What is this “Mystery Object”?


Originally seen here.

Some of my comments:

It looks like it’s a design for a technological machine that can make a human achieve Gnosis…or it is the design for a machine, based on the human design for attaining Gnosis, which can technologically “mimic” a human who has achieved Gnosis. Given the organic chemical formula displayed, and the fact that chemicals have little effect on transistors rather than possibly destroying them, but have a significant effect on neurons (also displayed), then I would side with the former. A machine can’t achieve or mimic Gnosis…although technical diagrams can still be applied to the human condition.

I won’t bother describing all the technical engineering schematics the piece displays (with a list of the people who historically contributed to the knowledge required to create the device), but my conclusion would be that this is a design for turning a human into God.

It might help if I translated all the text displayed on it to English…maybe it says exactly what it is. I see the words “cogitans”, “kontemplans”, “kybernetic”, and “menschen” which have obvious meanings…but I don’t know what the full phrases are actually saying.

Perhaps all the C’s, H’s, and O’s could be counted up to figure out what the chemical is…unless someone knows just by looking. Perhaps it is some “psychedelic”.

The object may additionally be a key for an actual machine, to turn it on, given the empty rectangular spaces within the object and around its periphery. You insert the key, turn the machine on, and voila, Gnosis.

The text from the top left of the object, put into Google Translate, says:

“cybernetic is the spirit of the technology, is the self-objectification of the human”

which is loosely what I have said above, although a proper translation would likely make more sense. That is, the object has to do with developing the human soul or spirit.

BUT don’t let any of that affect your own interpretation.

Gott & Golem (God and Golem) is a book by one of the people stamped on the object:


Note on the Wiki for the book, the symbology on its cover:


Probably a good read.

“God” is obviously something with a soul, while “golem” is something without a soul (correct?), so, a machine…

The Old World Order is apparently trying to create golems (according to the AOI books), while the AOI are trying to create Gods. So, the book, God and Golem, is a very interesting title…

The people names stamped on the object are obviously some of the most important names in philosophy and modern science and mathematics.

Please discuss.  Don’t let my meanderings cloud your own judgement.

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26 Responses to What is this “Mystery Object”?

  1. If someone can identify the chemical displayed, that would be excellent. I suspect it is a psychedelic of some sort.

  2. Oh excellent…that makes sense given the female references.

  3. Steve C says:

    It might be no more than a piece of modern art, with mysterious handwaving references to various scientific and technological subjects to suck in the rich punters. (cf Damien Hurst’s sliced creatures in tanks – looked very “sciencey” until the poor preservation allowed them to start going mouldy!) DNA at top right; ornamental bits of circuit diagrams to the lower left; “messen – steuern – regeln – rechnen” (“measure – steer – rule – reckon”); “Ur-Bild – Ab-Bild” (“original image – copy image”) with “Kybernetes” and “Trial & Error”. Bits of all sorts of stuff.

    Not entirely convinved it’s any more than that, although it *could* be some sort of transhumanist fetish. Strange, but I think I’ll leave it at that, at least until someone decodes the alchemical bits and turns it into gold. When can we download the 3D files to make one? 🙂

  4. Yah you’re probably right about the artwork angle. But then again, who knows what those alchemist symbols actually mean anyway, ha. The relief is obviously occult in nature (science and particularly math is occult [hidden knowledge] to the majority of the populace), created by someone competently knowledgeable in esoterica and math and science. Or a group of such people.

  5. Steve C says:

    Joe – Your knowledge is more up to date on this subject than mine is these days… Students? We enjoyed messing around with anything that looked “deeep, man” when I was one [cough] years ago and this would have rated pretty high.

    (Actually, of course, it’s a New Age tinfoil hat. The scientific and mystic symbols, etc, repel all genuine truth from its outer surface, allowing only the purest aeriated post-normal truthiness into the refinèd mind within. 😀 )

  6. Alex says:

    Just a cool sculpture of some notes from a book probably

    Ive got similar doodle style pages from studying history and occult books

  7. forthurst says:

    Without knowing its dimensions, one can only judge by material, shape and content; on that basis I would suggest that it was an medallion awarded for performance or achievement in Cybernetics,

  8. dp says:

    Bronze casting
    looking at the symbols, the sun is at the centre radiating down,
    looks like an owl to the immediate right
    to the right you have the early bead computer
    the far top right looks like dna
    below that looks to be organic computing maybe quantum
    under the suns ray looks like depiction of religious symbols and the Egyptian eye on inverted pyramid
    the rest are representations of circuitry and formulae
    havent checked the dates at the bottom
    Need to learn our alchemy we are all beings of light, but these vibrations haven’t penetrated my skull yet lol

  9. Christopher Marshall says:

    top left corner means, “Cybernetics is the spirit of technology, that is self-objectification of the human”.

  10. Christopher Marshall says:

    left center says, “measure control rules calculate” or something like that.

  11. Christopher Marshall says:

    Clearly it’s German depending on date I would say art or some sort or an insane Nazi project. Hoping the first.

  12. Christopher Marshall says:

    The right side upper-middle is Latin: Not sure how accurate my Latin is?
    “A wise architect suffering”
    “Thinking (of?) playing Creator”

  13. “Cybernetics is the spirit of technology, that is self-objectification of the human”.

    That’s a direct literal translation via Google Translate, correct?

    The intended meaning is: “The object (purpose) of the human is to unite cybernetic technology with the spirit.”

    There are some souls in the Mathmos who had become entirely separated, totally estranged, from the noumenal universal mind which I identified in my book. The purpose of all souls is to reunite with the noumenal mind as individual nodes, and while these souls developed incredible amounts of technology and knowledge of the extended domain, by uniting themselves with matter they cut their minds off from the connection with the universal spiritual mind. They were no longer able to achieve Gnosis, etc. They became entirely trapped in matter, in the extended space-time domain. This disconnection also removed their ability to have things like intuition, especially intuition. They became machines. It was the utmost hell. Apparently they’ve been able to modify themselves and human DNA in such a way that they can now incarnate into the human species as true beings again, find their way to Gnosis and return to the unextended domain. This is actually why we see so many people acting like robots.

  14. “measure control rules calculate”

    It is an homage to the underlying, unseen mathematical nature of existence. The unity of empiricism and idealism.

  15. “Clearly it’s German depending on date I would say art or some sort or an insane Nazi project. Hoping the first.”

    Much, much……..much more disturbing than the latter. Many times more insane, many many times more secret.

  16. “Consuming”

    Somehow, part of this process I’ve described above also involves consuming human souls as food. I’m not sure if it is the machines doing this, or something else. Or what. Probably the machines…since humans have a real soul connection to Source, and the machines didn’t, and so figuratively and literally, the machines needed to consume human souls in order to maintain their existence, else their mental energy patterns they would disintegrate entirely and forever be lost to Source, etc. So yah…apparently many of us, all of us, some of us…everyone who doesn’t achieve Gnosis in their current life time…etc…gets eaten by some machine system when they pass over. We are food for an unseen, “underground” race of machines or something.

  17. “A wise architect suffering”

    I think this is just an homage to that the architect of the universe laid the path back to Gnosis through suffering in the material domain. That is, that the architect, which is supposed to be all of us, is “suffering” because it is currently un-whole, and suffering through the material domain and incarnation here is the only path back. There’s probably a lot more that could be said.

  18. “Thinking (of?) playing Creator”

    I think the underlying meaning would be: “Mind (i.e. thinking) plays creator”. There’s really no other point or purpose to mind, than to create. And to destroy for that matter (hence the suffering part).

    That existence is a substance of mind, means that we can be nothing but exist in a Cosmos of creation and destruction.

  19. Joseph E Postma says:

    “We are food for an unseen, “underground” race of machines or something. ”

    Think “The Matrix”.

  20. Christopher Marshall says:

    I have to tell you, that’s some dark shit. What kind of twisted mind would think of that? In a nutshell it’s a science cult in pursuit of man becoming as a God perfected through technology?

  21. Joseph E Postma says:

    Yah. But uniting with technology won’t create Gods…just monsters…just machines. We already have the biological tech to become God…only machines think they need more machines to become God. Or, it’s a way to destroy humans…fallen angels…is by getting them to willingly trap themselves in machines.

  22. Christopher Marshall says:

    Believe it or not I actually found a link to this thing. Though I’d imagine Joe already knew that part anyway.


  23. Christopher Marshall says:

    I ran that image through a google image processor and that link was the only one that showed up. How crazy is that? I wonder what it would go for in an auction?

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