What University Should Be

Found this inspiring:

If only universities inculcated an attitude like this.

Oh…but…that would oppress all the people who can’t think and feel like that!

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4 Responses to What University Should Be

  1. Bart Postma says:

    Love that guy! One of the last real professors…. and he recommends trade school in the knowledge that Universities are now hopeless cesspools of cognitive dissonance.

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  2. Tom in Oregon City says:

    I’ve always taught my kids that most education happens outside of school, and surely more now then when I was at Dartmouth in the ’70s, especially in the Ivy League. It’s also why I never dispose of a book.

    Nice to find a point of absolute agreement, when we disagree so much about WHY the alarmists are wrong.

  3. I hope this video will go viral. I have certainly shared it to everyone I know

  4. On the flip side. What university is becoming

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