Mass Hysteria of the Liberal Left

Have you been wondering why the left has gone insane?

The explanation here, an excellent summary:

Echoing that, their egos are also unable to handle the fact that they’re wrong about climate alarm, hence the need to label real skeptical science as “paid for by big oil” and “denialist”, the latter of course being a projection of their own cognitive dissonance. Kinda have to ask the question: Why are they so hysterically wedded to a false theory which is basically centered around vilifying human existence!?

It’s just constant mass emotional hysteria with these people, and they have no ability to self-reflect upon it!

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14 Responses to Mass Hysteria of the Liberal Left

  1. Man some really great dialogue in the comment section of that link…but only for those not in the bubble!

  2. Mark says:

    Joe, excellent article. Its also in my opinion, not just about the cognitive dissonant people, but who is actually behind the hysteria in the first place and who stands to benefit from the violence.
    The deep state:

  3. Those people are certainly being used, and what they’re being used for seems it would benefit predatory right wing corporate capitalism controlling the unrepresentative deep state of all things. But of course they’re too hysterical and stupid to know what’s going on and what’s actually good for them.

  4. AfroPhysics says:

    [un]Liberals have primitive minds.
    The shaman told them to sacrifice virgins to the god of rain, and they obey. Simple as that. How could the shaman be wrong? He looks so professional and confident. He draws crowds. He must have some real insight. Who are you Joe?
    You don’t have a bone through your nose!

    All you do is say “do nothing”. But retards want action. The essence of a retard is to act before they think. The climate priest recognizes base animal instincts and feeds the retards false narratives based on tried and tested religuous creeds.

  5. Carl says:

    You might want to check out this web site: The web site is maintained by James and Joanne Moriarty who were private citizens doing business in Libya when it was destroyed during the prior Administration. They say that what is occurring in the United States, the acceleration of physical and increasingly violent clashes occurring between citizens, is identical to what happened in Libya before its demolition, what has been happening in Syria, what is happening Yemen, what is happening in . . . well just name the place. It is the technique that was used by Britain to colonize so many countries around the world. Divide and concur. Get the populous to fight amongst themselves and then come in as the saviors, the peace-keepers.

    In that work the media is one of their most important tools. The vast majority of US citizens are not at each other’s throats, but rather just going about their business and quite frankly getting along fine with each other. If you watch the media though you would think that we are in a civil war, which creates the intended emotion of extreme anxiety and fear. People who are anxious and fearful are easy to manipulate politically. People who are happy, prosperous and living in peace don’t need political leaders.

    The whole schtick about catastrophic manmade climate change is no different; its just global in scope but I think that they have bitten off more than they can chew, because it is difficult to maintain fear of what might happen to the climate long after we are all dead. It is difficult to maintain fear “climate change” when most everyone goes outside, looks around and says to themselves, “Everything seems to be OK?” It is difficult to maintain fear “climate change” when the proposed solution is to give up electricity and automobiles and food and air conditioning and heating and . . . and . . . and . . .

  6. Minuscule ppm increases in CO2 have caused Americans to elect a racist president. The proof could not be any more clear. This is the “tipping point” that Holiest Father of Climate Alarmism, Pope Al Gore warned us about.

    As you can see, I think bubbles are something to be toyed with. The bigger they are blown, the more interesting they are to burst.

  7. Quite right Carl, divide and conquer and the people will gladly accept the return of Monarchy or any authoritarianism for a semblance of peace. As is now clear it is the left who is being used to divide. The other side wants unity under the law but the left wants unity only under their form of “morality”, not that they can define their morality in anything more than the most childish of platitudes, and as the article points out, why they clamour for a moral authority figure to follow. Just what a tyranny would want of its people!

    The left is bicameral, unconscious, and require to be lead. Anyone unlike them they now fully believe to be “Nazi”. They are fully convinced that anyone who supports Trump or economic nationalism is a racist Nazi white supremacist. That’s the narrative they’ve created for their lack of knowledge of things like the Fed Reserve, how banking works, where their food comes from, what the actual bottom line is for the pharmaceutical health care system, how climate actually works and how science should actually function, etc etc. Here they are thinking that racism is still 2017’s greatest social issue, while they have zero clue about the economic forces that actually shape all of our lives.

    Slaves fighting slaves over who is the best model slave!! God sakes man.

    Civil War 2.0 is being manufactured with these people as bicameral unconscious pawns…and who benefits most if they win is the corporate fascist unelected state.

    The left isn’t fighting for meritocracy – they despise meritocracy as the very concept of merit means judging and differentiating for greater value among people for the purpose of identifying that which enhances life. Whereas with today’s right this is what life is all about. “Cognitive privilege” for example is a term the left created so that instead of revering smart people we look at them as oppressing the rest of us instead. The liberals are for equality of opportunity independent of skill or ability and equality of outcome independent of same, whereas on the right they seem to be for equal opportunity before the law, equality of opportunity dependent upon talent and ability, and in-equality of outcome dependent on same. It’s not possible to have universal equality of opportunity, but you can have equality of opportunity given a person’s particular interest for which they’ve worked towards.

    The liberals just seem like they’re destroyers. And consider their love for the false “science” of climate alarmism, and that it basically vilifies human existence. Telling!

  8. Mark says:

    I think they call them Colour Revolutions dont they?

  9. Joe Postma says:

  10. The video seems a bit over the top in its claims, but I suppose a mega dose is sometimes needed to garner even a small effect. Its seeming overstatement makes it fun, though.

    The claim of the establishment’s wanting to eliminate humans is what I find over the top. I think that there are factions of the establishment that want to significantly reduce human population, but I don’t think that they want to consciously starve people to do it. Rather, I think that they have a fantasy of educating more people NOT to populate the world. They want people to reduce the rate at which they would populate the world, which seems to be a practical idea, but to approach this via gloom-doom sophistry (to use a favorite word of yours) is the wrong way to go.

    IPCC = Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Cultism

    or … Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Consensus

    or … Idiots Predisposed to Contriving Crap

    or … Inflated Perspectives Clearly Confused

    Don’t you just love acronyms ?

  11. AfroPhysics says:

    Good ones, Robert!

    Indecent People Conning Consumers
    International Phony Climate Conspiracy
    Incompetent PhDs Carefully Colluding

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