The Best Science Book in the Universe (…and the New World Order!)

The God Series of books by Mike Hockney are, truly, the best set of books on philosophy, science, politics, religion, psychology, death, and life, that have ever been produced in the history of man.  The latest book by Hockney is the best of them all, titled:

Why Math Must Replace Science

“The God Series is entirely ignored by all but a handful of audacious souls with open minds. You should always be proud of yourself if you study new ideas without being told to do so by popes, priests, gurus, celebrities, “authorities”, or the mob. Scientists would never dream of reading the God Series. Yet they would all read it if Stephen Hawking or Richard Dawkins told them to. They are little sheep. Most people in the world belong to flocks and herds. Don’t follow the crowd. Think for yourself.”


“The greatest catastrophe in intellectual history was to regard physics as real and mathematics as an unreal abstraction. In fact, mathematics is noumenal (true) reality, and physics is phenomenal (illusory) reality. Mathematics tells you what things are in themselves, and physics tells you how they appear to us. Mathematics is the perfect ground of existence, defined by the God Equation [the generalized Euler Equation]. It’s the source of causation, determinism and objective reality; all of the things now formally denied by physics, which claims that observable reality is indeterministically born of unreal, probabilistic wavefunctions.

It’s time to replace the scientific method with the mathematical method. It’s time to recognize that true reality is intelligible, not sensible; noumenal, not phenomenal; unobservable, not observable; metaphysical, not physical; hidden, not manifest; rationalist, not empiricist; necessary, not contingent. Physics is literally incapable of detecting true reality since true reality is an eternal, indestructible, dimensionless mathematical Singularity, outside space and time. The Singularity is a precisely defined Fourier frequency domain. There’s nothing “woo woo” about it. It’s pure math.

Physicists suffer from a disorder of the mind that causes them to believe that sensible, temporal objects have more reality than eternal, immutable Platonic mathematical objects, and to place more trust in their senses than in their reason, more trust in the scientific method of “evidence” than the mathematical method of eternal proof.

Never forget that sensory objects are just ideas in the mind. According to quantum physics, objects are just the observable entities produced by the collapse of unreal wavefunctions, and don’t formally exist when they are not being observed. Niels Bohr, in response to Einstein, literally denied that the moon existed when it wasn’t being observed.

The subject that comes after physics is metaphysics, and the true language of metaphysics is ontological mathematics. Physics is the phenomenal expression of noumenal mathematics.

Mathematics has one final wonder to confer on us. It provides a complete definition of the human soul, which is, like the universe in itself, just an immaterial, dimensionless mathematical singularity defined by the God Equation. As above, so below. The soul is the microcosm and the universe the macrocosm.

Anyone who denies that reality is 100% mathematical is simply too stupid for the truth. Truth is not a democracy. It’s not for everyone, only for humanity’s smartest individuals. As Robert Heinlein said, “Democracy can’t work. Mathematicians, peasants, and animals, that’s all there is – so democracy, a theory based on the assumption that mathematicians and peasants are equal, can never work. Wisdom is not additive; its maximum is that of the wisest man in a given group.”

This book comprehensively exposes the diabolical philosophical illiteracy, ignorance, bankruptcy and irrationalism of modern scientific “thinking”, most spectacularly evident in the paradox of Schrödinger’s cat, the standard interpretation of which is more or less indistinguishable from insanity, yet is taught as “fact” (but is nothing but an extremist expression of empiricist philosophy).

Ontological mathematicians are vastly more intelligent than physicists. It’s all in the math!”


Pretending that something isn’t so, even though it blatantly is, seems to form a central element of the scientific mindset.

Hockney, Mike (2014-06-27). Why Math Must Replace Science (The God Series) (Kindle Location 2343). Hyperreality Books. Kindle Edition.

Let’s invert that to get the climate science greenhouse effect which is literally predicated and dependent upon modelling the Earth as flat!:

Pretending that something IS so, even though it blatantly ISN’T, seems to form a central element of the scientific mindset.

That’s climate science for you in a nutshell!


If there’s an objective world then the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics is 100% false. Such eminent figures as Einstein, Schrödinger and Bohm all held this position, but they were labelled as apostates, heretics and infidels by the scientific establishment, and mocked and marginalised. How did it come about that science strayed so far from rationalism? It happened because of the fanatical empiricism of Bohr Heisenberg and Born, the main authors of the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics. Any rationalist would agree with Einstein that the moon exists when no one is looking at it. However, to an ultra empiricist, whereby experience is all that counts, we know of the moon’s existence only while we are experiencing it (observing it). When we are not experiencing it, we can have no knowledge of it, hence it’s supposedly pure supposition and speculation that it’s still there. So, Bohr and Heisenberg reached the incredible conclusion that reality exists only when it is being observed or measured and, otherwise, it’s meaningless to refer to “reality”. There is, however, a fatal problem with this view. The collection of superposition states, unlike the moon, is never observable, hence is always purely metaphysical and unempirical. An ultra empiricist has no right at all to refer to superposition states. Bohr and Heisenberg are hung by their own extreme dogmatism. The very thing they sought to defend – that Schrödinger’s cat is both dead and alive before anyone makes an observation – is ludicrous according to their own logic since the cat’s very existence in the absence of an observation is pure speculation. In fact, it’s not the “cat” that is said to exist in the unobserved state but merely the “cat wavefunction”, but the cat wavefunction is unreal, hence how can it be referred to as an existent ? How can it be referred to at all, except as a heuristic device? Using exactly this logic, the whole notion of materialism disintegrates since matter is not matter if, when no one’s observing it, it actually comprises unreal wavefunctions.

Hockney, Mike (2014-06-27). Why Math Must Replace Science (The God Series) (Kindle Locations 603-621). Hyperreality Books. Kindle Edition.

How can scientists be so philosophically illiterate?  Well, they can be as scientifically illiterate so as to believe in a flat model Earth!  If scientists are that scientifically illiterate, woe for philosophy.


Science has never questioned its own basis, its own methods, its own dogmas, its own assumptions. It took Thomas Kuhn, a philosopher of science, to expose how rotten to the core the scientific edifice is. When he characterised science as operating via “paradigms” – like mini-religions demanding slavish acceptance and devotion, with all heretics and infidels being cast out – he captured the true essence of science and its incredible similarity to Abrahamism. Just as the Catholic Church condemned Galileo for daring to say that the Earth revolves around the Sun, so the scientific establishment condemned Einstein for daring to say that God does not play dice. The scientific establishment funds only those who agree with it, and everyone else is left to rot. An absurd Mythos is spread that scientists put an immense effort into disproving their own theories. In fact, all those who challenge established scientific theories in any serious way are expelled from science and ruthlessly marginalised.

Hockney, Mike (2014-06-27). Why Math Must Replace Science (The God Series) (Kindle Locations 653-661). Hyperreality Books. Kindle Edition.

Exactly.  What do these fools do when you point out to them that the Earth is not flat?  They can’t handle it.  They just can’t handle it.  They’ll do anything to keep believing in a flat Earth model.  In the 21st Century.  Amazing.


It has been said that more mathematics will not fix physics. In fact, not only will more and better mathematics improve physics, physics should be wholly replaced with ontological mathematics. It has been said that Gödel’s incompleteness theorems show that there are limits to mathematics . They show no such thing. What they demonstrate is that there are limits to axiomatic approaches to math, and that’s something entirely different. Mathematics is not grounded in axioms. Mathematics, ontologically, is grounded in a single all-powerful, all-defining formula: the God Equation (the generalised Euler Formula).

Hockney, Mike (2014-06-27). Why Math Must Replace Science (The God Series) (Kindle Locations 1505-1509). Hyperreality Books. Kindle Edition.

Science is nothing without mathematics, yet no scientist can even define, nor have they ever even thought about defining, what mathematics actually is!


“Success” is one of the greatest problems of the human race. As Nietzsche said, “Success has always been the greatest liar.” People are overwhelmed by the power of success , but power is not truth. The most successful things are almost invariably false. The most successful people are almost invariably psychopathic liars.

Hockney, Mike (2014-06-27). Why Math Must Replace Science (The God Series) (Kindle Locations 1569-1571). Hyperreality Books. Kindle Edition.

David Weston Allen, Anthony Watts, Roy Spencer, Robert Brown…the radiative greenhouse effect, alarmist climate science, etc.


Human beings are mostly hopeless at objective mathematics, and fear and loathe it. Average human beings much prefer stories of gods, and “holy books” of alleged divine revelation . Most humans are storytellers, story believers and story interpreters . Mythos is Logos for Dummies, the type of thinking practised by people alienated from mathematics , science, philosophy, technology and engineering. Is anyone surprised that none (!) of the world’s holy texts mention mathematics, science, philosophy, technology or engineering? No holy book could make a single contribution to landing men on the moon. Not one word would be of any use! Isn’t that incredible? It reveals how pointless holy books are.

Hockney, Mike (2014-06-27). Why Math Must Replace Science (The God Series) (Kindle Locations 2583-2588). Hyperreality Books. Kindle Edition.

There can only be one true knowledge, one true reality, one true religion: Ontological Mathematics, i.e. Illuminism.


The biggest problem of all facing science is to explain what mathematics is. What’s the point of referring to an unreal, unobservable mathematical wavefunction if you haven’t bothered to define the ontological status of mathematics itself and explain why it’s at the core of science (and without which science would be useless)? Illuminism asserts that mathematics is reality itself (noumenal reality), and physics is just an application of mathematics in relation to the phenomenal spacetime domain. The Big Bang singularity is a total mystery in science, and is formally outside the known laws of physics. In Illuminism, there’s nothing mysterious about it. It’s simply the frequency domain of Fourier mathematics, the home of countless mathematical monadic minds, each an independent frequency domain. Any rational person studying the rival claims of science and Illuminism should have no difficulty in seeing that Illuminism beats science hands down. Illuminism can’t lose. After all, it’s on the side of mathematics, and nothing can beat math. That’s a fact!

Hockney, Mike (2014-06-27). Why Math Must Replace Science (The God Series) (Kindle Locations 2499-2509). Hyperreality Books. Kindle Edition.


New World Order

People, read these books, and join the future.  Rationalism is the future of humanity, or there is no future of humanity.  You have a simple choice: reason, or idiocy.

If you choose reason, then read all the books from these authors, and become a representative of the future of humanity:

Mike Hockney

Michael Faust

Adam Weishaupt

You want to know about the New World Order? And the Old World Order?

Old World Order

New World Order

We do indeed have plans for a New World Order.

Better get aware on what’s coming.








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17 Responses to The Best Science Book in the Universe (…and the New World Order!)

  1. Ray Susilo says:

    Dear Mr. Postma, how can I get the books? I am in Asia-Pacific region, and as I can see I have no access to those Illumination books. Is there any chance I could get them (and possibly, as I know back then, they offered it up for free)? Thanks.

  2. paul says:

    “Reason is immortal, all else mortal”, Pythagoras.
    Gee, your quick!!! The new book must only have been out a couple days!
    I have some reading to do….

    “The God Series”
    “Knowlage is the weapon”
    “You have all the weapons you need”
    (Well, for those who have read the books)
    “Now Fight!”

  3. Hi Ray,

    The site has almost all of the material from the older books. However none of the newer Mike Hockney books (God Series) is there. You are not able to get them through

    I don’t know where to get them for free. I do think that they should be made available for free at some point though.

  4. The Question

    Go on then, scientists , explain how something comes from nothing via randomness! Go on, explain what “nothing” is. Go on, explain what randomness is. Go on, explain why existence is random. Go on, explain the origin of randomness, where it exists, how it exists, its ontology. Go on, explain how randomness creates order, organisation, pattern, matter, mind, life, consciousness, and free will. Go on, explain how the unreal, unobservable quantum wavefunction is produced by “randomness”. Go on, explain how randomness produces a sensory universe. Go on, explain how mathematics comes from randomness. Go on, explain how randomness creates classical determinism and causality . Go on, explain how randomness produces Newton’s laws and Einsteinian relativity. Go on, explain how randomness produces energy, time, space, mass, speed, and the laws of science. Go on, explain what a law of science is. Go on, explain what energy is. Go on, explain what time is. Go on, explain what space is. Go on, explain what light is. Go on, explain why the speed of light is fixed and how it’s produced by randomness. Go on, explain where the universe came from. Go on, explain what it’s expanding into. Go on, explain what dark energy and dark matter are, and how they are generated by randomness. Go on, explain the relationship between randomness and “nothing”. Go on, explain what preceded the Big Bang. Go on, explain any fucking thing at all!

    Science – the most elaborate non-explanation in history!
    Science – the proof that you can fool all of the people all of the time! Science – an intellectual disgrace.
    Just how dumb do you have to be to find science persuasive?

    Why not turn instead to ontological mathematics , the rational explanation of everything, the ontological expression of the principle of sufficient reason? Well, what it to be? Rationalist mathematics, or randomist science?

    Hockney, Mike (2014-06-27). Why Math Must Replace Science (The God Series) (Kindle Locations 3996-4015). Hyperreality Books. Kindle Edition.

  5. Martin Hodgkins says:

    I am surprised that science/physics concepts such as the Big Bang form part of Mike Hockney’s new age of HYPERREASON. Quote (from the Mike Hockney page at Amazon) – “The “Big Bang” – a singularity event – was all about soul (all the souls of the universe, in fact)!”.

    The Big Bang is, in fact, daft and it is revealing how pervasive science has become that daft ideas form part of (and sometimes the basis of) successive “theories” until daft is built on top of daft.
    That is the problem with science these days. It isn’t science at all.

    Mathematics may well be able to describe reality (reality is what “nothing” looks like from the inside) but you have to get rid of scientific dogma and heresay and not include it in your theories, surely.

    P.S. can I be in that new order thingy.

  6. You’re absolutely correct Martin and Hockney would definitely agree with you on principle. The Big Bang does not amount to an explanation of anything.

  7. Samm Simpson says:

    Hey Joe, when you say you have plans for a new world order, are you speaking as an Illuminati? As in the kind that was described in William Cooper’s meme called Majesty Twelve? He writes that illuminate are
    ” bound together by blood oaths, a secret religion, and the promise of an elite status within regional government, or the world supra government. Their religion is based upon the Kabbalah, the Luciferian Philosophy, and the worship of the Sun. They are not bound by any oath or allegiance save their own. They are loyal to no government or People save their own. And they are Citizens of no country save their already in place secret world government. In their own words, “If you are not one of us you are nothing.”

    Are there different types of Illuminati? Some folks who claim to be in that camp say they are “waiting for the current elites in charge to destroy things, so they can be there to create the new state.”

    And, if one is a hyper realist, looking only to mathematics as pure reason and existence, is that yet another type of illuminist belief?

    Thanks for your help –

  8. Yah I’ve read all the conspiracy stuff too. The term “Illuminati” seems to be a catch-all phrase for anything which can remotely be deemed negative by any person, and of course such things conflict with each other all the time.

    Ontological mathematics is pure reason and the monadology is logically perfect and everything is explained by that philosophy. It is the most perfect and complete philosophy and system of thought that has ever graced the human sphere.

    My assessment of the book material to which I’ve been giving links, is that does not originate with what we normally consider human thought. What we normally consider to be a human, simply does not think in the manner of the thoughts presented in that material. Study all of that material yourself, and then assess the type of mind(s) required to produce it. Sure, it can be human, it’s just human minds which have become very, very far separated from the common flock. A much higher state of mind. (Or it’s an AI, or aliens, or advanced soul-beings channelling the info, etc. lol)

    Within the realm of the Illuminati to which I refer, via those books:

    “bound together by blood oaths”
    -by oaths anyway, sure, that’s within the realm

    “a secret religion”
    -for sure, one which was highly persecuted and its members flayed and burned alive for in the past by the Christian Church…so, definitely kept secret for those reasons, but now no longer secret since the Church no longer has that much power and a higher expression of State has instituted laws preventing those insane religions from harming people for not being believers

    “and the promise of an elite status within regional government”
    -for sure, but this is actually called Meritocracy, and it is about your own ability taking you as far as you can, rather than inheritance and privilege etc. But this is within a social state where status and merit is measured in terms of contribution to the well being of the collective, of all people, rather than merely selfishly to one’s own self and family in perpetuity as it is with free-market capitalism where the capitalists merely get to control the state for their own exclusive benefit to the detriment of everyone else. Sure you can still amass a fortune for yourself, but when you’re dead, since you can’t spend money when you’re dead, then your fortune goes to the state to ensure equal opportunity for every child, instead of the best opportunities being reserved only for the children of the financial elite. No more trust fund babies who never have to work or develop themselves into higher people with greater interests than merely their trust fund.

    “or the world supra government”
    -things are going to need to be globally managed, one way or another; we communicate and travel and trade around the world basically instantly today…this is going to require regulation to help make sure that everyone can benefit

    “Their religion is based upon the Kabbalah”

    “While there is a wealth of fascinating material in Kabbalism, it remains fundamentally Jewish and hence unacceptable to the Illuminati. The tragedy of Kabbalism is that there is no good reason why it didn’t simply abandon its Jewish roots and merge with Gnosticism, Neoplatonism and Hermeticism. The Jewish thinkers who gave rise to Kabbalah recognised that conventional Judaism was absurd, but rather than reject it entirely as they should have done, they borrowed “foreign” ideas and reinterpreted the Torah through the prism of these systems. Although they unquestionably created a far more interesting version of Judaism, it is impossible to salvage the unsalvageable. Judaism in any form has nothing other than negatives to teach the world. Even the ‘prettiest’ version of Judaism is repulsive, completely infected with Devil worship.”

    From: Kabbalah, Hermeticism and M-theory

    “the Luciferian Philosophy”
    – Lucifer is the Jungian super-ego, as opposed to the Abrahamic Id of Jehovah. The Jungian Id is all about me me me, thinks it should be worshipped as a god, is extremely narcissistic and selfish, etc., basically psychopathic. Like free-market capitalists who want it all, and don’t give a shit what it takes or does to other people…such as pleading that access to water is not a human right, because it is better if they get to make money off of people drinking water instead…lol. Yes the Illuminati are definitely Luciferian: they wish for man to become divine, and being divine means being hyperrational, means uniting with reason, as the ancient Greek philosophers used to teach. The entire monadology, ontological mathematics, both defines and is based on the dialectic, of evolution to higher states; all of reality Becomes.

    “and the worship of the Sun”

    “…each star is a god and each god creates a mortal being with an immortal soul, and each of these “star souls” can escape from the body and return to its star and creator god and thence contemplate its ultimate creator – the Demiurge. We do not each have a guardian angel. Instead, we each have our own daimon – a star god! When we achieve enlightenment, we effectively enter into union with our daimon and co-exist in the same star.

    What are we? We are star souls. What does science say? It says we are made of stardust!

    It was said by some that the fixed stars acted as hooks upon which souls could be hung between death and the next reincarnation.

    The idea that stars (suns) are actually gods – superpowerful souls – is not at all absurd. Compare the power, scale, lifetime and complexity of the sun with the corresponding properties of the human brain. Imagine a Fourier mind linked to the physical body of a sun rather than the physical body of an animal. What might such a mind think? Wouldn’t it be enormously more rational? Our sun controls our solar system and gives life to it. Is it so hard to imagine that it’s a god – exactly as the ancients believed? Imagine that all suns are gods, just as Plato believed, and that all animal souls are linked to their respective live-giving suns.

    And what of black holes? A black hole is a collapsed star and has become immaterial and dimensionless – a pure frequency domain. It’s now nothing but a mind, its body gone. Stars, black holes, galaxies (vast star collections) and supermassive black holes (collapsed galaxies) form the basis of the physical universe. Only a person with no imagination and no intuition would deny that these are not linked to powerful, godlike minds. These are the “first minds”, the minds that dictate life and evolution for the rest of us. We owe everything to them.

    In Rome, Apollo was the god of truth and light, as in Greece. He was often linked to the sun.

    Plato (via Timaeus) said that we would return (reincarnate) in lesser bodies if we allowed our feelings and desire to master our reason. The only way to ascend to our star and our god is through reason. Truth is intelligible, not sensory or emotional. Faith doesn’t come into it at all.

    Anyone who understands the processes of the universe gains the knowledge to return to the appointed star in the heavens whence he came. He is then a god who can look down on the whole universe, and enter and leave it at will. His mind can roam anywhere he desires, as in an out-of-body experience.”

    Hockney, Mike (2013-12-24). World, Overworld, Underworld, Dreamworld (The God Series) (Kindle Locations 8102-8117). Hyperreality Books. Kindle Edition.

    The Sun is a metaphor for our own divine soul, which is a radiant God, which is inside of us.

    “They are not bound by any oath or allegiance save their own.”
    -For sure, they are bound by their allegiance to create a divine humanity.

    “They are loyal to no government or People save their own.”
    -For sure, until the divine race of humanity evolves. As we have seen, they have enemies which will murder them gruesomely for them simply saying that man is divine. They are loyal to their goal – the creation of a divine hyperrational humanity.

    “And they are Citizens of no country save their already in place secret world government.”
    -Most people use nationalism as a way to view outsiders as less. Nationalism has no real value, but hyperreason does.

    “If you are not one of us you are nothing.”
    -That’s actually what Jews, Christians, and Muslims think of others…and each other!

    “waiting for the current elites in charge to destroy things, so they can be there to create the new state.”
    -And they are destroying things. And a new state will indeed one day need to emerge, to prevent selfish psychopaths from destroying everything.

  9. The point to realize is that all benevolent ends are made to appear evil by those who wish to maintain the status-quo for their own benefit at the expense of others. It’s a trick that the controlling Old World Order uses to make the masses afraid of a smarter New World Order where the psychopaths are no longer in control of it all for themselves.

  10. Samm Simpson says:

    thanks, Joe , really appreciate your work and your insights.

  11. Let me know what you sort out too once you’ve read it all Samm.

  12. Kal says:

    Great website. I’ll be starting on these books right away. Reminds me of ‘Pythagorean Hylozoics ‘.

    Y’all know if a J. Gee is affiliated with Hockney and crew?

  13. Not familiar with a J. Gee.

    Yes, please read! People need to read more philosophy! 🙂

  14. joe says:

    Have you thought about making summaries/reviews for all books in the God Game series? This is definitely something I’d be interested in.

  15. Well Amazon has reviews. More in depth would be a lot of work… But yah maybe even just a bullet point list as to what the important principles are would be good.

  16. bongstar420 says:

    Math is a language. You can’t replace science with math> you can use math to describe science

  17. Science is based in math. Take math away from science and science would be soothsaying. Science describes math.

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