The Strange Case of the Liberal Love for ISIS and Islamic Terror

For many years now, thinking people have been both startled and confused at the love and acceptance which Western liberals show and demonstrate towards Islamic terror and regressive Islamic ideologies.  If you’re not aware of this phenomenon, you may be living under a rock, or are a liberal yourself and therefore don’t understand how it is that I am even writing anything on here and making a point…but it is probably oppressing in you in some way…

It has now culminated in a mock beheading video of US President Trump, appearing indistinguishable from real beheading videos of real victims of Islamic terror.  There has to exist some rational explanation, some psychological explanation, for why Western liberals, of all people imaginable, are so perfectly aligned with supporting and now even acting out Islamic terrorism and regressive Islamic ideology.

We simply need to bring in Carl Jung.  Jung described the structure of the human mind as having a persona, which is a sort of shell which we present to the outside world, the appearance that we wish the outside world to have of us, but this is balanced by an inner shadow which are our psychological aspects which we wish to hide.  The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde describes this in story-based terms, and it explains the Western liberal mind as well.

The Western liberal persona is that of universal acceptance and tolerance of all things, especially including intolerable and contradictory things because this is an even further demonstration of their universality.  This aspect is associated with the Jungian superego.  The Western liberal persona loves all things unconditionally, without judgement, and without intolerance, and tolerating the intolerant is the greatest expression of this universality.  By definition the state of mind of this persona is also irrational, since it must accept all things and especially contradictory things.  This persona exists in a constant state of cognitive dissonance.  It defines what it means to be irrational.

The Western liberal shadow is the opposite of this.  Now just consider that.  Consider the monster that this shadow must be.  It will be associated with the opposite of the superego, which is the id.  The superego is about universality and universal love, whereas the id is all about “me me me”, the totally selfish aspects.  Instead of unconditionally loving all things, the Western liberal shadow hates all things; instead of being universal, it is particular; instead of being universally tolerant, it is universally intolerant, etc.  Disturbingly, this shadow should also house the rational component of the liberal’s psyche since the rational component is contradicted in the persona.

In Jungian psychology, the ego was one of the most important aspects of the healthy mind since the ego rationally mediated between the desires of the superego and the id, because neither the desires of the superego nor the desires of the id brought to full expression are conducive to 1) survival of the individual, 2) survival of the group.  If the superego is brought to full expression, then the individual would basically allow themselves to be eaten for the sake of the other which wishes to eat…the superego is tolerant of that which wishes to eat it.  This would prevent the individual from reproducing and from contributing to the group.  If the id is brought to full expression, then basically everyone else is either going to die or be enslaved or be eaten, and this limits reproduction opportunity as well.  Evolution would deselect for either full-on superego or full-on id since neither of those positions are conducive to maximum reproduction of a species.

The ego is where reason is supposed to sit and function, where it has to evaluate and make decisions about the best courses of action in the world.  You want to help others (superego), but not to the extent that it irreparably harms yourself (ego).  You want to get useful things out of other people for your own benefit (id), but not to the extent that they can no longer produce and lose their lives for it because then you have nothing to get from them anymore (ego).  In human society, our ego is one of the most important psychological aspects of our mind of all.

Very few words in modern English have been as misunderstood, mistreated, and reinterpreted as the Jungian ego.  Note, then, how in the Western liberal mythology, “ego” is supposed to be the thing that you’re supposed to dispense with.  The simplest of cursory searches in what passes for Western liberal “spiritualism” these days will amply demonstrate that the ego is basically the enemy of the Western liberal mind, the aspect of their psyche which they most wish and seek to suppress.  

And so although the reasoning aspect of the human mind should have found a seat in the Western liberal’s shadow, it has been cut-out from even here due to the liberal mythology of their need to dispense with their ego, the ego being the origin of reason in the human mind.  Or at least, a nominal form of reason is utilized by the liberal shadow but only in as much as it serves the shadow’s desires.

The point now being to tie it together, is that there is basically only one well-known and widespread ideology that fits with the Western liberal shadow, and that is radical Islamic terrorism.  The Western liberal persona works so hard at maintaining its character that its shadow aspect has actually secretly totally taken over their subconscious mind, and has gravitated itself towards the most well-known ideology most similar to it.  From this perspective, the language of standing for love and unity by the liberals is all a ruse. The secret truth is that they wish to be beheaded and tortured to death, and to see this done to others. It’s no use wondering any longer why they submit and kowtow to terror. We must now realize that they want and desire terror. It is the outcome of their genuflection to Islamic terror that they secretly want.  They desire to be around severed heads and have their own heads severed.

If you find their behaviour confusing, simply look at the outcome of what they are asking for.  That’s what someone told me a long time ago about the climate alarm issue: Given that their reasoning is flawed and contradictory and sophistical, then look at the outcome.  The outcome is what they are going for.  In the case of climate alarm it is global impoverishment and the deaths of billions.  In the case of their acceptance of Islam terror, the outcome is their own torture and beheading, and that of everyone around them.  Which is not at all a dissimilar outcome to their love of climate alarm pseudoscience.  There is a real correspondence here which is important, and which is evidentiary.

Michael Crichton, who was a rationalist given that he was a climate alarm skeptic, wrote a character in his book “State of Fear”, and this character was an example of a classic California liberal.  At the end of the book, the character was captured by a tribe of cannibals and as he was being sliced open and eaten alive by the cannibals, Crichton wrote the character thinking to himself about how great the experience was and how great it was to do this for the cannibals and how much love it showed both from himself to the cannibals and from the cannibals to him.  That was an amazingly prescient sequence given what we now understand of the secret desires of the Western liberal mind.  In order for the Western liberal persona of universal love to demonstrate its “truth”, it must openly welcome and then experience the most horrific and disgusting of deaths at the hands of savages.  Crichton lived and worked with these people for most of his life, but he actually hated them and this character in “State of Fear” was his final depiction of them, and he got them dead-on.

The Western liberal persona is not truly in control of their actions.  It is their shadow which is directing, for example, their voting patterns.  The Western liberal mind is unintegrated, in Jungian terms.  They have denied their shadow aspects only to have their shadows grow to truly grotesque, uncontrollable, and fundamentally anti-social proportions.  The healthy ego mind of rationally-conducting individuals acknowledges that while it is desirable to live cooperatively with others for mutual benefit, it also has a side which wishes to simply fucking kill people and take their shit.  The Western liberal mind denies the latter of themselves, which has only created an inner monster that is seeking to see itself and others around it experience horror.

Good commentary by Mike Adams here:

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3 Responses to The Strange Case of the Liberal Love for ISIS and Islamic Terror

  1. Allen Eltor says:

    They’ve become ”DeMoNiC!”

    That’s why they’re NAMED:


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  3. Mark says:

    What I think the MSM is failing to mention, and ignoring American History is that it was the Democratic Party that started the Civil War, was pro Slavery :

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