Slayer Youtube: How the Flat Earth Error Occured

In this presentation I discuss how the flat Earth error at the basis of climate alarm occurred.  In the main presentation we discussed how climate alarm is founded upon a most illogical mistake, and so here I will explain why it was made, and what was wrong with doing that.

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  1. Very good, but have you looked into the history of this and discovered who was the first person(s) to originate this flat Earth model? Was it Trenberth et al or did it start earlier?

  2. Yah that would be an interesting thing to figure out. Somewhere along the way the legitimate calculation for effective temperature was extended to imply and create things that are fake, false, and inverted to reality and physics.

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  4. Rosco says:

    Interestingly the University of Washington used the text “The Earth System” first published in 1997. It presents the effective temperature calculation and goes on to describe the greenhouse effect using a diagram almost exactly the same as Pennsylvania State University – probably no coincidence as one of the authors worked closely with the most famous faculty member.

  5. AfroPhysics says:

    JP, why don’t you enable comments on youtube? Thank You for your great work!

  6. Yah maybe I will.

  7. AfroPhysics says:

    So, Joe, it seems like the climate clowns believe dry towels make spills wetter due to backmoisture.

  8. AfroPhysics says:

    Oops, wrong thread. Oh well. Wasn’t it Erroneous (1896) that came up with flat earth climatology? or Was it Furrier and DeSaucy?

  9. Yes…backmoisture from the dryer towel stops the spill from being as dry as it could be, and therefore leads to the spill becoming wetter still!!! Hahaha lol!

  10. Lol nice names. I don’t know who did it first, but it should be determinable…where do we first see the flat earth diagram with Earth’s output reversed for its input…

  11. AfroPhysics says:

    Joe, backmoisture is no laughing matter. We will face extreme flooding unless we eliminate paper towels, sponges, corks, and women’s clothing.

    Joe, it isn’t just the Earth that’s flat, the universe is also flat. You’re going against the whole establishment, from crimatologists to causemologists, Big Fakers to Big Bangers.

  12. geran says:

    “Joe, backmoisture is no laughing matter. We will face extreme flooding unless we eliminate paper towels, sponges, corks, and women’s clothing.”

    There is no place to hide!

    (Backmoisture, what an hilarious way to poke fun at the pseudoscience of “back radiation”. Way to go, Afro.)

  13. AfroPhysics says:

    Thank you, geran.

    In the future, after Postma’s bloody campaign of logic overturns crimatology, warmists will be reduced to this sophistry:

    “backradiation is real, people! We measured radiation off our back, and it was 37C. See? See?”

  14. Allen Eltor says:

    There were many versions of the original Hansen maxed-out, & substantially designed, Magic Gais, Ya’W fraud. Hansen was a large open faced character who was a politician much much more than he was anything else, especially later on when he saw what was up for him scamming grants. The locals within N.A.S.A. were honest people who had come out of WWII, Korea, and test piloting. Seriously capable men. And they knew as much as they needed to do what they did to a considerable degree: knowing the manifold Earth fluid cycles from oceanic to tropospheric – were too complex to model with the laws of physics and instrumentation capability of actually having resolution; not to mention computer power.
    Hansen wanted to tap the grants and he lobbied – lobbied – lobbied for ensuring regulations were worded such that – if something were deemed ‘personal research’ then the employer – the government – couldn’t comment on the result.

    *This was critical for Hansen to start stealing en masse with other administration lifers with whom he as well made a living in presence of almost uncountable millions amounting to altogether between four or five countries’ research grants & resources systems.

    *Hansen’s schtick was that he – and these other thieves – would lease government super-computers for periods of time and they in turn were required to pay only the electricity: something else Hansen eagerly oversaw the regulation of so he and the other



    steal as much as possible,
    attaching government and ‘supercomputer’ to these works, in various ways that threaded the ever changing needle of regulations designed to catch them initially.

    When Hansen became the head of GISS was when he was put in charge of the world’s

    non military
    scientific aggregate.

    Look up GISS and it’s stats to know more guys. It’s the largest non military scientific research aggregate

    That fraud was running it as now Gavin Schmidt the fraud is.

    Anyway each individual in all these institutions:

    Mann at his various haunts, Virginia then Penn
    Wigley wherever he was – he was with Hansen in the early days and dropped out early on as the Al Gore movie made em all famous,
    Trenberth in Colorado
    Phil Jones in England.
    There were a buncha guys in Germany that somehow or other Gore bought and people remarked about how thoroughly corrupt the Germans were: who those guys were, I never knew because I didn’t want to hear about another buncha white guys with too much cunning and not enough people ensuring all their shit was made of foam, or rubber of some kind – everything they own needing to have no higher average density than a child’s bicycling helmet.

    So..there were about 15 to 18 of them from the mouths of people I saw telling the story on that en,d in shortened form. As a scientist and as a kid who grew up busting chemistry and biological chemistry frauds I understood the programming scamming was just fake shit – much of it in no way real – classed legally though as – ”personal research by a government employee monitoring data coming in on the government system, and interested in mathematical analysis of returns from hypothetical situations.”

    That’s what is and was going on, they were stealing science blind through the loopholes that the HEAD of the world’s BIGGEST money-fer-scighnts yaW trough

    was a CONSTANT activist for: more money. More more more.

    They were all leasing government computers or claiming to be doing complex mathematical procedures involving statistics, when they didn’t have access to nitrogen cooled sh*t.

    Mann with his “Itsa HOAL NEW WAYUh.. DOin MAYuTH, YaW! – found accidentally left online by the Canadian guy who took it apart and showed everybody what the thing is: hockey stick generator. Even Mann’s associates got copies and ran them on calibration data and they threw hockey sticks like 85% of the time.

    Briffa with his fake tree type, fake extrapolation to global temps from like six trees in a swamp in Norway, that said thuh sky’s on fahr YaW we’z awl gunnuh BERNnnn!!

    Jones with his legendarily busted bullsh*t in which he was caught telling scientist John Christy – who was obviously in the know and probably stealing – or how could they have said this? – He said to Christy in ’05 “The scientific community would come down on me in no uncertain terms if I said the world cooled since 1998. Ok it has but it’s only seven years of data and it isn’t statistically significant.” He’s the one caught saying “I just got finished doing Mike’s ‘Nature’ trick,” and he described patching together datasets you’re not supposed to, so they could hide the fact that the tree datasets, had all cooled, when he was supposed to be showing warming. I think he’s also the one the guy told that they had to make the 1940s blip disappear but – hey in any case here’s the REAL deal to this: GO LOOK AT THE EMAILS, and WATCH WHO is CC’d ALL THESE EMAILS.
    cc’d is the standard from paper days meaning ‘carbon copied.’ Or, ‘carbon copy.’ In other words,
    he sees
    what we see
    as we discuss
    word of this
    scientific fraud, and also, political system rigging, to X out ALL OPPOSITION to THE FRAUD.

    COULD. They were caught in that one too in the famous email where Trenberth exclaimed ”where’s global warming? We’re asking that too here in colorado” – paraphrased by me: in Climategate they were all seen on several of the emails actively discussing covering up this very fraud already mentioned as spoken of by Jones: it stopped warming and in fact cooled a little bit in spite of all the record fraud they could contrive. They were going to ruin a BBC science reporter’s career and Mann was seen giving them all instructions how to do this, all issuing separate, and apparently not conspired, fake press releases, from their own governmental offices; Mann was going to speak to some bureaucrat and have the man removed from science reporting.

    After climategate Jones was pigeonholed by the government and told admit what happened or face jail, and admit it to the BBC. The BBC submitted questions, the scientist – now disgraced but still on top of a HUGE, HUGE global scandal – was tranquilized but fighting back. In FEB 2010 BBC INTERVIEWED HIM after HE TURNED DOWN SEVERAL QUESTIONS PERTINENT TO UNCOVERING THE FRAUD. He answered a few and one of them was whether it did in fact stop warming in 98, and cool a little? He admitted that as far as he could tell, saying he’d – studiously- his entire complex was a joke as also discovered in Climategate as a programmer described the utter chaos and ruination of every single global weather database to pursue fraudulent papers, to cover the scientist’s desperate asses, after the Gore movie –

    he’d done the math and as far as he could tell being heavily tranquilized, it stopped warming in 95. And had cooled a little.

    Three years later his employer’s ultimate customer had to issue a presser – from the Met Office England’s national weather bureau, that – they’d done three papers to prove they knew that everybody else knew that it stopped warming 15 years previously. And the presser was from the

    Met Office: About The Recent Pause In Warming. Go look it up and watch the wording.
    Note how they claimed temps up through the 70s but recently ‘flat.’

    Then the ’15 years’ and the dates. What had happened was several insurance groups had gotten together and were going to sue them for using known-bad weather data and publishing it as official.

    They were all doing, some form of fraud, they all agreed, had to do with something called a green house gas effect, which they claimed they thought would warm the earth, if there were more in the air.
    Of course this is fraud. The green house gases are passive refractive insulators, and you cant block more light to a rock, by suspension of more refractive insulation media in a bath, such that less light reaches it,
    and make more light leak out. Its the principle of a firemans coat: they’re comprised of refractory material, and canvas is a famous one for this – and its got more padding in it so its a refractory blanket between a fire, and the firemans back. You don’t give the fireman a thicker and thicker refractory,
    insulation media
    such that less and less firelight reaches the firemans back,
    to make more and more light, come out of the fireman’s back.
    Or get to it because that’s what it’s about, and those who say otherwise find it difficult
    to get that mouse,
    and show the world how
    less light going into a rock,,
    more light come out of a rock.

    Gets difficult right about then.

    Hansen’s end was in claiming that superfast government computers, could calculate the temperature of a phase of matter – the compressible fluids, gases- without doing the complete mathematics for it, -for that phase matter –

    and that you can do the calculation of the temperature of the global atmosphere by doing the mathematics of an incompressible phase of matter -solids and liquids -and get the correct temp.

    You can’t.

    The compressible fluids are a phase of matter unto themselves precisely because they require,
    a Law of Thermodynamics, of their own, to solve their temperature and basic, matter/energy relationships.

    Hansen claimed that when he did the math using this ‘speshul signtz, yaW, that this heeyur erth timpurchure wuz plum differnt.

    The difference? 33 degrees.

    When the mathematics for solving the temperature of the phase of matter the atmosphere belongs to, are done,

    if you leave out the fact that it’s a compressible fluid and refuse to do the calculation related to it’s

    widely varying density – the very characteristic that this Law of Thermodynamics takes into account – it’s named the Ideal Gas Law and you can’t solve atmospheric temp properly without using it, it’s the simplest phase of matter-

    if you do the temps using only the Stefan-Boltzmann calculations,
    then the temperature you calculate falls short. Hey- how many degrees ya figure it falls short?

    33 degrees.

    But when you account for the widely varying density of the atmosphere’s potentially wide range and attribute the atmosphere it’s appropriate density like you’re supposed to,

    when you use the right Law of Thermodynamics for the right phase of matter,

    guess what?

    That’s right,
    the temperature calculates perfectly, as does the temperature for Venus: another MAJOR CON run by PROFESSIONAL THIEVES acting as ADMINISTRATORS and EDUCATION ADVISORS.

    For information on this see over at PSI the paper by… aw man I can’t remember now nevermind that, but

    see two different sources for this to have it explained by someone who cares enough to run a blog about it:

    First one is Harry D Huffman, The end of the mystery, no green house on venus,


    another legendary climate blogger Tony Heller aka Steve Goddard, who did a great thread on this fact in “Steve Goddard: hyperventilating on Venus”

    also Steve Goddard: venus envy.

    When you see Harry’s explanation do be sure to read all of what he says, on his site, not regarding the deplorable political posing but the actual scientifically associated, gas threads by Harry. It’s hard – well maybe not there used to be a FEW other sites that explained about the laws of thermodynamics regarding gas and this egregious fraud, but Harry’s site now is about as good at it gets – explaining the simplest phase of matter – to a rather general but maybe somewhat well educated audience.

    Finally for those of you unable to understand exactly what I’m saying about using the wrong law of thermodynamics to solve atmospheric temps, I heard how it was done straight from the mouth of Hansen’s old supervisor on a telephone interview I heard on NPR, about 1988, the interview actually happening in 1979 and dug up from NPR’s archives, after Hansen refused to talk with NPR prior to testifying to the Senate..

    if you want to see some scientists explain this – remember these two are somewhat dependent on their own government associations in Ireland so they’re not as forthright as Joseph Postma or some of these other guys, but – see Michael and Ronan (or Ronin?) Connolly, founders of the Ireland National Aquarium, chemistry and electronic engineering teachers, and champion computer programmer.

    Ronin was the Ireland national programming champion in that country one year and computer programming is not really, that complex a deal in a lot of respects. In other words it’s not that ”if you know one language of programming your know them all,” but you do have a good understanding of the difference between standard machine instructions, and the nature of the products, those instructions eventually bring. And these programs

    these FAKE climate programs – they’re VERY old, VERY clunky, sloppy, Fortran because if they UPGRADE the LANGUAGES the climate FRAUD ”models” they can be TROUBLESHOT by ANYONE: so they use OLD, CLUNKY FORTRAN a lot and also

    all they do is say “More X, raise temperature by Y.” There IS not ACTUAL COMPUTATION of ANY

    See Ronan’s expose on he and his father taking apart some of these ”models” after reading up on some books pertinent to climate modeling, and cracking them open and explaining, JUST WHAT THEY
    d i d n’t find.

    The law of thermodynamics regarding atmospheric temperature calculations.

    I myself started out in a similar background to the two Irishmen but on a much, MUCH smaller scale, working in my parents’ marine/freshwater fish/pet/plants businesses they had for some years.
    My father being a policeman and eventually chief of police for a couple of small towns, people came from miles around to get my mother and father to help them bust all manner of chemistry and other frauds mostly associated with biological metabolic or natural chemistry, but also the chemistry involved in detecting fraud in several other sideline businesses my parents touched on mostly my mother, such as coin and stamp and antique trading. There are a lot of frauds between fish/pets/plants/antiques/antique glass/coins/stamps.

    And when I heard Hansen’s supervisor tell the reporter thoroughly of the nature of Hansen’s programming fraud I remembered it well because at the time, I was already an adult and was at the point in my college electronic engineering that I was focused on radiation communications with regard to atmospheric natural radiation, and furthermore had been distinctly under the impression that I was going to be applying to NASA directly for a job although I never actually did.

    I was in a field in daytime: pulling weeds- going to school at night, and I worked alone, in a three acre plant nursery in the day. I kept headphones on and the interview came on after Hansen refused to talk to NPR. Nina Totenberg said that since Dr Hansen wouldn’t talk to them about his upcoming testimony to Congress,
    they dug around for some of their old audio they might have regarding Dr Hansen and his work he alleged was so important he couldn’t stop and talk to them.

    She played two interviews, one in which she herself interviewed the first reporter who had gone to Dr Hansen’s work place as he was nominated to be the head of GISS and she asked people there what they thought of his work.

    The girl – when she did the visit to Hansen’s employ she was about 18 or 19 in college, and Nina had her back on the show to ask her personally what they said. She said “THEY ALL TOLD ME THEY WERE A FRAUD, and that they were ASHAMED of HIM and THEY WANTED HIM CAUGHT but there was too much political pressure for money and they couldn’t. They wouldn’t agree to be quoted or recorded because THEY WERE AFRAID FOR THEIR JOBS.

    (LATER climategate revealed Hansen and others doing what? GETTING EVERY HONEST SCIENTIST in a place FIRED)

    The second interveiw was with some reporter who had caught Hansen’s retired supervisor at home on the phone, and interviewed him on the teleophone, and I heard the audio in which the guy talked at length about the exact nature of Hansen’s, in particular, fraud, because he was also a computer savvy engineer himself, and he referred to Hansen’s friends like he was referring to ISIS murderers when he said ”and Hansen’s PROGRAMMER FRIENDS..” – he sounded like he was talking about PURE criminals – ”ARE IN ON IT TOO.”

    At that time, nobody realized who those ”programmer friends” were: Wigley, Mann, Trenberth, JONES, many others, over a dozen men total in the original grants scam where they ALL PRETENDED
    to WORK regarding the SAME indicators they claimed they saw regarding warming..

    They had a BIG GAME of CIRCULAR GRANTS RECOMMENDATION and AUTHORIZATION: authorizing each other’s grant applications and RECOMMENDING, LOBBYING for each other’s research then SPLITTING the GRANTS where applicable.

    Peace on you real scientists.

    Not so much on criminal fraud pseudo-science barking thermobilly hicks.

    Peace on ya Joseph you guys hang in there and hang tough we’ll bury the last one of these fraud barking hicks or the sun doesn’t come up every day. There’ll be more but that’ll be another generation of young, principled, honest, up-and-coming scientists.

  15. I’ve copied and posted the exchange between Afrophysicist and Joe on my own blog. That is just hilarious guys and a fantastic way of exposing the back radiation idea

  16. Goddess of fire says:

    I find everything you are saying to be spot on true! Your blog is great and this info must be spread far and wide. You are very brave for presenting this to the world and debunking climate alarm via its radiative greenhouse effect.

  17. Goddess of justice says:

    Consider two infinite plane surfaces, both facing one another. Both surfaces are ideal surfaces. One surface is found to be at temperature, T1, the other at temperature, T2. Since both temperatures are at temperatures above absolute zero, both will radiate energy as described by the Stefan-Boltzman law. The heat flux will be the net radiant flow as given by:

    q’ = e1*s*T1^4 – e2*s*T2^4

    This proves that heat doesn’t flow from cold to hot, and that there is no radiative greenhouse effect of climate alarm.

  18. Goddess of justice says:

    Alarmism has been caught in its own illusion. It will finally kill itself.

  19. Goddess of justice says:

    Alarmists are making fools of themselves by seeking the praise of uneducated sophists.

    Based on their careless use of many words and creating sophistry it is no wonder that they are career politicians. They are not capable of critical thinking.

  20. Oh god, here we go again!
    Standing infront of a block of ice just isn’t good enough for some people. They hace to move into areas that are least observable by the average person and create thought experiments that they can twist to prove that yes indeed you will get hotter if only you stand infront of that block of ice long enough! The earth is heating the sun, because radiation, therefore you too must be heated by the ice because it too absorbs your energy and sends some of it back to you!

  21. When did mathematical proof/disproof get replaced in science by “explanation by analogy”?!

    The steel greenhouse is a mathematical proof of the impossibility of the RGHE!

  22. Isn’t the ice sending radiation to you? Why yes it is! OMG! See this is why you should leave science to the scientists. The world is much more complicated than what you can ever understand without going to university. You see the ice is raising your temperature after all. See this equation? It proves it. Can you design a microwave? Well then, what business do you have saying cold can’t heat hot? Of course it can. You just haven’t sat in your igloo long enough!

  23. God they’re such fucking idiots! Microwave ovens are not “cold heating hot”!! Morons!

    They are the destruction of modern technological society. They are the end of it. They are why we will no longer be able to maintain our nice things…oh god it’s so awful what they’re doing.

  24. What do you mean Joseph has an equation that verifies heat only goes from hot to cold? Is it as fancy looking as my equation that says he’s wrong? No his is the stuff of highschool. He’s just in the pay of big oil. Of course my convoluted bullshit equation that says cold can heat hot is correct. 97% of scientists agree with me. You should just trust the experts, lest big tobacco or something.

  25. Gary Ashe says:

    Are you heating the sun professor or is the sun causing you to warm when you look at and radiate toward it..?.

    2 Identical blocks in a vacuum .. both at 5c, both radiating the same amount of energy and wave lenghs of radiation toward each other, wheres the heat ?……..there is no heat being created at equilibrium.
    There is no thermalising energy flow, there is no thermal radiation being exchanged, just radiation fluxing between the 2, so why would you think a block at 4c would be emitting thermal radiation toward a block at 6c prior to an equilibrium state of 5c each being achieved ?.

  26. Professor w.t. says:

    Dear Joseph!

    Thanks so much for all of the answers you’ve provided. The radiative greenhouse effect is a travesty of “scientific thought”, and is pure pseudoscience!

  27. Laslo Blank says:

    Are you familiar with the Electric Universe model/Thunderbolts Project, or Eric P. Dollard, or Douglas Vogt/Diehold Foundation? They provide context. I don’t go into the physics too deep, but they do.

  28. Laslo Blank says:

    Thanks for your work. Are you familiar with the Electric Universe model/Thunderbolts project, or Eric P. Dollard, or Douglas Vogt/Diehold Foundation?

  29. Cliff says:

    Have you prepared a rebuttal to this?
    I’m not a physicist, and find the discussion very interesting, but I would hate to see this go belly-up and be a setback to the skeptics. Is there a rebuttal article here that I missed?

  30. Cliff – they deleted all my comments there. In any case, all my work is the rebuttal. Either one can detect the methods of sophistry and refer to mathematical and physics definitions or not. Heat doesn’t flow backwards.

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