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Erwin Schrödinger’s Cute Personality

A quirk of personality which resulted in one of modern science’s greatest intellects not making a sufficiently powerful statement is found with Erwin Schrödinger’s attempt to refute the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics with his paradox of the cat.  I … Continue reading

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Flat Earth in Modern Physics

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In my recent book, I made a big point about flat Earth theory being the jewel of modern physics, and how flat Earth theory has been presented as the most important political contribution which science has ever made for modern … Continue reading

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First Law of Thermodynamics Refutes Climate Alarm – Proof of Nikolov & Zeller

This has been posted before, but repetition is one recipe for success.  Especially one so simple. Climate alarmism is based, of course, upon its alternative conception of a greenhouse effect from that of an actual real greenhouse.  A real greenhouse … Continue reading

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How Long is Twilight?

Definition of twilight: NOUN the soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, caused by the reflection of the sun’s rays from the atmosphere. synonyms: half-light · semi-darkness · dimness · gloom So there you … Continue reading

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Think of how stupid this comment is. This is from the guy who destroyed deterministic science and changed it to randomistic and indeterminate. Those words are the words of a pure materialist. WTF is he even talking about? What does … Continue reading

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This is food for thought.  Just engage your imagination: A recent comment of mine: What this is about, I cover in my book in the discussion of the negative Hegelian Dialectic…how engineered cognitive dissonance can be used to REDUCE … Continue reading

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