Free Speech vs. Freedom of the Press

In my last post I remarked at the disgust I felt towards a woman who is so emotionally overwhelmed that the concept of critical and rational logical thought is completely anathema to her and her psychological type. Q has labelled these people as “emotionally vulnerable”, and as a group they are certainly identifiable via their Myer’s-Briggs Personality Type – they would be the types most unlike the rationalist INTJ, for example.

Now while we might like to lay blame of the world’s problems on these people, the point which Q made that they are “emotionally vulnerable” is an extremely important one. In the context of Ontological Mathematics and all of our soul’s journey to becoming rationally enlightened, it is obvious that not all souls incarnated have the same level of developed rational faculty.

And so we should take note of something extremely telling which the woman also said in that video clip. When told by others that she should stop watching mainstream news and listening to their narrative, she retorted:

“What media do you then suggest? That is saying ‘Don’t trust knowledge, operate in darkness!’.”

That’s a remarkable statement for an emotionally-directed person to make, is it not!? It’s incredible. What does it demonstrate?

It demonstrates that these type of people are entirely brainwashed by the mainstream media narrative. It demonstrates that if they knew the truth, that they would probably have an entirely different outlook. Her, and others like her, narrative is entirely created and entirely manufactured by the mainstream media.

Take a look at this video too:

There is nothing factual that Trump has ever said or done that can quantifiably or qualitatively demonstrate that he is a racist. Nor the vast majority of his supporters. And while we may rightly criticize the people in the video’s duplicity in not caring so much if it is a Democrat who is clearly the provably racist by the Left’s current standards of such, while if it had’ve been Trump in those pictures there would have been riots and chaos in the streets and mass calls for resignation, we must remember that that is entirely within the modus operandi of an emotional type (to be rationally and yes even emotionally inconsistent), it is good again to note that these people’s mental cognitive space has been entirely crafted by the mainstream media who these people seem to implicitly trust and for whom are unable to examine actual source material or alternative Press sources.

The point being that it is entirely the “Free Press”, i.e. the corporate conglomerate globalist ultra-predatory-capitalist controlled press, which is responsible for the degree of misinformation that these emotionally vulnerable people suffer under. The fact is that there is no responsibility in the Press to tell the truth, or to ask meaningful questions, or to do anything. The “Free Press” allows the Press to do and to pretend whatever they want, without consequence. The Free Press can simply pretend that Trump is racist, or whatever other scenario they want in any reference frame, and by such pretense then manufacture and sustain that very idea in the minds of the emotionally vulnerable with no evidence at all.

Some emerging systems of thought have thus stated that Press must be held accountable to lying, as in a court of law. The Press must be punishable for lying or for feigning pretenses that create lies. And that seems reasonable, like it should work.

However, we have this lesson from climate alarmism, that even with review from peers and so-called governing bodies and an entire apparatus designed supposedly for ensuring rational discourse, lies and simulacra can still enter and take everything over and become a sole-governor of what topics are allowed to be discussed, etc. And as we have seen, the Press begins to take entire control over what is allowed to be said and in what way it can be said, etc.

Thus, has anyone considered simply not having any Press at all? What if these emotionally vulnerable people only had source material to reference? What if instead of relying on other people to tell you what to think, while you never make contact with actual source material at all, everyone and especially the emotionally vulnerable only ever had access to direct source material?

Wouldn’t that result in one of the most radical transformations of collective human consciousness which has ever occurred? Why have a Press? What really is the need for it? Why do you want other people to tell you what to think, while they know that you will never go check the source and thus giving the opportunity for them to outright lie to you?

Do you think that could work? Instead of papers and television and YouTube personalities telling you what to think, what if the only thing that the media was allowed to present to you was unedited transcripts and recordings of source material?

We can have freedom of speech, entire freedom of speech, but NO Press. Not limited Press, but no Press at all. Only source material.

These emotionally vulnerable people simply never hear Trump and the border control agents talking about human trafficking through the open border, and the horrific stories that the agents encounter, etc. Truly horrible, disgusting stuff that goes on with an open border. Emotionally, let alone rationally, sickening stuff. And so what if the emotionally vulnerable people finally got to listen to this stuff, without the superimposed and fake narrative that a border is “racist, misogynist, whatever-ist” etc. Well, emotionally vulnerable people would of course immediately become enraged and upset and horrified at the damage that an open border causes once they hear how innocent people are physically and mentally harmed by it, and of course they would immediately demand that something be done about it.

All of this stuff about “racist” MAGA hats and “racist” borders is 100% manufactured lying narrative from the mainstream Press. Given that the existence of a Press will always allow for an open door to fakery and lies, as we have even seen with mainstream science adopting flat Earth theory in a most clandestine but emotionally compelling manner, what if we simply did away with Press and everyone only ever had access to source material to consider for themselves?

Now what about people who, say, simply have a YouTube channel and want to talk about world events with their friends, and there are others who share the same opinions about such events anyway? Well I guess that would be fine…you just can’t have any organized, monetized, advertiser-supported, profit or charity oriented enterprise of a Press. And then, add a provision that any such group and/or individuals which still discusses things in a Press-like manner can be subject to fines for spreading misinformation when source material does not support false pretenses or actual claims.

Or maybe it could be lightened up a little to have viewer-supported “Press personalities” only, and disallow any form of external paid-advertising, etc.

Isn’t Fake News Media and constant advertisement through it two of the worst aspects of modern human life? They really are the worst. So why not just get rid of it?

Allow people to talk to each other again, after they’ve watched or listened to what actually happened. Rather than people talking to each other after they’ve been misinformed and lied to while they never actually go check source material.

So, freedom of speech for the individual, but not freedom of speech for advertiser-funded corporate predatory capitalist globalist “news” agencies.

Well, what do you think? How do you solve the problem of lying Press which manipulates emotionally vulnerable people and which capitalizes upon their ability to be neither rationally or emotionally consistent? Wouldn’t emotionally vulnerable people be far, far less of a problem for the world if they weren’t allowed to be so openly and brazenly emotionally manipulated in the first place?

It’s a big deal because it even goes as far as flat Earth theory finding it’s way into modern science among our so-called intellectuals. In my book I stated that we must hereonforth base everything upon the Principle of Sufficient Reason.

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29 Responses to Free Speech vs. Freedom of the Press

  1. Freedom of the press seems to enslave minds of emotionally vulnerable people. Is this a price of freedom that we should be willing to pay? No.

  2. Agreed! It serves no one, and harms everyone.

  3. roaldjlarsen says:

    Reblogged this on Roald J. Larsen and commented:
    We do not need to ban MSM. They are doing a good job undermining their own existent. They are slowly dying as we could see over the last week or so. Several hundreds of leftists “journalists” has been told to start lerning a new trade, remember – learn to code!?

  4. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to fabricate falsehoods — it should mean freedom to speak truths or, at least, freedom to nurture intentions of speaking truths.

    Using emotionally charged language to create drama, and taking this to the point of telling lies to reach market share, to attract more advertisers, to pay salaries of news organizations, is not what freedom of speech entails.

    News organizations are pulling out all stops to create emotionalized reporting and entertainment. I’ve noticed the transitional sounds between stories in my local TV news, where there used to be smooth silence. Even the three-second pause between one story and the next on TV has to be filled with some swishing sound or tinkle, as if even three seconds of silence between one story and the next would be boring torture.

    Keep it happy. Keep it snappy. Keep it entertaining and engaging. It’s not so much about honest reporting anymore. It’s about on-camera personality, talking to viewers like they are a kindergarten class, with friendly, hyper-emotionalized delivery tones in reporters’ voices. Sickening, dumbed-down, simple-minded reports for an intelligence-challenged, attention-deficit, adult-child society,

  5. Christopher Marshall says:

    I wish they had to say Social Media News if they aren’t going to report the news exactly as it is BUT who would enforce it? Those enforcing it would by nature become corrupt. So CNN would be claimed real news and Fox would be labeled Social Media. The only safe zone is alt news on the internet. That’s why they were SO desperate to have that regulated so they could block or slow connections to sources they don’t like. Same reason as now when you Google anything Global Warming shows up first and anything opposing it is pretty hard to find. In the words of Mister Gutsy, “Nice try commie!”

  6. The only issue is that source material can also be flooded into any forum where ordinary people can access it. We have seen this just as much with climate science already. There will always be gatekeepers. Besides, what is the origins of press anyway other than speech? I can stand in a town square and tell lies just the same as I can write down lies and mass print them at home to put in peoples’ letterboxes.

    The issue is and always will be, dumb people. The only fix for that is to abolish State education. It is that, after all, that breeds so many non rational people in the first place. That indoctrinates the young minds to do nothing other than accept what they are told.
    We can’t change the people simply by abolishing the press. The press only have power because by the time people come to consume the news they have already been conditioned to accept it without question.

  7. Joseph E Postma says:

    Well there is that maxim that: the solution to bad government is not no government but good government; the solution to bad education is not no education but good education; the solution to bad science is not no science but good science; and the solution to a bad Press is not no Press but a good Press.

    But we are still faced with the problem as given an example with climate alarm: that even with an ostensible intent to create good science, and even with an ostensible intent for science to examine itself and correct itself…the latter doesn’t actually happen because it easiest for it not to happen because it is easy to be complacent and to “trust the machine” as one colleague put it, and fake science can inveigle its way right to the top of otherwise useful science.

    And so what is the problem? As was just said – stupid people. Stupidity in its myriad forms. As I said in my book, we require constant and I’ll say here an almost paranoid vigilance, with basis in the Principle of Sufficient Reason. We need to try harder, we need to try with more intent and focus, and we must not be complacent and lazy.

    But certainly, we do need to figure out how to avoid stupid people from having so much influence, and we need to figure out how to STOP parasitical people from so easily and entirely manipulating the entire mass of stupid people.

    ”Criminalize Parasitism and punish lying which is the gateway to parasitism”


    “Attached to that funding, though, is an immigration enforcement ban first introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and supported by every Senate Democrat. The Democrats’ offer demands that all immigration enforcement end for any adult crossing the border with a child by the end of Fiscal Year 2019.”

    It’s just out in the open and clear now: they are openly admitting that they want the border open specifically for child trafficking.

    Sick disgusting goblins. If the emotionally manipulable were ever actually informed of what their supposed side of the political divide is doing…would they react? Or would their duplicity actually turn around and not care about such things since it’s their side doing it?

    On the one hand we may chalk it up to stupidity. On the other, if stupidity becomes accessory to such crimes by looking away as it suits itself, then it must be held as entirely complicit…100%.

  9. I’m not posting this to force it on anyone or to say anything about its veracity or make any association. If you begin it and don’t like it then turn it off. Lots of flat earth climate alarm debunking to do. But this fellow has a long history of whatever in the heck experience he’s going through, and this vid has some interesting concepts related to recent comments if you watch and listen:

    I am all for paranoid vigilance…lol. But seriously…you can’t make up this stuff…lol.

  10. It was from reading Larry Niven’s “Known Universe” collection, and the stories related to the ARM, where the whole utility of paranoid vigilance became instilled in me. It’s what you don’t know…or what you’ve missed or overlooked…that’s screwing you the worst. Hence the need for intuition, for the ability to extrapolate a threat vector from a single misplaced word or item, etc.

  11. Or…from no overt hint at all…lol.

  12. Back to the stupid people:

    They’re being weaponized…literally.

  13. All a show though. Who’s actually in charge of creating that!?

  14. Well I didn’t say no education. I said no STATE education. Not no science, but no STATE science. It’s when powerful people take control of the State and use it to control areas that the State should have no business in, that people are made dependent on and thus unquestioning of, what the State says and does. State medicine. State welfare. State education. State science. State media. State jobs. The State is by definition, Collectivist, parasitical and expansionist. It is the “locus” as Mr anti Scorpion man in that video above might say (wow he did take a long time to say what could have been said in 5 minutes). Note on the media side that it is not State owned, but it is still State sanctioned and State regulated. How do you think CNN or Fox got control of the TV bandwidth, without first buying a Politician to secure it in laws and regulations that would shut out competition?

    Dependency breeds complacency. Complacency breeds stupidity. We need to tear down all of the things that make people dependent on the State. The most important of which is education of children.

  15. Mark says:

    How the media spin stories is responsible for how a lot of people think and interpret events;
    take a look at this from just this morning on Sky News:
    Social media is going for the kill; all the liberals are out for blood :

    John Barnes former Liverpool FC footballer who has spent a lot of time trying to kick racism out of football (or soccer to our American friends):

  16. Mark says:

    Surprisingly the “Media” have edited this interview to take out the Mr Barnes’s criticism of the “Media spinning the story” !! Here is a full transcript from youtube….

  17. Mark says:

    Destiny for some is to save lives…Destiny for some is to end lives ….

  18. I often wonder just how many people are “outraged” at such things. I doubt it is very many. Instead media claims there is outrage and seeks out those few who are prepared to play along. The majority of people simply rubbernecking the manufactured drama.

    The media wouldn’t have any power over people if people weren’t conditioned to be submissive when they were children, especially at school. The conditioning the media itself does, is simply an extension of a process that originated long before they got their own opportunity.

  19. Wow man yah…think of that…the preconditions already in place instituted in order to allow for rampant fake news.

  20. … preconditioned to not think for themselves

  21. Christopher Marshall says:

    This video is getting around. Everyone who sees it has to show it to someone else and the responce is always the same: Mouth open, speechless.

  22. Pierre D. Bernier says:

    This morning on weather Channel (Meteomedia)… An unexpected melting causes panic among scientists…
    A large tunnel under the ice measuring 300m by 10 Km. (How big is that compared to the whole ice sheet ? Also…
    See level will rise 4%. (That<s big right ? No ! What's 4% of 1mm or whatever insignificant rise ?
    That's what you get from the MSM !!! People are stupid. They can't see through the fog !!! That's the problem.

  23. I hope people are realizing how stupid they’re being.

  24. Mark says:

    Bush Jr. Said to Be Executed for 9/11, Obama, Clintons, Biden Jailed at GITMO

    Military Tribunals begin:
    as per Wikipedia:
    “Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is a Pakistani Islamist militant held by the United States at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp under terrorism-related charges. He was named as “the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks” in the 9/11 Commission Report”.


    Former President George Bush Jr. evidently has agreed to be executed for his part in 9/11 crimes according to intel coming out of GITMO Military Tribunals that began on Jan. 2. The trials would be filmed and released at a later date and at some point transcripts would be made available here:
    Evidently former President Bush Jr. met with President Trump and was granted the embarrassment of going through trial. He agreed to turn state’s evidence against the Deep State and his father, former President H.W. Bush, mainly on their 9/11 crimes.
    Former Presidents George Bush Jr., Barak Obama and Bill Clinton, plus Hillary Clinton and former VP Joe Biden were said handed indictments in envelops slipped into their programs at the Bush funeral on Nov. 31. Presently they were believed incarcerated in a special prison called Camp 7 at GITMO. The government had recently spent $69 million to build Camp 7 that was designed to hold 15 high value detainees.
    It was also reported from evidence leading up to the Military Tribunals at GITMO, that on Aug. 25 2018 Senator John McCain was executed for Treason and Child Trafficking, plus on Nov. 13 2018 former President George H.W. Bush was executed for violations of the Rico Act and Child Trafficking. Evidently Bush took part in the JFK assassination and designed the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan.

    On Jan. 28 GITMO Pretrials began on five defendants of the 9/11 crimes – trials that were subsequently delayed until March because of Military Court Judge Colonel Parrella’s medical problems.
    Part 1 of Military Tribunal Transcriptions – United States vs. Khalid Shaikh
    No mainstream media would be allowed to cover the Military Tribunals on political elites that were expected to last for around two years. It was well known that the US Press was controlled by George Soros-owned organizations. Soros himself had been arrested Feb. 3 and was believed presently under interrogation at a bunker near Gasternal, Switzerland. The evidence to arrest Soros was said to come from former President Barak Obama and other informants at GITMO.

    Obama was believed to have been incarcerated at GITMO for at least a month, exposing crimes of upper echelons of the Deep State to save his own execution. Obama was thought to have been charged with High Treason for multiple crimes including Uranium One, the Benghazi massacre and cover up by the FBI – the same crimes as Hillary Clinton was thought charged, along her husband and the Clinton Foundation for crimes in running criminal enterprises, obstruction of justice and money laundering.

    Crokin: How Mueller & President Trump are Pulling the Biggest Sting in History Vatican, Clinton, Soros, Global Elites Named in Child Rape, Homicides

    Multiple sources have confirmed that former Clinton Campaign chief Tony Podesta and his brother John were among 17 DC indictments. The Podesta brothers were said to be under investigation for child kidnapping, pedophilia and their involvement in selling the country’s Uranium to Russia.
    Among Soros’ suspected many other crimes were illegally influencing US elections (he was said to own the software for many state voting machines), organizing and funding illegal immigrants to force their way across the US border and was a reported leader of child trafficking and exploitation for the Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult run out of the Vatican.
    Only certain reporters would be allowed into the tribunals. I was not one of them, but David Zublick, Leonard Bacani and Linda Forsythe were.
    David Zublick was a citizen journalist who gave a review of Military Tribunals here:

    Leonard Bacani was a retired Santa Ana police officer and founder of Homeland Security Services, Inc. headquartered in Southern California. Linda Forsythe was a citizen journalist, news commentator and founder of C-VINE International Foundation. They would place transcripts of the Military Tribunals here:

    After 9/11 on Sept. 14 2001 Congress passed the basis for Martial Law and Military Tribunals. An Executive Order for Military Tribunals signed by President Trump went into effect Jan. 1 and the pretrials started on Jan. 2. The tribunals were to be held in secret locations, at GITMO, various military bases and federal courts across the nation, (some were known to be going on right now in South Carolina). US Attorney John Huber and his 174 investigators had spent over two years investigating and filing over 71,000 indictments against political and global elites in federal courts.
    Attorney General Jeff Sessions, General James Mattis and General John Kelly were in charge of the Military Tribunals.

    C-Vine News Reports On #MilitaryTribunals at GITMO
    Posted: 03 Feb 2019 08:13 PM PST
    February 3, 2019

    Finally we have some in-depth reporting of the military tribunals going on at GITMO from citizen journalists Linda Forsythe and Leonard Bacani.  They have also released PDF transcripts approved by the Department Of Defense (DOD) for release to the public. We The People are bypassing #FAKENEWS main stream media. Hopefully we will see higher echelon political names covered in these military tribunal reports and not low level minions.  This may be a testing ground to see how the public reacts to alternative media reporting on the tribunals.  It could also be a diversion while the big names are tried in secret, kind of like giving us breadcrumbs until GESARA is announced publicly. Interesting on how this plays out.

    See below for the video update from C-Vine News.



    C-Vine News

    Military Tribunal Process for C-VINE News Reporters – The Saga Begins

    ANNOUNCEMENT: During the next many months and years, C-VINE News will bring information to the public about the various Military Tribunal trials and pre-trials that are happening in GTMO – Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

    The interesting process for reporting on these trials will be covered by Alternative Media. Mainstream Media was not invited. Is this a new trend to come? We shall see.

    On 1/28/19 – 2/1/19; C-VINE News citizen journalists will be at Fort George G. Meade Military Base in Maryland to observe the military commission pre-trial proceedings through LIVE Stream cctv scheduled for United States v. Khalid Shaikh Mohammad et al in GTMO.

    This will be the first of many proceedings we will attend and is scheduled. Volunteer Citizen Journalists from C-VINE will be doing their very best to make our country proud to know that “We the People” have taken charge of how the News is reported.

    This rapidly growing, grass-roots effort is exciting to watch as Patriots join together to MAGA.

    All this and future Military Tribunal information will be released to the public after Department of Defense final approval & posted on the website.

    More at …..


    Surprising information was revealed when Leonard Bacani and Linda Forsythe (who are both Citizen Journalists with the C-VINE International News Network) reported on the Military Tribunals Live Streamed CCTV out of GITMO to Ft. Meade In Maryland. This was Part 1 of 2 covering the first day on 1/28/2019.

    Critical To Watch! Part 2 of the GITMO Military Tribunal’s Are Revealing Games Are Underway to Take Away Our Constitutional Rights for Public Viewing by Trying to Set a Precedent of Closed Hearings Utilizing the Pre-Trial Hearings of Khalid Shaikh Mohammad et al.

    Leonard Bacani and Linda Forsythe as Citizen Journalists of C-VINE News were able to view and report on these proceedings LIVE Streamed at Fort Meade Base via CCTV from GITMO.

    Military Tribunal Transcript PDF’s of proceedings available at C-VINE.COM and citizens are highly encouraged to download and closely scrutinize.
    For more updated info and transcripts of the military tribunals from GITMO



    David Wilcock from

    And finally Oh Hilary you vamp:

  25. Mark says:

    Qanon +++ (you know what it means) !!

  26. Mark says:

    Can you feel the sophistry, do you know what or why?

    The illusion of matter decries our true heritage:
    “a world built and based on rules; because of that they will never be as strong or as fast” : NEO

  27. Mark says:

    Ok it’s Happy Friday… Weekend song to keep us all going and smiling 🙂

    God bless..LOVE. We Will prevail xxx

  28. Mark says:

    “Soros Arrested: Bush Pleads Guilty To 9/11 – Obama Begs For His Life”

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