Watch “NEW POLL: Half of Americans Think the Democrats Have Gone TOO FAR LEFT” on YouTube

The fact that there are racial differences in voting patterns is empirical proof that multiculturalism is a failure:

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15 Responses to Watch “NEW POLL: Half of Americans Think the Democrats Have Gone TOO FAR LEFT” on YouTube

  1. Pierre D. Bernier says:

    Very interesting and extremely revealing video and if we dare to look closely we know that it’s true.
    Here in Canada TURD’o is claiming that diversity is our strenght. NO IT’S NOT. IT’S OUR WEAKNESS. Just look at the 2019 election rresult map.
    The Atantic provinces are the poor of Canada. They voted massively Liberal.
    Toronto (+ suburbs), Montreal (+ suburbs) and Vancouver are where the immigrants go to live. Look at the 2019 electoral map. These 3 regions are FULL LIBERAL. 99% of ridings are Liberal.
    The rest of Canada where the vast majority of white people live are either Conservatives or anti-Liberals. Looking at the ridings in and around Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver I’d say that the dices have already been thrown. No more Conservative wins in Canada. Done. Kaput,

    So Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, East BC and Ontario (ex-Toronto), leave and build your own country while there is still time. Tomorow will be too late.
    (From a Quebecer with no more hope in this regard)

  2. Pierre D. Bernier says:

    Oh, I forgot. Don’t forget to include in your constitution that special law that only Switzerland has. It’s called direct democracy and allows any citizen to challenge any law approved by the parliament or, at any time, propose a modification of the federal Constitution. To challenge a law, citizens must collect 50 000 signatures within 100 days of the official publication of a new law. If they manage to do it, a nationwide referendum is held (compulsory). If the majority of the voters reject the law, it is canceled.

    That way you stand less chance of being screwed by politicians.

  3. CD Marshall says:

    The problem with signatures in America is the Left uses fraud in voting and signatures and in everything they do. I’m not convinced the US Democratic Party won so many seats in the last election, they were able to stuff the ballets enough with fraud. One county has voted more than it’s population since Obama and in fact it’s more than one county last election. The left stalls any laws that could be passed to stop it and threatens the families or blackmails those who try. No these people cannot be voted out of office it’s too late I fear for that method. They are ready for a civil war. Obama had guns, ammo supplies stockpiled in his election. If the Left can’t win legit they cheat and if that doesn’t work they take by force. The Left has been taken over by a radical communist regime since Obama became president but the seeds were planted in our education for decades prior to that.

    Those seeds create the wars you see now. At one point it starts with just a thought, then education, literature, pop culture…In Rwanda those seeds were planted for decades against the Tutsi on the radio, newspapers media was an outlet to create the unfounded and unjustified hatred for a people who did nothing.

    The Nazis did it with he Jews and the starting point to that was Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass. Those cases were attempted genocide now they are using those tactics for party affiliated genocide.

    It’s been used countless times. Blood is always spilled first with a thought, a seed planted at the right place and at the right time. Blood feuds, tribal feuds, clan feuds, racial feuds, family feuds don’t need a lot to ignite the powder keg. These people, or should I say husks that were people, have been taken over by hatred so much reason has indeed left them.

    We are either ruled by logic or emotions. At this point in the so called “evolution” of the human species, we should have already became an involved intellectually superior race with incredible mental abilities and discipline over our minds.

    Instead kids are taught to live by emotions, something that is easily controlled by the mind with the right motivation and discipline.

    When I took martial arts if we failed a command our sensei took us outside (in winter) to do it again. You would be amazed how “can’t” became perfect obedience the next time. Kids worked jobs and went to school and still went to college with excellent grades.

    Now everything I mentioned is forbidden.

  4. Pierre D. Bernier says:

    Did anyone read “The Big Lie” by Dinesh D’Souza. A great read. A bit over extended at times with never ending chapters that could have been a lot shorter, but still a great eye opener. You learn that the U.S South has always been Democrat, ever since before 1777. They were the slave owners. No Republicans owned slaves. The deep south had Democrat governers, judges, sheriffs, mayors, etc. Every position was filled by a Democrat. They had the time to implement a play book that took away all civil rights from all black men and women. So much so that when Hitler came to power he just took the whole playbook AS IS and only had to change the word Nigger for Jew. That was it. It’s only after LBJ (Democrat) gave back their civil rights to the African-Americans in the 1960’s that the whole South became full Republican. He said so himself. I just gave the south to the Republicans for the next 50 years. Before that they had all been full Democrats ever since the beginning. You also learn how the Democrats succeded in turning things around and have that playbook passed on the back of the Republicans. That is why today you can call someone a Nazi for doing something directly from the original Democrat playbook. Even though Hitler was a socialist (National Socialist Party) and so was Mussolini, the Democrates will try to shame you for doing things from their very own original playbook.

  5. CD Marshall says:


    Right you are. Mussolini was a master of propaganda and the US Democrats have mastered that craft, especially of making a small group look larger. However, somewhere during the cold war the Democrats were infiltrated with communism and as some documentaries have confirmed (never seen on our mainstream media), they were in active communication/coordination with Moscow. A New York news outlet/magazine had always been a communist branch of propaganda. They were the ones claiming the Nazi death camps didn’t exist and covered up all the atrocities of the Nazis and played down the threat of Russia (USSR).

    President Ronald Reagan warned that communism was the greatest threat to Western civilization. Now thy have watered it down to Socialism. In truth you can separate ideologies into two categories: Free choice or the lack of free choice.

    For good brainwashing/indoctrination to work you need some elements of truth wrapped up in the lies, that’s what throws people off. Constant communism/socialism propaganda all the time you would notice BUT pepper it in with real news that makes you appear non bias and you can claim you’re impartial.

    I took some journalism during my high school years. The First Law of Journalism was to report the news without bias or personal opinion, just the facts and let the reader come to their own conclusion. That rule does not exist in mainstream media. The second rule I learned was that truth was stranger than fiction.

    For example in creative writing (fiction) saying a drunk man slumped into an Ostrich pen and fell a sleep seems a bit off. The man waking up with a dead Ostrich that he had strangled in the night would seem even more off. (Ostrich necks are like leather and it would be nearly impossible for a normal person to do it.) Yet that actually happened on a NY Zoo where the Ostrich attacked the man. Writing fiction about a man shot up from a mine under a lake 30 feet in the air without any injury seems very far fetched, yet that happened.

    These “leftists” are masters of mixing some truth with propaganda and twisting it so elaborately an average person would never notice it. That’s what they are doing with political climate science. So much so it would take an expert (like Joseph) to unravel it. If the party in question owned the majority of experts who is left to unravel it? Truth is a matter of perception. Convince enough of the masses that your perception is real and suddenly truth becomes the fiction. How can all these scientists at all of these organizations be in on the same lie? The average person would say, impossible. Anyone who has studied psychology knows the power of mass influence that how cults are made.

  6. yonason says:

    Democrats have always been Leftists. It’s just now their mask is being pulled off.

  7. Pierre D. Bernier says:

    I’ve thought long and hard before writing this comment. I feel that I have no choice.

    Our job as sceptics is to make people understand that they are being taken for a ride. There is no hope of converting people like Spencer and his likes because their switch are glued on OFF. So let’s forget about them. But many people, if explained properly, will get to understand. To do it you have to lower your explanations to their level of comprehension. If you write your stuff at a higher level you will reach the higher level people but lose the lower level ones. You don’t want that. You want the lower level ones also because, among other things, they vote. So, with this in mind…

    The Earth receives 480 W/m2 of energy from the Sun on the exposed hemisphere while radiating back to space 240 W/m2 from the whole sphere. 480 W/m2 creates a potential for average temperatures of 30C thus creating the climate while the Earth is in energy equilibrium.

    That’s concise and to the point. No ? Now I reach the lower level people and get them to understand. They can see that 240 + 240 = 480. But, some whack job comes in and say that since the part of the Earth exposed to the Sun is hotter then the night side it will therefore radiate more then 240 W/m2 and therefore my model is invalid. What am I to do ?

    The Earth receives 480 W/m2 of energy from the Sun on the exposed hemisphere. But since that the exposed side is hotter then the night side it will radiate back to space about 255 W/m2 while the night side will radiate only 225 W/m2. 480 W/m2 creates a potential for average temperatures of 30C thus creating the climate while the Earth is in energy equilibrium.

    Now ! What do you think just happened ? I just lost half of my potential converts. They are full confused. They can’t add 225 + 255 = 480 !

    Well some malfeasants are just looking for such occasions to harass you and try to make you look bad. When you reduce things to their simplest, they take every fucking opportunity to fuck you all over. Everything is fair game to them.

    I don’t know if the person I’m talking about is a sociopath/psychopath or if she’s just being paid by someone to act stupid and do that kind of shit but it would be nice if when such things are as clear as day that these persons would be banned. If Doug Cotton, why not others ? Have a voting system, whatever, just stop the shit ! Being opposed to something is one thing. Being systematically opposed to everything is another.

    Those who follow closely know very well what I’m talking about. I’m sick and tired of it !

  8. Joseph E. Postma says:

    That’s the nature of this game Pierre. I spent years trying to figure out what motivated these people. Well…you see the results of that…they’re simply corrupt to the core, irredeemable. Insanity is a true phenomenon.

    I’d point out though that even the hemispheric average input still isn’t a complete correction. It’s better, but not complete. One has to go to complete real-time to get the power from the Sun to drive the climate. Hemispheric average is more close to real-time than spherical average…but real time is real.

  9. Pierre D. Bernier says:

    You are absolutely right. But see… The alarmists are the kings of averaging, They average the Sun’s input on both sides of the Earth ignoring the fact that the Sun shines on only one side at a time yet when I average the Earth’s output they say it’s not right because the Sun shines on only one side at a time ! They speak from both sides of the mouth at the same time. That’s a nice average ! GGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!

  10. CD Marshall says:

    This is a very brief conversation I had with @ Swarna Bharat Party who was hosting Lindzen…

    I said: “If you believe in the greenhouse effect are you really against “global warming”? I dare say, not really.”

    They said:”There are levels of effect. Mild warming might well occur from CO2. There is no evidence of catastrophic warming.”

    I replied: “…But it doesn’t. Not with this level of CO2 and absolutely no evidence proved it. Therefore giving them an inch is why they take a mile. As soon as you accept the greenhouse effect as real (in an open atmosphere) you have already lost the battle. CO2 does not drive temperatures nor retain heat, water vapor does.

    Now if you want to say water vapor, a greenhouse gas, drives temperatures you would be correct. In short “the Greenhouse Effect” needs to be eliminated becasue the label is a misdirection. We have high IR responsive gases and low IR responsive gases. The “greenhouse” in the open atmosphere does not exist and implies heat is being trapped by CO2. Nothing is further from the truth.

    If political climate science were honest they would admit that. Sadly, they are not.”


  11. Pierre D. Bernier says:

    Just found the Islamic version of climate change…

    Please, someone send a copy to Roy.,.

  12. It seems to me that the AGW “crisis” is fundamentally yet another quasi-religious dooms-day cult and thus little influenced by a “scientific” examination of actual observations.
    See PSI:
    Climate Change, Neo-Paganism, And The End Of The World
    Published on November 8, 2019

    Written by Dion J Pierre

  13. CD Marshall says:

    Great stuff: 11,000 scientists including Mickey Mouse.

  14. Christopher Marshall says:

    Another one if you fins Ezra too tenacious…Besides I love the Aussie accents.

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