How to Define Merit in Ontological Mathematics

The Ontology

Despite the millions of words written about Meritocracy, Ontological Mathematics, and Illuminism, the objective definition of Merit has never been explicitly stated.  So I’ll do that here. It is important because of the central problem which prevents a Meritocracy from ever forming on this planet – that humans can not recognize merit, that they simply can’t tell what is a good idea vs. what is a bad idea, and nowadays with liberals, that they refuse the concept of value altogether. How can you form a Meritocracy when people a) can’t recognize what has merit, and b) refuse the concept of judging for merit? Answer: You can’t.

In Ontological Mathematics, what is the point of existence?  Existence is based on souls, created out of souls, and souls have a purpose or teleology to which they strive.  That teleology is called “Becoming”, which is the actualization of potential.  This is also called gaining “power”, or becoming more powerful.  Therefore, an objective definition of merit must have something to do with promoting Becoming, and with gaining power.

Further, what is a soul in Ontological Mathematics?

Hockney writes that a soul is an instance of the electromagnetic spectrum.  OK, that’s good, and we agree with that given the rest of the philosophy getting to that point.  But what kind of an instance of the electromagnetic spectrum are we talking about?  Is it an instance of an EM spectrum with a uniform distribution of power over all frequency components?  That is not how instances of the EM spectrum can actually form though, due to quantum mechanics and properties of the ontological Fourier Transform.

Perfect instances of the EM spectrum actually form distributions of power vs. frequency known as the Planck Blackbody curve.  However, the particular shape of any instance of this curve has a dependency on the object’s temperature.  Cool objects have much less total energy, much less total power, and their EM energy is composed mostly of low frequency energy.  Warm objects have more total energy, i.e. more total power, and their EM energy is composed of higher frequency energy.

Basically, the Planck Curve is the Fourier Transform of temperature.  Temperature is a singular scalar physical value, but within that temperature is a vast array of a multitude of energy frequencies.  The Fourier Transform of higher temperature shows that it is composed of higher frequency energy and more energy in total, and the Fourier Transform of lower temperature shows that it is composed of lower frequency energy and less energy in total.  This is simply the basic method of operation of the Soul Camera, and with the Soul Camera your soul’s temperature can be measured (although it also shows pollutants in the spectrum as “absorption lines”, i.e. where your soul’s light is still turned back in on itself non-orthogonally and out of phase and thus manifesting as matter).  If your soul is too cold and/or if it has certain pollutant lines in it which indicate certain negative attributes, you will not be able to see the Grail.

solar and terrestrial

The intensity of the solar flux here is scaled by the distance of the Earth from the Sun, and the terrestrial flux is the local Earth intensity, and this is why the terrestrial flux exceeds the solar flux value where the terrestrial flux is active.  In actuality, a higher temperature Planck curve has greater intensity over all wavelengths as compared to a cooler curve.

The Physics

So this means that there are cold souls and hot souls, and all temperature of souls in between.  The instances of EM spectra from different souls depend on the soul’s temperature.  In order to Become, souls thus desire to raise their temperature, and raising their temperature corresponds with them gaining more, and higher, energy frequency components to their own spectrum.  Quite literally, this corresponds to an increase of their power.

In physics the units we use to describe the EM energy emitted by a Blackbody are Joules per second per square meter, or Watts (J/s) per square meter.  Abbreviating, we then have W/m2.  The Watts part is what we call “power” in physics, and the dependency on the area (the per square meter term) gives the density of this power.

So, a soul is an instance of the EM spectrum, and an EM spectrum has units of power per square meter.  When the source of the EM spectrum raises in temperature, then the power of the EM spectrum increases, and the density of power increases as well.  The EM spectrum also shifts to higher frequency.  Given a fixed area, or given a fixed object such as a monad, then if you increase the temperature of the monad you increase the power it contains, and this necessarily increases the density of the power at the same time.  A higher density of power requires higher frequency energy components in order to fit that additional energy into the same space.

So now we have determined the objective, singular, mathematical, physical, and scientific, definition of merit, in the context of defining merit as that which promotes Becoming, which means increasing power.

I’ll simplify this definition in a moment, but I would very much like to point out that the only group which has independently objectively defined merit, arriving at this definition discussed here, is Lyndon LaRouche and his “LaRouchePAC” political action committee.  If you are an Illuminist or if you wish to support meritocratic and developmental principles, then you can contribute financially to them.  Look people…if you can’t contribute by writing, or by getting out there yourself, or by doing something active yourself, then there is nothing wrong with giving what money you may have to people who are writing things, who are getting out there, and who can make a difference.  Donations are a great way for the average person who understands and values meritocracy, but doesn’t know what exactly to do about it themselves, to support others who are and can do something about it.  If you can neither produce anything, do anything, change anything yourself, and you can’t contribute money either, then that is unfortunate.  Good intentions are not enough to make change.

The power of an EM spectrum, of J/s/m2 (Joules per second per square meter or Watts per square meter), also goes by another name: energy flux density.  This is the amount of energy moving in a given time (flux) over a given area (density).

The Merit

Thus, the objective definition of Merit is that which increases energy flux density.  It is that which increases the power of man, which on an individual level is that which increases the power of a person or soul over its surroundings, i.e. it is that which increases its ability to live.

Merit is ideas, thoughts, inventions, technology, science, politics and political systems, social norms and structures, etc, which increase the energy flux density, or temperature, at which man produces and utilizes energy.  This is a measure of the potential population density (or total population) of man at which man would be able to support himself.  For example, the development of the philosophy of Ontological Mathematics is a form of merit which results, or will eventually result, in more powerful and liberating thoughts that a person can have about them-self, in more efficient and powerful and personally empowering political systems, in more powerful and life-fulfilling social norms and standards, and in more powerful and creative Star Wars and Star Trek-like technological inventions.

The Earth is currently not actually able to support the population of man that exists on this planet.  Most people do not understand what that means, and they think that it means that we must kill ourselves off by some number in order to get us back under that number.  This is wrong.  It is wrong, because they’re retreating into their emotions and into their fear, rather than thinking rationally about the statement:

If the lithosphere and the biosphere of the Earth by itself can not support the population of humans that currently exists…then how has it come to be that this population of man exists?  If the Earth can’t support it, it should have been impossible.  Full stop.

The reason it has been and is possible is because man supports man’s existence on this planet.

In man, particularly in man’s mind, we have the development of a new sphere of monadic energetic activity operating at a higher order of energy density than the Earth’s lithosphere and biosphere: in man we have the operation of the noosphere.  The intentional action of conscious willful mind, the noosphere, is able to get lithospheric and biospheric processes to operate and produce action at a much higher level of activity and energy production and utilization than the lithosphere and biosphere can unconsciously do on their own.

Man engineers his own existence and survival, and man has not been living beyond the “support capacity” of the unconscious Earth just for the last generation, or the last hundred years…but in fact for thousands of years.  For thousands of years already has man been living beyond the supposed “support capacity” of the planet Earth.  Man started living beyond the capacity of the lithosphere and biosphere when he first intentionally planted the first agricultural food crop, and intentionally domesticated the first food animal.  From that point on, so many thousands of years ago far beyond the historical record, did man begin living beyond the support capacity of the unconscious lithosphere and biosphere with its sparse, scattered, wild vegetation and its skittish, wary, wildlife.

So don’t think that this is anything new, or untested, or uncertain, or is speculative.  If you truly wish to “live within the support capacity of the planet”, rather than live within the support capacity of man’s mind, then you need to take off your clothes, go find a sharp rock, and start hunting and gathering.

Think of the difference here:  the support capacity of the planet, or, the support capacity of man’s mind.

One of those is inherently fixed and limited, and one of those is potentially unlimited.  Your choice says everything about the direction you’re headed.

All forms of green energy and “sustainable” energy are anti-meritocratic.  Fully and perfectly anti-meritocratic because they operate at a much lower energy flux density source of power and EM energy than man already uses, and, they immediately reduce man’s control and power over the environment and they increase his dependency on the support capacity of the unconscious lithosphere.  They are developmentally regressive thoughts, ideas, and forms of technology.  This is the fundamental purpose of the intended mass-adoption by the population of climate alarmist propaganda, and it will lead and is intended to lead to the mass death of humans.  It is mathematically certain that adoption of the climate alarmist agenda and its movement to lower utilization of power and of power of lower energy flux density will cause the death of a large fraction of the human population.  If you’re not capable of rationally understanding this, even if you write for the God Series or what have you, then you are not on the Becoming side of humanity…or you’re just not as smart as you should be.

The Interaction

Robert A. Heinlein said:

“Wisdom is not additive; its maximum is that of the wisest man in a given group.”

Information is energy and energy is frequencies.  Wisdom is the ability to hold and recount knowledge of information in a holistic, integrated fashion across a wide range of activity.  Thus, wisdom within a soul is its ability to hold a wider and wider range of frequencies.  If we look at the energy spectrum of two souls of similar temperature, then we get the following curves:

two planck curves

These frequencies of energy that the Planck blockbody curves contain are information.  The warmer curve holds more energy, i.e. more information, than the cooler curve.  Not only does the warmer curve hold more power at all information frequencies than the cooler curve does, it also contains information frequencies that the cooler curve doesn’t have at all.  These are the higher-frequency components on the left side of the curve.  This means that the warmer soul understands things that the cooler soul has never experienced and has never gained an understanding of at all.  The warmer soul can do more with more information than the cooler soul can.  From the perspective of the cooler soul, this appears as “wisdom” that the warmer soul has, and effectively as more power.

The area with the box marked “Q” between the curves is the difference in power, or knowledge, that the warmer soul has relative to the cooler soul.  The warmer soul can transfer knowledge and information to the cooler soul, but the cooler soul has nothing to add on top of what the warmer soul already knows.  This is to the chagrin of all trolls and narcissists and those who suffer from the Duning-Kruger Effect.

Thus, Heinlein’s statement has a mathematical physical basis: wisdom (i.e. information energy frequencies) is not additive; its maximum is that of the warmest soul.

If a movement were to form to promote meritocracy, then it is first of all going to have to define merit and that definition will be what has been written about here. Anyone within that movement or trying to get into that movement who tries to make it about climate alarm and sustainability and green energy, etc. etc., is an enemy of meritocracy.

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  1. doyour93 says:

    Hi JP. Been a long time since we have a discussion through Facebook, hasn’t it? I forgot whether I have your email or not. (Looks like not.) Anyway, my email is at *. If you would like to, please send me a message. I will be waiting. 🙂

  2. Check your email doyour. Possibly spam folder.

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  4. Francis says:

    Sustainability and green energy, etc. etc., is an enemy of meritocracy.”

    You say many great things here sir, but pretty sure you pointed the soul camera at something it was not intended to measure there. Climate alarm and clean efficient green energy are not even remotely related. And Sustainability is an abused word, a better word being regenerative as apposed to sustained. Solar glass and solar paint is coming; if meritocrats refuse this technology as un-merited then we have already failed.

    Otherwise great read, thanks for break down.

  5. Robert Hagen says:

    Very frustrating that the God Series and the associated group’s communications seem to be coming to an end. I’ve been avidly reading their materials for years and look forward to each new book. What a shame. Not sure I have a question here, just venting…

  6. I think it will come back Robert. Bigger and better than ever.

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