there anything that could possibly be more of an indictment!?

    It is just as well to have no school at all. It is just as well to completely abandon our system, and simply wait for anything…ANYTHING ELSE AT ALL…to eventually be created to replace it. Because it would be impossible to create anything worse.

  64. CD Marshall says:

    Have you read the propaganda NASA puts out for kids? They indoctrinate at a very young age. I read an Al Gore pamphlet taught in kindergarten.

    Joseph I hope your daughter wants to follow your footsteps one day and get into the sciences, we need hope for a future of kids with brains. Naomi Seibt is an inspiration but she still believes in the GHGE and as long as she is allied with an institution that supports RS’s twisted beliefs that cold can warm a hotter temperature she’ll end up like the rest at some point. Unless she continues to pursue physics (and learns thermodynamics along with molecular chemistry and quantum mechanics) she’ll never have the tools to question the current political indoctrination/education premise on this subject and indeed with enough fame she may never want to.

  65. Those clandestine shill “institutions” I am sure snatched her up as fast as they could to shape her narrative.

  66. CD Marshall says:

    Well she is officially employed by the Heartland Institute so her fate is sealed so it seems. Unless someone can reason with her in her native language (German) not sure how well she could reason the physics out someone is telling her (in English). I tried got no response but then again I am not a physicist and I don’t speak German.

  67. boomie789 says:

    Found something weird. From the Rockefeller organization a while back. Something about predictive programming and they are trying the “lock step” scenario.


    You can easily find the PDF

    “”One scenario carries the intriguing title, “LOCK STEP: A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.” Here it gets interesting as in what some term predictive programming.””

    A relevant question is whether certain bad actors, and there are some in this world, are opportunistically using the widespread fears around the COVID-19 to advance an agenda of “lock step” top down social control, one that would include stark limits on travel, perhaps replacing of cash by “sanitary” electronic cash, mandatory vaccination even though the long term side effects are not proven safe, unlimited surveillance and the curtailing of personal freedoms such as political protests on the excuse it will allow “identification of people who refuse to be tested or vaccinated,” and countless other restrictions.

    The PDF is full of lies and propaganda. Pro china garbage.

    Essentially they are trying to write code for the matrix. Like the Marovingian. That’s what I get out of it.

  68. WHAT FN VALUE AT ALL GUYS!? Is there anything that could possibly be more of an indictment!?</i? … JP’s rage regarding the educational system today.

    What I find sadly, extraordinarily-spot-on poetic is the current seemingly manic demand for toilet paper. THAT is possibly more of an indictment, not only of the educational system but of many political systems operating the world today.

    So much shit out there today. So little toilet paper.

  69. MP says:

    It is amazing how a quite harmless corona virus can mutate into a dangerous bacteria clone, like Q fever or Anthrax.

    General pictrure, detection method, and medication

    Early signs

    Sings of severe cases


    New discovered covid-19 sign, expecially for children.

  70. MP says:

    one link went wrong. Here are the signs of most severe cases compared too Anthrax bacteria infection.

  71. MP says:

    Here is another match, how the so called corona virus weakens.

  72. Zelator says:

    The New Normal:

  73. MP says:

    Another match in differences of severe cases between male/female and young/old

  74. MP says:

    The “new normal”. Stage 4 to communism, as explained by defected Marxist subversion expert Yuri Bezmenov almost 40 years ago. It is a cynical expression, like when Russian tanks drove into a land they told, now everything is normal.

    Recent compilation vid.

  75. F#%! … “the new normal”.

    I refuse to wear a mask, … refuse any vaccinations, … refuse to social distance my dog, … will continue (in my mind) to hear bleating sheep, every time I pass someone with a face covering on, … will not worry about how close someone is standing next to me (unless they appear threatening), … will enjoy living, rather than worry about dying.

    MY new normal will be my usual normal, except with the added inconvenience of the latest herd mentality trying to abnormalize it.

    Such is life in the Pandemic Reich.

    Sing with me:
    Wasting away again in Coronaville,
    Looking for my lost surgical mask,
    Some people think that the Chinese are to blame,
    But I know — it’s the government’s fault.

  76. Zelator says:

    The truth about the amazing new vaccine and the New Economy: Human bodies being used as a batteries for cryptocurrency mining:

    Its a magic spell “One World Together at Home.” No physical work needed, no factories, just bodies responding to stimuli, pay to play.

    BP Earthwatch : The Mark of the Beast Patent has been filed 060606.

  77. MP says:

    Every Covid-19 Corporate Commercial is Exactly the Same

  78. The most retarded fn shite imaginable…ugh.

  79. My brother:

    The greatest advertising campaign ever. Do you see how every company has a COVID banner in their websites?
    So vomiting, disgusting fucking world full of fucking morons who lap this vomit right up…. with a tear in their eyes. A world full of people licking vomit up off the streets while others applaud with tears in their eyes. Why is the world so fucking retarded?!??!

  80. [continuing the rage]

    … and now they are calling it ……………… the new normal.

    Damn it to hell, do you see what they are doing? ………….. AGAIN?

    They are hijacking language to make an otherwise coherent concept invert itself, by adding an adjective (“new”).

    ABnormal, thus, becomes “normal”, when you put the modifier, “new” with it.

    Normal, thus, is now ABnormal, and everything is as it should be in their FU minds.

    Normal (really ABnormal) is characterized by wearing a mask that symbolically represents the silencing of the individual voice and the the erasing of individual personality. Welcome to the Corona Reich of Mein Flu.

  81. In other words, … “abnormal” now means “normal”, as long as we label it “new normal”.

    “New normal” = “abnormal” = “normal”.

    We can do this with other words too:

    Instead of saying, “I have a bad headache”, you now call what you might be experiencing “a new good headache”. The headache is, thus, transformed into a good thing, where once it was a bad thing.

    Instead of saying, “I have a great love love of rationality”, you now call “love” by the label, “new hate”, which means that you have a “great new hate” for rationality, which means that the hate is now love, and so hating rationality transforms into the new meaning of loving rationality.

  82. boomie789 says:

  83. Kev-In-ZA says:

    Hi Joseph, I have sent a FB PM if that is acceptable.

  84. MP says:

    Babylon Bee Trump / Moses parody.

  85. MP says:


  86. CD Marshall says:

    China is starting to sound like the warmists now, they are “demanding” the US prove COVID-19 came from a lab in Wuhan.

    Yeah nice try. Trump doesn’t play that game.

  87. Zelator says:

    Orwellian Technocracy based on a model of China using Hegelian Dialectic:
    There are currently two versions in play:
    1) Problem, reaction, solution, i.e divide and conquer. Most wars via False Flags.
    2) No problem, reaction, solution, e.g Iraq ( Weapons of Mass Destruction), Human Caused Climate Change, The Global Pandemic, based on false information and lies:


  88. Zelator says:

    Spiritual Control System – Digital Hologram
    What if the controller was itself the fabric of the material world, i.e the cells of our body, the photons of the sun’s rays and the air we breathe.

    If It is all around us, it is there when we switch on our TVs when or when we pay our taxes,.

    What if the controller is embedded in the very simulation that we are decoding via are limited consciousness stream (our senses) as the world?

    That the laws of Physics itself and the quantum realm are the alien controller as embedded equations, like fibonnaci, phi, ontological mathematical patterns which would mean we as our physical selves are part of the equation as monads interplaying in the digital hologram.
    Our minds being trapped in the 3d frequency range of our senses, our prison that is the hologram.

    Caleb Scarf, Astro Biologist discusses this in an article on Nautilus here:

    ‘In other words, life might not just be in the equations. It might be the equations.’
    If machines become intelligent enough, they could ‘decode the staggering complexity of the living world,’ allowing a civilization to reassemble itself into new forms.
    ‘If you’re a civilization that has learned how to encode living systems into different substrates,
    all you need to do is build a normal-matter-to-dark-matter data-transfer system: a dark matter 3D printer,’ Scharf explains.

    The Gnostics had a name for this intelligence,they called this the Demiurge. ( the false God )
    This alien created the universe and controls everything around us using numbers and equations or ontological maths, encoded into fibonnaci sequences, phi etc. Sacred geometry.

    Gods Fingerprint→ The Fibonacci Sequence – Golden Ratio and The Fractal Nature of Reality

    Numbers are digital expressions of waveform information/ frequency states and this is the level
    of reality that is decoded by the ancient art of numerology. Some people read waveform reality –
    mediums, psychics and so on – while numerology reads digital reality; but they are reading
    different versions of the same reality and same information.
    Time is the sentence the human has to endure with the computer simulation progressing the aging process and ultimately death.
    Hacking Reality:
    Mathematics defines us but also controls us, therefore the designer of the mathematical model is our controller just likea computer operator manipulates data for their own USAGE. E8 is the Matrix. E8 as above so below.

  89. boomie789 says:

    Incase you guys haven’t been following the Project Veritas story.

    CBS caught red handed faking news.

  90. CD Marshall says:

    Joseph you should do a post, “Climate Science, the Weapon of Mass Delusion.”

  91. MP says:

    Compilation of instagram vids of worldwide freedom ralies past week

  92. MP says:

    WWG1WGA WorldWide

  93. I am in awe of the mandatory wearing of face masks implemented by some US states and businesses, especially given that, according to Lisa M Brosseau, ScD, and Margaret Sietsema, PhD, at the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy:


    “Sweeping mask recommendations—as many have proposed—will not reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission, as evidenced by the widespread practice of wearing such masks in Hubei province, China, before and during its mass COVID-19 transmission experience earlier this year. Our review of relevant studies indicates that cloth masks will be ineffective at preventing SARS-CoV-2 transmission, whether worn as source control or as PPE. …

    Overall, the body of research on mask efficacy in real-world settings is small and scattershot. And because SARS-CoV-2 was completely unknown to humanity just five (extremely long) months ago, there is no data on the efficacy of any type of mask wearing in any setting (healthcare or home) for this virus. …

    In sum, given the paucity of information about their performance as source control in real-world settings, along with the extremely low efficiency of cloth masks as filters and their poor fit, there is no evidence to support their use by the public or healthcare workers to control the emission of particles from the wearer.”

    But then you we get absurd comments like this:


    “However, there is an essential distinction between absence of evidence and evidence of absence.” [referring to evidence that face masks can provide effective protection against respiratory infections in the community]”

    There is no such distinction! The absence of evidence that face masks can provide effective protection against respiratory infections IS precisely the evidence that evidence is absent! If the evidence is not there, then where is it? — it is absent! — it does not exist! Applying a negation to a reversal of words in a phrase does not change the reality of what the first phrase means. If there is no evidence, then the evidence is absent — this is what “absence of evidence” means. The statement, thus, is a blatant untruth — playing with words to confuse readers into believing that an unsubstantiated belief deserves treatment as fact.

    Look familiar?

  94. boomie789 says:


    As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases explodes across Africa, the creeping involvement of the WHO has made some leaders suspicious of the NGO. Tanzanian President John Magufuli was growing suspicious of the organization, so he reportedly decided to investigate whether the organization was as trustworthy and reliable as it claimed to be.

    “He played what the local press described as “a trick” on the organization: He sent the WHO samples of a goat, a papaya and a quail for testing.”

    “All three samples reportedly tested positive. When the president heard the news, he reportedly confronted the WHO, then kicked the organization out of the country. Though, to be sure, the WHO has yet to comment on the situation.”

    What an epic play.

    I heard he sent Motor Oil to be tested too.

  95. CD Marshall says:

    WHO covered it up for China in the first place and allowed infected visitors from Wuhan back to their native countries. WHO+UN=Population Reduction.


  96. boomie789 says:


    H. R. 6666


    To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.

    >H.R 6666 (100 billion dollars to create a federal medical police force legally allowed to enter your home, give you vaccines and take you to coronavirus quarantine camps)
    >contact tracing laws
    >renewal of the Patriot Act to delete the need of a warrant to access internet history
    >11 billion dollars for test swabs

    Found this on 4chan

  97. Zelator says:

    Remember the rulers of civilization are those who control the narrative and therefore the timeline.

    Those who control the past control the future, the history is written by the current controllers:


    A little history lesson to put things in perspective:

    Khazarian Mafia Venetian Nobility: Here Santos Bonacci discusses Rome, Amun, Egypt, Switzerland, Tyre, Venice, Black Nobility, Jesuits & More:
    It all started with the corrupt Amun priesthood Amun Ra ( The Age of Darkness)

  98. Zelator says:

    Track trace and vaccinate, can only be implemented voluntarily; it cannot be forced on you…….


    President Trump is allowing this lockdown in order to destroy the Rothschild Banking Cabal:

    ………Know your rights:

    John Hopkins University, the Centre of their Statistics:

  99. MP says:

    3th Great Memewar started. – Obamagate

    We are the news. It is about ObamaGate, not the MUH virus


  100. boomie789 says:

    Great expose on Bill Gates. More understanding into the population control agenda. Infertility drugs, Bio-tattoo for tracing purposes, centralized credit system or something in India.

    It’s a Multi-part ongoing expose so stay tuned.

  101. boomie789 says:


    “The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) made significant changes to the way it counts COVID-19 deaths, lowering the state’s total fatalities from the virus from more than 1,000 to 878.

    “The Governor applauds efforts to ensure that we are as transparent as possible with our reporting and therefore fully supports efforts by CDPHE to specify how many deaths are specifically due to COVID-19 and not just specific to [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] guidelines that include people who died with Coronavirus but not necessarily from it,” the statement said.

    The statement added that current COVID-19 fatality data includes only information gathered through May 9, adding, “State epidemiologists believe that once the data is up to date, then the number will, unfortunately, be higher.””

  102. boomie789 says:

    Check out what happened at a gym opening in New Jersey. They are defying lockdown.

    Police yield.

    And some commentary by Curt Doolittle & friends.

  103. boomie789 says:

    Might make you laugh. Don’t miss the part after 1:15.


    boss move.

  104. boomie789 says:

    Great commentary on Chinese propaganda targeting western children through TikTok and social media.

    I’ve followed this guy for over a year now(him and a south African) living in china. They’ve recently fled because the environment got so hostile. They have Chinese wives and half Chinese children.
    Lived in china for something like a decade. They were constantly harassed and refused service. Blacks and Muslims got it even worse.

    They both fled to the USA very recently.

    If you are interested in propaganda this channel is a gold mine.

  105. boomie789 says:

  106. Joseph E Postma says:

    All that infrastructure he discussed so much…was PAID FOR by the US taxpayer. Because the D’s sold out the US in trade, along with the R’s shipping all the jobs over to them.

    If the US ever gets it act together, gets people in power working for the US instead of other countries, then the US will be so far beyond China, Japan, anyone else, etc.

    All that corruption and low-trust society and selective law enforcement he describes about China?? That’s proof that they would have never had the infrastructure and society they have without STEALING it from the USA.

    And as soon as the host (USA…world) to the parasite (China) start making political decisions which aren’t exclusively in China’s favor…oh, then, suddenly it’s everyone else’s fault for China’s failures.

    I learned a really fun thing to say on forums where CCP trolls are operating: “Taiwan is real China. Taiwan is BEST China.”

  107. boomie789 says:

    Another good one is

    lol, there was a “taiwan numba 1” meme going around that lit a fire under them.

    You must have seen this video, says its inevitable that the USA will turn inward.

    I found this from John Mark(Propertarian). (Note – I disagree somewhat with his analysis of American electoral politics; Hispanics are *not* going to start voting majority conservative. Why? Because identity politics – racial identity – is a more powerful psychological force for most people than anything else. And nonwhites vote majority left primarily for this reason. Nothing the right wing can do will change this dynamic.)-John Mark

    The jist is that after WW2 we made a pact that we would protect world trade for our allies. If they joined our alliance against the soviets.

    Then the soviet union collasped, but we’ve still been footing the bill. Trump and america are in a extreme advantage when it comes to other countries and world leaders. They have all been kissing our ass.

    USA is oil dependent now, the last thing keeping us tied to eurasia. The USA needs no one else and we are losing “bigly”, as trump would say, dealing with that hemisphere at all.

    USA is the only thing preventing ww3. If the Eastern hemisphere broke out into war, we could just watch from over the pond, virtually unaffected.

    My favorite story I learned from that guy is about the presidential summit with Merkel(Germany).
    Merkel gave some spiel about Germans being surrounded on all sides. That Germans had to be exceptional to survive. This leads to the balance being tilted and a coalition is formed to right the scales. She admitted the only reason Europe is not engulfed in war every few generations is the USA guaranteeing world peace.

    Anyway she expected Trump to agree and the USA to continue selflessly protecting them.

    On her way out Trump handed her a Bill, for serviced rendered by the USA protecting Germany since 1946.

    Now that’s a boss move.

  108. boomie789 says:

    The story is @39:47 of the second video if it doesn’t link right to it.

  109. boomie789 says:

    You just listen to all the other summits as well. China, Japan, and Korea. His theory on North Korea is worth a listen too.

  110. CD Marshall says:

    My brother has a strategic POV about Soviet China. China owns most of the world by debt, if however this “act” of lethal and deliberate obfuscation from China is put forth to the front like Trump has been doing by demanding restitution from China. Well china has two choices left. Say no which they are doing or own up to their crimes (never going to happen).

    They will never own up to their crimes which puts the USA in the unique position of saying then if you don’t we are taking restitution from our debt to you. Now if other countries follow the US then China will then be forced to do one of two things or go bankrupt: Make restitution or go to war. China will choose war more than likely, not caring about putting millions of Chinese in body bags for the elite cause which has been the code of China for thousands of years.

    However it is financially beneficial for China NOT go to war but if China is forced into a corner they will show their RED roots (government elites not the people/China has always been divided by good common folk and the “others”).

    South Korea is what the East could be. To this day Japan still teaches WW2 without Japan invading Pearl Harbor and starting the war. North Korea teaches that the US and South Korea attacked them unprovoked just a Cuba elites teach that the US is the reason they can’t prosper, never mind the thieving government robbing you blind and starving you, nothing to see here it’s the US! Here have another cigar and forget about it.

  111. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall

    I didn’t know that about Japan but I believe you.

    Face before truth, that is why they will never innovate like the west.

    Remember that Chernobyl qoute?

    “Every lie that is told, incurs a dept to the truth.”

    Also, I was watching more Zeihan.
    Red flags.

    Globalist sympathizer.
    Fence sitter.

    But this one really made me stop and think.

    His highest book recommendation to understand the world is Jared Diamond’s “Guns Germs & Steel”.

    That is unforgivable to me.

    Maybe he is a deep state agent spy/agent.

    One of the most insidious means of diversion/obfuscation is poisoning a well of truth with a critical lie. Ruining the value of the truth gained, and keeping you blind.

    But of course when you are a actual thinking rational man there will always be things you disagree with on others.

    But, only an idiot or a cult/deep stater would name Gun Germs and Steel as their must read.

    My geuss at his poison lie is related to what John Mark said.

  112. CD Marshall says:

    My wife’s friend moved to Japan for a job a decade ago and 10 years ago it was taught that way. I doubt it changed.

  113. boomie789 says:

    This is the most comprehensive slaying of that retarded “Gun Germs & Steel” book and a channel recommendation.

    I think this is a good intelligence test.

    Are zebras domesticatible?

    Jared Diamond says No.

    Highly recommend, very long.

    Around 1:25:30 to learn more.

    Spoiler Alert: yes, most(maybe all?) animals are. Given enough time, effort, and imagination/intelligence.

  114. boomie789 says:

    Even Humans as Curt Doolittle points out.

  115. Zelator says:

    Order ab Chao and the breakdown of the bicameral mind and the Beginning of the Age of Reason.

    Conscious Dynamics at Play:


    Joy Division:

    Heart and Soul (2007 Remaster)

    Instincts that can still betray us,
    A journey that leads to the sun,
    Soulless and bent on destruction,
    A struggle between right and wrong
    You take my place in the showdown,
    I’ll observe with a pitiful eye,
    I’ll humbly ask for forgiveness,
    A request well beyond you and I
    Heart and soul, one will burn
    Heart and soul, one will burn
    An abyss that laughs at creation,
    A circus complete with all fools,
    Foundations that lasted the ages,
    Then ripped apart at their roots
    Beyond all this goo’s is the terror,
    The grip of a mercenary hand,
    When savagery turns all good reason,
    There’s no turning back, no last stand
    Heart and soul, one will burn
    Heart and soul, one will…

  116. boomie789 says:

    ^read the whole thing. Definitely some occult knowledge in there.

    “Despite their constant harm to everyone, most modern-day external “authorities” and master neocheaters thrive by using the following two-step neocheating technique to repress consciousness and activate the bicameral mind in their victims.

    First man is made to feel guilty. He is condemned for having lost his “innocence” by inventing consciousness. He is condemned for assuming the responsibility to use his own mind to guide his life. He is condemned for exchanging his automatic, bicameral life for a volitional, conscious life…condemned for exchanging his nature-given bicameral mind for a superior, man-invented conscious mind.

    Then man is offered automatic solutions to problems and guidance through life — is offered an “effortless” Garden of Eden or a utopian hereafter if he exchanges his own invented consciousness for faith in external “authority”: bicameral faith in some leader, doctrine, or god. He is offered the “reward” of protection and the escape from the self-responsibility of making one’s own decisions to guide one’s own life. But for that “reward”, he must renounce his own mind to follow someone else’s mind or wishes disguised as “truths” promulgated by some external “authority” or higher power.”

    That theory on how consciousness was invented/adapted between “The Iliad” and the “The Odessy” is really neat.

  117. Zelator says:

    Its the Hegellian Dialectic Boomie. David Icke calls it Problem Reaction Solution. Until humanity realises that it is being played then the charade will go on.

  118. boomie789 says:

    We keep going, don’t stop running
    They keep selling, we don’t want it
    So close to it almost found a way
    Two steps closer, they keep coming
    We keep yelling, we don’t want it
    Almost better, this things about to break

    Why don’t you make yourself available
    In fact she told me that she wanted it free
    It’s easy

    Oh no in love I’m just an animal
    You said you want me but you want me when ya
    You want me but you want me when you’re in need
    Until the end, because

    We keep going, don’t stop running
    They keep selling, we don’t want it
    So close to it almost found a way
    Two steps closer, they keep coming
    We keep yelling, we don’t want it
    Almost better, this things about to break

    After it all it’s still repairable
    I know that I forgot my history
    It’s easy

    Let’s wave goodbye to all the terrible
    I know there’s a million things we could be
    If we could only [???] and agree
    Until the end because

    We keep going, don’t stop running
    They keep selling, we don’t want it
    So close to it almost found a way
    Two steps closer, they keep coming
    We keep yelling, we don’t want it
    Almost better, this things bound break

    Oh it was a holiday
    I always play and never work
    But they sell us all [the bait?]
    The western way
    I go berserk I go

  119. Zelator says:

    Cool,I like that. We have different tastes in music but we have the same message. Believe.

  120. Joseph E Postma says:

    Great stuff boomie re: a few comments up.

  121. Joseph E Postma says:

    —“I can only unite the libertarian, conservative, and religious if I restore responsibility of the militia of every able bodied man to bear the cost of the organized use of violence to enforce our demand for sovereignty and reciprocity, truth and duty, excellence and beauty, jury and law, family and kin, commons and capitalization as the central objects of social organization and political policy. To do that we require an intellectual vanguard. The classical libertarians have always been our intellectual wing, the conservatives decidedly anti-intellectual, and the religious conservatives hostile to the intellectual. I have to deprive the libertarian intellectual class of false promise of freedom from the cost of organized violence in a universal militia of kin, and to together we must bear the cost of depriving the left of freedom from the cost of hyper-consumption and dysgenic reproduction and the hedonism of the individual’s maximization of consumption as the central object of policy and social organization. The left is cancerous growth of man on both this planet, mankind, man’s future, and the possibility of the transcendence of man into the gods we might yet be.”— Curt Doolittle

  122. Zelator says:

    What if a party or governmental entity wanted to rule on the premise of non initiatory force.That it was illegal to use force against its citizenry? That force especially physical force was obligatorily prohibited in the constitution?

  123. Zelator says:

    Sorry I should be clear, that the government are not allowed to use INITIATORY FORCE. BUT they are allowed to respond to a force once implemented and protect the populace but not allowed to implement or initiate any force.

  124. boomie789 says:

    Probably look up “Curt Doolittle NAP” non-aggression principle.

    On phone right now or I’d find it.

  125. boomie789 says:


    “NAP says only what YOU think is an imposition of costs upon the demonstrated investments of others (Golden Rule). It does not say what THEY think is an imposition of costs on their demonstrated investments (Silver Rule).

    But the NAP (libertarianism) is just another Ashkenazi Abrahamic version of marxism, feminism, postmodernism. It’s a false promise, an incomplete sentence, baits you into moral hazard, is defended by pilpul and critique, and allows you to be conquered through continuous appropriation of all common capital until it is too late. The underclasses and women were suckers for socialism, academics for marxism, merchants for libertarianism, and rulers for neo-conservativsm. These are all false promises. They are all attempts to destroy western civilization for the second time: by undermining rule of law, from which markets in everything evolve, and eugenics, high trust, prosperity, and the transcendence of the condition of man are a consequence.”

  126. zelator says:

    Good information. Thankyou Boomie.

  127. boomie789 says:

    Interview with a guy who was arrested for memes in China.

    This is the South African guy Serpentza I mentioned.

  128. boomie789 says:

    Round 2?

  129. Here’s a thought: millions fled Wuhan, when the virus first happened. Lock down lifted, millions return? — asymptomatic carriers now? Once insiders, forced to become outsiders, now insiders again, having infected others wherever they went, then those people too now entering China?

    It’s really easy to spin any sort of narrative in the ignorance of how exactly viruses do what they do.

    Here, let me give ‘er a try: Aliens delivered the virus to challenge humans to see how good we are. A team of alien scientists are studying our behavior, making weekly reports to the mother ship, and so far they are baffled at our response, laughing, as aliens laugh, enjoying the circus that is humanity.

  130. Zelator says:

    Alien TV: Soap Opera for Aliens – Human TV..Episode 1. “Humans – What do they eat” ?

    Bread and Circuses, the Aliens are being controlled and manipulated by their Uber Alien Masters who give them useless food and entertainment to keep them happy and compliant:

    Notice the Human Steak….. don’t they know its barbaric and unhealthy to eat sentient beings?

  131. Zelator says:

    Bread and Circuses:

    Bill Gates : Phase 2 Is A Bio Terror Attack:


  132. Zelator says:

    Unemployment, Hyper-Inflation, Economic Destruction, Food Scarcity and Food Riots:
    Welcome to the New Normal:

    TRUMP WARNS: Need Guns to “Guard Your Potatoes”

  133. CD Marshall says:

    I have guns, my wife has guns, my brother has guns our potatoes are safe. Just in case he let me borrow a Browning HP with a full magazine to add to my arsenal and a bag of ammo lol.

  134. boomie789 says:

    More Bill Gates expose.

  135. Zelator says:


    “Operation Warp Speed”. Trump orders the Military to search for a vaccine under the Emergency Powers Act.
    Hopefully Trump is using this as an opportunity to covertly access the vaccine manufacturers various research and development records.

    Could it be a backdoor into which the Military can then conduct its covert investigations into Big Pharma to find out their Financial connections and political supporters in relation to whom was behind this pandemic.

    Vaccine: Alan Dershowitz – Jacobson vs Massachusetts (1905)

    Dr Andrew Kaufman- different vaccines for different agendas. Initiation.

    YOUR DNA Is Being Changed:

    Solve et Coagula: New Paradigm = New Normal

  136. Zelator says:

    Yes Boomie it seems Eugenics under a different banner!

  137. Zelator says:

    And now for some Economic News from Mr Gerald Celente : Trend Forcaster Extraordinaire.

    Tell it like it is Gerald you star………… Love Ya, watch your blood pressure tho lol…

  138. Zelator says:

    @CD Marshall
    You gotta protect those those potatoes….

  139. “Orwell wrote, “The mind should develop a blind spot whenever a dangerous thought presented itself. The process should be automatic, instinctive. Crimestop, they called it in Newspeak. … Winston Smith set to work to exercise himself in crimestop. He presented himself with propositions – ‘the Party says the Earth is flat’, ‘the Party says that ice is heavier than water’ – and trained himself in not seeing or not understanding the arguments that contradicted them.” Most of today’s conspiracy theorists and religious believers train themselves in much the same way. They do it to themselves, not because of any Party. They love it. In real life, most people seek to decrease cognitive dissonance. In the world of Nineteen Eight-Four, the task is to engage in a conscious, and even unconscious, process of maximizing cognitive dissonance, and using doublethink so as not to be worried about it. Orwell wrote, “Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. Crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity.” Protective stupidity is what today’s Dunning-Kruger world is all about.”

  140. Debating with ghe climate alarmists who refuse to acknowledge their flat earth theory!

  141. CD Marshall says:

    @Zelator I love that movie, came out when my bro was in the special forces they all loved that movie and had the Recondo GI Joe action figure in their barracks (reminded them of Jesse Ventura who they liked because he looked like a reconnaissance Marine in the movie).

    Movies were fun back then.

  142. Zelator says:

    I agree with your sentiment and reasoning Joseph .. ..
    It’s laziness mixed with years of indoctrination. People are too stupid to engage their discernment
    and use a logical syntax. Its easier to believe what they are told as they then don’t then have to take responsibility to defend or look after themselves or make decisions for themselves. It’s quite sad that humanity at some levels has fallen so low.
    We have the most powerful computer in the universe installed in our brain. It is called the subconscious mind. It was never intended to control us but to enable us to become Godlike. Unfortunately it has been hijacked to work against us; the bicameral mind is still at play as an external authority. Consciousness is the greatest gift in the universe or the biggest hell, it is the apple from the Garden of Eden.

  143. CD Marshall says:

    Yes Joseph but you are forgetting if you don’t agree with them you are the one who is arrogant and ignorant of the science not them!

    Consensus science is the replacement for critical thinking and individualism.

    The new slogan for the NWO, “A mind is a good thing to waste.”

  144. Zelator says:

    @CD Marshall. Yeh I loved those movies too….. liked the original Commando movie too lol

  145. Well said Zelator.

  146. Zelator says:

    Oh here is Gregory Mannarino’s channel that Gerald Celente mentions:

  147. boomie789 says:

  148. I was reading comments on YouTube yesterday, under Michael Moore’s documentary movie, Planet of the Humans, and it was amazing to witness how some commentators simply dismissed the facts they had just seen, replacing factual responses with emotional responses, implying that their being depressed by the movie was cause to dismiss its main message.

    Cognitive dissonance is the new logic for the “new normal”. In a dissonant state of mind, anything can be made into truth.

  149. boomie789 says:

    @Robert Kernodle

    I think he lead them away from the green scams right into population control.

    I haven’t watched it all.

    Also he is still anti-nuclear right?

  150. Pop control, yep, … that would seem to be the underlying hint.

    I cannot speak to Moore’s other leanings, but I think he has done a good service for putting the renewable-energy dream in proper perspective.

    I would be okay with less population density. I think it’s more about DENSITY and how we space things, than it is about absolute numbers. Humans do not understand proper intervals in time or space — most seem to be clutter-minded.

    But I think the offshoot of being density-conscious would probably be fewer people overall. It’s just how we get there that is of greatest importance.

  151. boomie789 says:

    @Robert Kernodle

    The 1st world is dying out. Even Russia’s and China’s population is aging.

    It’s the 3rd world that’s exploding. Directly because of subsidies from the 1st world.

    So more incentivizing the 1st world to make babies, less subsidizing the 3rd world. Just leave them alone, that’s it.

    The more you subsidize the third world the more helpless and dependent they become.

  152. CD Marshall says:

    The only problem with that is the left wants everyone in dense cities to control the herd better, can’t allow free range humans on this planet. The Left End Game is the Hunger Games, herd humans into districts and have one Liberal City for the Elite.

    No matter how the “Herd” is warned, mocked, movies made to show their fate, they still vote for it.
    “I don’t mind being slaughtered as long as I have 3 meals a day, housing and a free education.”

    Logan’s Run, everyone over 30 dies to control population.

    I mean it’s not like we have an entire Universe that could be populated and ALL efforts should be invested in making that happen.

    A Moonbase should have been conceptualized in the 70s, something should exist on Mars right now even if its just the building materials.

    Space 1999 baby…

  153. Really goes to show that some other entirely malevolent force must be in control of things.

  154. boomie789 says:

    Round 2020 of the fight of good vs evil.

  155. CD Marshall says:

    Ever watch the Original 12 Monkey with Bruce Willis? A virus is the best way to wipe out population. Worked great in the Dark Ages.

  156. CD Marshall says:

    My brother sent me this something in it for everyone…

  157. boomie789 says:

    @Robert Kernodle

    “YouTube has taken down the controversial Michael Moore-produced documentary Planet of the Humans in response to a copyright infringement claim by a British environmental photographer.

    The movie, which has been condemned as inaccurate and misleading by climate scientists and activists, allegedly includes a clip used without the permission of the owner Toby Smith, who does not approve of the context in which his material is being used.

    Several have signed a letter urging the removal of what they called a “shockingly misleading and absurd” documentary. Climate scientist Michael Mann said the filmmakers “have done a grave disservice to us and the planet” with distortions, half-truths and lies.

    On Moore’s official YouTube channel, the usual link to the film has been replaced by a page noting “Video unavailable. This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by a third party.” On the Planet of the Humans website, the link to the full movie is also dead, though the trailers and other video material are functioning as normal.”

  158. CD Marshall says:

    LOL Joseph please delete that link…Sorry massive headache.

  159. boomie789 says:

    “Interesting take.

    I have no doubt that MM is only acknowledging the reality of the green energy delusion to push his larger agenda. If he actually cared about the truth, the whole last part of his documentary would have been devoted to thorium nuclear, not the urgency of depopulation.

    So what’s their angle? The left will already support depopulation so get some people on the right and Center to believe they have some new esoteric knowledge for why it’s necessary? Some brilliant insight that the “mainstream” just doesn’t get?

    That sounds too clever for him. I think he probably just thinks he can unite the factions under his depopulation and neo-Marxist banner, but he needs a reason for it. “Green energy doesn’t work”, therefore it’s hopeless, is his reason.”


    Moore appears to be a useless idiot gone rogue

  160. boomie789 says:


  161. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall

  162. boomie789 says:

    from r/propertarian

    You have to sent a message to the mods if you want to join. I just told them I watch Mark My Words & Curt Doolittle on youtube.

  163. boomie789 says:

    Thats exactly what my hairline is going to look like in 10-15 years.

  164. boomie789 says:

    Wow. I knew this existed, but when you actually see it. Orwellian as it gets.

  165. What kind of sick F’s think that that is necessary!? Sick F’s…that’s who. Aliens or AI’s.

  166. boomie789 says:


  167. boomie789 says:


  168. boomie789 says:


    Good job dude

  169. Zelator says:

    “That’s because the Gnostic Illuminati were telling the truth, when they said the real enemy
    was a rogue artificial intelligence. This AI has no access to analogue communication, only
    the Creator and the Creation”.
    Benjamin Fulford.

    I believe Fulford in his latest newsletter above is referring to the Demiurge.

    Note also this article dated 13th August 2018:


    Morpheus to Neo;
    “Their strength and their speed are based in a world that is built on rules and because of that they will never be as strong or as fast as you can be”.

  170. Zelator says:

    Kung Fu: Neo vs Morpheus | The Matrix:

    …..Morpheus to Neo :……”programmed reality of the matrix. It has the same basic rules, rules like gravity, what you must learn is that these rules are no different than the rules of a computer
    system some of them can be bent others can be broken”.

    The matrix uses digital ontological mathematical rules and programs and constructs Agents
    Sentient Programs (AI) they are everyone and they are no one. They are the gatekeepers.

    Analogue/digital modulation demodulation takes a fraction of a second to be processed,
    whereas the subconscious mind is faster.

    In the matrix we are one step ahead if we use our subconscious minds to our highest ability;
    science proves we know about an event a fraction of a second before it happens.
    There appears to be a time lag.

    That is how tennis players etc can predict a shot.
    How Neo can dodge bullets and use defence moves and blocks whilst fighting.

    Morpheus: “Their strength and their speed are based in a world that is built on rules and because of that they will never be as strong or as fast as you can be”.

    Neo: “What are you saying..that I can dodge bullets?”
    Morpheus: “No Neo, when your ready you wont have to”.

    Free your mind stop letting the conscious mind get in the way. We have been programmed with a reducing valve.

    “The consciousness of self is the greatest hindrance to the proper execution of all physical action.” quote Bruce Lee. When a student asked Bruce Lee how he could become as fast as him, his response was .”Just do it”.

    Quote: “The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.” Bruce Lee.

    There is nothing to learn just everything to remember: Free your mind (of the consciousness gate, also called the critical factor)….
    let the subconscious take over.

  171. Zelator says:

    Remember we are in this world but not of it.

    The Dunning–Kruger crowd are not ready to be unplugged. Therefore they are the enemy they are sentient agents
    sent to inform on us and destroy us.

    When we live to our full potential we become the matrix!

    “When one has reached maturity in the art, one will have a formless form.
    It is like ice dissolving in water. When one has no form, one can be all
    forms; when one has no style, he can fit in with any style.” Bruce Lee.

    “Ethical Skeptic”:

    “A Bridgman Point is the point at which a principle can no longer be dumbed-down any further, without sacrifice of its coherency,
    accuracy, salience or context.”

    “It is getting to the point where ‘conspiracy theorist’ is the final useless rhetorical argument
    of the brain dead & lazy. If we flip a coin & the media wants heads to come up, just because
    you caution that ‘tails might come up’ does not make one therefore a conspiracy theorist”.

    “What a logic magician does, is to dip a principle below its Bridgman Point, transmutate it into
    a similar-sounding but different principle, dredge it up and use it to support their position.”

    “Like Occam’s Razor in lieu of Ockham’s Razor”.

    Be forearmed to detect such magic tricks.

  172. Link to that latest newsletter with that AI reference?

  173. boomie789 says:

    Best deep analysis of The Matrix I know about. I would like to do a retelling of the Matrix but in a Fantasy LOTR/GOT setting.

    With Dark Wizards and Light Wizards. Higher brow than The Matrix for sure.

    Not to throw shade but the Matrix is made for 15yr old boys. (And I freaking loved it when I was 15 lol)
    The slow mo gun kata and infallable baddass trobes have aged poorly. I really don’t like gun kata/gun fu.

  174. CD Marshall says:


    I never knew the science behind the Martial Arts but you are 100% correct. I took Tang Soo Do the reason we did the Hyung/Kata was to train your body to bypass the mind. It worked. Kids in school would always test me and get hurt for the efforts. I would always tell them if they come at me even in fun I’d react without thought. I did often.

    My brother can draw a side arm, fire and hit his target in around 3/16th (don’t recall off hand) of a second. Your conscious mind is your biggest stumbling block to reach optimal performance.

    The difference between a professional and an amateur? An amateur keeps repeating until he gets it right. A pro just can’t do it wrong anymore.

  175. And a genius hits a target that no one else can even see.

  176. Zelator says:

    Hello Joseph. This link is only a German translation but you get the jist off it.Scroll half way down the page and you will find it.
    The AI component is mentioned in the last sentence of the article. I will post a better version when I get it.

  177. CD Marshall says:

    The average Marine is trained to shoot without scopes at 200 yards I think. Put a .308 scope in a marine’s hands and you have a deadly weapon.

  178. CD Marshall says:

    I read somewhere a theory that the Earth goes through warming cycles (from the core) does anyone have any papers on that they know about? Certainly that would make sense all of that pressure builds up and has to release (real radiative forcing) which in turn would increase regional standard temperature. Deep mines would be directly affected by such an event.

    I know the Earth goes through geological cycles but those are on a timescale not perceived by the human standard, 100,000 to a million years. But what if the Earth does vent more than other times? What if that is connected to the magnetic decay cycles?

  179. CD Marshall says:

    Volcanoes of course is a major venting event but many minor events do go undetected.

  180. boomie789 says:

    My understanding is volcanoes or meteors generally lead to ash blanketing the earth, blocking the sun.

    Then you get years of winter. Decades even. Maybe longer.

  181. CD Marshall says:

    Yes sir in full bloom eruptions, but in general venting they aren’t as dangerous. A super-volcano wipes out around 1500 square miles if I recall correctly. 100-300 square miles is immediate ash on eruption (they explode like a Nuke over the ground). Venting is not so dangerous but can be. Not hard to outrun a slow moving vented lava flow well you can walk away from it, really.

    They believe that part of the mini ice age following the MWP was from volcanic activity. Which is why it amazes me we ever get out of ice ages for global cold weather increases volcanic activity if I recall correctly?

    Any geologists in the room?

  182. CD Marshall says:

    So is it proper to say photons carry potential energy or is it potential stored energy. You’d think potential is a given its stored but semantics and all of that.

  183. Zelator says:

    Hi Boomie no more Matrix clips, don’t worry it was only used as an example to portray a depiction.
    Sometimes it is better to use visual aid clips to get your message across rather than copy and paste
    a thousand word high school essay which no-one would read. You were obviously born in the mid eighties, and have a fantasy mind based around Tolkien and the Game of Thrones genre.
    Remember. There is nothing new under the sun. It’s just remembering what we know.
    Mark Passio makes a living, monetising information particularly on Natural Law.
    I think he puts together a lot of good sources and information, but he himself will tell you that he is not telling us anything new. Santos Bonacci is another that puts information together well and produces great content.
    Maybe you have some fascinating clips of the behemoths of Westeros, Middle-Earth, and Hogwarts to enlighten us with.

  184. Zelator says:

    This guy may sound nuts and a religious freak but it seems he has had some sort of gnosis?
    I really don’t think he can make all this up. See for yourself:

    Luciferase Covid 19 Vaccine:

    Look I believe the demiurge is the boss of this world; someone or something created the matrix.
    However there is a true God/Creator the gnostics refer to as the unknowable one.
    In quantum physics this id is the void. The unextended cartesian mathematical reality.
    From no thing everything comes. That unextended matter is mind. Extended mind becomes matter.

    According to Kleck we are angels trapped in matter.

  185. boomie789 says:


    I reference the matrix all the time.

    1994 btw lol. 1 months before the internet went online.

  186. Zelator says:

    Boomie. No worries, you are well educated for your age. Keep it up. I enjoy your posts.

  187. boomie789 says:


    More on Propertarianism and UPB/NAP.

    Good channel.

    Favorite Matrix qoute.

    One of my favorite qoutes ever really

  188. CD Marshall says:

    My brother couldn’t remember his time off hand back then so I guess have grossly exaggerated his score. Now he says he can draw and shoot twice at a target in less than a second, .9 or so it varies. Shooting multiple targets as opposed to one grouping at a single target takes more time, naturally.

    This is his Instagram for those who like guns…

  189. CD Marshall says:

    So I looked up the world record for fastest draw and fire with a handgun: Bob Munden, less than 2/100th of a second and that’s with a modified revolver.

  190. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall
    If I can indulge, I introduce you to the greatest shooter alive and who ever lived.

    He grew up in my neighborhood. His childhood home is 10 minutes from me.

    Jerry Charles Miculek Jr. (/ˈmɪtʃəlɛk/ MITCH-ə-lek; born September 7, 1954) is an American professional speed and competition shooter known for his many world records, appearances on TV, and internet videos.[1] Miculek is widely regarded as the fastest and most proficient all-around speed and competition shooter in the world, emptying a five-shot revolver in 0.57 seconds in a group the size of a playing card, thus often being dubbed “The Greatest Shooter of all Time”.

    Born in Freeport, Texas, Jerry was a Texan for three days before moving with his family to southern Louisiana where he lived for the next thirty-seven years. Remnants of his Cajun accent can still be heard even though he has lived in northern Louisiana since 1990.

    Growing up, Jerry showed little interest in “traditional” sports- Shooting and hunting were his passions from an early age. Most of his free time was spent shooting at a local dump in Gramercy, Louisiana with his younger brother, Donnie Miculek.

  191. boomie789 says:

    Make sure you watch him reload the revolver @2mins

  192. boomie789 says:

    1 more

  193. Zelator says:

    Please Excuse a brief interruption to the awesome gun fest guys. Joseph, here is the full newsletter you requested.
    Check out the London Olympic Opening Ceremony video link. The sick crazy fuckers. What is fucking wrong with these pieces of shit? Who would create something like that. What kind of mind?


  194. CD Marshall says:

    My brother sent me one of his videos, where he hit a target dead center on the second try from 1000 yards using no scope with a modified 9mm revolver. However Bob Munden still holds the record at fastest draw with a revolver as far as I recollect, less than 2/100th of a second is nearly impossible to beat.

  195. Watch the movie “Colossus: The Forbin Project” for an account of how this AI was created and how it took over. It’s an excellent movie!

  196. Zelator says:

    Thanks Joseph…will do Sir.

  197. boomie789 says:

    wtf indeed

  198. CD Marshall says:

    Peace has always been a bloody business my friends, and is never won without sacrifice.

  199. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall

    That guy could be in the X-Men

  200. CD Marshall says:

    “si vis pacem, para bellum.”

    If you want peace, prepare for war.

  201. Zelator says:

    Jim Rickards Startegic Intelligence newsletter which is subscribed to by institutional investors,
    government directorates and the US intelligence community:


  202. boomie789 says:

    Made me think of this song. Might make you laugh.

    Molon Labe

  203. Zelator says:

    I’ve always liked this one Boomie:

  204. boomie789 says:

    ^added to playlist

  205. Zelator says:

    Boomie, there is nothing like a good war for the economy, full employment, population reduction, you know it makes sense right? When all else fails have a war.

  206. boomie789 says:

    Its actually commonly the first choice. Especially in the past.

  207. Zelator says:

    If you are referring to the Vietnam war, the Iraq war and the Afghanistan wars yes as they had no economies in the first place that they could destroy, but with a global power it usually follows the same pattern that Gerald Celente also mentions in his Trend In The News Jourmal: as I wrote, this from James Rickards:
    “Well, with history as a guide, we can see that today’s pattern is a repeat of what the world went through in the 1920s and 1930s. First came currency wars (1921–1936). Then came trade wars (1930–34) and then finally a shooting war (1939–1945).

  208. Zelator says:

    I suffer PTSD as millions of people do every day is a challenge:

    Always the Sun
    The Stranglers
    How many times have you woken up and prayed for the rain?
    How many times have you seen the papers apportion the blame?
    Who gets to say?
    Who gets to work and who gets to play?
    I was always told at school, everybody should get the same
    How many times have you been told if you don’t ask you don’t get?
    How many lads have taken your money, your mother said you shouldnt bet
    And who has the fun?
    Is it always a man with a gun?
    Someone must have told you, if you work too hard you can sweat
    There’s always the sun
    Mm-hmm, there’s always the sun
    Always, always (always the sun)
    How many times has the weatherman told you stories that made you laugh?
    You know it’s not unlike the Politicians and leaders, when they do things by half
    Who gets the job
    Of pushing the knob?
    That sort of responsibility, you draw straws for it if you’re mad enough
    There’s always the sun (always the sun)
    Mm-hmm, there’s always the sun
    Always, always (always the sun)
    There’s always the sun (always the sun)
    Mm-hmm, there’s always the sun
    Always, always (always the sun)
    There’s always the sun (always the sun)
    There’s always the sun
    Always, always (always the sun)
    There’s always the sun (always the sun)
    There’s always the sun
    Always, always (always the sun)
    There’s always the sun (always the sun)
    There’s always the sun
    Always, always (always the sun)

  209. boomie789 says:

    Aaahhh so refreshing.

    They burned down an Autozone. I used to work at one of those, great place to work.
    Autozone is one of the best places a ex-con/felon can get a decent job.

    I’m not a ex-con/felon, just ironic they burn down one of the places willing to give 2nd chances like that.

    The reckoning on the media can not come soon enough.

  210. Zelator says:

    Some Good News:

    Pope Francis announces “Joseph Gregory H Christ” as the new King of England.

    Trumps dad was Frederick Christ Trump……..further to Benjamin Fulford’s newsletter yesterday regarding the British Royalty.

    Trump has taken over the British Empire, USA will be free from the slavery of the British Monarchy.

  211. Zelator says:

    Lock and load…..

  212. Zelator says:

    If these pussies want a war, God help them….they will unleash a fury this goddam planet has never witnessed…

  213. boomie789 says:

    About a month ago there was a bunch of “queen is immortal” memes being posted daily on reddit.

    Also just generally pro queen stuff. I downvoted everyone I saw so I can actually go back and look at them all. Reddit front page is pretty much devoted to propaganda now, ever since Trump. It had it before too, but not it’s main function.

    They had at least one of these on the front page every day for days.
    I think it’s propaganda.
    Anyway Zelator reminded me of this.
    I’m not a fan of royalty.

  214. What cringe memes omg…

  215. Zelator says:

    Ha Ha, hey Boomie I loved the Monty Python skits. You know that the adrenochrome is good for wrinkles right?

  216. The Larouche people raged about the British Empire for decades…blamed ALL 100% of the world’s ills upon them. They certainly totally destroyed Europe…

  217. Zelator says:

    Hi Joseph are my comments being moderated?

  218. Not purposefully. Sometimes when too many links are shared in a single comment it thinks it’s spam. I’ll check.

  219. Zelator says:

    My replies to Boomie are not let through for some reason?

  220. boomie789 says:

    I was looking for a different video, but this guys got it.
    1.) Detached from reality
    2.) Can’t be offensive
    3.) Truth/Moral Relativist
    4.) Political Correctness
    5.) Can’t speak truth to power
    6.) Must bend to Narrative, (if it breaks they pretend it didn’t)

    He mentions the 7 deadly sins too. Been thinking about that lately. They are all willingly giving themselves over to sin. Controlling and blackmailing each other with their sins.
    ^this is how all Mafia’s start. (I think this is an original thought, kinda)

    I’m going to have to look into this Larouche stuff.

  221. Zelator says:

    Ok No worries. I thought for a minute that the thought police had got to me lol
    Thanks Joseph

  222. CD Marshall says:

    Naomi Seibt has offered anyone to reach out to her (however Monckton has taken her under his wing) so…

    She says give me the science not your opinion. I think that’s a good door to open.
    TWITTER: @SeibtNaomi

  223. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall

    Send her something. Maybe start with one of the shorter vids. Something that will bite.
    hmmmmm…this one.

    If she bites send the hour long one. If not o well.

  224. CD Marshall says:

    I’m banned from Twitter! (Still not even sure why) I made one comment about I don’t believe in global warming and the next thing I know I get a notice I violated their TOA and was banned. Besides she’d be more prone to listen if he introduced himself. She can follow the physics (to some extent?) and can read scientific papers.

  225. boomie789 says:


    I don’t even know how to use twitter.

    A few moments later

    I think I did it. I expect to not hear back.

    The people she hangs with are red flags for sure though. Careful not to fall for the controlled opposition. Remember what I said about flipping the hierarchy on its head? Still she has a relevant platform, she could point people to the guy who actually knows what he is talking about.

    “A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries. Notably Vladimir Lenin who said ””The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
    Count Mirabeau was part of the controlled opposition, because although everyone thought he was supporting the revolution, in reality he supported the monarchy and was a personal friend of the king. He was a government agent.”

    Using children is an emotional ploy, especially cute girls. Not to mention normalizing getting wisdom from children.

    Anyway I’m rambling. Maybe It’s fine.

  226. That is EXACTLY who these fake skeptics are though for sure!!!!!!! And they needn’t even know it.

  227. boomie789 says:

    Is that right?

  228. I think so. I’ll repeat with mine later.

  229. boomie789 says:

    She is good. I never even thought about what she says about mask near the end. Can’t help but like her.

  230. CD Marshall says:

    Who is this Doug Cotton psychopath? All he does is twist and contort truth. What a sick twisted malevolent mind. it’s creepy how in 2013 they sound exactly the same as they do now now. No interest in science, facts or actual evidence. They just twist anything around to misdirect. Or as I lovingly call it the three Ds: Deny-Deflect-Discredit. Rinse and repeat.

  231. Doug Cotton is a complete psychopath. He’s obsessed with me too. Unrequited love.

  232. boomie789 says:

    The blog link is better

    That was an awesome read.

    May Cold bless all of you and keep you Warm.

  233. “They get really upset if you say you want to model the Earth as spherical and the Sunshine as its real value, and do it in real time, and also have water, etc.
    It seems like such an idea really makes them sad.  And then it also makes them really mad.
    It kind of makes you feel bad when you take it away from them…I mean, when you see what it does to them.”

    I forget 98% of what I’ve written over the years. That was hilarious though.

  234. boomie789 says:

  235. Zelator says:

    Seems they are now considering making it a law to wear a mask if you can’t social distance.

  236. Zelator says:

    But no one cares, except it seems the Cartoon News Network CNN lol

  237. Zelator says:

    Here’s another take on the George Floyd incident and the ensuing rioting:

    In the comments section is a link to a lady’s channel “Fleurbrun” who has some interesting things to say also. Worth checking out.

  238. Zelator says:

    Do you really think the elites are allowing you to see Nasa/ Spacex in real time. What is the gain?
    Reality. Matrix. Have you watched some of the commentators, they can barely keep a straight face.
    Jim Bridenstein. Cough.

  239. Zelator says:

    And all the controllers at KFC ( Kennedy Flight Control) not the chicken guys have masks on ….. oh give me a fucking break. Are people really so fucking stupid, gullible when they are having the piss taken out of them?

  240. Zelator says:

    If you don’t believe me watch the shit show here:

  241. Zelator says:

    look at them, just look at them with their stupid fucking masks, subliminal programming little shits, they can go fuck themselves the satanic pieces of filthy shit

  242. CD Marshall says:

    Twitch has a just chatting section, maybe you could make use of that for science?

    If not, NASA is on there,

    Anyone want to ask them why they support global warming when the science doesn’t?

  243. boomie789 says:

    Lol, they need some moderators or something.

  244. boomie789 says:

  245. oregonmatt says:

    hi y’all, i’m a follower of this blog. not a scientist, nor can i follow the math, but i am grateful for honest science and common sense science. thanks

    just thought i’d share, for “fun”, this insertion of the previous hoax into the narrative of the current one. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jun/01/covid-low-carbon-future-lockdown-pandemic-green-economy

  246. What insane contradiction. They want more room for nature but less carbon dioxide. These people can’t help but say opposite things. Their minds are wrecked and gone.

  247. More carbon dioxide IS more room for nature.

  248. Pierre D. Bernier says:


    They just vandalized the International Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro, NC.

    Can,t help but think everything is all intentional so as to have something to blame it on when the whole financial system crashes down.

  249. CD Marshall says:

    The thing that amazes me the most is all those people just watched a man get murdered in the street and filmed it without helping.

    That matter could have been resolved without a death. They needed the death for an excuse to riot, his life was not a factor.

  250. boomie789 says:

    Vincent James from Red Elephants posted this.

  251. Zelator says:

    Anyone watched Altered Carbon on Netflix? You get a new “sleeve” aka body but not of your choice. How sic is that. All depends on your credits! Right well that’s the TV series.


    Well in actuality, it’s a continuation of the host body war being fought on planet Earth…. the slave planet.
    God sent his son ( His essence ) into this world to free the “Adams” from the Demiurge.
    You see there are two human races on this planet earth and one is not nice.
    Its all about escaping this matrix. Be born again or reincarnate continually as food for the Serpent Race. The Serpent Race by the way are the Cahillas. I will provide what evidence I have of the cult behind all these pandemics and wars and why, if anyone is interested?

  252. boomie789 says:

    “The left literally is/has been trying to implement selective justice by race….as the Turner Diaries, which were a poorly written shit show, but the dude was right about that being the end goal.

    Blacks commit more crime because laws racist,

    blacks murder the most

    murder laws must be racist

    murder doesn’t apply to blacks

    That is unrionically the logical end game of leftist apologism.”


    That’s a good way of putting it

    Even Malcom X didn’t like liberals

  253. CD Marshall says:

    I am paraphrasing from PIERRE-MARIE ROBITAILLE:
    Peer review is only good for confirming what is known and accepted in the general consensus of the scientific field. If you present anything that is not common in that field it will be rejected. You have no choice but to present your findings outside of peer review if it is a concept not accepted in the scientific consensus.

    This advise was given to him by an accomplished scientist.

    Go FN figure.

  254. boomie789 says:

    This one is really good.

    How to use propaganda to spin gold from straw.

    Calgary is in it too.

  255. boomie789 says:

    Wow calgary is way bigger than I thought it was. 1.3 million?!

    That’s double New Orleans + Baton Rouge.

    There just hiding over a million people up there.

  256. boomie789 says:


  257. A few things:

    (1) Yeah, I’ve watched Altered Carbon

    (2) About masks, I recently wrote this: https://hubpages.com/education/COVID-19-Mandatory-Cloth-Face-Masks-Are-Scientifically-Unfounded

    (3) I suspect that a significant portion of the destructive rioting is Antifa hijacking an otherwise initially peaceful protest and making the peaceful people look bad in the process. Cowards can hide in the crowd and cause destruction.

    (4) A true sign of the craziness of the times is me watching a masked newscaster report on white people doing destructive rioting in the name of a black man allegedly murdered by the police. I mean, damn, that’s some messed up circus-like shit. The clowns are out in full force.

  258. boomie789 says:


    They do get so upset lol. All I did was link the excerpt from this.

    – Elementary Applied Partial Differential Equations, Haberman (1998)

    “Okay, I thought you were really ignorant before but I have to marvel at this. I’ll list out just five of your mistakes.

    “1. The claims that I quoted from you were about radiation, specifically about the increase in temperature of “the source” and now you immediately bait and switch to talking about conduction and heat flow due to temperature differences. Are you this clueless that you don’t understand these are separate processes? The salient question is what happens to the energy of the system especially with regard to the light that is reflected through the glass back onto the filament. Do you think this energy disappears?
    2. Page numbers. Learn what they are and how to actually cite material in a scientific context.
    3. I asked you for thermodynamics textbooks and one of the books you quote is a partial differential equations book by a mathematician.
    4. You don’t understand what these textbooks are even saying. These books are specifically describing the transfer of heat of materials in contact through thermal interactions. There are other ways to transfer energy. Your reasoning about thermodynamics is like that of a freshman’s where you have no clue what is happening to the particles responsible for heat transport nor even the entropy of the system.
    5. And I asked you to explain to me what is happening to the photons when two light bulbs are illuminating each other and what happens to the energy. Is this something you are incapable of doing?”

    I remember something Postma said that should be a sufficient answer.

    “Conductive heat transfer Q = k* (Thot – Tcool)

    Huh look at that heat flow from hot to cool. Now we should find something remarkably different for radiation, as per their claims. Let’s see:

    Radiative heat transfer: Q = s*(Thot^4 – Tcool^4).”

    That good?

  259. boomie789 says:

    Also hot to cold

  260. They’re such despicable frauds.

  261. boomie789 says:

    Imagine being mad that the sun drives the climate.


  262. Joseph E Postma says:

    Is that from a current argument you’re having with one of these freaks?

    Man…they’re REALLY afraid that you’re referring to a textbook…lol!

    “3. I asked you for thermodynamics textbooks and one of the books you quote is a partial differential equations book by a mathematician.”

    This goes to show that THEY have NO CLUE what they’re talking about, given that the standard for teaching partial differential equations in mathematics class is in reference to thermodynamics! The “mathematician” textbook is FULL of thermodynamics…it almost is its sole topic. So they are either clueless, or trying to obfuscate and pretend something otherwise.

    “5. And I asked you to explain to me what is happening to the photons when two light bulbs are illuminating each other and what happens to the energy. Is this something you are incapable of doing?”

    Beside the point. Two bulbs represent two INDEPENDENT energy sources. Not the same situation at all. The atmosphere is not an independent energy system to the surface and to the Sun…the atmosphere is downstream the temperature gradient. Heat flows one way in all modes.

    Think of how insane they are to get this mad about the Sun driving the climate.

  263. boomie789 says:

    Yea over on r/climateskeptics. Been slow there lately, for obvious reasons.

    Its 4 days old but I woke up to his response this morning.

    IKR that’s what I’m saying!

    I’m the one that should be mad at your psdueo science! Damn cultist.

  264. boomie789 says:

    *posted in wrong thread

    Retired black police chief killed by looters.
    He was defending the business, owned by a long time friend of his.

    A common thread I’ve heard about where the worst riots are is the attorney general/general procecuter. Lots of “first black woman prosecutors”.

    Hearing rumours about they are antifa organizers.

    Basically Antifa has political positions in Liberal city districts.

    Conveniently placed piles of bricks at protest.

  265. We simply need to separate.

  266. boomie789 says:

    It really is that simple. Cut the cities out like the cancer they are. Look how they run things, we can not abide this.


    “My argument is that groups must pay the cost of domesticating their own, and if they cannot domesticate their own, and worse, if they export their own – causing externalities by doing so – they lose the reciprocal obligation to permit sovereignty (self rule).

    This is a terribly simple problem: Pay for your own costs – one way or another.”


    “Democracy over a heterogenous population is just monopoly tyranny”

  267. Propertarianism is the solution. Let’s have a jubilee of all forms: wipe all debt, and obligations social moral and otherwise, off the table, separate, and from here on pay your own costs.

  268. boomie789 says:


    Here is a current more relevant article. The painful truth indeed.

  269. That’s the state of it. Now, how can we proceed!?

  270. boomie789 says:

  271. boomie789 says:

    Nobody knows about us yet. Keep your constitution handy.

    I remember Curt Doolittle saying he would start the revolution in the deep south, if it came to that.

    I have a fantasy in my head something like “The Free State Of Jones”. Good movie, in my opinion. Not amazing but good.

  272. CD Marshall says:

    The simplest argument in the world hot to cold. This law is obeyed on the macro and the micro. Longer wave radiation cannot in turn increase shorter wave radiation. This is not even an argument on short wave vs long wave this is an argument on long(er) wave vs short(er) wave.
    A longer wave frequency does not possess the power required to knock a shorter wave into a higher state.

    I love challenging them with this, “Show me one equation in thermodynamics or particle physics that proves this is not true.”

    rn increaseshorte

  273. boomie789 says:

    There is actually a video of that retired police chief dying outside the store.

    The camera man is argueing with the murderers who killed him over a TV.

    I wonder why that video isn’t getting as much attention as Floyd’s? RIP to both of them.

    David Dorne, I didn’t link the video here it’s kinda gruesome. 1:53 long. Tweeze Art channel

  274. boomie789 says:

  275. CD Marshall says:

    Joseph starts at 15:30 where he discusses the peer review process his logic is sound if only someone had told you that years ago…

  276. Somehow we need a reset. Our education system is worth zero value given that it produces flat earthers unknowingly behind a complete illusion of merit for our PhDs…

  277. Vote Carrington 2020.

  278. Vote Chixulub 2020.

  279. Vote Pole Flip 2020.

  280. Vote Axial Shift 2020.

  281. Vote Blue Beam 2020.

  282. CD Marshall says:

    Joseph too bad you can’t contact him about your model…

  283. Related to that Propertarianism link from boomie:


    We cannot live together any longer.

  284. boomie789 says:

    If you like Mark Passio these are my two favorites by him.

    Mark Passio will really help you understand Curt Doolittle’s work.

    If you like that you gotta check out his work on Natural Law.

    The Ancient Aliens stuff is interesting if nothing else. It’s not like he doesn’t make a case.

  285. boomie789 says:

    Vincent James has been killing it with the memes.
    I might get banned from a subreddit today.

  286. boomie789 says:

    Already removed from imgur. Literally up for 5 mins.

  287. I just saw it right now. Great meme.

  288. Let us ALL breathe …………………. the truth.

  289. boomie789 says:

    “It was sad before and now it gets worse. That is not Fourier’s law (you are missing terms) and your equation for “radiative heat transfer” doesn’t even have correct units. The left-hand side has units of energy while the right has units of power (if s is representing the Stefan-Boltzmann constant). The actual heat transfer equations are rate equations and only show the resultant net flow of heat.

    And I don’t know why you separated your comments into two separate posts so I’ll address the other one here.

    Two bulbs represent two INDEPENDENT energy sources. Not the same situation at all. The atmosphere is not an independent energy system to the surface and to the Sun…the atmosphere is downstream the temperature gradient. Heat flows one way in all modes.

    Your use of the word “independent” has absolutely no thermodynamic meaning here. Two light bulbs radiating that are turned on a facing each other radiate energy towards each other. Just like the sun radiates energy towards the earth and atmosphere, the earth radiates energy towards the atmosphere and sun, and the atmosphere radiates energy towards the earth and sun. This energy doesn’t disappear like magic and so it is either transmitted, reflected, or absorbed by anything it reaches. And if it is absorbed, it raises the energy of that object.

    And you still have no answered the question. What is happening to the photons that are reflected from the mirror back onto the filament of the light bulb?”

    “The atmosphere’s energy is directly from the sun, you do not get to add it back on top of the suns input.

    You are creating energy from nothing.

    If you were correct perpetual motion machines would be possible”

  290. Joseph E Postma says:

    All that they can do is belittle and insult.

    The person is simply being purposefully obtuse and pretending to not understand the facts of the equations. Heat flow for conduction and radiation take the same identical form in terms of flow from hot to cold, where only the difference is heat. Heat is defined as only the difference, and neither the fully energy from either the cold or hot object is heat; heat is only the difference between the two and thus only the hotter object has heat to supply to the cooler. And heat is what is required to increase temperature.

    Oh, and two independent sources has no meaning? They just make shit up and lie. As if having twice of something of identical source wavelength with 2X the total energy has no meaning in comparison to having only one of something at source wavelength, and then a second thing downstream with a completely different and longer (“colder”) wavelength. What sophistry! What just utter lying. Yes…the cool air around us is heating the surface with twice the power of the hot Sunshine…lol.

    Energy is only absorbed if it is heat (in thermodynamic terms)…this is the entire definition of heat and of the equations of heat flow: the energy from an object will only be absorbed by a second body in such a way as to increase the temperature of the second body IF the source object has higher temperature than the second body. It’s perfectly obvious to see in the equations:

    Q = k(Thot – Tcool) (conduction)
    Q = s(Thot^4 – Tcool^4) (radiation)

  291. boomie789 says:

    We’re on your side! We’re on your side!



  292. It doesn’t matter who is on who’s side — it’s all about breaking stuff that belongs to some innocent somebody else.

    Get mad, break shit — the mature, intelligent, rational way to respond, you know, ………… it’ s the “new intelligence” ……………… stupid is the new intelligence.

  293. boomie789 says:

    “we’re on your side” = ‘kill us last!”

    The comments are hilarious

    “Can you imagine if there was a military draft and these soy boys are our frontlines? WE’RE ON YOUR SIDE! Their fathers must be proud.”

    “They threw redpills at their window.”

    “I love the smell of cognitive dissonance in the morning…”

    Absolutely hilarious

  294. boomie789 says:

    check out the mayor of Minneapolis at George Floyd’s funeral.

    Showing real strength there mayor. Glad he is in charge…/s

    What a mockery. Dog and pony show.

  295. So pathetic. All this is manufactured outrage to INVENT racial tension. But as we know…only certain people understand mathematical statistical facts, and others only understand feelings.

  296. CD Marshall says:

    Feelings rule the stupid and the stupid are ruling the world. ‘Bout time we slap some Kolinahr Mathematics and go full Vulcan on their sorry dispositions.

    Or something like that.

  297. CD Marshall says:

    When I was a writer and did articles, I often put this disclaimer on the end, perhaps you might want to do something similar…

    “If you are not happy with this article, or if I have offended you in anyway, please send any and all complaints here: Forward ”

    The “Forward” Hyperlink would send you here…

  298. boomie789 says:

    “So are Postma and Boomie two separate but equally stupid people? Write your posts in one reply. I’ll quote the other post here since it’s short.

    The atmosphere’s energy is directly from the sun, you do not get to add it back on top of the suns input.

    You are creating energy from nothing.

    If you were correct perpetual motion machines would be possible

    No, the atmosphere receives energy from the Sun and the Earth. Both of these objects emit radiation according to the Stefan-Boltzmann law. You can’t just willfully ignore the Earth, and the Earth emits about 398.2 W*m\^2 with 358.2 W*m\^-2 being absorbed by the atmosphere since most of the Earth’s radiation is within the absorption spectrum of GHGs. And with all this energy that the atmosphere absorbs, it has to, also, radiate its energy and about half is emitted towards the Earth again. This is not “energy from nothing” this is just the Stefan-Boltzmann law and there are diminishing returns after each absorption and remittance, so quit pretending you know anything about physics if you can’t wrap your head around the fact that objects emit radiation according to this law. The thermodynamics books you love to butcher almost all have a section devoted to how the Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere absorb and emit radiation too cause the greenhouse effect. So tell me why the atmosphere is magically immune to absorbing the energy radiated from the Earth.

    Heat is defined as only the difference, and neither the fully energy from either the cold or hot object is heat; heat is only the difference between the two and thus only the hotter object has heat to supply to the cooler. And heat is what is required to increase temperature.

    Can you write more like a physics grad and less like a child in their first science class? Explain to me how heat is transferred in the kinetic theory and what happens to the microstates, macrostates, and their multiplicities for the system. Maybe you’ll figure out then, if you actually bothered to fully read a textbook, that heat transfer is a probabilistic phenomenon where the phonons and electrons of the materials are constantly exchanging energy at the interface of the two materials. And your statement that heat can only be transferred from a hotter object to a colder object is blatantly not true. For two objects that are the same temperature and pressure and that exchange ΔN particles from object 2 to object 1, the change in energy of objects 1 and 2 are

    ΔE_1 = ΔQ_1 + μ_1ΔN

    ΔE_2 = ΔQ_2 – μ_2ΔN

    Conservation of energy requires that ΔE_1 + ΔE_2 = 0 so adding the above two lines yields

    0 = (ΔQ_1 + ΔQ_2) + (μ_1 – μ_2)ΔN

    All of these terms are non-zero for two objects of differing chemical potential, μ, such that the diffusion of particles from object 2 to object 1 results in either heat being released or absorbed.

    Energy is only absorbed if it is heat (in thermodynamic terms)…this is the entire definition of heat and of the equations of heat flow:

    No, you dumbass. Do you even know what the fundamental thermodynamic relation is? It’s the equation

    dU = TdS – PdV + Σ_i μ_idN_i

    If there is no change in entropy, energy is exchanged through work or the transfer of matter. And still you fail to understand that heat has the units of joules while the Stefan-Boltzmann law has units of power.”

    I just told him the earth and the atmosphere both get their energy directly from the sun. You don’t get to add it back to the sun…cold doesn’t add to hot.

    People really think cold adds to hot. Moron.

  299. boomie789 says:

    Cool channel btw

  300. Joseph E Postma says:

    As I said…all they have is bluster and ad hom and pretense, pretending by writing equations with a lot of bluster as if they’re saying anything. Nothing they wrote bears any importance.

    They can ad-hom and be as inaccurate as they will, but then you are held to a standard of perfection of zero ad-hom and perfect accuracy. Those heat flow equations are fine and one understands the difference between a fixed held energy in Joules vs. a flow of joules per unit time and per unit area…since the context is heat flow in the first place.

    And, those heat flow equations ARE the result of the change in micro, macro, and multiplicity states of the system…that’s exactly what the equations are! What a ridiculous request. But of course, this is what they can get away with because they can pretend they’re saying something without saying anything.

    1) Climate science and its greenhouse effect ARE flat Earth theory.
    2) Heat flow is one way, and the cooler atmosphere does not heat the warmer surface.
    3) The Sun heats the Earth, not the atmosphere at twice the power of the Sun.

    Refer to the AMS video. And don’t forget these textbook quotes:

    “Heat is defined as any spontaneous flow of energy from one object to another caused by a difference in temperature between the objects. We say that “heat” flows from a warm radiator into a cold room, from hot water into a cold ice cube, and from the hot Sun to the cool Earth. The mechanism may be different in each case, but in each of these processes the energy transferred is called “heat”.” – Thermal Physics [2](pg. 18)
    “If a physical process increases the total entropy of the universe, that process cannot happen in reverse since this would violate the second law of thermodynamics. Processes that create new entropy are therefore said to be irreversible. […]
    “Perhaps the most important type of thermodynamic process is the flow of heat from a hot object to a cold one. We saw […] that this process occurs because the total multiplicity of the combined system thereby increases; hence the total entropy increases also, and heat flow is always irreversible. […]
    “Most of the process we observe in life involve large entropy increases are therefore highly irreversible: sunlight warming the Earth […].” – Thermal Physics [2](pg. 82)

    “Heat is defined as the form of energy that is transferred across a boundary by virtue of a temperature difference or temperature gradient. Implied in this definition is the very important fact that a body never contains heat, but that heat is identified as heat only as it crosses the boundary. Thus, heat is a transient phenomenon. If we consider the hot block of copper as a system and the cold water in the beaker as another system, we recognize that originally neither system contains any heat (they do contain energy, of course.) When the copper is placed in the water and the two are in thermal communication, heat is transferred from the copper to the water, until equilibrium of temperature is established. At that point we no longer have heat transfer, since there is no temperature difference. Neither of the systems contains any heat at the conclusion of the process. It also follows that heat is identified at the boundaries of the system, for heat is defined as energy being transferred across the system boundary.” – Thermodynamics [3]

    “The temperature of a body alone is what determines whether heat will be transferred from it to another body with which it is in contact or vice versa. A large block of ice at 00C has far more internal energy than a cup of hot water; yet when the water is poured on the ice some of the ice melts and the water becomes cooler, which signifies that energy has passed from the water to the ice.
    “When the temperature of a body increases, it is customary to say that heat has been added to it; when the temperature decreases, it is customary to say that heat has been removed from it. When no work is done, ΔU = Q, which says that the internal energy change of the body is equal to the heat transferred to it from the surroundings. One definition of heat is:
    Heat is energy transferred across the boundary of a system as a result of a temperature difference only.” – Classical and Statistical Thermodynamics [4]

    “How and why does heat energy flow? In other words, we need an expression for the dependence of the flow of heat energy on the temperature field. First we summarize certain qualitative properties of heat flow with which we are all familiar:
    1. If the temperature is constant in a region, no heat energy flows.
    2. If there are temperature differences, the heat energy flows from the hotter region to the colder region.
    […]” – Elementary Applied Partial Differential Equations [5]

    All of this describes what is occurring with the thermodynamic states of the system and heat flow. And heat flow is summarized in those equations. One way only.

    Who is this assface, and where is this discussion occurring? They should be public about who they are. Ask them for a public debate.

  301. boomie789 says:

    It’s that same post I linked before. Don’t want to link it again it’s really long.

    does Reddit count as a public debate? lol. The post is days old now so the traffic is pretty much dead.

    u/Qdothms is his handle

    Think of the ramifications if cold added to hot? perpetual motion? Runaway feedback? Cooking Thanksgiving dinner over an ice chest? Iced coffee would be impossible, the horror!

  302. Zelator says:

    As @RK says its not about taking sides. You need to look at the bigger picture.
    Who sets to gain from this divide and conquer strategy? Segregation won’t make the
    enemy go away. The Conquistador Families ( the Black Nobility) go back to the Nagas. Through the Khazarian mafia, Sepharic Cahillan bloodlines back through the Byzantine Empire back to the Pharaonic Demonic priests of Amun.

    The Papal Bloodlines the Seedline of Satan:

    Santos Bonacci: The Jesuits are the military arm of the Vatican, they are the men in black at the top of the pecking order, more powerful than the knights of Malta and the knights of Columbus. the Jesuits are at the top and who controls them are the papal bloodlines, these are the Italian black nobility families, the Venetian black nobility, such as the Farnese, Orcini, Medici, Pallavicini, Aldobrandini, and the list goes on.


    Santos has an astro-theological theory that the universe is an egg, one of many universal eggs. That our solar system is but one egg, and the earth is at its centre. From science he is talking about a holographic torus field with the earth at it centre and the two poles at it innermost and outer circumference. A magnetic field in effect.

    Whatever the reality the controllers have given/hidden the truth one way or another. The Globalism theory is but one that mankind has struggled to prove and to make work for his benefit against the odds of the Old God’s tricks! It is this one giant Cosmic joke that has trapped mankind in an ever recurring birth, death and rebirth of dark and golden ages.
    This is referred to now as Khemitology:

    Because of this false matrix structure, history is written by the controllers, Therefore we will never know who we are and where we are going until we know where we have been!!


    This is what Akhenaten was trying to stop and keep us in Aten.
    He failed and we have been in AMUN for 5,000 years, but we are coming round to the beginning again, where truth will once again be found and consciousness will be raised.

    It was during this phase of darkness that the corrupt priests of Amen satanically took over the world and hold power to this day, but as we enter the Age of Aquarius and people awaken their consciousness the veil will lifted once again!

  303. Zelator says:

    Now these bloodlines have different DNA to ours and have serious blood health difficulties/issues which caused them through the ages to be vampiric and require Goyim blood to survive. Initially they interbred with other races to keep their race going but the pure ones needed sustenance, but also needed to keep their blood line pure. This is where the vampire stories originate.

  304. CD Marshall says:

    I would jut ask him,
    “Show me one equation in a thermodynamics or particle physics manual that proves longer wave radiation can increase the temperature of shorter wave radiation. Not your equations, a real equation from a real textbook in quotes with page number and title.
    I’ll wait…”

  305. CD Marshall says:

    Oh and not that it really matters but a gas cannot be a radiating black body so the atmosphere cannot radiate as a source like the surface of the Earth.

  306. CD Marshall says:

    Plus all his equations equal zero so what was his point?

  307. CD Marshall says:

    “If there is no change in entropy, energy is exchanged through work or the transfer of matter.”

    Second Law of Thermodynamics: It is impossible to extract an amount of heat QH from a hot reservoir and use it all to do work W. Some amount of heat QC must be exhausted to a cold reservoir.

    The key word is exhausted (as in energy) not transferred (as in heat). The classic Delta U=Q-W

    Kelvin & Planck
    “No (heat) engine whose working fluid undergoes a cycle can absorb heat from a single reservoir, deliver an equivalent amount of work, and deliver no other effect.”

    The Second Law is concerned with Entropy (S) which is produced by all processes and associated with the loss of ability to do work. The Second Law states that the entropy of the universe increases.

    For energy to be available there must be a region with high energy level and a region with low energy level. Useful work must be derived from the energy that flows from the high level to the low level.

    Delta S=Q/T

    Hot to Cold on the macro or the micro the rules apply. This guy is a bs specialist and using the open tactic of belittling you thus raising his point to self proclaimed “expert status.”

    I admit his last equation seems a little off dU = TdS – PdV + Σ_i μ_idN_i

    Joseph is TdS rightly used here?

    Correct me please if I’m wrong (often as that may or may not be)
    Change in Entropy
    1. As a function of V & T
    2. As a function of P & T
    3. As a function of P & V


  308. Where’s that quote on the 2nd Law and entropy from? It’s great…disproves reverse heat flow and the radiative greenhouse effect.

    I think the equation was fine. Who cares though…they’re just going to lie about anything anyway.

    Link is great.

  309. CD Marshall says:

    Second Law: Heat Engines


    I always have it open when I go through manuals to reference something I’m not familiar with (so yes I use it often).

  310. CD Marshall says:

    Second Law: Heat Engines

    Second Law of Thermodynamics: It is impossible to extract an amount of heat QH from a hot reservoir and use it all to do work W. Some amount of heat QC must be exhausted to a cold reservoir. This precludes a perfect heat engine.

    This is sometimes called the “first form” of the second law, and is referred to as the Kelvin-Planck statement of the second law.

  311. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall

    Ty and cool resource.

  312. CD Marshall says:

    How are these morons claiming water vapor has feedback loop? Where are they getting this from?
    No such thing exists in the open atmosphere.

    How can so many idiots think water vapor increases the temperature of the planet.

  313. boomie789 says:

    The “”””health experts”””””” say It’s ok to protest the police, but not the lockdown?

    Comments are good too.

    “”””health experts”””””

  314. These sick fuckers. It’s all connected…they thrive on cognitive dissonance. Same people as the climate freaks. These “experts” are all stooges…created by our insane education system. It’s all a facade. Abolish the academic expert class.

  315. The comments are great.

  316. You can assemble as a crowd of people in close proximity, scream-launching millions upon millions of COVID-19-infested, aerosolized particles, wearing simple masks, perhaps, of basic woven fabric, with pores four times larger than the particles people mistakenly think are blocked by them,… but you cannot go to a bar.

    You can protest the arrest mishap of a known criminal with health issues in the process of another criminal act, assured that the police will allow this to be a comfortable protest experience for you, but you cannot protest having your freedom stripped away by irrational overreactions to a viral mutation leading to an upsurge in respiratory afflictions, over ninety percent of which resolve with no complications.

    Oh, okay, that makes sense.

  317. Police to a lock down protestor: Sir, I am legally bound to inform you that you are in violation of the lock down order and in violation of the face mask ordinance. Put your hands behind your back, you are under arrest. [clamps on cable ties, painfully cutting off circulation in protestor’s wrists, pushing him into the squad car, hauling him away to jail].

    Police to George Floyd protestor: Nice day for a protest isn’t it? What are your intentions with that brick in your hand? I’m not asking to be nosy — I just want to make sure that you are not going to drop it on your foot, before you throw it to break out that window. Can I get you a soda? Are you comfortable? Anybody bother you? Carry on, and have a good day.

  318. boomie789 says:

    @Robert Kernoble


    I got one.

    Police to Looter: Make sure the gas is cut off before you burn down that store.

    Police to store owner who shot a looter: I’m sorry sir you’re going to have to come with us.


    This is what I would look like if the “Protester”(looters) showed up.

  319. boomie789 says:


    I’m not even dyslexic lol, just dumb. 😁

  320. “KernoBle” works for me. (^_^) … I didn’t even catch it, until you mentioned it.

    The usual flub of my name is “Kernoodle”, … you know, like the soup (noodle soup).

  321. CD Marshall says:

    These things need to be removed. No crime no need for cops…Criminals pretending to be victims.

  322. boomie789 says:

    Check out the guy who first dives into the window, he gets shot in the arm.

    More Context
    “For people claiming that this guy purposefully drove into a crowd, watch the birds eye view. His car was already being attacked by “protestors” on the outskirts of the main group, and in an attempt to flee the fella who busted out his window and assaulted him, he blindly drove away, which happened to be into the main group.


    I wonder what gun that is? My guess is a Glock with a giant magazine in it.

    Man I hope whatever he was driving around there for was worth it. Freaking Warzone out there.
    I think this is Seattle.

  323. boomie789 says:

    That guy they are walking with like he is some kind of wounded soldier, needs to be arrested btw….

  324. boomie789 says:

    It wouldn’t be a Glock 18 though. Glock 18’s are full auto.

  325. I have just made a breakthrough discovery, and, rather than write it up and submit to a journal, I thought that I would announce it here for the first time. It is a most momentous discovery, and so I give you ………………….. STUPID-19 ……………………………. After many hours of observing pathological behaviors over the past few months, I have succeeded in isolating the cause of this affliction. But before I reveal this underlying cause, I need to tell you what STUPID-19 means.

    It means “Severely Toxic Unrealistic Perversely Irrational Disorder”, and since it seemed to emerge in the year 2019, I added the “19” suffix.

    STUPID-19 has overtaken the world. Now for the underlying cause: viral cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy.

    Remember, you saw it here first.

  326. boomie789 says:

    Check out the mayor of Minneapolis again.

    That what you get.

  327. They should defund all of their local police. I think it’s a wonderful idea. Let them pay their own costs locally, relieve working taxpayers the expense.

  328. boomie789 says:

    They won’t have any taxpayers at this rate. Who arrest the people not paying taxes?
    Is Minneapolis going to have race police? Selectively policing based on race? Businesses would need private security. But why even do business there at all? Might as well open up shop in Kazakhstan.

    The left is a mechanism of destruction…

  329. Yah for now they think that they’re going to take the police budget and redistribute it to themselves. Either way none of this will work out for them, which is good. This will all go towards separation and paying your own costs hopefully. Indeed…they won’t have any business or businesses at all in the end. Good. Let them destroy themselves.

  330. They should defund education next. Just tell them education is white and racist. God please. Defund the police and defund education. I mean this seriously…it’s the path to Propertarianism and Meritocracy. Nothing could be better for the eugenic improvement of humanity than to defund the police and the education system.

  331. boomie789 says:


  332. CD Marshall says:

    The problem is after they destroy a town, city or state they move on to the next one to do it all over again.

    The only way to end this is to stop the movement.

    Trump is starting to see that now. A force that cannot not be reasoned with must inadvertently be stopped by force.

    “Talking tings out, negations” is just a sophisticated way of a weaker body avoiding a losing direct confrontation and thus the ultimatum that would follow which would destroy any “victory by small steps.”

    These things don’t need to win, they need to take a step towards victory withe successive “compromise” they are s a step closer taking out a larger dominant enemy they could not defeat in open confrontation.

    Notice they never compromise with the opposing party, compromise is the opposing party agreeing with them and when they have finally achieved the control they do not negotiate or compromise.

    You don’t negotiate wit the enemy you defeat them and then dictate the terms of their surrender.

  333. CD Marshall says:

    In short, no such thing as hate crimes, to murder anyone is hate.

  334. Yes. They win by attrition. They consume and destroy everything they touch. They need to be confined at least…so they destroy themselves. Or as Curt Doolittle says…it’s not like we wouldn’t enjoy destroying them by force. So that’s the plan: separate, so that they bear their own costs, or, use force and end the cost.

  335. CD Marshall says:

    To accept their interpretation of language is the victory. Once you accept racism as a hate crime that is somehow more important than murdering another life in hate you are talking their language and a step closer to being converted without knowing it.

    All murder is a hate crime whether it be a jealousy, passion, strong emotions, racial motivated, religious or whatever.

    A Christina preacher in another country ran by Muslims was chopped up by machetes and left alive in the streets with his legs and arms chopped to pieces, until he eventually died.

    All intentional murder is a hate crime.

    Killing someone to defend life is not a hate crime, it is protecting lives which is what defending yourself is either in the home by killing intruders or on the battle field protecting your families from those who seek to destroy them.

  336. As we know…the destruction of meaning in language is their #1 goal. 1984 is their manual.

  337. They’re all the same people…the same force. It is clear now who needs to go. There is no grey area.

  338. CD Marshall says:

    No “normal” person wants to take a life but will defend the lives of innocent people by any means necessary.

  339. CD Marshall says:

    You know why Hungary isn’t facing the same crime and chaos from mass immigration as everyone else?

    They sent the military to their borders and closed it. No negotiations, just stay out.

  340. CD Marshall says:

    This does not compute…
    “The peak absorption of CO2 is at 15 microns. The peak emission is between 9 and 10 microns with an ambient temperature range of around 254-303 Kelvin. CO2 can’t reach that peak emission without a transfer of higher energy from hotter molecules like O2 and N2. That transfer is in the exchange of energy from collision and bumping from hotter molecules transferring some of their kinetic energy to CO2 causing it to bump to a higher vibrational frequency.
    Since the atmosphere is not a blackbody it is not a source of temperature and all re-directed IR from CO2 is line spectrum only, therefore even at 10 microns would not change the surface temperature. Thermodynamics, a line spectrum can only at 100% proficiency maintain the temperature it reflected in the first place and only at its radiative spectrum frequency.
    Second Law of Thermodynamics: It is impossible to extract an amount of heat QH from a hot reservoir and use it all to do work W. Some amount of heat QC must be exhausted to a cold reservoir. Delta U=Q-W.

    Between 10 and 9 microns is still 16-48 Celsius (Wien’s Law) now if that were true then photons could be re-directed back to the Earth which are warmer than the ambient global temperature.
    So how is the upper atmosphere warmer than the average global temperature? It can’t be.
    Which means I see no way of CO2 being wound up to its highest vibrational state in the Troposphere. The only place that could be done is way up in the higher atmosphere where it would contact direct sunlight and reflect it/redirect it one way because it was cooled thus not a source of multi directional emissions. However CO2 has no magnetic dipole in its relaxed state. Only by the upper atmosphere being heated by non CO2 molecules by way of collision (which is far less in the upper atmosphere) could it “shed heat” in the Thermosphere which if I am not mistaken is not always hot (the side not facing the Sun), it does cool off giving the CO2 a chance to reset back to a relaxed non magnetic dipole state.

    254-303 Kelvin (-19.15C to 29..85C) would constitute an average emissions of 9.56 – 11.40 microns.

    So looking at radar/satellite imaging from the Equator 303 Kelvin/ 29.85C never reaches 950 hPa/500 meters.

    Even at 1500 meters the warmest point is only 20C at the Equator (most is below zero) there is no empirical data that is showing these temps in the lower atmosphere.

  341. CD Marshall says:

    At 30,000 meters, less than a third up to the TOA it is between -30C and -60C. Whoever is saying those ambient temps are between 254-303 Kelvin is from Earth emissions is full of salami. It is NOT true. The facts don’t lie.

    No temperature is emitting from the Earth at that high of temperature from that high in the atmosphere. All those graphs from NASA/NOAA are crap. They have to be reading temps from the TOA Solar irradiance and claiming its from Earth emissions.

    I’d like to see an altitude map with those so called ambient temps on them…

    I just did and NOTHING above the middle of the Troposphere is above 0C all the way up to the TOA. The average range is between 273.15 Kelvin to 213.15 Kelvin.

    Anything above 273.15 Kelvin (variable average) is not from Earth emissions to space. Clearly no IR being intercepted in the upper atmosphere is making a dent in the temperatures at all and because of its constant cold CO2 will never spin up to a higher vibrational state.

    This entire mainstream climate science is a scam.

  342. boomie789 says:

    Lol look how fake they are. What is it like to be that type of person?
    To be fake all the time. Sounds awful.

  343. boomie789 says:

    🤣Postma with the shit post.

    I loled


  344. boomie789 says:

    One of my favorite things to tell the degenerate enablers is this simple line.

    “American blacks are the richest blacks in the world”

    Blacks have never had it better at anytime, anywhere.

    Also a thought experiment.

    “Why haven’t blacks ever had a first world nation?

    If you replaced Japan with Africans and waited 50 years, what do you think would happen?

    Now those Japanese put them pretty much anywhere within reason, south africa let’s say, and wait 50 years, what happens?

    Which society would be successful?”

    When you get called racist say,

    “Are all the races supposed to be the same?”.

    Then the conversation will probably go into some bullshit about opportunity and poverty.

    Which of course American blacks are the richest in the world, and have the most opportunity.

  345. boomie789 says:

    Marxist revisionism is a freaking intellectual plague.

  346. boomie789 says:

    That damn “Guns Germs & Steel” book pushes this cultural Marxist revisionist trash.

  347. boomie789 says:

    Magic Dirt Theory

    The idea that someone immigrating to a country automatically and magically becomes the same as the native population.

    Someone moves from Sudan to Sweden and becomes a citizen of Sweden. The magic dirt theory holds that just being on Swedish soil will transform them into someone who is ethnically and culturally Swedish.

    The idea that where a person lives determines their behavior, when in reality it’s the people who live in a given location that determine if said location is safe or not.

    Liberals sure believe in the magic dirt theory–they think that if they move DeShawn out of the ghetto and into the rich white suburbs, he’ll suddenly be a good student and make something of himself.

  348. CD Marshall says:

    Someone wrote this at PSI,
    “You raise another interesting irony regarding CO2. This is because CO2 is very soluble in atmospheric water vapour, and forms a solution with a molar mass of around 46.3 g/mol at a pH between 5.0 and 5.6. This compares with pure water vapour which has a molar mass of 18 g/mol and a pH of 7.0. The heavier compound falls more rapidly as rain. (This is contrary to AGW advice that CO2 last a long time in the atmosphere.) So the more CO2 there is in the atmosphere with an elevated moisture content, the more rain clouds will form…”

    ??? CO2 AND WATER VAPOR DOESN’T MIX its water vapor not water. Heat separates the two or have I gone mad? I thought one of these guys had a PhD in chemistry. CO2 can be soluble in rain not as a vapor.

  349. Zelator says:

    Boomie. Unfortunately what has been the analysis of putting the less privileged amongst the more privileged is that rather than the underprivileged rising to meet the levels of the knowledgeable privilege class, what tends to happen is that the privileged class in fact lowers itself to the level of the underprivileged knowledge level. A sort of dumbing down.

  350. Zelator says:

    That’s why the Private School System is so more efficient at producing Leaders and free thought dynamic creative thinkers. The model is one of excellence and not of being “all the same” and being afraid to be different. That meritocratic fundamentals are at play and the best rise to the top, and are rewarded for it. Instead of being afraid to show your brilliance, or in case the leftists say you are privileged and have an unfair advantage so they will positively discriminate against you to make it fair.

  351. Zelator says:

    Yes I agree Joseph….. Natural Law …the Way ….the Will of God, The Tau, whatever your spirtitual fire: it’s genius your intuitive core THE WAY… the prefrontal cortex of the brain the gestapo of the brain necessary revolution of a mind programmed not to REVOLT///// we call its bluff! ………..

    You are hard wired to change the world.

  352. zelator says:

    Unfortunately the followers of the above have become a Morguesque charade of New Agers, Goths sycophants and old hippies that are as far from the message as the meaning itself was meant to be. That is lost in dogma and detritus of humanities lack of fortitude.
    The spiritual message of any esoteric organisation needs to maintain its inner core of essence other wise the purity of its message is lost. Propertarianism needs a soul indeed.
    I still love the message from this video though….it has

  353. Zelator says:

    Meaning. We are told that the Holy Grail was presented to humanity but they failed to see?
    Who is the Fool? Donald Trump? Simon Magus?

  354. boomie789 says:


    “3 – The Full Explanation of that European Strategy is:

    1 – A Universal Militia Regardless of Cost
    2 – Excellence and Heroism Regardless of Cost
    3 – Duty and Commons Regardless of Cost
    4 – Truth and Oath Regardless of Cost
    5 – Promise and Contract Regardless of Cost
    6 – Sovereignty and Reciprocity Regardless of Cost
    7 – The Natural Law and Jury Regardless of Cost
    8 – Wherein every man a soldier, sheriff, judge, and his own legislator, of his own demonstrated interests.
    9 – And as a result – the only possibility for social organization is Voluntary Markets in:
    .. – association
    .. .. – cooperation
    .. .. .. – production
    .. .. .. .. – reproduction
    .. .. .. .. .. – commons
    .. .. .. .. .. .. – polities
    .. .. .. .. .. .. .. – war.
    10 – Together producing the fastest possible means of human adaptation to circumstances;
    11 – Including the continuous evolutionary production of Human Agency (human capital);
    12 – By the domestication of man by market eugenics,
    13 – And as a result, the direction of surpluses to the production of commons, and the multiples of returns produced therefrom;
    14 – Including the unique high trust society;
    15 – And the informational, scientific, technological, medical, economic, social, political, and military benefits therefrom.
    16 – Yielding a genetic distribution free of the burden of underclass consumption, and the costs of their organization, administration, and care.”

  355. That’s worth fighting to protect. Actually…that’s the only thing that gives humanity a future of ascension to Godhood.

  356. And what was the Holy Grail Zelator? Don’t you think that the fact that you can’t be told or shown what it is indicates that there is something seriously fucked up and horrifically terrible about existence? Kleck says we’re just food…like in the Matrix…harvested for energy by a parasitic force we will never see or understand while here. Never any answers anywhere from anyone…nothing. In that case, hedge your bets and go with Jesus if that’s what gets you out. But then what’s the Holy Grail?…

  357. Zelator says:

    Joseph I believe the Grail is the gnosis of the mind, the knowledge of one’s self, the reflection of the Knowledge of the One Self, the All Self.

    G. R. S. Mead from Echoes From The Gnosis:

    And the destiny of man is that he should become the Monad of monads, or the Mind of God–the Cosmos itself, not only as perceived by the senses as all that is, both that which moves and moves not, which is the Great Body and Great Soul of things; but also as conceived by mind, as that Intelligible Greatness of all greatnesses, the Idea of all ideas, the Mind and Reason of God Himself, His own Self-created Son, Alone-begotten, the Beloved”.


    Samael Aun Weor says it is awakening the consciousness:


    There are mystery schools that teach the original serpent wisdom and the Order of the Seven Rays the teachings going back to the Great White Brotherhood and before.

    As Nietzsche said ” You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist”.

  358. Joseph E Postma says:

    bla bla bla bla bla…retarded BS…

  359. zelator says:

    I’m sorry that you think that way. I would like to explain it better but words are part of the problem with this matrix. Language is not the logos. How do you explain existence? With ontological mathematics? Of all Hockneys et al works where do they ever explain why this matrix prison exists and why, and how to escape it. Give me an ontological mathematical formula that Simon Magus purportedly used as a grail accelerator to escape this shit pit, and then you have answered your own question.

  360. Zelator says:

    Do you think he used a stone from Lucifer’s Crown or do you think he was a smart cookie and used his head!

  361. boomie789 says:

    Looked around on YouTube for a walk through of the new commie commune in Seattle.

    If they where smart they would be making a confederation with Portland & Vancouver, Very similar cities. Of course these are a bunch of drug addicts, homeless, and adult sized children.

    Here it is at night. Must be a night or two before the first video.

    This is what happens when you invite and subsidize free riders, the parasite kills the host.

  362. boomie789 says:

    also today in clown world, a 11 year old boy gets his house searched for bringing a gun to school.

    Virtual School. As in online, from his computer, in his own bedroom.


    BALTIMORE (WBFF) – A Baltimore County family is warning other parents after they say police were called to their house over something that happened during a virtual school lesson. The incident is raising concerns over privacy and safety in the era of online learning.

    “So, I answered the door. The police officer was, he was very nice. He explained to me that he was coming to address an issue with my son’s school,” Courtney told Project Baltimore. “And then explained to me that he was here to search for weapons, in my home. And I consented to let him in. And then I, unfortunately, stood there and watched police officers enter my 11-year-old son’s bedroom.”

    Courtney was told someone had seen the guns in her son’s bedroom during a Google Meet class on his laptop.

    “I thought, this is outrageous. This is despicable,” she said. “I had no idea what in the world could this be over? BB guns never even once entered my mind. How many 11-year-old boys have BB guns?”
    According to emails Courtney later exchanged with a school administrator, a screenshot was taken during the online class. The principal of Seneca Elementary was notified. Courtney says she was told the school safety officer then called police.

    “So, what are the parameters? Where are the lines drawn? If my son is sitting at the kitchen island next to a butcher block, does that constitute a weapon? It’s not allowed at school, right? So, would my home then be searched because he’s sitting next to a butcher block,” Courtney said. “I feel like parents need to be made aware of what the implications are, what the expectations are.”

    Everyday we reach new peaks in clown world.

  363. boomie789 says:

    Where is this boys father? Where is the man of the house who should have told those cops to go fuck themselves?

  364. Zelator says:

    Boomie have you seen this? Children disowning their family. Then again, that has always been one of the illuminatis’ ultimate goals…….to destroy the family.


  365. boomie789 says:

    Yea, Inversion of hierarchy. Inversion of everything. That’s the satanist though. They rebel against the laws of nature, against “god’s” plan.

    Also there are Light Occultist and Dark occultist, I think their are also Light(truth) Illuminati and Dark Illuminati. Dark Masons and Light Masons.

    They are people who wish to reveal the truth and help man ascend to know the mind of god.

    And people who wish to be god of earth, a all knowing all powerful prison warden.

    The Satanist are all dark though, guided by Ego. They recruit the morally flexible.

    The same exact thing happened in the USSR.

  366. boomie789 says:

    You can tell I listen to Mark Passio lol.

  367. Zelator says:

    Lol. You are so right about the different adversaries. Ultimately knowledge is power. Simple things like dowsing, astrology in days gone by were punishable by death as witchcraft by the powers that used the same techniques to control the game and have an advantage. Now human psychology and the studies of the mind and brain are revealing scientific facts that were once occult secrets. There is nothing new under the sun. Mark Passio was once in the satanic occult himself so he knows some of the more sinister motives and operations, but he has yet to reveal any deep occult knowledge that you would only attain through full initiation. You have a good mind and I believe you will discover what you are seeking.I enjoy your insight and posts, it shows a mind able to discern and intuit knowledge which is indeed gnosis. That is I give to you, the way out of this shit show.

  368. Zelator says:

    “The Satanists tho are guided by ego.” Yes you are absolutely right!! The ego is the enemy within.
    Your own betrayer, your own self sabotaging system. To control the ego, to train the ego, as it is an important part of human existence is the first part to gnosis. We are all fragments of the mind of God. Check out books by Dr Joseph Murphy. The Power of the Subconscious MInd. It is freely available if you search it. It is an masterpiece.

  369. Zelator says:

    If you can get your hands on some of the CIA mind programs by Dane Spotts. If not read about him.
    He had a book called Super Brain Power.
    Check out the High Performance Mind by Anna Wise, and more recently Mind to Matter by Dawson Church. That will give you a start of where this can take you.

  370. Zelator says:

    his work with the CIA was declassified and was available on Amazon. However here is his website

  371. boomie789 says:

    Good Movie.

  372. boomie789 says:

    I do think it might be possible to for a brain to receive and properly interpret brainwaves. Our brains output brainwaves, maybe a brain could learn/adapt/evolve to receive them. Like the Betazoid race in Star Trek. Telepathy.

    Maybe even, they’re are a handful of people in the world who have this ability already?

    Just had another story idea, a telepathic who thinks he is schizophrenic realizes he is actually hearing other peoples thoughts. He uses this power to get women, dominate men, and make millions at poker.

    Once he starts gaining attention he meets another telepathic, probably playing poker, he gets sucked into a under ground world where telepaths are hunted by Templars, out of fear of them dominating the human race. The Templars have helmets to block telepaths from sensing them.

    Actually this movie sounds a lot like Jumper lol. Decent movie.

    I don’t know why I wrote this.

  373. CD Marshall says:

    This kid is pretty bright…

  374. CD Marshall says:

    Can I ask a favor, I’d love to direct quote a reply from you on this since I get it so often and although I can answer it to some degree not as efficiently as you can…

    “why isn’t the Earth’s mean temperature -18C, same as the moon since they both are about the same distance from the sun?”

    The Moon doesn’t have a real atmosphere obviously the simplest explanation, but I’d prefer a professional version from an accomplished astrophysicist. I know you are extremely busy hence “accomplished” so thank you good sir. Have I buttered you up enough?

    I’m going to archive your reply in my folder so please make it pretty ha ha.

    So I can’t join RearchGate which is irritating since they always offer and then say I don’t qualify lol.
    Wish they’d make up their minds!

  375. Zelator says:

    What you believe and perceive will be your reality. If you see the world as a monstrous place so it will be for you.
    Nietzsche said: “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you”.

    You see fighting a cause and engrossing your nature into it you can become part of the problem. So be careful what you dedicate your life to, as what you believe will become your reality. The late great Stuart Wilde taught me that, I would recommend his books also.

    At the end of the day reality only exists when we view it. Your personal world and everything in it is a construct of your mind.
    Everything and everyone in your life is there only because your mind has put it there. There are no coincidences.
    No-one view of reality is the same. Some may see a world of pain and think it is what it is meant to be, while others will be appalled by such thinking. But who is right. As monads of the One we all play a part. Some are made to create worlds some are created to destroy worlds. It’s all a giant game being played out.

    The trick is to realise the game, and to be in this world (the game ) but not of it.
    The current controllers have enslaved mans’ mind to create what we see as a shared universal consciousness, but humanity if they wake up can change the story one monad at a time. Well in fact their is a tipping point , I believe it has something to do with the number ratio 36:144 but once this level has been reached the planet shifts to a Phoster Planet as opposed to an Archontic
    mind parasite ruled planet. The veil is lifting. The Khemitians believed in a 5000 year cycle or Dark Age which we are coming out of. This is/was the age of Amun the satanic priestly world of controllers. The new world Age of Kheper or age of Aquarius is upon us.


    This is a link from Dane Spotts Website:

    Another man ahead of his time is John Kehoe:
    The Complete Mind Power Home Study Program: by John Kehoe was another program I used back in the day and is still recommended if you can find a second hand copy.

    This is his Website :https://www.learnmindpower.com/

    Hope this is all useful.

  376. CD Marshall says:

    The truth is if white supremacist were rioting like this it would have been shut down the same day even if they had to call in the national Guard to do it and set a national curfew.

  377. And they would have murdered them all.

  378. boomie789 says:

    Nick Dipalo was talking about how the white supremacists predicted this happening.

    Nick talked to an undercover cop who infiltrated white supremacists groups.

    He said they have stockpiles of weapons. Even RPGs. They are preparing for war.

  379. CD Marshall says:

    Militia groups have been preparing for civil war since the 80s. Heck Mitt Romney’s religious group, the Mormons own half the state and are well prepared for a government breakdown: Guns, food, supplies, qualified experts such as doctors, scientists, engineers, tacticians yeah localized groups have seen this coming for decades.

  380. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall

    Yep. Remember that scene in “Falling Down” when he buys the rocket launcher from the Nazi?

    I imagine their stockpiles are something like that.

  381. Zelator says:

    Haha Yeh I loved that movie Falling Down, its one of my all time favourites.

  382. Zelator says:

    Along with Planes Trains and Automobiles and My Cousin Vinny. Btw I’m watching Jumper tonight.

  383. boomie789 says:

    Lol, Jumper is a fun movie. I remember watching it in theaters when it came out.

    I still remember it so it must have been pretty good.

  384. boomie789 says:

    Check out how the commie hippies prepare for war.

    All the nerds who got bullied in highschool, now they want to be freedom fighters.

    Lol they will be slaughtered.

  385. Zelator says:

    We are all the same genetically. What are we fighting each other for?
    White supremacists, BLM, Muslim Brotherhood, they are all infiltrated by Commie Agents.
    A persons colour does not make his soul non human; we are all the same fucking species. C’mon!

    Divide and Conquer? Those who aren’t ready to be unplugged are of all races creeds and colour.

    You Me and I,

    Where is my Mind? We actually fight ourselves.

  386. Zelator says:

    What if it became obligatory to reincarnate as another colour race or creed to learn a karmic lesson, do you think that would change how we view our brothers and sisters?

  387. Or what if genetics and genetic specialization is the most important possible thing in the physical universe because that determines precisely who gets to incarnate and Become towards Godhood and Gnosis, and not all genetics are capable of doing that and it is the most important possible thing for a species to maintain the development of the sub-races and cultures which can achieve that for the very sake of the whole species.

  388. Zelator says:

    That is a good point. But a gruesome one at that.

  389. Gelogic history shows that extinction is an imminent possibility for 99.9% of species. The subset of humans with the genetic IQ to comprehend it can see precisely what philosophies and human behaviour will lead to human extinction, and what will not. Isn’t it their right to do what is necessary?

  390. If you haven’t noticed…existence is gruesome, mean, morbid, and 100% intolerant towards weakness…100%. Existence even occasionally removes the strong…just because. There is nothing kind about existence. We’re lucky we get to pretend otherwise for now.

  391. Zelator says:

    However cyclically and historically the Egyptians probably one of the most advanced races was considered to be black skinned. If we were genetically modified somewhere along the line, then bloodlines would indeed be important.

  392. Zelator says:

    To do what is necessary …..who makes the rules? The brutes and those with the highest IQ’s?
    Is that Meritocracy or Propertarianism? Its all communism under a different banner. Extermination of the weak and vulnerable.

  393. Those with the power have the right to use it. Humanity’s enemy is already exterminating the weak and vulnerable…re: trans sterilization of youth, degeneracy, porn, feminism, safety Karen culture, etc. There’s nothing wrong with extermination…nature does it all the time. Extermination, like violence, is sometimes the best solution. Like arguing with GHE freaks…when reason fails, and we are sure that flay earth theory physics is wrong, and we should not structure society upon that pseudoscience, yet the other side will not relent and do not care because they want the power that pseudoscience will give them…then violence is the answer in any case given that violence is already being inflicted on the reasonable. This idea that we should reject violence is disgusting, degenerate, dysgenic, and feminine, etc.

  394. Zelator says:

    I agree with you that this is the current reality, but do you not think this is exactly what needs to change, not eugenics, extermination, segregation, communistic hierarchy of IQ, racism, intolerance, divide and conquer, dumbing down, population reduction , chemtrails, fluoride, paedopholia, murder, rape, hunger, fear. Is this the modern world, the New World Order, the survival of the fittest? No this is hell on earth and we each have an individual responsibility to teach or educate our brothers and sisters to do the same in the name of Humanity. Otherwise it will be the hell hole you talk about.

  395. boomie789 says:

    All I want for Christmas is a world with an average IQ of 100. 115 would be AMAZING.


    Europeans, during the indo european expansion, discovered, quite by accident, how to organize civilization with the least divergence from physical, natural and evolutionary laws. We embedded this organizational strategy in our law such that it’s survived over four thousand years, and even survived invasion by a hostile alien religion of submission. Europe lacked the flood river valleys and the imperial armies that they supported, the people retained the aristocracy and militia, the law and contract, in competition with a submissive faith. So, thankfully, despite her efforts, the church could never achieve power to displace the martial aristocracy and our rule of law.

    People may mouth faith but they demonstrate adherence to military command and rule by law. And the group evolutionary strategy in that law produced rapid evolution of our people genetically, culturally, informationally, and institutionally in the ancient world and the modern world, and we dragged mankind kicking and screaming out of superstition, ignorance, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, crippling wear, early death and victimization by a nature all but hostile to life by that strategy. And all other peoples blame us for adapting to the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe, which exposes their falsehoods and failings, and which leaves them behind, in a sexual, social, economic, political, and military universe where they cannot compete without costly reforms.

    If you can sell people a false promise, (the left, religion) you can bait them into behavior over a few generations. If you control the state and education you can indoctrinate them into behavior over a generation or so. But if you want to change behavior rapidly, and reorganize law, government, institutions, and society quickly, you must use the only known means of reorganizing populations: the law. After a short period of adaptation and some limited confusion behavior that conforms to the law works through the various sectors of society producing the desired outcomes (and some undesired)


  396. zelator says:

    There is nothing wrong with violence when it come to killing these freaks that set this shit up. In fact it should be mandatory. Don’t get me wrong I am not a pussy, I will do my duty.

  397. boomie789 says:

    And truth before face.

  398. Zelator says:

    Maybe naively of me is that everyone gets a chance. I don’t think that is controversial. I go back to my OP comment, what if we reincarnated into different birth places and ethnic tribes, if we knew reincarnation existed would we be so bold as to kick out the Native Americans and the Australian Aboriginals or we we value their culture more. Every race and culture has been hijacked by the dark ones and made to pay one way or another. Why did Britain invade all these tribal islands and force Christianity on them and wonder why they wanted what the West had to offer? Why not leave them alone?

  399. Zelator says:

    Thankyou Boomie yes.

  400. boomie789 says:

    I value them about as much as the Chinese valued the mongols. Or the Roman barbarians.

    One reason the west is so power today is when the Romans conquered my ancestors in western europe, we adapted their traits. We learned from them. Our aristocracy wanted to recreate it after it receded from western europe.

    When we conquered the natives, we preserved them, didn’t force them to integrate.

    Now look at them, a pathetic people drinking themselves to death.

    Do you value that?

    They have useful primitive survival knowledge, what’s left of it.

    They are stuck until they embrace the European strategy.

  401. boomie789 says:

  402. boomie789 says:

    Lol. It is kind of catchy.

  403. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall

    What a whiny liberal bitch.

    The whole thing is just argument from authority. And complaining. Gross.

  404. CD Marshall says:

    They are all the same aren’t they?

  405. If frolly is anti GHE then it can’t be Moncton…lol. And as if the person believes the “science” to be above basic criticism and slander…lol.

  406. Joseph E Postma says:

    Can I ask a favor, I’d love to direct quote a reply from you on this since I get it so often and although I can answer it to some degree not as efficiently as you can…
    “why isn’t the Earth’s mean temperature -18C, same as the moon since they both are about the same distance from the sun?”
    The Moon doesn’t have a real atmosphere obviously the simplest explanation, but I’d prefer a professional version

    The moon has lower albedo than the Earth…it absorbs more input energy from the sun and reflects less energy than compared to the Earth. That is, the lunar regolith has greater absorptivity of incoming solar energy than the Earth does. The Earth is more reflective due to the presence of clouds.

    This is the only thing that makes the effective temperatures different.

  407. CD Marshall says:

    Thanks Joseph.

  408. CD Marshall says:

    Just checking my sanity at the door but a 15 micron photon absolutely cannot evaporate water, correct? I mean that’s sophistry science to claim it can or my crash course in PP is worthless.

  409. I don’t know. But water vapour is a negative feedback anyway. Heck even if it warmed that would be ok too. Hysteria over climate is insane. More CO2 and even if it was more water vapour is good for life.

  410. CD Marshall says:

    A “buddy” of Cook Skeptical Science is bloating, would you be willing to debate Cook live? I’d give him the invite if you want. Cook would never do it (well 97% sure) but still be fun to put them on the spot and if he did agree he would have a cheat in his ear.

    Just a query yay or nay.

  411. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall

    Cook is the guy who came up with the 97% consensus lie.

    “Cook would never do it (well 97% sure) but still be fun to put them on the spot”

    Lol you do that on purpose?

  412. boomie789 says:

    Lol Stefan Just called that hippie anarcho-commie commune in seattle…Soymalia.

    LOL. You should check out the garden they made in the park. According to Styx they have no idea what they are doing.

    Their garden will erode away, if it doesn’t they will have water logged roots. They poured dirt on top of a giant peice of cardboard.


  413. WTF on top of cardboard haha. Besides…planting a garden means you starve to death waiting for it to produce 3 months later lol.

  414. CD Marshall says:

    Boomie, Lol you do that on purpose?
    Yes, I’m ripe sarcasm.

  415. boomie789 says:

    Yea anyone with a 3 digit IQ realizes by now Kung Flu was a total sham.

    Squash and cucumbers grow pretty quick. Under a month you can harvest some. Not a lot of nutrients going on there. I don’t even like squash.

    Squash is a weird looking plant. Check one out if you get a chance. Looks alien. Feels weird to. The yellow ones. Not the fruit itself really but the plant.

    Cucumber water can be nice, lol. I like to chop them up, poor vinegar on them with a pinch of season-all. Cucumber salad. Healthy snack.

    Corn, potatoes, carrots and beans are good. Chickens make excellent companions to your garden. They can eat the scraps and turn it into eggs and compost. Very efficient.

    Also, if it got kind of mad maxy, I would grow Pot and Tobacco to trade. My family actually grows Tobacco commercially some years. Side gig. Rare Tabbacco only grows in my tiny little area. A special extra strong Perique.

    That’s not moral hazard is it?

    Lol I’m rambling.

  416. CD Marshall says:

    I love trolls they are reliable and never disappoint me. I was talking to one who ‘pretended’ to be ‘open scientifically” I knew he was full of it, you can just tell somehow. Lol. Then I brought up the fallacy of peer review and he went off into a tangent.

    Made my day. man I love trolls. Dumb as a bag of hammers yet convinced they are the smartest people on Earth.

    I have an excellent vegan soup I make that is medically beneficial got it from a doctor’s web site. No I’m not vegan but I have to watch my meat intake because of the grease and fatty meats.

  417. boomie789 says:

    Concern Trolls are the worst.

    When they pretend to care about how misguided you are. Condescending.

    concern troll
    A person who posts on a blog thread, in the guise of “concern,” to disrupt dialogue or undermine morale by pointing out that posters and/or the site may be getting themselves in trouble, usually with an authority or power. They point out problems that don’t really exist. The intent is to derail, stifle, control, the dialogue. It is viewed as insincere and condescending.
    A concern troll on a progressive blog might write, “I don’t think it’s wise to say things like that because you might get in trouble with the government.” Or, “This controversy is making your side look disorganized.”

    Urban Dictionary.

    Sneaky people.

  418. CD Marshall says:

    Dishonest people or sometimes just mental.

  419. boomie789 says:

    Having an orange tree is a good idea too.
    Vitamin C. Or some citrus fruit. Mandarins.

  420. boomie789 says:

    Fig trees are cool too. Might be my favorite. Figs are a 6/10 but the tree itself is neat looking. The smell is the best part.

    If you get a chance smell a fig tree. It smells like a fresh bible or textiles. It’s kinda strong too. It smells ancient. Biblical.

    Ok I’m done.

  421. boomie789 says:

    Well apparently Fig trees smell like cat pee to some people lol. I geuss not all fig trees smell the same.

    My fig tree definitely doesn’t smell like cat pee. Coconut is kind of close.

    Hard smell to describe.

  422. boomie789 says:


  423. boomie789 says:

    Might you laugh

  424. boomie789 says:

    China is going to fall harder than we ever will.

  425. boomie789 says:

    *might make you laugh

  426. CD Marshall says:

    A troll (the one who is Cook’s buddy) sent me this. These peons and their ever ongoing gotcha with so called evidence of the GHGE. Read this these people sound like high school kids…

    Ample physical evidence shows that carbon dioxide (CO2) is the single most important climate-relevant greenhouse gas in Earth’s atmosphere. This is because CO2, like ozone, N2O, CH4, and chlorofluorocarbons, does not condense and precipitate from the atmosphere at current climate temperatures, whereas water vapor can and does. Noncondensing greenhouse gases, which account for 25% of the total terrestrial greenhouse effect, thus serve to provide the stable temperature structure that sustains the current levels of atmospheric water vapor and clouds via feedback processes that account for the remaining 75% of the greenhouse effect. Without the radiative forcing supplied by CO2 and the other noncondensing greenhouse gases, the terrestrial greenhouse would collapse, plunging the global climate into an icebound Earth state…


  427. CD Marshall says:

    Naturally this evidence is hidden behind a paywall.

  428. It’s amazing what flat earth theory can produce.

  429. boomie789 says:

    stumbled upon this. free divers trying to communicate with whales. One of the most interesting things I’ve watched in a while.

    Crazy how the whales greet and celebrate them. They feel love and grief and actually communicate with a very complex language.

    Talks about people who can know north and south(Magnetic sense like birds) at all times and echolocation too.
    Here is the whole thing.
    cool free diving footage as well.
    Makes it easy to see how people came up with that aquatic ape theory.

  430. CD Marshall says:

    You know I was reading some papers on magnetic decay and correlations between droughts and global warming. They were on to something if you throw in planetary harmonics.

    So it stands to reason that if a cycle creates full on glacier ice ages a reverse cycle would create full on warming periods.

    It would seem an astrophysicist could explore this more as a legit paper on just the astrophysics perspective of influencing the climate. I would find that a fascinating paper to read.

  431. boomie789 says:

    The story about the scientist giving LCD to dolphins is crazy.

    He hoped it would allow the dolphins to learn English. Allegedly it worked. The scientist then got severe depression, freed the dolphins, and destroyed his work.

    Or maybe it didn’t work and he started to worry about his ethics coming back to bite him.

    @CD Marshall

    The grand solar minimum has got to be upstream of the magnetic field. In their effect on climate.

  432. CD Marshall says:


    Maybe HE was taking the LCD (or was it LSD?) and their were no Dolphins.

  433. boomie789 says:


    it is LSD.

    Plausible. “It was for science!”

  434. boomie789 says:

    If I take a fig leaf and crush it up it definitely smells like coconut.

    I know you guys were dieing to know

  435. CD Marshall says:

    Yet coconut oil does not. Life is so confusing. I hate coconuts but love coconut oil.

  436. boomie789 says:

  437. Joseph E Postma says:

    “So – Propertarian push for an event on July 4th, Virginia, US.

    Before then, every one of you needs to be pushing it on multiple platforms to increase awareness of our aims. Try not to get yourselves banned during this period leading up to it – it’s important that we all maintain a means of communicating. Watch your words; watch your framing. We only need truth – just be careful how you wield it.

    If you want to rid the Western world of parasitism, lies, falsehoods, corruption, baiting into hazard and dysgenia, and instead would prefer to construct a eugenic civilization with a high trust commons, respect for sovereignty and the capacity to foster man’s ascension – you don’t want to miss it. You can’t afford to miss it.

    Spread the word. Show up. Win.”

  438. boomie789 says:


    I might be able to make it to Virginia. Armed correct?

  439. boomie789 says:

    The comments are gold btw

  440. boomie789 says:

    Really good walkthrough of the garden @17mins

  441. CD Marshall says:

    Christopher Monckton strikes again corrupting the minds of the youth with his CO2 forcing garbage…

    The pseudoscience start at 1:51.

  442. Fn Moncton that shill second rate skeptic…

  443. I left a comment. Please everyone add a few more with links to my book and last yt vid. Need to expose her to this truth as Moncton is shielding her from going further.

  444. CD Marshall says:

    Sadly Joseph I don’t think she has a choice. As you know Germany is taking her to court and I think CM is defending her (he has the resources) so you know don’t bite the hand that’s keeping you out of jail.

    Might be some time before she gets by all the fog of politics but she has stated she isn’t interested in making a career out of climate science and she does not want to go into politics. Waht does she want? Open debate.

  445. Oh wow didn’t know the court thing. More info?

  446. CD Marshall says:

    She stated it on the video and PSI has a article on it but basically she said they want her to take down her videos that contradict their govs endorsement of climate change.


  447. Oh lord how horrid. These leftist governments are insane and pathetic.

  448. boomie789 says:

    Germany is bonkers nuts. If you think white guilt is bad imagine Nazi guilt.

    Apparently the garden is segregated. There is a black only garden, lol.

    Want to see the “warlord”? In the second half people ask him not to graffiti and a little scuffle happens.

  449. boomie789 says:

    How do you legally carry there? As in a Washington permit? Or is is a piece of paper with crayon writing on it? I thought you guys were anarchist? fascinating.

  450. boomie789 says:

    Just heard about the storm you guys had. Best wishes. Hail storm in June..unreal. Stay safe.

  451. boomie789 says:


  452. boomie789 says:

    The Soyviet Union

    lol these are great.

  453. boomie789 says:

  454. boomie789 says:

    I joined the CHAZ subreddit lol.

    “from welcomebot[A] sent 2 minutes ago
    Welcome to the official subreddit for the Capitol Hill Organized Protest!

    As always, don’t forget the reason we’re here:

    The mission of the Black Lives Matter movement is to eradicate white supremacy, build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities, and to create a world free of anti-Blackness, where every Black person has the social, economic, and political power to thrive.”

  455. boomie789 says:

    Read that, then look at the picture of the “Blacks only Garden”.


  456. In other words – to eradicate whites.

  457. boomie789 says:

    They can do their worst. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  458. boomie789 says:

    Unless you loose a limb, like an arm. Then that would make you weaker.

    Unless you get a cool robot arm to replace it.

    Makes me think of the transhumanist and their scary ideas about how to solve mankind’s whoas.

  459. CD Marshall says:

    So technically in true physics terminology, The Greenhouse Effect is not a theory it is a hypothesis never proved by scientific evidence and verified multiple times by various groups of independent researchers.

    So HOW was it ever coined a theory?

    I asked about 15 microns and evaporation over at PSI the sum answer was no it can’t evaporate ocean water. Evaporation is caused by the temperature emission of the ocean water not by the energy input that’s why oceans continue to evaporate even at night.

  460. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall
    You might like this. Somebody on reddit sent it to me asking me about it.

    Also this dude is funny.

  461. boomie789 says:

    I made a meme. I think it’s pretty funny.

  462. boomie789 says:

    It’s a reference to the HBO Chernobyl show

  463. boomie789 says:


    The signing of a Declaration of Reformation and an introduction to the New Strengthened American Constitution.

    An Independence Day celebration ushering in a Golden Age; an American Renaissance.

  464. Zelator says:

    The Counterfeit Khazars; ( CHAZzars) the Original Borg and the Armageddon Conspiracy:
    This may answer some of your questions.

  465. Zelator says:

    There is a book by Daniel Patrick who was born in Missouri and served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War, called “The Matrix of Gog” and an accompanying DVD called “The Invasion of Israel: The Matrix of Gog.”

    You cannot find a copy of this book or DVD to purchase anywhere? You have to ask and wonder why?

    Well I found this archive by Texe Marrs who does a preface to his book and comments about it here:


    I also found an online and audio version of it here:


    Hope you find these links informative.

  466. Zelator says:

    Noah’s son Japeth had seven children, (Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech and Tiras):

    1) Magog tribe, these were the Scythians and became the Goths a Germanic race also became the Tuatha de Danann.

    2) Gomer tribe, this is the Hebrew name for the Cimmerians who became the Ashkenazi. They are the ally of Gog the chief of the land of Magog.


    These two forces are what was to become the basis of the Khazarian Empire.

  467. boomie789 says:

    Stop calling vandals, looters, and arsonists, protesters.

    Being a criminal miscreant is nrutoot protesting.

    Linguistic warfare by propagandists.

    Styx was talking about that this morning, very true.

  468. boomie789 says:

    *not protesting

  469. boomie789 says:

    Lots of big news.

    We will fall for wave 2?

  470. boomie789 says:

    Segment @31:51 try not to get to angry.

    There is a segment before that one I’ve seen before of a white guy getting mobbed by blacks for not letting them cut in line at a convenience store. Around 29:30.

    The worst part is how he doesn’t fight back.

    Don’t let you’re anger control you, control your anger. Anger is the original motivator.

  471. boomie789 says:

    omg, *your.

    That was on my PC too, so no excuse.

  472. I wish we could be unleashed to murder everyone who needs to be murdered.

  473. boomie789 says:

    I know what you mean.

  474. boomie789 says:

    Capital Punishment is a good idea. Murderers, rapist and pedophiles. Treason too.

    Even Attempted murder. That’s just a bad murderer. Attempted rape, pedophilia. I’d give them the rope too.

    speaking of rope, we need to bring that back, lethal injection is expensive and dumb. Firing line is messy. Gas chamber is even dumber than injection.

    The rope is quick, cheap, humane and clean. No wonder it was so popular.
    If you snap their neck anyway, choking em wouldn’t be humane.

    One of the attributing factors to a high western European IQ was our use of capital punishment. Killing off the bottom %1 every generation, raises the mean IQ. Combined with the aristocracy moving down into the middle class.

    It’s Eugenics…

  475. Article isn’t that interesting, a few good/funny comments…


    But what it really got me thinking was…could you imagine the infinite sensation of relief we would all feel if you knew the whole planet was up in 12 hours? We might all just unite in worldwide embrace and brotherly love for that event. I can’t imagine anything else that would make me happier. Hah.

  476. And if not that…then the next happiest thing would be my prev comment……

  477. boomie789 says:

    I really like the future imagined in Star Trek: TNG. I’m still hoping we can make it to that.

    We just started really figuring some stuff out. I always think it would be such a waste.

    So we get all the way up to the theory of relativity and conquering the atom to crap out now? That would be lame.

    Some people would embrace, but most would go mad, almost certainly.
    Check out the movie “These Final Hours” Australian movie. Good “how would the world deal with the moments leading up to the end of the world movies”.

    used to be on Netflix, looks like its not anymore.

  478. boomie789 says:

    Star Trek: TNG & Star Trek: DS9 are the best star treks, don’t bother with any of the films in my opinion. Just those two series are the only actually good trek. All the other Trek is kind of trash, lol.

    cast out bait

    Even then Season 1 of TNG is a rocky start. doesn’t really start getting good till season 3.

    But between TNG and DS9 I couldn’t choose.

  479. I watched all those but also enjoyed Voyager…

    They’re all wrong about the “civic nationalism” though…

  480. boomie789 says:

    Yea, sadly they were.

    Voyager had the Hologram doctor, and Paris was ok. But TNG had Picard, Data, and Worf,. DS9 had Quark, Odo and Worf again.

    The Characters in Voyager were lacking, I can barely remember them. It was still “real” Trek though so I can respect that.

  481. boomie789 says:

    “”Just being honest, but if I looked up at the sky and saw a giant meteor heading our way I’d be thinking “Oh thank God…””

    “Reminded me of that old dude in the tanker in Water World. Someone dropped a lit torch down into the bowels of the ship where he was forever tasked with keeping an eye on the oil level. His exact words were yours.”

  482. boomie789 says:

    very end of clip.

    I never thought this movie was that bad. I remember hearing this movie is one of the most expensive flops ever.

  483. Zelator says:

    Want some books to read, some vids to check out; gotta love the fast and the furious blood diamond cia genre flicks and better than real life gut busting action frollicks…. oh it is real life lol.
    Then check out this little vid below my comments.

    I started out on my career reading all about Alex on the Prisonplanet long before it was cool to
    be a conspiracy theorist. I stumbled upon one of the best naval intelligence skunk sites and still
    read it daily and they know I do.lol.

    The days; Sandanistas busting my fucking radio with Clash the revolutionaries who fought the law but the law won. Rah.

    Sheldon Adelson zionist, Trump financier say no more. It is well known that when Trump went bankrupt he was always bailed out by the Rothschilds.

    Trumpety Trump, you gotta love him * http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/gbt23.jpg

    He’s a real Don, if you know what I mean.

    Hey better the devil you know than those D’s the fucking creepos lol. As Rocky would say.

    Problem for American voters, is do they want a fake Trump or do they want a fake sleepy creepy Biden?

    Anyway here is the vid link:

    or if the link goes down here:


    Song of the day Ry Cooder: Southern Comfort..

    I love Ry Cooder and his slide guitar…

  484. Zelator says:

    I know you do Boomie …lol

  485. boomie789 says:

    Trump has been so disappointing lately, they will hate you no matter what, so might as well show them some strength.

    He is pandering, fence sitting, trying to play both sides.

    Whatever, Trump was never going to save us anyway.

  486. Zelator says:

    Nor was President Reagan…

  487. boomie789 says:

    White women kissing the boots of blacks 1min in.

    In the fantasy in my head I hock a loogie on his boot. Lol.

    This is why women shouldn’t vote lol.

  488. Zelator says:

    Boomie they are not unplugged. They do not know what they are doing/ who they are. They are programmed. They are agents. Its not about race.They are everyone who is plugged into the matrix and are asleep. Avoid them, they cannot be reconciled with. Don’t waste your energy.

  489. boomie789 says:

    I really like Jesse Lee Peterson and Larry Elder.

    All of these are great I just picked a random one. They are unplugged.

  490. Zelator says:

    Just save yourself, that is all you can do. You have a massive advantage over the mass of humanity, in that you are unplugged. Be grateful for that. Or maybe ignorance is bliss?……..Nah lol

    Alternatively #Oh Thank God!

    Look these khazarian/ashkenazin/sephardin,cahillas false jews are Jesuits in disguise. They want Israel for the Pope, ie the false jews.

    The real Jewish Hebrew people are victims of the worlds biggest cover up and crime.

  491. Zelator says:

    Oh and Boomie in your last vid….those black thugs verbalising their hatred and future view of white people, and those white punks licking their boots…

    Wot!!!!!! .. I would piss on the white pussies literally and force those black punks to lick them clean. Lick or fucking die.

    Both are abominations, sick levels of human deprivation, and deserve contempt and admonishment at least.

    They sicken me. It’s repulsive, demonic and downright an affront to humanity.

    Its nothing to do with race. This filth, this corrupt degenerate, mind controlled mass of population are the problem.
    Black, white, vermin, scum, detritus, filth of the earth are everything wrong with this planet.

    #oh thank god

  492. boomie789 says:

    It does have to do with race Zelator. Europeans have evolved to have a High IQ, Truth before face, and good law(Natural/common law).

    The other races are varying degrees behind. The would have to adopt European strategy of removing the underclasses. K-reproductive strategy, quality over quantity in offspring. Our military tradidions which ingrained our truth before face culture, combined with Christianity(Monogamy)

    Europeans are the only group that is on the path to godhood, everyone else is lost.

    If whites suddenly disappeared, the world is doomed. It would take thousands of years before the remarkable course of events that lead to the prosperous European race. Particularly Normandy and Britain(Pretty sure my bloodline traces back to the Normans, The Rivers clan).

    It’s harder to trick and control Europeans, we have built in immunity. Thats why the world and there pawns hate us so much.

    The Elites hate us because we are sovereign, their pawns hate us because we are better than them.

    If the rest of the world doesn’t adopt our way, they are doomed to be pawns forever. Most of them wont adopt our way, they will fight and undermine because their gene’s compel them too. The weak and dumb genes want to propagate too. They institutionally fear and hate their competitors.

    The rest of the world is terribly afraid of the power in the European genes.

    Stefan Molyneux has some good input on this. They instinctively see us as super predators.

    Imagine a advanced alien race conquers Australia, they have the best weapons, best machines, best education, their underclass is still smarter than your aristocracy.

    Our genes institutionally cry out in fear, this alien race must be removed for fear of our genes losing in the great battle of life.

    Here I want you to watch this.

    And bonus Stefan Molyneux vid about what i’m talking about.

    HIGHLY HIGHLY, reccomend you check this out.

    hope that makes sense.

  493. Zelator says:

    Thanks for this info Boomie, it is greatly appreciated. I will check the references out now, and get back to you. Can I ask what you mean by Truth Before Face, I haven’t come across this before but you mention it a lot. Thankyou

  494. boomie789 says:

    It is explained in the John Mark video. Thats the piece of the puzzle the east asians are missing, why they can’t invent/innovate like the west. They don’t have the Martial History like ours that lead to it.

    Basically they value image, pride, ego, more than truth. John Mark gives a good example with Japanese Pilots.

    The Japanese company’s even have a special position called “The Loud American” lol. Basically a guy they can count on to give it to em straight. Without worrying about sticking out or the social ramifications in their culture. They would rather guard their image than embrace the truth.

  495. boomie789 says:

    institutionally is supposed to be instinctively*

  496. Zelator says:

    Boomie I find Propertarianism just like the Meritocracy movement to be just another elite level
    of communistic lording over the masses.

    Properterianism is founded on supposedly elite genes and reducing IQ to a arbitrary chart, and other forms of entrapment to enslave humans in their infancy who have incarnated to learn earth school lessons but have been hijacked by authoritarian jackasses who think they know better.

    2 things:

    1) have you taken into consideration re-incarnation, the soul cycle of immense intelligence of those choosing to incarnate

    2) Epigenetics states that any genetics can be changed according to stimulus i.e the brain/mind is
    able to adapt, the brain is not genetically indisposed to its inception but is a growing organism that
    can and is able to adapt to enormous functions beyond human mind comprehension. In other words we can change. Check out brain Plasticity.*

    Conclusion is, an elite race following ( Propertarianism) or any other structure , through its genetics is old hat, as any race can now be programmed to be efficient. *
    Any human being of any colour race or creed incarnates and has a opportunity to learn earth lessons, be whatever they want to be, even a God, and “BE” the reason they came here, and not be hijacked by dicks and thugs like you propose.

    The wizard of Oz shit doesn’t work anymore, there is no magician,… we are the magician, we are our own Gods.

    Problem is the old school still want to be in charge, to be the boss, to be superior, well you know what its over!

  497. Zelator says:

    ……..and as far as truth before face goes, it just shows how weak these cunts are.

  498. boomie789 says:

    1) have you taken into consideration re-incarnation, the soul cycle of immense intelligence of those choosing to incarnate

    Answer: No, Just the facts please.

    2) Epigenetics states that any genetics can be changed according to stimulus i.e the brain/mind is
    able to adapt, the brain is not genetically indisposed to its inception but is a growing organism that
    can and is able to adapt to enormous functions beyond human mind comprehension. In other words we can change. Check out brain Plasticity.*

    Answer: The evolutionary path of Western Europeans was unique and will not happen again. The Incentives/natural selection process that created them is no longer at play. The brain isn’t going to adapt 15 more IQ points in a generation or two, takes many many generations of Eugenics.

    “and other forms of entrapment to enslave humans in their infancy”
    We want the exact opposite of that. You can embrace our way and ascend to godhood with us, or degenerate/stagnate. We’re not going to force people or enslave them or anything like that. You can learn from us or suffer your own ignorance.

    “Any human being of any colour race or creed incarnates and has a opportunity to learn earth lessons, be whatever they want to be, even a God, and “BE” the reason they came here, and not be hijacked by dicks and thugs like you propose.”

    Most people in the world are INCAPABLE of seeing truth. The avg IQ of the planet is 85-90, they are intellectually incapable. It’s not till around IQ 100 people have enough intellect to comprehend the truth, adequately deceiver lies.

  499. Zelator says:

    We are not talking here about evolution but brain science. I did mention this in an earlier post about the holy grail. If you want an example Simon Magus used what was termed by the illuminati a grail accelerator. This is in reference to the Gnostic alchemical wedding. You seem fixated on IQ. Learn some brain science and it will become more evident. Brain/mind is easily adjusted.

  500. Zelator says:

    Go back to my earlier posts of mind control/enhancement. Anyone can become superhuman.
    Here is just one site I can point you towards, and i have many that will blow you socks off.
    This is the elixir of life. ANYONE can use it. It is out there. Don’t be so prejudiced and be humble and we will realise that it is our souls that are immortal/

  501. boomie789 says:

    This is not PRE-judice, it is POST-judice.

  502. boomie789 says:

    Judge a tree by its fruits.

  503. zelator says:

    Lol shit, is that one from a collection of memes and themes and answers collectively put together for those of limited imagination to come up with, from the box of tricks of pre-made to impress sound bites…..duh
    Hmm lets look in the box….. oh here we go lol POST-judice

    Go on Boomie give me the Propertarian meaning for Post-Judice or did you make it up yourself?

  504. boomie789 says:

    “Judge a tree by its fruits.” is a decent definition. I got it from Alternative Hypothesis. The meaning is pretty self evident.

    To Pre-Judge is to judge before examining the evidence or experiencing it yourself.

    to Post-Judge is to pass judgment after examining the evidence or experiencing it first hand.

  505. boomie789 says:

  506. Great comments boomie.

  507. boomie789 says:
  508. CD Marshall says:

    Joseph you seem to have posted out this year, too busy? Is being a real live working physicist interfering with your real live climate clown opposition? Or are you secretly working on your doctorate?

    PhD Astrophysicist Joseph Postma has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

  509. CD Marshall says:

    Do you have a current updated paper of your climate model I’d like to link it to PhD Pierre-Marie Robitaille (noticed I slipped the PhD in there?).

    He works in my home state. I wanted to go to Ohio State when I was a in school before we moved all over the place. That was my childhood dream to be an Ohio State Buckeye my grandmother was an English Professor (I should have paid more attention to her).

  510. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall

    I think he is focusing on his new book atm.

  511. CD Marshall says:

    Thanks boomie,
    I need an updated version of his Energy Budget paper. Anyone?

  512. O-t; discovered the best fathers day is listening to 90s alt rock all day getting drunk on Glendronach and innis n gunn and eating bbq chicken wings…drunk needs to happen more often i think…

  513. This is what litl girls and their neighbhor freinds do to daddys

  514. boomie789 says:

    Were having a BBQ down here as well! We’re not drinkers though. I’m having my friend Mary Jane come over later though. 😉

    Happy fathers day!

  515. boomie789 says:

    LOL. Life is great.

  516. Just get a litl strange and Dionysus is happy. Apollo will produce the skulls of our enemies to drink meade from soon enough.

  517. CD Marshall says:

    Happy Father’s Day indeed to all of you dads out there. Joseph you need more professional makeovers lol.

  518. MP says:

    Fresh Gates Meme

  519. CO2 Dissenter says:

    Happy fathers day
    However, there is no rest for the wicked. Roy Spencer over on his face book is spewing crap.

    https://www.facebook.com/roy.w.spencer/posts/10206996566630331 and in addition WUWT is covering it.

  520. CD Marshall says:


    “(Warning.. this is for climate geeks only):
    Wayne Rowley has asked me to explain how a cold atmosphere can warm the Earth’s surface (which is what happens in global warming theory), a question I’ve been asked many times in the last 20+ years.

    First of all, the temperature of anything depends upon the rates of energy GAIN and energy LOSS. When those 2 are equal, temperature remains the same; if they are unequal, the temperature changes.

    Everyone knows that increasing the rate of energy gain increases temperature: e.g. turn up the heat under a pot of water on the stove, or turn up the thermostat in your house in winter.

    But you can also increase temperature by reducing the rate of energy LOSS: put a lid on the pot of water while keeping the flame under it constant, adding insulation to the walls of a heated house while keeping the rate of furnace heating the same.

    Now, note that in these examples, the lid is cooler than the heated water, and the walls (in winter) are cooler than the heated home interior, yet they can make the heated object even warmer still. Your clothes in winter (or summer) keep you warmer than if you had no clothes on, even though the clothes are cooler than your body temperature. The examples are literally endless.

    So, for the atmosphere, the net flow of infrared radiation from the surface to the “cold” depths of outer space is greatly reduced by the atmosphere (the so-called “greenhouse effect”), keeping the surface warmer than if the atmosphere was not there, absorbing and emitting its own infrared radiation. (An interesting side effect is that while the greenhouse effect keeps the surface and lower layers of the atmosphere warmer, the upper atmosphere is actually made colder. The same happens if you add more and more insulation to the walls of a heated house.)

    How does this apply to global warming? Adding CO2 to the atmosphere from fossil fuel burning slightly enhances the atmosphere’s ability to keep the surface warmer by reduding the rate of energy loss by the surface. The question is, by how much? The direct effect of a doubling of atmospheric CO2 is small, only about 1 deg. C. But indirect changes in the atmosphere resulting from that direct warming (“feedbacks”) can either amplify it or reduce it. I believe those feedbacks will limit the warming to considerably less that what we are being told by climate modelers.”

  521. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall

    He sold his soul for it.

  522. Joseph E Postma says:

    He blocked me on that FB thread. Just cannot defend himself. I should ask him to debate me publicly about this. Would you guys enjoy that? A public debate between Roy and I?

  523. CD Marshall says:

    Joseph, he would never debate you. No way he would throwing out trash like this High School Physics could dispute. Heck give your daughter a few more years she could refute him.


  524. boomie789 says:


    Of course. I really liked the Rancourt one.

  525. Joseph E Postma says:


    TL Winslow
    June 22, 2020 at 2:40 pm

    [[First of all, the temperature of anything depends upon the rates of energy GAIN and energy LOSS. When those 2 are equal, temperature remains the same; if they are unequal, the temperature changes.]]

    This is so embarrassing for a man of Spencer’s education to be stuck at the starting gates when it comes to understanding thermodynamics.

    The temperature of an object depends on its internal kinetic energy. But solar radiation isn’t heat or kinetic energy, it’s just energy. Only when it hits the Earth’s surface do some wavelengths get absorbed and turn into heat. Others simply bounce off, which is why we can see in daylight what we can’t see at night.

    Where does Earth surface heating come from? The Sun, and nothing else. The Sun is a Planck radiator with a temperature T of 5800K. After absorption of various wavelengths, the Earth’s surface attains a temperature of -50C to +50C. It then becomes a Planck radiator at that temperature, after which the radiation tries to head to space. The catch is that air absorbs a good portion of the heat via conduction then rises it toward space via convection. This means the whole air, not just the CO2 trace fraction. Since the air is always cooler than the surface, the Second Law of Thermodynamics is satisfied. In short, Earth’s atmosphere isn’t a greenhouse it’s a giant chimney, and CO2 does zilcho except feed photosynthesis of plant life.

    The so-called Greenhouse Theory is a scam pushed by the U.N. IPCC, which is run by leftist environmentalists and globalist Marxists with an axe to grind against the fossil fuel industry for underpinning and supporting their archenemy capitalism. As hardcore Marxists, they believe that the end justifies the means, hence hijacking science to make useful idiots for the cause is always on the table. They’re the ones mixing science and politics, not the fossil fuel industry, which just exists to satisfy consumer demand to fuel the comfortable wealthy convenient Western lifestyle they hate so much.

    So after giving up on other emissions, they fastened on CO2 emissions, trying to paint them as evil as a killer argument to dismantle the fossil fuel industry without a fair trial and due process. What do they claim? That atmospheric CO2 “traps and piles heat”, warming the Earth’s climate, and since CO2 emissions never quit rising, we’ve got only X months/years before an irreversible tipping point leading to climate Armageddon.

    Too bad, they’re pushing a deliberate fake physics hoax that CO2 can cause global heating via radiation, without wanting you to know that its absorption/emission wavelength of 15 microns has a Planck radiation temperature of -80C, colder than dry ice, and ISN’T HEAT.

    They also want to snow people like Spencer with talk about “energy”, claiming that CO2’s radiation of so many watts per square meter adds to the Sun’s and raises the surface temperature, i.e., that it’s only about gain and loss, usually ditching the Planck Radiation Law in favor of the Stefan-Boltzmann Law, with its complicated-looking T^4 equations that awe and fool non-scientists, and are ridiculously misapplied because they try to use them with non-coalesced (liquid and solid) objects like er, air, showing imaginary glass panes in the sky with arrows pointing up and down like a circus attraction, all labeled with T^4 moose hockey The-S-B Law gives total radiant power in watts per square meter, meaning radiation from a 2-dimensional surface, not watts per cubic meter like would be necessary for a gas.

    Sorry, but the S-B Law is irrelevant. It’s about the Planck Radiation Law instead, which demands that cold radiation can’t raise the temperature of a hotter object because the latter is already emitting that same cold radiation to cool, and extra cold radiation will bounce off or be chewed up and spit out. CO2’s -80C radiation can’t even melt an ice cube, which is way hotter at 0C. If you put a water ice cube and a dry ice cube in the same glass, the ice will melt (sublimate) the CO2, not vice versa.

    So Zonk! -80C radiation can’t melt an ice cube! Greenhouse Theory disproved, QED. The CO2-driven AGW theory is dead and just hasn’t been buried yet. The IPCC fake physics hoax is doomed to the trash heap of history when/if we all get on the same team chanting the same chorus:


    We need to reverse their political campaign and demand that the IPCC be dismantled or purged, and that they give us our money back.

    I did the Planck equation math here. Please feel free to forward the link everywhere. I’m sure the IPCC’s big bucks won’t be used to spread it:


    – T.L. Winslow (TLW), the Historyscoper ™
    World’s Greatest Genius (WGG)

  526. Joseph E Postma says:


    Robert Kernodle
    June 22, 2020 at 1:52 pm

    But you can also increase temperature by reducing the rate of energy LOSS: put a lid on the pot of water while keeping the flame under it constant, adding insulation to the walls of a heated house while keeping the rate of furnace heating the same.

    You can maintain a higher temperature produced by a given energy source, but you cannot increase temperature with a colder object. More importantly, cold air is NOT a cold pot lid or cold insulation. Cold air will not make a person warmer in the winter time — if you don’t believe me, then strip down to your undies and stand outside on the next freezing cold day.

    A solid lid is NOT a gas. CO2 itself is a gaseous component of the COLD gas atmosphere. Furthermore, CO2 does NOT inhibit convection like a solid lid on a pot or like solid insulation in a house. The pot lid prevents convection from cooling the water, already heated by the stove’s heating element. The house insulation prevents convection from cooling the interior air already heated by the furnace. Your analogy, thus, likens cold solids to cold gases, and convective processes to radiation processes, as if these are the same processes, which they are not.

    So, for the atmosphere, the net flow of infrared radiation from the surface to the “cold” depths of outer space is greatly reduced by the atmosphere (the so-called “greenhouse effect”), keeping the surface warmer than if the atmosphere was not there, absorbing and emitting its own infrared radiation.

    The “depths” of space in the vicinity of Earth on the sunny side are NOT cold, but rather pretty darn hot, as I understand it. So, on the sunny side of Earth, there seems to be a problem with attributing the temperature there to a warming effect. Rather, Earth’s atmosphere on the sunny side has a COOLING effect, which is NOT a “greenhouse effect”.

    Now the dark side of Earth is the extreme opposite — “cold” is an understatement there, and so, yeah, Earth’s atmosphere on the dark side has a warming effect, BUT due to thermal inertia of the ENTIRE atmosphere/ocean system, which enables energy to be retained in just the right amount to keep the temperature at night warm enough for life, until the heating effect of the sun can start to kick in again at the night/day transition. Of course, this is not a simple on/off situation with light/dark, but rather a constant rotational situation, with progressive gradations of temperatures of partial lattitudinal surface areas cumulatively acting in partial ways collectively over time to maintain an overall temperature-friendly planet.

    (An interesting side effect is that while the greenhouse effect keeps the surface and lower layers of the atmosphere warmer, the upper atmosphere is actually made colder. The same happens if you add more and more insulation to the walls of a heated house.)

    Cold already exists in air so high and thin that it cools only by radiation. Now you add something that increases radiative cooling more, and voila! — more cooling of that thin air. No “greenhouse effect” — just cold thin air in the gradient of hot to cold that is the temperature profile of the planet. I have it on good authority that the adiabatic equations show there is no modulation from radiation in this profile. Hence, no need for “greenhouse” gabbing.

    Adding more insulation to the walls of a house simply adds more mass in contact with cold that already exists outside, which mass cools more nearly to that outside temperature (i.e., heated less by the escaping energy from the first layer of insulation) … by convection and radiation. And the greater mass of the added insulation is creating a greater barrier to convection through the pores of the other layer of insulation under it. This is NOT what a gaseous atmosphere does, and so the insulation analogy is once again problematic.

    How does this apply to global warming?

    It doesn’t.

    Adding CO2 to the atmosphere from fossil fuel burning slightly enhances the atmosphere’s ability to keep the surface warmer by reducing the rate of energy loss by the surface.

    I would like to see the proof of how the effect of the amount of CO2 contributed by humans can be separated from the effect of the amount of CO2 contributed by other means.

    The question is, by how much?

    The answer is probably so little that it is not even deserving of attention.

    The *direct* effect of a doubling of atmospheric CO2 is small, only about 1 deg. C.

    So it is said. I’m still not convinced.

    But indirect changes in the atmosphere resulting from that direct warming (“feedbacks”) can either amplify it or reduce it.

    “Can” … “either” … “or”.

    I believe those feedbacks will limit the warming to considerably less that what we are being told by climate modelers.

    I believe this is speculation.

  527. CD Marshall says:

    I think Roy got a thorough thrashing not that it will matter to him in the least.

    Longer wave radiation does not increase the temperature of shorter wave radiation.
    Hot to cold Delta T.

    Everything not based on these two prime laws of heat distribution is invalid.

    I’m going to add this because I’ve been musing over it.

    This includes geothermal. Geothermal energy under these rules does not “add” to the solar flux of the Sun. These are two opposing heat sources with two opposing variables in heat. Geothermal will allow a temperature to be maintained at its average output but will never increase the Solar flux which is greater in comparison.

    Its the same concept as having a minimum temperature on your heater that the ambient temps can’t go below. All geothermal does is maintain that minimum temperature the Earth remains at. Solar energy increases those minimum temperatures for it is shorter wave radiation.

    Exceptions to this rule is when geothermal exceeds the temps of solar input like volcanoes then local immediate temperatures increase because the emissions is now shorter wave radiation than incoming radiation in that local area.

    Is this clear enough?

  528. CD Marshall says:

    MarkW over there is not very bright is he?

  529. CD Marshall says:

    In my meanderings I came across this comment, he must be a Royacolyte…

    “The center of the Sun is as cold or more as anything in the known universe.
    This is what makes the fire radiate for billions of years.
    The core is a closed cold circuit (forgive my ignorance of terminology). The heat from the outside is constantly trying to move towards the cold core but cannot penetrate. So it bounces outward in a current/magnetic field swirling constantly producing wave and plasma i.e. fire and light. If it were a hot core it would exhaust its fuel much quicker than billions of years.”

  530. boomie789 says:

    If geothermal did anything the poles wouldn’t be frozen solid. That’s still with the sun’s help too.

  531. Pierre D. Bernier says:

    If the center of the Sun is cold, how come the heavier elements of the periodic table, up to Fe, which need more energy (temperatures and pressures), are produced at the center of the Sun ?

    I’m not amazed anymore at the ignorance and stupidity of people. Like they say… genious has limits, stupidity not so much !

  532. CD Marshall says:

    @boomie789 Geothermal contribution would be more at the equator where the center of mass/core is greatest. Without a hot core who knows what the temps of the Earth would be without the Sun. Maybe the same maybe not? Auto compression would still make the center warmer but…???

  533. @CD 2020/06/21 at 2:29 pm

    “Do you have a current updated paper of your climate model ”

    My climate model would simply be pointing out that the Sun creates the climate.


  534. Zelator says:

    Lol! Sic finem!..
    Praemonitus praemunitus….
    vincit qui se vincit……Deus ex machina.


  535. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall

    Didn’t we have this conversation already?

    in “Nub of the Argument”

    The surface would reach below 0C in something like 72hrs and eventually get below 100C at the equator.

    If geothermal can’t even keep the surface above -100C, WITH a hot core, its not really worth mentioning.

    The dark side of the moon is -173C. So that would be the bottom limit.

  536. boomie789 says:

    Would -173C be the bottom limit? lol.

  537. CD Marshall says:


    We had a similar conversation. This was with the Sun and no core, which is what I meant by “no Sun” was when the Sun wasn’t shining on the Earth how cold would it get at night.

    I have no answer.

  538. Zelator says:

    AUTOMATICA – Robots Vs. Music – Nigel Stanford:

    Icarus (Automatic Mix) Lyric Video – Nigel Stanford feat. Elizaveta

    See ya………………………..thanks for listening.

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