A Great Victory for Reason

Trump withdraws from the Paris Climate Accord:

We just need to keep this up, and make sure that the scale of the climate alarmist flat Earth pseudoscience fraud reaches everybody.

Imagine what that will do to communist and liberal ideology, forever.

We need to stamp on the ages of history that the communist and liberal “universal love & light” ideology is so irrational, so insane, so vacuous, such a simulacrum, so retarded, so stupid, so hysterical, so totally and fundamentally absurd that it hoisted flat Earth physics(!) as its best, most trusted, most valuable, most intelligent, most well-founded, most researched, most amazing contribution to modern man in a technological age!

As I said in the last post, the defining hallmark of the liberal mind is that it is fundamentally, and that it defines, the meaning of irrationality.

This is their creation, and they can live with the consequences of what it means about them.  The evolution of the universe is deselecting them.  It will inevitably deselect them.  Even if they come back and win and succeed in their desire to destroy the human race in their love of their own stupidity, their ” love & light universality”, their relativism, their hatred of reason, their materialist anti-philosophy…reason will, someday, somewhere, conquer the entire universe.

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13 Responses to A Great Victory for Reason

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  2. Tom (Not That Tom) says:

    Joe, you probably won’t, but you deserve to take a moment of satisfaction from this stunning victory. Let’s now watch the reactionary Alinsky tactics kick in.

    These will come to nothing once real people see energy prices and the cost of filling their vehicles stabilise and, maybe, fall. The screeching and wailing from the Subsidies Brigade will be glorious.

    Brexit, Trump and now this: those who seek to enslave us are having a crap couple of decades. There will be setbacks; however, I couldn’t be more chuffed.

  3. Mark says:

    Putin’s response to Trumps action, and how he is grateful for saving Russia and the world from global economic depression. See also the link on macrocosmic causes of climate change and how humanity needs to adapt to natural order:



  4. Mark says:

    So lets send up a bunch of sophisticated satellites to control the weather:

    You know it makes sense…..

  5. Ed Riffle says:

    The argument against Paris accord was appropriately economic and political. I will really celebrate when the pseudoscience of Hansen and the ipcc is similarly rejected for the chicanery it is.

  6. Mark says:

    UPDATE: Environmental Modification Device (ENMOD) : New quantum enabled atmospheric release cartridge developped and used?

  7. Mark says:

    UPDATE: How a carbon dioxide reduction plan GCCM (Global Carbon Control Matrix) is being developped into a de facto One World Government by design?

  8. Mark says:

    UPDATE: Huricane Harvey……….. Weather Control or Weather Warfare?

  9. Sky Captain says:

    Hi Joseph,
    I recently commented on a thread somewhere and I thought I’d ask for an explanation for how it is possible for 4 parts per million (CO2) molecules to successfully warm the atmosphere even 1 degree. I got this response:
    Terry 15 hours ago
    CO2 comprises less than 0.04 percent of the air. This is a fact but inconsequential when it comes to the effects of C02 as a greenhouse gas. Oxygen, nitrogen and argon make up close to 100 percent of the atmosphere, however, they are invisible to incoming “short-wave” radiation from the sun and outgoing “long-wave” radiation from the Earth’s surface. They play no role in regulating the planet’s atmospheric temperature. C02 and other trace gases in the atmosphere do absorb the outgoing long-wave radiation.
    So while their concentrations are miniscule, their effect isn’t. It’s basic physics.
    So I responded:
    I did study a little Physics, Maths and Chemistry at University, so if that’s basic physics, then something is really wrong. I was hoping to get a real explanation of how this could possibly work, but let’s start from what you told me and see if it works out.
    Firstly a little correction: 4 in 1 million is actually 0.0004%, which is 100x less than 0.04%
    Now. If we want to raise the temperature of something that is at equilibrium by 1 degC by raising the temperature of 0.0004% (the CO2), then the following would be basic maths (and physics for that matter):
    There are 1,000,000 molecules at 14 degC (for the sake of the argument). If I wanted increase the average temperature by 1% by only warming 4 molecules and not the others, then I would have to warm those 4 by almost 999,996 times, which would then result in those 4 warming all the surrounding 999,996 molecules a little to raise the temperature by 1 degree.
    Of course, this would have to happen to all the CO2 molecules in the air, otherwise this predicted temperature rise would not happen. That would include the molecules on the night side of the earth too.
    So to me this looks quite ludicrous to suggest that this mechanism could at all cause warming to occur.
    It’s certainly not basic physics, like you’re trying to postulate.
    Suddenly the whole idea that warming can practically happen through CO2 seems completely ridiculous. Am I just looking at this too simplistically or am I missing something in my argument?

  10. Sky Captain says:

    ” the average temperature by 1% by only” of course was meant to be ” the average temperature by 1degC by only”

  11. Mark says:

    The progressive dissolution of freedom of speech and intimidation techniques, applied to those who dare to have an opinon and refuse to toe the line, are nicely documented in this recent David Icke audio. Well worth a listen…..

  12. Gary Ashe says:

    It is 400ppm Sky Captain. 0.004%.

    Each co2 molecule would have to reach an equivalence of 2500c to raise the neighbouring 2499 molecules temp’s by 1c.

    or 1% of the atmosphere warm by 100c to raise the 99% 1c.

    I think..

  13. Gary Ashe says:

    Sorry this says 0.04%…………..3% of which is human released 12ppm .

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