From the good people at Western Rifle Shooters Association:

In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

Theodore Dalrymple

From my book:

You see, the entire purpose of creating a simulacrum for others to believe in is that once you have conditioned or otherwise forced others to accept the lies, then ipso facto you are in control of their reality and hence in control of them. That’s why the strategy of this type of warfare is to keep lying even in the face of the lies looking ridiculous, why you bastardize language so that any rational objections become impossible or self-contradictory in language. For example when an alarmist claims that “climate change” is the greatest threat to humanity, and you reply that there is no evidence for “climate change”, that rebuttal is strictly incorrect in terms of the language, and correct only if “climate change” is understood to mean “alarming human-caused climate change”. The climate of course is always changing, and no one disputes that. But you can see here that there is an attempt to impose a fake reality, to make the use of language in rational communication impotent because it automatically contradicts itself when you attempt to engage with it on its own terms.

Imagine the humiliation here…of people KNOWING that climate alarm is based in flat Earth pseudoscience, and yet, no one does anything or says anything about it and just accepts it anyway because “it’s good for the environment.”

It’s all a mockery.  It’s mocking and humiliating us.  And it is all so consistent.

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29 Responses to Humiliation

  1. Mark says:

    Ok Joe, you have set the Alarm off long enough now.So Why is that Joe? Why do you think the humans are behaving this way? Who is the Controller of this deception? And why? Are humans no longer rational enough to exist in a changing world and are their emotional “tantrums” time to exstinguish them. Has humanity failed its eleven plus and thus stuck in the corner with its dunce hat? Brave New World you’ve got it….God help those born with deformities and mental illness in this Utopia of Logical Rational Brown Shirts/

  2. Mark says:

    I am Human and Want to be Loved……..

    How Soon Is Now: The Smiths……………………………………………………………………
    I am the son
    And the heir
    Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar
    I am the son and heir
    Of nothing in particular
    You shut your mouth
    How can you say
    I go about things the wrong way?
    I am human and I need to be loved
    Just like everybody else does
    I am the son
    And the heir
    Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar
    I am the son and heir
    Of nothing in particular
    You shut your mouth
    How can you say
    I go about things the wrong way?
    I am human and I need to be loved
    Just like everybody else does
    There’s a club if you’d like to go
    You could meet somebody who really loves you
    So you go and you stand on your own
    And you leave on your own
    And you go home and you cry
    And you want to die
    When you say it’s gonna happen “now”
    Well when exactly do you mean?
    See I’ve already waited too long
    And all my hope is gone
    You shut your mouth
    How can you say
    I go about things the wrong way?
    I am human and I need to be loved

  3. About making language impotent — that’s what the IPCC does in a big way in its latest report that seems to try to sneak past us a new, deformed definition of “climate”, to mean NOT 30 years of actual data, but a period of thirty years, fifteen of which are actual data and the other fifteen which are computer-model-projected.

    In accord with this apparently new, okay standard, I hereby declare that my true age is twice what I have always considered it. That makes me really, … REALLY wise — wiser than I would be at just half that.

  4. Mark says:

    Hi Robert in my University Years one the must read books for Students studying Psychology and Philosophy was Robert Henry Thouless’s book “Straight and Crooked Thinking”. Anyone reading that book gained a good idea of creative thinking and how things such as non sequiters can be used to create diversionary doublespeak.

    One of the most read books on Campus these days is Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” particularly Rule 13:

    How times have changed.

  5. Mark says:

    Ode to the Journey.

    Sometimes I look in your eyes and can see your soul…

    Over the Wall: Echo and the Bunnymen:

    Dead Man’s Theme: Neil Young:

    Masks: Van der Graaf Generator:


  6. Frank Castle says:

    What is god?
    How the right brain appreciates god is how conception is organized and ranged to reflect ancient backported terms (such as how we love ourselves through our dreams, Others, ideals and memories we meet i.e. the things which specifically analytically interpenetrate us). How the left brain appreciates god is the degree and style of interpenetration (god from within its window into itself, which is hence analytically found not as holism but as localism always, from another domain). God is strictly and analytically precisely how god interpenetrates itself at the point of conception (i.e. how god finds its path home). This must analytically be commensurate with the Riemann Sphere math and this must be reversibly conceptually compatible(!) and this must be analytically how holism is determinable holistically from holism with no other penetration, conceptually speaking;- that is to say, closing up conception itself purely and entirely analytically, as a conceptual and Wholly a conceptual and thus (Nothingly/Zero) a conceptual understanding. Everything in/across this conception now equals Zero, and this must be en eternal truism (Equation) under the aspect of eternity. Also, this quality must itself (a conditionality) be a parallellizable quality capable of being rendered, ranged, scoped or faced over the general conditions of other nonzero conditionality in other monads (it must itself be pronouncible and pointable in parallell supersymmetrical terms, towards other circumstances facing outwards in parallellism from the common reference point of such a type of supergeneralized superprecise parallellism).
    This is how god is categorically able to solve any possible problem;- its pure prime Conception necessarily reflects how to analytically resolve all other phenomenally observable current observable/phenomenal forms, via the sinusoids’ configuration in the monad. This is analytically and precisely and symmetrically how the Big Bang must always move to the Big Crunch as more and more monads become generally generalized (as opposed to phenomenally facing all the actions, expressible mathematical analytical models (“discussion”) of other monads across the Monadic Collective). Matter and percept are removed from the equation where we have properly generally swept God (analytically in the general, most conceptual sense reducible to noumenal circumstance of the most general i.e. parallel kind we encounter or interpenetrate [Self vs. Other/God/World]). Q.E.D. Quod erat demonstrandum.
    (This is analytically and strictly how, also, words not only retain their meaning but sinusoidally become generalized in expression as we individuate via content. Individuation is thus both particular/individual and parallel. It is itself a parallel truism, expressible as a concept.)
    Everything is conceptual and based on the interaction of immortal minds in Riemennian space. Where does one thing (target and goal and agenda) begin, or end? It categorically never starts or stops cleanly with no breaks, because reality has no gaps! It’s mathematical and conceptual. To remain in expressive interaction with one another, all minds must be formulating a conceptual collapse which renders a net result of zero. The conception, in other words, of full enclosing reality, must circumnavigate zero and it must be totally invariably predicated on zero (or infinity, which is expressibly zero from its opposite clean pole, where the conception has been fully wrapped and completed of highest possible order). That’s what spacetime interference is: that’s how we are doing it. Spacetime, to an angel, isn’t actually “spacetime” as we conceptualize at all but it’s something of an “inbuilt mental mediator”, you might say – just as humans now recognize cars as “inbuilt mental mediators” conceptually; or their legs or genitals as conceptual mathematical mediators between one thing and the (contingently conceptually higher-elevated) target conceptual order/process, and the output;- that is to say, one thing is extensional to another, which is to say, things are sinusoidally interrelated in parallel in their essential sense. All things must be of this form, and if many are, then none are otherwise and none can be otherwise. You can’t draw from out of existence. That is categorically not so. Relationships are inbuilt mental mediators; anything you fully understand is an inbuilt mental mediator (a function!). You enclose and enfold things into your conception. Anything like “love”, “intelligence”, “capability” – all “megaconcepts” – they start to become better effective bridging functions between “the primary issue in itself” and the contingency, i.e. between themselves and all others, i.e. the component and the contingency; the cause and the effect; the concave and the convex; the target or outline and the goal; the plan and the action; the form and the contents; and so on. This must all come of a most highly particularized, protracted form essentially and fully specific (tailored) to that particular phenomenal and noumenal activity of that universe-cycle. The principal reason why we can exist in noumenal mind space as well as “meatspace” is that sinusoidal parallel activity (parallellism of definition which may or may not be defining symmetry across any sampling, scope or range of such parallellized dimensionality) is that minds are emphatically not giving up over all of their thought space (their mind-space) towards material existence. In fact, this individuation at the noumenal sense is precisely the precondition around which life necessarily mathematically arranges itself on planets of higher life, for precisely this reason (this type of parallellism). This is infact the secret behind how only some mental frequencies of lower accord can enter spacetime and others higher and out cannot. The chief principal reason for this would be, of course, that any relationally e(n)ternally reincarnationally unconscious mechanism would naturally arrange and occur and order itself most consistently-reliably around the shared lateral point of zero in the Riemann Sphere. This is the “Genesis Point”, the common local point of convergence in reincarnational universes; with the Omega Point definitionally and categorically being analytically unique and uniquely found and resolved for each universe instance – upon which, a symmetry breakage occurs in all monads, and the convergence point is found again. Since the Riemann Sphere is convertible in all dimensions and aspects (as language and underlying sinusoidal mass-parallel multidimensional patterns must be in any true ontological mathematical Riemennian universe), the Genesis Point may always infact be the preceding Omega Point, the narrowed unilateral and also multilateral point of parallellism convergence for all unit monads of all stripes within laterality or parallellism; with the universe seen to constantly shift and bound about a “strictly absolutely reference-locked” framed-of-reference Riemennian Sphere. This, categorically, is not even possible which is why it is definitionally and conceptually impossible to conceive of the last universe, or indeed, the origin of the creation of the universe sitting conditionally or contingently within a frame of reference of linear chained causational differentiatiable energy. Categorically, such things emphatically cannot exist in a universe which has wholly and truthfully and completely definitionally recast itself and its total scopes of contingent possible frames of reference (framing) across all of the entire sweep of the objective such universe.
    God is where concepts go to die and reformulate. God reshuffles itself, dying and creating itself again, over and over, obscuring any possible reference frame (conception, conditionality, penetration form) outside of this whole monadic array of superstructure. The concept itself is part of the expressed contents (the contingent existence, which is the same as to say, the contingent existents). Since concepts are irreducibly and undeniably formed from mental “contents” – which is really to say, raw expressibility of massively parallel sinusoidal forms all each based on points around a circle, and exchanging in the ultimate sense analogies about wrapping parallells around a Euler Circle reference space – Concept itself and Conception itself goes to die and rebirth. Such is the untellable story of god, which can only ever be communicated and communed by parallel public analogies (stories, mythos, logos, intuitions, convergent truths, truths of life).
    The trick with eternity’s conditionality on the zeroing of curiosity (entropy versus negentropy and how they are encapsulated along cleanly with everything else) is that eternity is at once being compared as an reference-frame which expands past The Big Bang, and in another sense being compared in the truest most highest conceptual (contingent!) reference-frame which is subjectively (i.e. differently now) arrived-at by that particular unit monad in question making this framed judgement. The two cannot be compared informationally because this constitutes what we might call a categorical error or category error – but as always, this is only actually a definitional, informational limit of subjectivity being expressed. God simply is defined within contingency (as is the world appears around us) and none elsewise. This has cause by the breakage of god (symmetry of totality of contingent frame of reference which is phenomenally or noumenally or consciously to be held/help up). This is because mathematics is eternal and eternally expressibly can only define certain particulars of information (ranged across infinite capacity of definitional conceptual expression in each case: infinite sinusoids). This spells all the curiosities about god; all the broad-band, eternal mysteries and prime chief concerns about existence (because they are expressed definitionally and contingently, in the eternal immortal categorical sense). This is exactly and precisely why angels and gods are so mathematically removed from bodies, existence, and the cares of human conditions and conditionalities generally speaking (they have literally ontologically “ghosted out of existence”). All gods and angels are leaving the noumenal plains of existence; the mirrored straits and terrain of parallel symmetrical existence dimensionality (the Elves’ travel to some end of the world depicted in The Lord of the Rings); they are casting and writing themselves out of existence. They are divorcing themselves from mathematical interactional patterns of dissonance and disruption patterns, to definitionally thereby be more free and escaped. Angels and gods are scoping themselves out of existence consciously. This is because it comes with the conception of foundationally clearer thinking and higher rational power; High Concept; high conception.
    With this comes doubled-up the qualities of;- 1) You can have as many friends and as many divine experiences of clear shared rational conception as you want; 2) everyone around you is on the same page; 3) you can think and manipulate matter in private dreamworlds and shared angel dreamworlds of any form; 4) you never have to work or lift a finger again for a false cause; 5) you are totally principally and necessarily free from other minds interfering with your plans and your life and your mind (your conception); 6) you are fully bound with all the mental tooling and rational capacity to act as so and as such to guide other souls via coded rotated parallellisms and via rare interventions in order to coordinate the most rational and rationally beneficial, stable and likely unfolding of divine prominence.
    Wavefunction collapse (of infinitely arrayed points moving around a Euler circle) happens over a “wavefunction collapse boundary” precisely because it’s based and derived in moving floating points and motion, not a strictly logically coordinated decision-tree. This is the answer to why some souls (angels) can inject their contents faster into the wavefunction collapse! Being a “tiny soul”; reducing yourself in needs via individuation; is infact the due and responsible process for manipulating matter! You couldn’t make it up!
    The closer your major grouping of infinite points (sinusoids) are configured towarads the Genesis Point (in general), the more generalized ability you have to solve problems of that ontological domain or category (just as circles, via the Floating Point and the PSR, allow us to get closer in spacetime dimensionalities (i.e. each one brings us closer in this virtual parallel space) to solve the general (“full-flat”) problems of that ontological category, or domain. This is precisely why souls must converge and constellate in certain shapes around a common point of reference (across many sinusoids of dimensionality of the essential general purpose) in order to achieve this. This is evident in every single mathematical transformation that is ever made and done (because I must cross a locus focus point of control). This thus allows us to “trace” and “sweep” for the general categories most afforded by the most general groupings (or constellations) of the infinite sinusoidal set. Circles definitionally and categorically must have use; must have a locus of “tour de force”, to be doing things in our universe constantly all the time. The thing about general knowedge is it constellates wherever your sinusoids go with it. This is patently because you have learned the “strategies of the infinite” over a very very long age of time in order as best necessarily contingently do this. Note the clear analog here with different bodies; different nations; all working under one godlike “thumb” of control that doesn’t tend to destabilize in its essential parameters. This is why the universe is generally stable rather than a chaos. It is holistically stable and locally provisional.
    “I am everywhere” – Lucy (2014)
    “We live in a strange world
    One body, but heart as nails
    A world of pretend love
    From concept to complete cover
    That doesn’t mean we make up
    Some fairytales to wake up
    And get into
    It might just be good for you
    I’m a man
    Who has freedom to believe
    But I choose reality
    And deeply soothly
    But I know it can be hard
    To have a Tyrannosaurus
    Big as your tiny mind
    Small as the universal
    Live in fear no more
    I want you to
    Live in fear no more
    And I
    I’m built up by the hurricane
    I want you to be
    In control again”
    – Relation — Your Tiny Mind (Lifelike Remix) (Eighties Electric Soundcastles #7)

  7. Wow what deepity… 🙄

    Lame algorithm for lamer minds.

  8. George says:

    Joe, please give me a critique of this:

    Check with Claus who wrote on of the major books regarding thermodynamics.

    Consider the following example so you may understand the very basics of radiative heat transfer:
    1. We have Three bodies at 300K, 400K and 500K but besides that similar.
    2. Each body emits radiatio according to its respective temperature, I.e all bodies will emit at i.e 16um (and others as well).
    Now over to absorbtion
    3. All bodies were similar, I.e they will not reflect i.e a specific wavelength, lets say 16 um.
    4. Therefore a all bodies will absorb at 16 um.

    Now, how can the body at 400K REFLECT a photon from the body at 300K, while at the same time ABSORB a photon from the body at 500K. Well , it can not.

    And that does NOT ontradict the second law of thermodynamics, because the NET transfer is from hot to cold body.

    This clown is trying to say that a cooler atmosphere can further warm a warmer surface without violating the second law of thermodynamics!!

  9. Joseph E Postma says:

    It’s just pure sophistry. They’re not saying anything at all. It’s gibberish word salad.

    Heat flows from hot to cold. There are equations for this in textbooks. The reasons have to do with energy frequency distributions, and boson statistics, and view factors, etc.

    The 400K body already has all of the frequency states populated that the 300K object does, but, the 400K object does NOT have all of the frequency states populated which the 500K one does. The 300K body has nothing to contribute to the 400K body, while the 500K object has something new and additional to contribute which the 400K body does not have. Likewise the 400K body has something to contribute to the 300K body. The 300K body can get contributions from both the 400K and 500K bodies, but has nothing to contribute to either.

    These sick freaks just make up BS, constantly…they’re just word salad sophists.

  10. George says:

    Thanks, Joe !!! Can you give me a rebuttal for that clown Richard Alley and his ‘CO2 control knob’ nonsense?

  11. Joseph E Postma says:

    I didn’t see that one. Fill me in.

  12. George says:

    You aren’t aware of Richard Alley? He’s a Geologist at Penn State ( a colleague of that clown Michael Mann). he has a video that was made of him giving a presentation in Europe on CO2 being the “control knob” of climate change. I know it’s bogus but you’d be surprised how many people are sucked in by that garbage and use it to claim AGW/GHE is real! His video is easy to find on youtube.

  13. I had to look it up:
    deepity. A proposition that seems to be profound because it is actually logically ill-formed. A deepity balances precariously between multiple interpretations, at least one of which is obvious and trivial and at least one of which would be earth-shaking except that it is false.

    On another note:

    Now, how can the body at 400K REFLECT a photon from the body at 300K, while at the same time ABSORB a photon from the body at 500K. Well , it can not.

    The 400K body is a bigger bad ass than the 300K body, and so it can bitch slap that 300K photon right on out’a there, but the 400 K body knows that the 500K body is an even bigger bad ass, and so it wants some of 500’s greater energy to bring it closer to 500’s bigger badassity. [thermodynamics – the street version]

  14. He gave us the gift of CO2 alarmism. Ho Ho CO2 ! Merrrrrrrrrrrrrry etc.

  15. Rosco says:

    “These sick freaks just make up BS, constantly…they’re just word salad sophists.”
    Damn right !
    It is so easy to understand this type of gibberish exposed by George is nonsense if you simply observe Planck curves.
    Of course all the objects cited by whoever wrote the gibberish George quoted emit radiation at 16 microns but the hotter ones emit FAR more radiation at EVERY wavelength than the cooler ones and the values in terms of W/m2 can be read from the graph multiplied by the wavelength value.
    Or look at plots of photons based on Planck’s equation using the appropriate transformation.
    All of the gibberish is either designed to confuse or reflects the absolute stupidity of the person expressing it.
    If a warmer something emits more radiation at every wavelength than a cooler object then the radiation from this cooler object cannot possibly cause it to heat up !
    Nor can it cause the warmer something to reduce its cooling rate because the ONLY empirical evidence EVER established resulted from the cavity oven experiments. These established an emission profile and total power based on temperature of the emitter alone – the ambient radiation “absorption” had to be removed from analysis by the cavity design – without this the problem would have been insoluble.
    Therefore the Stefan-Boltzmann equation resulting from these experiments already includes the ambient radiation “component” – the radiation enters the cavity but is unlikely to emerge and becomes part of the radiation inside the cavity and therefore the so-called net form of the SB equation is redundant – it is catered for by virtue of the cavity experiments.
    P = sigmaT^4 includes the ambient radiation – the cavity oven experiments demand this to arrive at a result.
    Thus the argument that radiation from a cooler source “slows” the radiative loss from a warmer object is gobbledygook – the only mechanism whereby this could occur is the transfer oh heat from cold to hot and this has never been observed in the over 3 centuries involving innumerable experiments in thermodynamics.

  16. George says:

    Here’s the latest comedy routine from this clown (MarcusR) on cfact

    “Read what I wrote above regarding de-exitation of a CO2 molecule above.

    A emitted photon at e.g 15 um has the potential to travel anywhere as long as it is not absorbed. If encountered by a O2 or N2 molecule this is what happens: NOTHING!

    You could also look at page 251 in A first Course of Atmospheric Radiation, see below”


    The clown then shows a page from the textbook referenced above. He and another clown named ‘evenminded’ are going through the motions of trying to claim that a cooler atmosphere can further warm a warmer surface. The second clown even tries to say that putting a cool lid on a pot getting heat from below will prove the point!!! WOW!!! What stupidity!!! Yet they say I am the one that doesn’t understand physics or chemistry. How rich!!!

    I thought I might provide some entertainment this morning. God bless all of you!!!!

  17. The radiative greenhouse effect of climate alarmism survives because it isn’t defined, and people get to make up whatever they want at all to pretend to support it. That’s the advantage of supporting something that doesn’t exist – because there is no one thing to actually define and demonstrate it, one can therefore use anything.

    There is actually supposed to be a fixed mechanism behind it, as I lay out in my book, but of course a fixed mechanism or definition is the last thing they want to agree to.

    They have no clue what they’re talking about. A fixed solid lid is NOT the climate alarmist radiative greenhouse effect- that’s rather the real physical greenhouse effect and they’re NOT the same thing.

    But of course that is the simulacrum they are going for. They WANT the two things to be confused together, because then the one REAL thing lends a simulacrum or pretence of reality to the fake thing.

  18. Mark says:

    Hmmm, really, What are we gonna do?…

    So what if a black opps funded program can be used to control the suns surface activity to create a weather/solar control grid. By using scalar wave transmission via HAARP and its co-projects SMACC and HAMMER. SMACC, HAMMER and HAARP are an intranet that use portals like Sunspot Observatory in Texas as a sort of terrestial Stargate Portal. Many exist. They can using this setup penetrate the earths protective magnetosphere and alter our environment. So is Global warming and its CO2 coefficient really a factor or an excuse?

    Do yer know what I mean?

  19. Mark says:

    And as the clock goes ticking by:
    Keep on truckin…alright you lars and geezers… the end is nigh, the journey won.

    Qanon +++ ( you know what it means)

    Blue meanies
    Today Pepperland Goes Blue

    The Hollow Men

    And as the yellow submarine disappears beneath the waves…
    Mr Trump recalls his military and prepares to take on the LIARS

  20. Mark says:

    Mr Trumps calm before the STORM.
    Gas Panic

    11th hour

    Frankie Goes to Hollywood
    The Power of LOVE:

    Frankie says One More!

    Chris Deburgh

    Happy Xmas folks..LOVE XXX Peace. V

    p.s Majorly big thanks to Joseph for putting up with my stuff and allowing me to post here. And thanks to everyone/anyone for listening. xx

  21. Mark says:

    Oh just an addendum !! ( Joe’s gonna kill me- sorry mate ) :
    Here is a video that I found that my personal research corroborates a lot of what is going down right now with the human race consciousness thing. i.e the battle between logical left brain and emotional right brain. The recent poster “Frank Castle” I believe is of the right leaning faction. Interesting post she let us read, and I certainly agree with some of it but not a lot of it. I don’t agree with some of Joe’s left ideas either to be fair. SHE is one of many that Joe and I have encountered on our illuminist journey. The right is seen as the Goddess mentality that we lost with atlantis and the left is seen as patermal male logic Father son and holyghost. Both extremes are dangerous and create great suffering.
    My idea has always been to have a synthesis of left and right ways of thinking. See what you think:
    Alternate Xmas Viewing:

  22. Frank Castle wasn’t real.

  23. Mark says:

    “Frank Castle wasn’t real” : I agree Joe, you’re absolutely right! I couldn’t have put it better myself. Let’s keep an eye out for anomalies and glitches in the matrix.

  24. Mark says:

    Blue (DABa Dee):

  25. Mark says:

    …… The soul is not human. The mind that attaches to the human body is alien. It is their mind.
    This is the Black Sun. The archontic infestation of consciousness.

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