Misrepresenting “The Science”

So, I was told by some deranged goblin that “you’re misrepresenting the science” of climate alarm and the greenhouse effect when I say that it teaches and is based on flat Earth physics.  This was right after their looking at the diagrams which derive the radiative greenhouse effect upon which climate alarm is based.  For example:



So you see…the problem isn’t with the derivation of the radiative greenhouse effect, the problem is that I’m saying that it is flat Earth physics “which is a misrepresentation”.

Isn’t it amazing how deranged these goblins are?!  They’re just so perfectly inverted to reality, life, reason, and existence.

Of course, climate alarmists and academia does not teach it as flat Earth physics and they do not say that it is flat Earth physics, and they do not claim that the Earth is flat.  No, none of that happens.  The amazing aspect of all of this is that almost everyone in science, teaching, and even the lay-public looks at these diagrams, everyone knows them, everyone uses them, everyone teaches them…and they look straight at it without seeing the FLAT EARTH right in front of their faces.  That’s the truly astounding part.

And without seeing that, then the people who promote it cannot possibly think about the consequences of not seeing it.  And if you point it out, they actively get hostile and accuse you of “misrepresenting the science”!  It’s not the flat Earth diagram and physics which is misrepresenting reality, but it is me who is misrepresenting “the science”…the science of climate alarm.  Never mind the misrepresentation of reality by the diagrams and derivation…mind that you’re pointing it out!

The diagram is a flat Earth.  The derivation necessitates flat Earth physics.  The numbers in it do contain an internal paradox in their contradiction to reality.  The physics violates the Laws of Thermodynamics.  These are true facts.  Objective facts.  Ontological facts.

You can package something all up to make it look like science and some big deal that we all need to do something about…but no one ever thinks to check the starting point, and with that, the goblins have stealthily inserted flat Earth physics into modern science.  It doesn’t matter if only me and a few other people have acknowledged this…it is what has happened, and it is flat Earth physics being taught to students whether it is called that or not.

No, the people teaching it do not remotely think that they are teaching flat Earth physics.

Nevertheless, they are teaching flat Earth physics, and calling them out on that gets to the point tout de suite, and yes, they will get uncomfortable and hostile about it because it makes them face their cognitive dissonance.  That’s how it works.

The unfortunate part is that evolution hasn’t created a situation where if someone refuses to resolve their cognitive dissonance, they would just drop dead.  Just…drop dead.  Drop dead on the spot.  Or drop dead the next morning.  Just drop dead.  Well you see, since it is a mental problem evolution has in fact tried to help out here, because of instead of a physical trauma for doing something physically stupid, you experience the emotional/mental discomfort of cognitive dissonance when you think something stupid.  Evolution is supposed to work by allowing those who repeat physically stupid things to die off.  Well, we’re now waiting for evolution to cause those who insist on thinking stupid things to likewise die off.

The strange thing about those believing themselves to be “liberals and leftist” today is that they have actually become addicted to cognitive dissonance, and have been educated to think that the sensation of cognitive dissonance is the feeling of knowing something!  There is a pattern of evolution and life on this planet that is billions of years old.  There must be an irresistible momentum behind that energy pattern at this point.  In some way…it must be preparing to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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3 Responses to Misrepresenting “The Science”

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  2. Richard111 says:

    The sun warms the ground by radiation. The ground warms the air by conduction, this includes the CO2 molecules. If the CO2 molecules are warmer than -30C they can’t absorb any radiation from the surface in the 15 micron band, basic science. But yes, the CO2 is radiating slightly less than half that 15 micron band radiation back to the surface. This energy is gained by CONDUCTION with other air molecules as they rise and cool. Do the math and you will find that the best CO2 radiation from the atmosphere can do is to reduce the rate of surface cooling by slightly less than 9% AT NIGHT ONLY. Slightly more than half the 15 micron band radiation from CO2 molecules in the atmosphere escapes to space continuously. CO2 molecules in the atmosphere are effectively a coolant.

  3. Thanks Joe for another superb stab at the idiotic climate alarm over the miniscule amount of human produced carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Cognitive dissonance is for sure the most widespread reason that the idiotic idea of a “greenhouse effect” took hold in academia and the public blindly followed them. Many sceptics talk with authority about “greenhouse gases”, as if they understand the issue and thus promote climate alarm in its purest form – by so-called sceptics! Ross McLeod made a splendid analysis – http://tech-know-group.com/essays/Climate_Science_Paradox.pdf – that clearly shows how the world has been hoodwinked into accepting the “greenhouse” nonsense. Please keep on showing the world where and how it all went wrong, one day the penny will drop, even with those stubborn academically qualified “sceptics”.

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