Best Of CNN Dank Memes Vol 1

This is making me LOL.

I have never been one to enjoy schadenfreude and I think the practice is generally disgusting.  However, all of this is a clear exception to the rule:


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3 Responses to Best Of CNN Dank Memes Vol 1

  1. No, I’m not a new troll. I’m a WUWT defector, looking for some alternative insights in areas that tend to get aperson labelled “heretic” over there. (^_^)
    I had to look up the pop definition of the word “dank”, and, from what I gather, it means something similar to “cool”, “nifty”, or, generally, something agreeable, desirable, in fashion, the rage. But I prefer its more negative meaning of dark, damp, and nasty. Alas, since I cannot use it in my preferred manner, I am forced to eliminate it from my vocabulary, for fear of being grossly misunderstood in my future use of it. I guess that makes me dank, any way you want to look at it — “dank” as a cool, non-conformist to the latest trend, … or “dank” as … a not-so-cool, non-conformist to the latest trend, making me disagreeable, like a dark, damp, nasty basement.

  2. Squidly says:

    Welcome, Robert “the defector”.

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