Petition for the God Series to Continue

The Effect is not Equal to the Cause

What cause has happened here on the Day of the Dead article, that someone was going to have some conference and even if they were making money off of it, does not to me seem equal to the effect of the cancellation of the God Series and other written work that these writers were doing and planning.

All they would have needed to do is to rubbish what was happening in their books and on the AC page, and that would have been that.  The logos people would have went one way and the other people would have remained where they are.  In fact it has always been this way anyway.  They can still keep going.

If anyone is listening out there…the foundation of the New Pythagoraean Library must be completed!  We can not, we do not abide what is apparently intended.

The history of humanity is largely a travesty, but there are a few good things about it, and a few really great golden things.

Please, allow us to suffer not another travesty.

There are no more words I can think of.


If anyone knows who to properly petition, then please, petition them.


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6 Responses to Petition for the God Series to Continue

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  2. elie saoud says:

    I endorse you 100% Joseph,,, and it was a shock to me,,, the trinity of the authors MUST be given a first time INTERNATIONAL TRIBUTE to their outstanding work by far and by all means,,, at least three statues must be erected for them though we know nothing of their looks :),,, anyway, whoever has read their words and was aligned to their thinking is a fruit of their illuminating tree of gods,,, alas,,,

    have a nice day, hopefully to meet you and to meet the three authors who branched a new family of like minded people around the lazy noosphere :),,,

  3. Bostjan says:

    I couldn’t agree more with “the foundation of the New Pythagorean Library must be completed”.

    Since you left FB I don’t know how much informed you are what is going on there ?

  4. Mark says:

    With the edging to the tipping point comes the awakening of our cells…..


  5. Oh yah is that what is happening? Changes to our DNA?

  6. Mark says:

    Sorry Joe, I should have asked if it was ok to post this. You can take it down if its inappropriate. I just found it online and thought it was interesting. Apologies.
    All the best.

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