How Magnifying Glass Physics Debunks Climate Alarm

In this video I give another empirical demonstration, using a magnifying glass, that basic climate theory and its resulting political weather alarmism is fundamentally flawed at its basis and that the entire field of climate science is basically pseudoscience that even children can refute.

See the previous article on this perspective as well:


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30 Responses to How Magnifying Glass Physics Debunks Climate Alarm

  1. Hans Schreuder says:

    Thaks Joe, another splendid explanation of the true power of the sun.

  2. Zoe Phin says:

    I don’t think nonsense can be debunked.

    If it wasn’t for GHGs your fire would’ve been 33°K colder. That’s what they’ll say.

  3. The reason that the paper catches fire is because of back magnification. Clearly Postma does not understand basic optics. (^_^)

  4. CD Marshall says:

    Amusing considering even they say the thermosphere is the hottest layer of the atmosphere.Then again that would be pointless to argue as well since they have said before that CO2 in the thermosphere reflects incoming solar radiation and prevents outgoing radiation from leaving. A person in a cult never accepts they are in a cult and we all know climate change has gathered a cult following. These nutjobs will mock a Christian for believing in God because they say he doesn’t exist and yet they are also worshipers of something that doesn’t exist.

    The herd mentality gathers around a single thought to agree on for comfort and security regardless of what validity that thought contains.
    just like lemmings on a cliff and then…

  5. Rosco says:

    All we need is some practical application – oh wait :-

    Here’s an idea – use 4 times the number of mirrors made of highly polished metal so that the reflect significant IR and the plant could produce electricity 24/7 !

    After all the greenhouse effect model says back radiation has equal power to the solar.

  6. Rosco says:

    You also don’t need the sun to be high in the sky – I’ve scorched wood in the early morning in winter at ~7:00 am. Just because the Sun’s power normal to the surface is reduced by the area considerations doesn’t mean the power over a surface normal to its direction is reduced to any large extent – other than traversing more atmosphere. I live at ~27° S so our sun is hot most of the year.

    I have a temperature sensor in a large room situated ~4.5 metres from a set of doors facing north west with insect screens which are quite dark.

    At 4:15 pm yesterday it read ~23°C while another thermometer not exposed to any light from the west read ~20°C. When the sun hit it directly it increased to ~33°C in approximately 10 minutes even though the sun is low on the horizon at this time – 12 July is winter and the sun sets at 5:10 pm. The other thermometer not exposed to any light from the west read still ~20°C.

    Climate science is absurd pseudoscience.

  7. It’s quite amazing just how far back into the school system you have to go to find the level of education required to correct the false paradigm. Obviously these PhD climate scientists had very substandard kindergarten teachers and they have never been able to overcome the original misinformation they accepted there.

  8. Hahaha

    But yah…this is FN ridiculous. I mean, you’re actually full-on serious too with that!

  9. CD Marshall says:

    My brother got a light tan on a cloudy day just to prove the power of the Sun back in the 80s.

    I am honestly trying to remember how young I was when I learned about the Sun and condensation. I wrote a short story about the rain drop that made it into the school paper in like the 2nd grade for gad’s sake. The second grade we were taught about convection and condensation. The second grade! Lol what on earth is a climate PhD equivalent to? The first grade fantasy class on puff the magic climate gas? I admit I had forgotten most of it(thank you to you guys for re-igniting those teachings and adding so much more ) but what is a climate scientist’s excuse?

    In the fifth grade my school project for the year was was various clouds and weather conditions. It would have gotten me an A but I asked my brother to draw for myself a tornado and I got a D. Why? Never ask a big brother in advanced high school physics to do something simple. He drew the tornado so life like with all the graphs and diagrams of pressure elevation, various wind speeds and temperature points the teacher knew it wasn’t me. In my brother’s mind that was a simple diagram of a tornado. Perhaps he should have pursued climate science so he could teach these guys the power of the Sun 20 years ago?

  10. Pierre D. Bernier says:

    On your next to last video you took them by the hand. On this one you are taking them by two hands. What’s next ?… dancing !!!

  11. On your next to last video you took them by the hand. On this one you are taking them by two hands. What’s next ?… dancing !!!

    No, no, no, Pierre B !! I used to teach dance, and I can tell you that here is where you learn that some people simply do NOT have a sense of rhythm. You could drill the basics all day long, but they would never get the simplest steps, because they simply cannot feel rhythm. You can put their hands on a speaker where the base is pumping, tell them to feel it and tap their foot to the beat, but, no, they cannot do it, because they are missing whatever component it is that allows them to feel rhythm.

    Not everybody is like this of course, and sometimes failure to learn is a less disturbing cause, like simply not having learned or practiced enough.

    Rather than dancing, I think that what’s next might need to be a leash, like when you train a dog how to walk without pulling. Some of these people seem incapable of dancing. Leash training is possibly a better approach.

    So, am I calling some PhDs dogs? Well, there is a “D” in there that could stand for “Dogs”. But wait, “dog” is also “god” spelled backwards, so maybe, in their convoluted, inverted minds, they think that they are gods.

  12. CD Marshall says:

    I was thinking Joseph could don a straw hat and guitar and take this on the road. “The singing physicist.”

    He could sing science to kids in school while teachers give him blank stares not having a darn clue what he was talking about. Then if approached by a said teacher/alarmists he can just say. “creative license.”

  13. Pierre D. Bernier says:


    There are 2 types of amusias, tone deaf and beat deaf. I guess the majority of them suffer from both both ! 🙂

  14. Pierre D. Bernier says:


    The zeroth law of thermodynamics… Heat can be transferred from one object to another only if there’s a temperature difference between them.

    Pauken, Mike. Thermodynamics For Dummies (p. 34-35). Wiley. Kindle Edition.

    Temperature is really a concept used to describe the direction in which heat transfer takes place. Heat is a form of energy that naturally flows from hot to cold temperatures.

    Pauken, Mike. Thermodynamics For Dummies (p. 20). Wiley. Kindle Edition.

    The Impact of the Second Law identifies the natural or spontaneous direction a process will go. For example, heat flows from hot to cold; pressure flows from high to low.

    Pauken, Mike. Thermodynamics For Dummies (p. 112). Wiley. Kindle Edition

    Are you telling me that not only they can’t sing or dance, they can’t read either ??? Not even the simplest of things ???

    I’ve heard of students finishing high school who can’t read, but PhD’S ???

  15. The zeroth law of thermodynamics for that famous 97% consensus… “Heat can be transferred from one object to another if our math says so.
    Temperature is a number that dictates the flow of energy from cold to hot.
    With a PhD, the Impact of the Second Law can be cleverly contrived to allow any damn thing we please.”

    Yeah, they can read, but somehow not the same words that other do. Some people see dead people. Some mentally challenged children see CO2. Some PhDs see unicorns.

  16. STATEMENT # 1 of the obvious: Sun shine has its immediate effect on one half of the globe, while having NO immediate effect on the other half of the globe. Average sunshine does not exist.

    Just because a physical body has adjacent curvature of its surface located out of the range of a physical effect does not mean that the physical body can claim an influence of the physical effect on another part of it.

    I’m lying outside getting a sun tan. The front side of my body gets tan. The other side does not, and yet I can claim that an average amount of sunshine encounters my whole body and that I have an average depth of tan over my whole body.

    Average tanning rays do not exist — this is a confusion of language.

  17. The average is not the input! The average isn’t what determines the physics that occurs. The average says nothing about the physical responses in real time. Average vs. physics are ENTIRELY disconnected.

  18. geran says:

    Joseph, your videos are getting better and better. Visuals are a great way to explain complicated issues.

    Eyeballing the areas of the magnifying glass, and the resulting spot on the paper, I estimated a area ratio of about 100. As far north as you are, you were probably getting no more than 550 Watts/m^2. That means you were approaching 55,000 Watts/m^2. And, you were using fairly light-colored paper. Had you used dark paper, with higher emissivity, you could easily reach temperatures of about 700 ºC. (The combustion temperature of paper is about 230-240 ºC.)

    And, I’m not even counting all the additions from CO2… 🙂

    Keep up the great effort. The truth is getting out!

  19. Zoe Phin says:

    There’s a little twerp trying to debunk you.

    He’s too stupid to even understand you.

  20. CD Marshall says:

    This is what it looks like when you buck against the propaganda machine. People are heavily invested in global warming and you are pissing on their bank accounts. My apologies for younger viewers and college snowflakes who aren’t use to hearing language.

  21. CD Marshall says:

    Zoe got a self righteous girl on that site named Angel Mendez-Rivera, if you like get her, I love a good girl fight.

  22. @Zoe – gross. The voice, the pretend thinking, pretend science…ugh gross.

  23. Imagine if they got links to more recent vids 🙂

  24. Pierre D. Bernier says:

    Why cant people get along ?

  25. The comments on that vid from Zoe’s link are hilarious. Flat Earth trolls and climate freaks all mixed together.

    I loved the one comment about “The greatest crossover event in history” haha. I should do a video titled that…would only take 5 minutes to explain!

    I added a couple of comments just with links to my channel…hopefully they get clicked.

  26. What blathering idiots that Stick figure attracted! It’s like being dropped into a zone dominated by brain-dead zombies, but I ventured in there with a few comments of my own, not under the name I use here.

  27. Zoe Phin says:

    I’m very certain the whole zombie genre was invented by observing extreme leftists, communists, etc. Unfortunately they don’t understand that.

  28. CD Marshall says:

    Seriously what the heck? A PhD over there refused to talk to me. They were so offended at my comment on peer review in climate science is a joke. Ha ha they just got found out and didn’t want to pursue the argument. She sounded like a weak version of Zoe so much so I think they may have bought a ‘Zoe’ clone to toe the climate science line. Poor fools you can’t clone Zoe.

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