Be a F***ing Idiot! Canada’s Anti-Reason Bill (language warning)

-do not read this if you don’t like crude language and general profuse swearing-

It’s the System, Bitches!

Lauren Southern makes the point so well in the video below that I’ll start with her:

Now of course it isn’t stated outright, but what’s the message here?  “The system” is saying:  Be a fucking idiot!  That’s what the system wants of you.  BE A FUCKING IDIOT!

There are billions, billions of these makeup tutorial videos on Youtube, all totally safe and 100% unmolested from any form of thought policing, social justice warrioring, demonetization fuckery, etc.  But you make a channel and videos that’s about thinking about something, about actually critically thinking about political machinations, world events, trends, history, science, etc?   No no no…no “the system” says…FUCK YOU, just think about your dicks and cunts and that’s it!  We’ll PAY you for just thinking about your dicks and cunts only!  We’ll pay!  But you think about politics for one second?  We’ll destroy you!

That’s the system.  That’s the lowest-common-denominator consumer capitalist system, and you obey it or else it will destroy you!  Not because you did or said something that’s actually worth retaliating on…but because you thought and said something that we simply don’t like for no real reason.  It might be bad for business…maybe that’s why.  Whatever the reason, not that we have one, we’ll fucking destroy you if you stop thinking about your dicks and cunts!

That’s what the liberals, the people who paradoxically identify as leftists today, have given us: think about your dicks and cunts, and that’s it!  Think about your dicks turning into cunts, and your cunts turning into dicks, and how to get a dick to fuck a cunt, and that’s it!  We don’t want any thought outside of that!  That’s liberal consumer capitalism for you.

You can have millions of channels talking about women’s makeup and men’s DE shaving and if it will get a dick to fuck a cunt – but you talk about your society, your government, your political system, your constitution and your rights?  Well…you’re a fucking right wing nut job!  What the fuck are you…HITLER!?  You’re literally HITLER!!  You’re a FUCKING WHITE MALE that wants to talk about politics and laws and shit…you’re literally HITLER!

That’s what the mass media system is offering…that’s what the mass social media surveillance system wants of you.  That’s what the political economic system needs of you.

Before I get to Canada’s anti-reason bill, I’ll let Mike Adams explain what has likely happened to the population:

People have literally been mentally and physically damaged with poison.  Brain damaged.  Now consider that such results are intentional.  (You can begin to heal yourself by going on an 100% organic raw food diet.)

Legalized Enforcement of Irrationality

So now, Canada passed this M-103 bill which contains directives to make Islamophobia illegal.  How do you, and who gets to, define Islamophobia?  Well, the victims do of course!

This is the generation, the age, of the victim!  The victim is all-powerful.  The victim is meaning.  The victim contains truth.  The victim is holy, and sacrosanct.  The victim is all-knowing.  The victim is benevolent.  The victim is wise.  The victim is serene.  The victim is the Philosopher King.  The victim is all-loving, all-accepting.  The victim exists because of you…because of your thoughts….because of your presence.  The victim knows what should be done with you, and how you should be treated.  To be a victim is to be both the highest and the lowest, simultaneously.  The victim has every right and freedom afforded to them, because they have every right and freedom restricted from them.  The victim is simultaneously the most pitiable, and the most honoured; the saddest, and the most celebrated.

People who say anything or talk about anything other than dicks and cunts are the aggressors, the victim creators.  You can even talk about dicks becoming cunts, cunts becoming dicks, dicks fucking dicks and cunts fucking cunts, you can talk about fists fucking asses, asses fucking faces…ALL that…but don’t you fucking say anything to make a point about something!  You try and make a point about something, you HITLERIAN POINT-MAKER, you’ve just created a victim, and now the victim OWNS you!

So, who’s the victim of Islamophobia?  Of course, it is anyone who feels offended by anyone making a point about Islam which states anything other than “Islam is a religion of peace”.  Of course the victim of Islamophobia gets to define Islamophobia, and the victim is created just as soon as they feel like grabbing the power of victim-hood.  One merely needs to feel like they desire the power of victim-hood, and then they become the victim. In liberal land, you don’t even need to be Islamic to be a victim of Islamophobia – you just need to feel victimized by the mere imagination of the idea of Islamophobia.  It’s victim-hood by remote association.  All liberals need to feel victimized by something, and everything…it’s the only thing that gives them meaning.  If there are no victims, then they claim that they are the victims themselves.  What is it with liberals and their deep need to be victims, their deep need to be pitied?  Their deep need to be sufferers?

The very presence of the idea of Islamophobia creates a mass victim-hood of the entire religion of Islam…and by that fact, Islam OWNS you.  The only safe option for the liberal mind to stop itself from having any thoughts which could be Islamophobic and victimize Islam, is to fully accept & embrace Islam.  See how that works?  Do you get it now?  Hence the previous post about liberals loving ISIS, feminist liberals donning the Muslim headscarf at feminist women’s rights rallies, feminist liberal men and women stopping for the Islamic call to prayer at a liberal feminist rally for women’s rights, etc.

There is no reason in liberal victimhood because reason itself is what creates victims.  Reason separates things, decides things, evaluates things, values some things and discards other things.  The very act and very concept of reason creates victims by reason’s fundamental defining act of differentiating value.  In the liberal mind, it is not for the less-valuable to improve its value, but it is for the valuable to degrade itself to accept the valueless.  As I said in that previous post, the liberal mind defines what it means to be irrational.  The liberal denial of the very possibility of differential evaluation is 100% synonymous with irrationality.  It is difficult to classify what this liberal phenomenon actually is because it is not behaviour we can reference to the animal and/or natural world on this planet.  It’s quintessentially alien to planet Earth…to life on this planet.  It is by the definition of these things an “evolutionary dead-end”, and that is all well and fine up to the point that we realize that it seeks to dead-end the rest of us too, the remaining who are still able to exercise reason.

So, if we state that by today’s standard we would diagnose Mohammed as a schizophrenic, does that create a victim of Islamophobia?

What the heck is it with ancient man creating religions based on the ramblings of people with schizophrenia?  The Abrahamic religion is one based solely on the mental disorder we today diagnose as schizophrenia.  It’s treatable today with therapy and pharmaceuticals.  But I guess back in the day, it was such a sensation to witness a person with schizophrenia that it was enough to make religions out of it?  It is now today a well known psychological disorder where a person will hear one or more voices in their head that seem to not be their own, and these voices can and do tell the person to do things and the person will actually then go and do these things.  Perhaps there is an entire class of schizophrenics who hear voices and do things for these voices but who never get diagnosed simply because they’ve always lived like this and believe it to be normal, and the voices never ask them to do something illegal and so they never get “caught”.  In this case it would be a benign mental disorder.  But obviously there are cases in which the voices are psychopathic and in which they do “order” the person to do harmful and illegal things.  In any case this condition is all very well-known today, so why don’t we point it out regarding Abrahamism?

At least one of the three Abrahamic religions actually tried to make sense out of it, actually put effort into making rational sense out of the schizophrenic ramblings.  Christianity tried to make things rational and they even then transformed into allowing everyone try to give it a shot themselves by becoming literate and reading things for themselves.  At least Jesus was a fairly harmless “love and light hippie” type that basically recommended understanding yourself and other people, rather than just murdering them outright no questions asked.

Isn’t it so absurd to consider that we basically have a world defined by historic schizophrenics?

It gets better though.  We also now live in a world where half the population, the “liberals”, believe in flat Earth physics and present flat Earth physics as one of the very core reasons for their being.

The anti-Islamophobia bill in Canada is the outlawing of reason.  That’s fully what it equates to.  It is making reason illegal.  You will now be legally required to be stupid.  It is the outlawing of critical thinking, the legal enforcement of stupidity.  

As a scientist in the modern world I, and we, have every reason to criticize all faith religions, to call them objectively valueless, to point out their horrific flaws and errors, etc. But any of that will now be illegal…outlawed! Because any of that could be considered Islamophobic by either a liberal or a Muslim. 

What if we passed a Bill making stupidity illegal?  What if we passed a bill which enforced reason?  Could you imagine?  Just think of the problems that would create and how impossible it would be to get everyone to agree on what constitutes reason.  It would never happen.  But we can pass a law outlawing reason – that we can do!

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12 Responses to Be a F***ing Idiot! Canada’s Anti-Reason Bill (language warning)

  1. markstoval says:

    Now that was a great rant! I enjoyed every word of it. 🙂

    Western civilization is committing suicide and I am afraid there is little that can be done. Too many people remain silent because someone might call them “racist”, or bigoted, or sexist, or fascist or whatever if they speak truth. I never get bothered. If some delusional snowflake calls me a bigot for saying that the Muslims are a deadly danger to western civilization then so be it — but the fact still remains on the table.

    Thanks for the rant, Mark.

  2. Bart Postma says:

    Good stuff! In the liberal mind, any reason creates victims. ….and yes, we are on the verge of stupidity…. and also sexual depravity….being a legal requirement. Outrageous!! Good rant!

    Sent from my Bell Samsung device over Canada’s largest network.

  3. Tom in Oregon City says:

    Just curious, but being a rational person, how do you prove that there are no actual voices being heard by some fraction of the population. Is this not an example of attempting to prove a negative? Doesn’t the rational scientist simply state that he has no evidence of that, and leave it at that? Instead have you not determined, in absence of your own lack of experience of such a “voice”, that anyone who claims to have heard from some source unknown to you must be insane?

    Fascinating, given the large fraction of the population of the earth who claim to have some spiritual experience, regardless of culture, economic status, etc.

  4. Allen Eltor says:

    Wow. You guys need to reverse that law. It’s illegal to not want Islam around? The head chopping, woman beating, everybody else-is-your-slave bastards drive everywhere they go, into crime.

    That’s their method of conquering you and making you support them: crime. They do crimes, and they all stick together, and exploit the kindnesses of civilizations they invade and destroy.

    What a bunch of evil bitches. Sorry to hear about your situation developing like that. You guys are just being thrashed by liberals, the way they thrashed the United States’ manufacturing and neighborhood safety.

    It was the United States that made pot like heroin and used it to kill black people and Mexicans first: they then spread it around the world to anywhere they could, so they’re responsible for MILLIONS of lives ruined, THOUSANDS of people MURDERED.

    You know who did it? The American Liberals. The Democratic Party, had a Democrat president, Senate, and House of Representatives, so they made cannabis illegal as a commodity overnight. The largest commodity crop in the nation along a couple of lines of analysis, I can’t remember what the exact deal was but Henry Ford manufactured an entire fucking Model T with Cannabis.
    Handles, wheels, body, seats, wheels, frame – all made with this plant.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the ”great socialist” of America who ALSO got the country PEARL HARBORED, made pot illegal so his OIL COMPANY FRIENDS – ring a bell with Al Gore, the oil man? So his oil company friend, Mr Dupont, could sell his new nylon and polypropylene.

    Ok what’s all the poison in the planet? Plastics. Polypropylene, nylon, polyethylene. Wow.

    How mother fucking sweet. THAT came ABOUT because

    MADE POT ILLEGAL so they could FLOOD the WORLD with PLASTICS.


    I SHIT you NOT.

    Now; what are some of the things they scream about most? Plastic pollution and pot being illegal.

    They just had Obama. Did he set all those black people free having their entire lives rubbed out with thousands of dollars in fines, criminalizing them so they’ll NEVER work anywhere worth a rat’s ass… did he make it legal?


    Whenever you have entire parties of people who simply want to destroy a system they go from ONE AWFUL DECISION to THE NEXT: your CLASSIC SOCIOPATH who SIMPLY

    be HAPPY.

    It’s a rant but – you go look up that pot law and why.

    So Mr Dupont could flood the world with plastics,
    and so Democrats in the Ku Klux Klan could shoot black people and mexicans.
    NOW they’ve FLOODED the entire NATION with illegal immigrants so a poor person can hardly get a fucking job.
    Obama wanted to turn loose hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the United States.

    Go watch a film of ”immigrants overrunning Europe” – I won’t tell you what to watch, you just go find something,

    and you tell me if the modern Western Liberal doesn’t hate Western Civilization.

  5. @Tom

    “how do you prove that there are no actual voices being heard by some fraction of the population”

    Whether there are actual voices are not, it is a mental disorder. I did not say anything about whether the voices are real or not, so stop fucking around with your idiotic moronic sophistry trying to build a case out of nothing that existed in the first place, fucking asshole idiot.

    “Is this not an example of attempting to prove a negative?”

    I didn’t do that, you dumb fuck-face.

    “Instead have you not determined, in absence of your own lack of experience of such a “voice”,”

    You disgusting, shit-dripping, vomit-smelling goblin fucks just love the double negatives all over the place. You sick, sick fucks. “in absence of your own lack of experience of such a “voice”” – so in other words, IN MY EXPERIENCE OF SUCH A VOICE. You’re fucking brain damaged. Your brain is wrecked. You can’t even say what you mean and want to say without inverting your own logic several times just to make everything you say so confusing that it can’t be answered and rejected. Don’t you fucking know me yet!? I’m the fucking Slayer…I cut through that bullshit with a giant fucking light saber machete! The web of confusion you goblins try to create are cut through like a Japanese Samurai blade through silk thread.

    “that anyone who claims to have heard from some source unknown to you must be insane?”

    I didn’t define schizophrenia, the psychological sciences did. It is a mental disorder.

    “Fascinating, given the large fraction of the population of the earth who claim to have some spiritual experience, regardless of culture, economic status, etc.”

    I haven’t mentioned “spiritual experience” here at all. You define schizophrenia as a spiritual experience? WTF are you even on about? WTF are you even talking about? WTF does this have to do with my post? So, a schizophrenic hears a voice telling them to sacrifice their son, the schizophrenic then goes to actually do it, but is stopped by the voice at the last moment in exchange for continuous obedient worship by the schizophrenic’s family forever? There’s nothing spiritual about that – it was an experience of psychopathic schizophrenia. The large fraction of the population of the Earth wouldn’t know a spiritual experience from a pile of dog shit…they think that worship is spiritual. This is the most absurd concept that has ever existed – worse than modern flat Earth climate alarm physics – that being spiritual means worshiping something, or having faith in something, or in your case, being schizophrenic! You really truly are goblin freaks. You’re goblins!

  6. From an email from someone:

    This ones great as it speaks exactly to your last blog. That’s why Liberals love gays and trans and bla bla bla. Because it’s all about dicks in bums …dicks in cunts…dicks with dicks…feet in cunts. BE A FUCKING IDIOT!!!! THINK ABOUT SEXUAL DEPRAVITY ALL THE TIME!!!! WHEN YOU INTRODUCE YOURSELF INCLUDE WHAT YOU LIKE TO SEE DICKS DOING TO BUMS AND CUNTS AND FEET! YOU MUST INTRODUCE YOURSELF WITH THE PRONOUN TO DESCRIBE WHAT YOU LIKE TO SEE DICKS DOING!!! YOU MUST!!!!

  7. We should introduce a bill which makes it illegal to use reason where the application of reason may potentially lead to hurting someone’s feelings thus disenfranchising them.
    That’s exactly what the anti-Islamophobia bill is, and to be fair we should apply it for everyone. Except for white men…they should be beheaded for making people feel afraid because male whiteness defines fear.

  8. Gary Ashe says:

    These type of people and comments like this are crucified by the Anti-British British Liberal meedya.

    Enjoy as its the best short insight you will ever read about the ”British situation”.

    Nick Griffin (former BNP leader) noted that the kind of suppression involved in being forced to accommodate an invasion of an incompatible demographic without being allowed to give play to the normal collective defence mechanism results in a form of mental illness that could manifest as collective or individual depression or paranoia similar to the psychological consequences of being trapped in an abusive relationship. This is the situation that a lot (probably most) [of] indigenous UK citizens find themselves in and would explain why the Finsbury Park event could be viewed as not only a long overdue retaliation against an abusive invader but also a manifestation of a disorder induced by the invader. Clearly the limits of tolerance have been well and truly passed and any attempt to either enact further suppression, glibly smooth over this symptom or (worse still) justify or promote the demographic element responsible for inducing this situation can now only inflame matters further. It would appear that we now have an active dynamic for serious social unrest and no amount of official manipulation is going to stop or divert the forces that have now come into play. The blame clearly lies with those who promoted an unsustainable situation that has no logical justification and the only realistic remedy is the removal of the incompatible demographic element that is causing this serious dysfunction.”

  9. @Gary Ashe – Yep…well, war it is then.

  10. Good commentary on the above:

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