The Meaning of Existence, The Answer to Existence

Are you interested in the meaning and purpose of existence?

As in the big, absolute, total meaning of the universe and everything, including yourself…the final answer?

Why the universe exists at all?

Did you know that it has been found out?!

What do you think that the answer is?

It turns out in a few ways.  One way is that the answer can only be understood by a select group of people of the appropriate psychological personality type; other types will disagree with the answer and will have their own myriad of answers each of which they think is the correct answer thus contradicting all of each other…and so of course they’re all wrong. The correct answer stands out of all this because it’s logically irrefutable, but being logically irrefutable is the very condition which makes it understandable to only a select group of people and ununderstandable to the rest.

There is only a single correct answer to existence.  The corollary is that there’s infinite wrong answers to existence.

Some people wrongly think that telling yourself that you’re “God’s chosen people” is the answer. Some people wrongly think that having a relationship with an ancient rabbi is the answer. Some people wrongly think that submitting to the words of “God’s last prophet” is the answer. Some people wrongly think that there is no purpose to existence, but it keeps tabs on you anyway. Some people wrongly think that existence is random and meaningless. Some people wrongly think that everyone has their own answer.

Of all the possible wrong answers to existence these are some of the very utmost worst possible, and I have a willful fear of any of them spreading to any greater degree than they already have. These worst possible answers form the structure of society for the vast majority of the planet, and so is it any wonder at how screwed up this planet is? Echoing Douglas Adams, humanity seems to be a device created for the purpose of finding the worst possible answers to existence, and then living them out.

You know…that’s why free speech is so important.  If we ever come to a time when certain speech is outlawed, given this human propensity for celebrating the wrongest answers, then it means that we outlaw ourselves from even the opportunity to think the truth.  Oh wait…this has already begun to happen in the West with anti-Islamophobia laws, with denying the West’s conquering of slavery, etc.  1984 in the real.  Do you realize how well and truly fucked we are when speech becomes outlawed?  Isn’t speech itself “hateful” since by the very act of speaking to someone else you are imposing your thoughts upon someone?  Aren’t basically all books hateful since the authors have different ideas than our own which they have no right to impose upon us but insist that they do?  Won’t we eventually have to outlaw all communication?  As in my previous “Be an Idiot!” post, the liberal capitalist consumerist system wants us reduced to animals addicted to the corporate morality of Facebook…like donkeys chasing the carrot except the carrot will be the latest SuperExtremeHD® semitransparent VR device you can wear while walking at the park to stay on Facebook!  Isn’t it disgusting how we interact with our phones instead of with other people?!  Our “social interaction” is becoming staring at a screen talking to people you don’t know but being hyper-concerned that you fit in with them.  We are reaching levels of hysterical insanity here that shouldn’t be possible to exist.  This entire system is disgusting and I become more and more sick about seeing it grow around me.  And don’t think for a second that the liberal capitalist corporate system wouldn’t just love to be able to stop anyone from questioning it.  Who most benefits from the end of free speech?  Liberal corporate capitalism does, that’s who.  It is liberal corporate capitalism that seeks the Idiocracy future.  In fact everything that’s wrong benefits the most from the end of free speech!  Even science has now been conditioned to accept the end of free speech for the sake of silencing those horrible climate deniers™!  The end of free speech is simply another example of humanity arriving at and then adopting the worst of all possible answers to existence.

This bring us to another corollary:  The true answer to existence will be the most hated knowledge in all of human history.  Yes, there are a small group of humans who can understand and accept the answer, but, the vast masses who will reject it will reject it with the greatest display of anger and hatred which has ever been demonstrated to date.  We will witness brand-new invented forms of violence not yet thought of or imagined created in order to fight the knowledge of the one true answer to existence.  This is a guarantee, and those who accept and understand the true answer to existence had better harden their hearts and get prepared for some pretty awful shit.

Another way it turns out is that static (as in unmoving) existence is impossible, or at least is inconsequential. Such a consideration is necessary for comprehending the nature of the meaning of existence. A static existence has, by definition, nothing happening in it; not even thought is possible in a static existence since even with a thought there is something moving. A static existence is as inconsequential as an existence of pure nothingness and hence reduces to pure nothingness. Thus if existence is going to exist as something more than inconsequential nothingness, then whatever it is that exists, it must move.  That existence must move, and that you are by definition part of existence and hence partake of its properties, says everything about what you are supposed to do with knowledge of the answer; that is, with your own life in existence.  (Just because there is a single true answer to existence does not mean that we do not all have our own personal struggles and things which we seek to accomplish – those are all personally meaningful things and are our own “personal answers”, but they are not the universal answer…they in fact all feed off of the universal answer.)

The answer to existence can actually be written down in a single “word”, a single expression.  Unfortunately the expression is composed of coded symbols that are meaningless to the vast majority of people.  Even of the people that could read it, it still won’t make sense as the answer to and meaning of existence without reading a few millions words on how to understand and interpret it.  Would you like to see it though?  Are you ready to witness the answer to existence?  OK, here it is, in its most brief formulation:

e + 1 = 0

Everything about the nature, reason, and purpose of existence is found in this answer.  As of the current date, understanding this answer requires reading and comprehending a few million words of philosophy.  Once you understand it, though, it all becomes all so perfectly obvious and natural.  But you have to be the type of person that can follow a logical philosophical argument over a few million words, and have some knowledge of or at least an incredible intuition of what are currently advanced mathematical and scientific concepts.  The answer is simultaneously both extremely simple and extremely difficult.  It can be yours!  The answer can be yours.

Who wishes to proceed?

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42 Responses to The Meaning of Existence, The Answer to Existence

  1. You invoke Douglas Adams here who famously wrote on the Computer Deep Thought who came to the answer 42. The ultimate answer to the ultimate question was later pulled from Arthur Dent’s thought patterns to be ‘what do you get if you multiply six by nine?’ Of course compete Earth may have been affected by the crash landing of the rejects from another planet which became the human race.

    As far as mathematical explanations of the universe go, zero is not a particularly inspiring answer to life the universe and everything.

  2. You are correct. Zero in and of itself is not particularly inspiring.

    It’s what surrounds zero that is.

    It’s actually the greatest possible answer that there could possibly be. The highest possible inspiration and meaning there is.

    Anyone want to begin studying?

  3. Okay, I see “pi”, and so we are somehow relating to a circle.
    I see “i”, and so we are dealing with things imaginary.
    I see “1”, … unity, the one, the all.
    I see “0”, … that strangely human idea that really expresses an impossibility rather than a reality.

    Zero must be something too, and that “something” that zero is … is everything, which is going around in a circle to get right back to it. Zero, then, is neither a start nor a beginning, but a transitional location that our minds assign to a resting place in a perpetual journey that has no beginning ultimately and no end ultimately.

    The meaning of existence then is the constant movement that we undergo in traversing a circular path of discovery. Zero is infinity, and infinity is zero, and to see this, try to find zero on a number line — you cannot do it, because you always run into an infinity surrounding it. Same with any number — there are NOT any numbers — they are all different resting places from which we contemplate infinity.

    Months ago, I did a digital overlay of this equation over one of my macro photos of fluids:

    I guess I must have that intuitive feel for the “meaning of existence”.

    Or not. (^_^)

  4. Now Robert, you must already know precisely of what I am talking about 🙂

    Would you care to give people the link to the source material?

  5. No link, JP — that was off the top of my head, … gleaned from all sources of my life experience, discussions with other people, etc., over many years, along with my own endless inner reflection.

    I can tell people the popular name of the equation, if you want. There appear to be a number of Youtube videos that try to give this equation some meaning. But I don’t want to spoil other people’s fun. They can Google it, maybe — I just typed in the words describing the equation — “e to the i pi plus one equals zero” and the great Google god led me to some info sources.

    I honestly have to confess that my math skills are not up to the level of explaining it technically. But other people far more advanced than me should give it a shot, and I hope some of those people are here or drop in for a visit.

  6. I looked at your artwork on your site and was convinced. I’ll give the source material links in a bit (tomorrow).

    In your case, Robert, given what I know of your rational faculties and now of your artistic right-brain mind, I can tell you that if you read all of the material that you will be contacted…if you’re resonating with it. It won’t be right away but it will be eventually if you’re falling in with it. And the nature of the contact will be quite the surprise… 😉 The process failed with me because my right brain is atrophied and not really functional…but when I consider your left brain rationalism and now your right brain artistry…boy, you’re going to skip right on in! This all goes for wwfan too, wwfan!

    So…who wants to go for a ride? Ever been off-planet? lol

  7. I CAME from another planet, and so I should feel right at home. Proceed. (^_^)

  8. Mark says:

    Eulers Identity:
    For a full explanation see “The Illuminatis Six Dimensional Universe” by Adam Weishaupt

  9. Mark says:

    How unextended mind interacts with extended matter via Fourier mathematics: see Citizens Army by Brother Spartacus.
    Joe I will let you explain the implications of this if you dont mind ( no pun intended)

  10. Mark says:

    “Something” is just “nothing” existing in a certain way; it’s a special mathematical
    arrangement of nothing. Nothing is not “simple”; nothing is the most complex thing of all. “Nothing” is the soul itself – the fundamental unit of reality. Existence comprises nothing but mathematical souls and their mathematical interactions” Mike Hockney “The Omega Point”

  11. Mark says:

    In an open system (Prigonene) and as we are contantly moving, or we would not exist, then this growth is the meaning of life. i.e to become the best you can be. In an open system, the system maintains so long as the input is stable. Or if you can release enough entropy to maintain stability.
    At a certain level of increased input( growth) you reach a bifurcation point where you either close down and die or reorganise at a higher lever.
    2nd law of thermodynamics: says that the overall amount of randomness or entropy in the universe is always increasing
    In the human brain in order to best deal with increased input is to use both hemispheres of the brain. Synchronising these enables you to cope with more input and reorder at a higher and higher levels. Thats why technology like Centerpointe and Binaural beat technology are so powerful. A book by Bill Harris of Holosync fame, called Threshholds of the mind is a good read on this technology.

  12. Mark says:

    Joe this: “The true answer to existence will be the most hated knowledge in all of human history”.

    Knowing this knowledge can be good or bad depending on how you look at it, how you understand it and interpret it and ultimately use it.
    Knowing intrinsically there is no right or wrong, only reason, means that the people will become polarised. Good and evil.
    Those with a better grasp on the evil side will use it to their advantage to enslaven the less educated.
    The uneducated will punish and kill the enlightened through fear.
    This is basically what is happening at this moment in our history. Knowledge is the key to freedom.
    The key to freedom is to know that you are “becoming” or “dying”.

  13. Mark says:

    Joe I look at equations as symbols, symbols have meaning and are recognisable. There fore when I see a mathematical equation it has a certain meaning in a certain context. I can read equations as pictograms and that can then balance the right brain hemisphere with the linear left hemisphere.
    The brain works in pictures.

  14. Mark says:

    Joe, have you read any of the booklets by Robin Sacredfire? I synchronistically stumpled upon his work today?


  15. Nothing does not exist.

    To exist is to be some THING.

    THING cannot be static either, because there is no stasis, just as there is no nothing.

    Human consciousness seems to require two modes of awareness to move rhythmically in forming its perceptions. Those two modes are “particle” and “fluid” (or wave). We move between these polarities, as needed, eventually realizing that there are neither points nor fluids, but, at the same time, that there are BOTH points and fluids, where each point can be magnified into an ocean, and each ocean can be moved so far away from as to become a point itself.

    Consciousness, thus, is a rhythm, … a dance, … an orchestration of bipolar perceptions, and this orchestration is existence, and this orchestration is the purpose of existence. Existence is its own reason for being, its own meaning.

    Again, just off the top of my head. (^_^)

  16. Mark says:

    Consciousness in itself then assumes free will is involved. To create the rhythm or dance is determned and shaped by movement. The Universe exists at a balance of energy level zero. Existence then is what you consciously make of it. Life exists by implication you make enough right choices to exist. If free will were taken away life could not exist for long in a system that does not continally strive for growth and by dumping entropy reorganise at higher and higher levels.

  17. Mark says:

    Or as the Illuminati like to say “Ordo Ab Chao” order out of chaos

  18. will”? Yet existence, from a human standpoint, would be BOTH one of “free will” reliant on as yet incomprehensible order?

    We always seem to discover mathematical beauty such as shown in the equation of this discussion, and so this seems to hint that “chaos” is an infinite potential for discovering order. It is the supreme order from which human consciousness extracts its specific “order”.

  19. The message box here seems to have had a stroke of some sort, and so my beginning got cut off in the previous comment. Oh well, go with it, … as an unplanned ordering of the dialogue. (^_^)

  20. Mark says:

    Yes thats the way I see it Robert

  21. Mark says:

    The universe is irreversibly moving toward a state of increased disorder, i.e its breaking down. However we can achieve increasing order by dispersing entropy to the environment. This is only possible in open systems, for example the weather where entropy is dissipated to the environment, order emerges not in spite of chaos BUT BECAUSE OF IT as in all open systems.

  22. AfroPhysics says:

    PHI =1–2*cos ( 3*PI / 5)

    I like this pi/phi relationship with its fibonaci numbers 1,2,3,5

  23. I didn’t know that one…cool!

  24. AfroPhysics says:

    PI = 5*arccos (.5*PHI)
    PI = 5*arccos((((5^(0.5))*0.5)+0.5)*0.5)

    This may further explain why the pentagram in a circle is such a popular symbol.

  25. Mark says:

    Eactly AfroPhysics. So by living by the Golden Rule and the math of 5 ^ .5 * .5 + .5 = Phi ( the life of Phi) and using the Pentacle as our guiding light we can produce heaven on earth. As above so below.

  26. The explanation of why a certain form appeals to human senses comes only after the sensation itself. The explanation reflects the sensation, therefore, rather than justifying it. Equations, then, seem somehow “embedded” in us as precursor primitive patterns, that we only later formalize into our squiggles on the written page.

  27. Higher math, or math in general, thus, strikes me as the mathematics of human consciousness, rather than the mathematics of any reality outside of human consciousness. But maybe not. I’m torn.

  28. Mark says:

    So Joe, after much contemplation, this is we started from. Please now enlighten us.

  29. “The meaning of existence then is the constant movement that we undergo in traversing a circular path of discovery. Zero is infinity …”

    Quite right. This is correct. Now, a circular path indicates a cycle, returning to and from previous and future states, etc. So what’s the end of the cycle and what’s the beginning of the cycle?

    The end of the cycle – actually, even well before the end of the cycle – you become the most that it is possible to be. We have a word for that. That word is: God. We go from base matter to God over and over again over cosmic cycles, forever. What could possibly be better than becoming God forever? By definition there is nothing greater. However, we also start from the opposite of God and we have a word for this too – we thereby experience Hell over and over again, which is this world, this planet.

    So the meaning of existence is that we all become God. The answer to existence is that it is a mathematical system in motion. Semantics, and syntax. Existence is a mathematical system with a very large number (infinite?) of nodes which are called souls and what these things (souls) do is cycle through becoming God starting from Hell over and over again.

    The purpose of life is to improve yourself, to become a master at your life. To evolve!

    We’ve been stuck in this cycle coming back here over and over because we’ve created religions where the last thing we’re taught to do is to actively master our own life! Our life and soul we have been taught is either somebody else’s responsibility, or the question is meaningless and there is no purpose or point, etc. Our life and soul is our own responsibility and no one else can master our own life for us, and the purpose and point to it is that once you do it you literally evolve a few steps closer to becoming God.

    The answer to existence is that existence is made of mathematics, of a philosophical substance of mathematics. That’s what reality is objectively, and we are that. The experience of existence, its meaning, is this cyclical journey where we go from base matter to gold, from Hell to Godliness.

    Source material to follow…

  30. First you will need to read all of the material from these three authors:

    This is Mike Hockney’s page on Amazon.

    Michael Faust’s.

    Adam Weishaupt’s.

    The first author must be read in order of his “God Series” books, but has 4 fiction books which can be read at any time. In fact you could start with his “Armageddon Conspiracy” fiction book and then move on to the God Series books, and read the 3 other fictions as desired for break from the philosophy sessions. The two other authors are all non-fiction and can be read at any time too. The “God Series” by Hockney is the core of all this material though.

    Afterwards, you can then go to Jack Tanner.

    Tanner discusses some things which won’t make sense until you’ve read everything previous, but is really quite entertaining stuff.

    The philosophy and math then continues with Dr. Thomas Stark.

    They have a few other authors – Joe Dixon, Ranty McRanterson, Mark Romel, Tom Strabo – none of which are necessary reading and I would in fact not recommend reading. Except for “Identity and Lifestyle” by Romel and “National Capitalism” by Strabo.

    Other worthwhile contributions at this point would be “Illuminism Contra Discordianism” and perhaps “The Illuminist Army“.

    It could take a few years, but be sure that what this is despite the appearances which may exist now is a reading of all of the world’s approaches to and contents of philosophy and religion, mathematics and science which have all existed to date. All of the important ones anyway down to about 4 or 5 sigma relevance. It is essentially humanity’s “Encyclopedia Galactica”, but also distills everything down to the only remaining final possible truth of existence. Once you get there it will be understood to be both incredibly simple, the simplest possible thing that can be imagined, while at the same time the most complex thing to explain to the uninitiated. The answer to existence is so trivially simple it boggles the mind that we’ve spent so much time ‘beating around the bush’ about it. The answer is so obvious, so simple, so trivial, so plain that this in itself takes one aback. That’s for the answer. The meaning to the answer is that it is the greatest possible experience that is, well, POSSIBLE! By definition there is no greater experience than going from Hell to God. God is the ultimate. Going from half way God to God is not nearly as great as going from anti-God to God. The system is the simplest possible economics which gives the greatest possible utility. There is nothing simpler than 1 = 1, 1 + 1 = 1 + 1 etc. (the tautological foundation of mathematics and existence) and there is nothing greater than going from the pit of Hell to maximum Godliness (base matter to gold).

  31. AfroPhysics says:

    Ya mon, Jah is almighty!
    All is one, one is all.
    Praise Jah. Be Jah.

  32. Mark says:

    Thanks Joe, you explained that really well. You say when you have read all the material and have internalised it then you will be contacted and go off planet, can you explain that in exoteric terms please. Great stuff. Really apprececiate you doing this for us.

  33. Mark says:

    Joe can you explain how the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator test would indicate how different individuals might respond to this material? Cheers

  34. Mark says:

    Joe, can you explain why this is the most beautiful yet horrific information the world has been allowed access to. Ordo Ab Chao.

  35. I sometimes ponder how zero — the symbol — the physical form of this symbol — embodies the idea of orbiting. Zero is orbit, and orbit seems to be the basis of human form and human perception.

    Think about the articulated joint structure of the human body, … how at each joint, we can establish a center point, around which the next joint traces a partial path of a circle or ellipse. Then think of the entire system of articulated segments and partial orbits of the human body — how collectively they move us in a greater reality of orbits.

    The model of DNA itself seems to reflect the cyclic, exponential growth symbolized in the “e to the i pi plus one equals zero” equation. Each segment of the body seems to “know” how far it can go around its orbit, and this seems to be coded somehow within that grand system of orbits that is the seedling blueprint of life.

    I suppose you might call zero the simplest symbol of reality, because (if you picture it on a number line) infinity unfolds to the right and to the left of it, as well as in opposite directions all around it. Via Joe’s discussion, you might view one side of zero as heaven and one side as hell, and both sides are intimately connected, but you can never find an exact location where one stops and another starts, because there are no starts or stops, only continuity.

    The line is NOT a line, but a circle — either a circle proper, or some semblance of a circle. Zero, then, is both a point and a circle, in this regard. It is both nothing and everything, each encased and encasing the other.

  36. tom0mason says:

    The measure of life is not by a ruler,
    Nor from instruments of human hands.
    A simple equation by the man Euler,
    Amid infinity and nothing, nature stands.

  37. boomie789 says:

    I had to make you uncomfortable, otherwise you never would have moved

    I’m reading the “The Illuminatis Six Dimensional Universe” first. Just finished the chapter on imaginary numbers. The picture is clearing up.

    Reminds me of this

  38. boomie789 says:

  39. boomie789 says:
  40. Joseph E Postma says:

    That’s a great book.

    I’m glad you’re reading these Boomie. Read them all…all those 3 authors: Mike Hockney, Michael Faust, and Adam Weishaupt. They should all be linked – if you look at one author Amazon should suggest the other two.

    What do you say…would you like to join me? I know NO ONE else who’s read them all. You’ll know how reality is constructed and what it is made out of if you do.

  41. boomie789 says:

    My favorite food is red pills.

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