The Other-Directed are the Enemy of Life

Gad Saad has some good commentary here in the video at the bottom.  He uses the term “the West” but he should really refer to which specific subset of Western population is seeking its own death: the liberals and leftists.


“The West [liberals and leftists of the West] view it as the ultimate act of nobility to sacrifice one’s culture, one’s values, one’s children, if this ensures that we will be remembered as tolerant, progressive, and non-racists.  It is apparently best to die passively as a coward crouched in a fetal position rather than to fight for your liberties, your freedoms and your culture.  To fight against your aggressor is racist.  Your survival instinct is racist.  Hence only one choice remains: die as a non-racist.”

Well, according to world-cuck Justin Trudeau, Canada has no values!  Quote: “There is no such thing as Canadian values”.  What a disgusting pile of dirt.  A traitor!  A traitor who’s inveigled his way into “leadership” of Canada.  What kind of person becomes the leader of a nation, and then says to the world that there are no values to defend in that nation?  That’s a traitor, that’s what kind of person does that!

The strangest thing about this is that it should be the liberals and the leftists who would defend the Western values of liberty and freedom and secularism, etc.  It is now the conservatives and right wing (the new right or alt-right) who is defending Western liberty, and it is not merely that the liberals and leftists now openly support and are bringing in the most conservative and patriarchal ideology on the planet, but that they have also become suicidally insane…they have just become suicidally insane…from their own political correctness!

It’s David Riesman’s “other-directed type”.  This personality type or societal structure is by definition irrational since it determines truth merely by consensus and by whatever is needed for them to feel like they belong.  If an other-directed group ever held an actually-rational position, it is only by accident and can be changed on a whim because the position was never secured by reasoned thought in the first place, but only by a desire to feel emotionally accepted by others.  This is the “virtue signalling” phenomenon on social media.  Such a group is inherently unstable because it only takes one wolf or one hawk to begin manipulating the group to feel like they should take some other position on something, even one that is 100% in contradiction to a position or value they are currently or recently held.  And as we now know from empirical demonstration with the West’s modern “liberals and leftists”, this group is 100% nonviable in that it can adopt values which will see the group’s members own physical death.  Manipulating the other-directed type is exactly what climate alarm has been all about with its idiotic “the consensus is in, science is settled by everyone” argument…and if you’ve been following things you know what the end goal of the climate alarm movement was going to be: mass death of almost if not everybody.

Other-directedness is an evolutionary dead end.  It is a psychological type only possible with the human mind because even though we might consider a herd of gazelles or sheep to be more or less “other directed” given their herd mentality, such animals would still never adopt a behaviour which invited the lions and wolves to kill them…and if any herd species or any other species ever had done, evolution naturally ended such an experiment a long time ago.

The other-directed group is one of the greatest threats a species like humanity can face.  It is an affront to reason, to evolution itself.  It’s a nonviable aberration of the conscious mind…although one can legitimately question whether or not the other-directed are truly conscious.  It does seem quite clear in fact that their behaviour is quite unconscious and that there is no conscious rational thinking driving their behaviour in any real way.


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3 Responses to The Other-Directed are the Enemy of Life

  1. Thanks Gad Saad for an excellent summary of the state of mind of those you describe as “the other directed”. Thanks Joe for posting the clip. For me the saddest “other directed” people are those who have reached great academic heights like PhD or Professor and who perfectly well understand the maths that Joe Postma has been writing and talking about, yet they refuse to even debate the existence of an atmospheric “greenhouse effect” making our earth “warmer than is should be”. Shame be on their heads if they ever turn around and check their own stubborn “belief” that stands without any mathematical or other justification.

  2. markstoval says:

    “The strangest thing about this is that it should be the liberals and the leftists who would defend the Western values of liberty and freedom and secularism, etc.”

    The original or classical liberals would defend liberty, freedom, property rights, secularism, laissez faire free markets, secularism and so forth. See this link for a good essay on their beliefs.

    What Is Classical Liberalism? by Historian Ralph Raico

    The people who call themselves “liberals” today are socialists who are against everything that the Classical Liberals stood for.

  3. Joe Postma says:

    anon: “Antifa has been hacked, and its members are predominantly teachers , programmers, and professors.”

    JP: I said to Hockney once that there seems to be a danger zone of IQ where although people should be smarter, their disconnection from intuition at that IQ range makes them dangerously stupid.

    That IQ level incidentally is found at the range of teachers, programmers, and professors, i.e., 105-125. At lower levels people may indeed be dumber, but their survival instincts & intuition are stronger. The 105-125 people think that those lower than them are so stupid for questioning evolution, science, climate alarm, believing in religion and higher spiritual powers, etc., but the 105-125 people are all materialist atheists for the most part and are basically on the autistic spectrum. They believe themselves to be so intelligent but they are immense, horrible idiots of the worst kind. They believe in climate alarm, believe in random evolution, believe that the universe came from nothing, disbelieve in mathematics, believe only in matter and their senses, etc. The lower IQ people may be dumb, but their intuition and instincts are totally correct in having them question the materialist atheist narrative, the randomist narrative, the evolution narrative, the climate alarm narrative, etc. In this way the “dumber” people are immensely more connected to reality.

    Antifa is probably composed of the lower IQ range of the 105-125 range idiots? Who knows. We do know that this is a class of people (105-125’s) who are the dumbest on the planet…paradoxically far dumber than their lower-IQ counterparts. They seem to be governed by other-directedness at this IQ range, and as I said on my blog article, these such people (other-directed) are the absolute enemy of reason and of existence itself. It is totally consistent to see this about Antifa. These types are so governed by other-directedness and “love and light” that they kill with rage and anger and extreme prejudice and hatred anyone they see as standing out and away from the other-directed crowd – you’re NOT allowed to just be minded of your own business or have other ideas about things, you have to assimilate into the crowd dynamics and resistance is futile because they’ll kill you if you don’t. No matter that the other-directed crowd is a mob and is unconscious and 100% irrational, totally directed and controlled by outside means and always based in irrational emotions, and no matter of the reasoning behind your alternative ideas on things.

    It seems that you have to get pretty far above the 125 IQ range in order to return to a rational connection to and understanding of reality which the below 105’s have instinctually and intuitively. I said to Ravi Maheshvar (Facebook pseudonym…forget his real name but he moderated this FB page called “Illuminati Pub” at one point) once that if the Illuminati were seeking allies in reason, that you would basically have to go with western Christian heritage type people and even if they’re still practising. The 105-125 types are unreachable…these are the liberals by the way. I just don’t see any hope for them. They are smart enough to be able to argue themselves into whatever position they emotionally desire, but not smart enough to comprehend that that’s what they’re doing and not gracious enough to be able to consider that their “reasoning”, such as it is, could be wrong. They’re very egotistical people in that way. Or is it narcissistic…actually that’s more accurate. They’re much more self-absorbed. This narcissism and self-absorption is actually what makes them so other-directed because it feeds their narcissistic supply. This is what solidifies their mass Borg-like hive mind is their own narcissism fed by the narcissistic supply they get from others agreeing with them. The goal of this mind isn’t to be objectively correct about anything – it doesn’t acknowledge the existence of objectivity(!) – the goal is only to have themselves feel supported and justified by others because this tells them how smart and wonderful they think that they are.

    A modern Christian can readily accept that mathematics is Gods language for creating reality, hence why science uses mathematics, etc. They’re capable of understanding that, at least. Capable of it. I’ve tried it out before and found that they will accept the idea. Give it a try with any Christians you know who you might ever get into such a conversation with. But no 105-125 IQ liberal would ever accept it, and you can try it out on them too.

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