They Live as our Scientists

My favorite movie: “They Live”

Because I feel like I am dealing with some sort of clandestine freak aliens pretending to be our scientists, who stare at me and blink:

“There’s nothing wrong with flat Earth theory. There’s nothing wrong with the Sun not creating the climate. You’re a denier crank scientist flat Earther yourself for disagreeing with us.”

And I stare back thinking: “I can see what you are. I can see what you actually look like. With my mind. But that is a nice human suit you’re wearing.”

Movie scene where person discovers the plot, talking with a clandestine scientist:

Protagonist: “You’ve treated the Earth as a flat plane here. You’ve then spread incoming sunshine over the entire surface of the Earth as an input, thereby diluting solar heating down to a -40C input where sunlight can’t actually create the climate. And then because of doing that, you’ve invented this alternative idea of a greenhouse effect, which isn’t how an actual greenhouse functions but you nevertheless call it that, where the climate is created by greenhouse gases that you then want to tax us for and use as a vector for controlling the world’s economy and the global population…”

Skin suit: “Yes. Yes, that is what we have done. Now don’t be a denier, or else we’ll call you a crank, run you out of your career, and call you a flat Earther.”

Could be a great sci-fi flick…

Graphics contributions invited!

An edit of Mark Dice…just watch it:

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30 Responses to They Live as our Scientists

  1. boomie789 says:

  2. Joseph E. Postma says:

    Perfect! 🙂

  3. CD Marshall says:

    Sorry better link…

  4. Joseph E. Postma says:

  5. boomie789 says:

    James McGinn seems to be just like you except with convection storm theory.

    He claims storms are actually created by the polarity of water and surface tension creating plasma filiments in vorticies. You have to hear him though, there is quantum mechanics involved.

    There is a bunch of anomalies with water and the popular theory. He claims to have the deepest understanding of water of anyone on earth.

    Nothing new under the sun.

  6. Joseph E. Postma says:

    Exactly 🙂

  7. They live as our scientists, but also as our politicians, our world leaders, our educators, …

  8. By the way, my favorite movie is … Dark City

    … alien beings constantly putting people to sleep, changing their thoughts, turning them into different members of society, constantly physically altering the city in which they insert the brain-refabricated humans.

  9. Yah gotta watch that one again! It’s great!

  10. CD Marshall says:

    Sorry I thought I picked the shorter clip not the one where he shoots them all! LOL that’s Postma going Postal we don’t want that 🙂

    I have about a 100 favorite movies, allotted by timeline and genre. Sometimes I pair, like “the Arrival” and “They Live” good double feature (in my mind).

    Dark City is good (Connelly is gorgeous) nothing quite like it though.

    I’m surprised they haven’t tried to remake all of those movies.

    The original Predator still the best of those movies. Did you see the latest one? Yeah they slipped climate change in it like everything else they make in Hollywood now.

  11. I thought AVP Requiem was amazing no idea why people didn’t like it. Yeah I’ll rewatch Predator soon too…watched it like 100 times lol.

  12. CD Marshall says:

    AVP the original one was excellent but I consider that a hybrid movie so I don’t count it as a predator movie per se. Predators was pretty good too. AVP was good but I like 1 better.

    I have to turn my brain off when I watch these. The smallest inconsistency in the writing sticks out like a bomb blowing up in my head (usually from the director inserting something thy want over the logical consistency of the original script). writers are always blamed but sometimes it’s director’s fault. I would imagine you’d really need to turn your brain off!

    The most 3 irritating things in movies to me:
    1. Gun cocking when it should have been chambered.
    2. Noise in space!
    3. The “appear out of nowhere” becasue it wasn’t in the camera view he could sneak up on them when it was not plausible.

    If you want to throw down the gauntlet with Potholer you have to debunk one of his videos, that would get the ball going. He won’t debate you face to face he likes to do it climate science style and avoid direct confrontation. He claims he “destroyed” Tony Heller and Monckton:

    He has several on Heller


    latest Heller:

  13. tom0mason says:

    I find it strange that liberal wish to restrict beef and cattle trade because ‘climate change!’
    Cow farts and all that, eh. Well don’t buffalo fart?
    There used to be excess of 60 million buffalo in the late 18th century, then white people with all their guns and fears of the spread of cattle diseases, culled buffalo herds down to down to 541 animals by 1889. No doubt the 60 million figure is not representative of the maximum number of buffalo that roamed the US.
    Add to that the huge number of large ruminant mammals that used to roam the African grass lands. From

    1500s – Estimates put the number of elephants on the African continent around 26 million when Europeans first started exploring.

    And do elephants fart methane? You bet they do (and how!)
    None of these vast populations of ruminant mammals appeared to drastically affect the climate 300 and more years ago, so why do these people think they do now?
    Oh, that’s right they’re lefty idiots!

  14. MP says:

    @ tom0mason

    Climate alarmist are useful idiots for the gas industry and mayor gas countries, like Russia, Qatar,, and Iran. The goal is to skyrocket methane prices, by artificially influence the supply and demand.

    Anti cow lobby is a gas lobby. 5% of the yearly methane production is used as an ingrediënt to make ammonia fertilizer. Less cows = more fertilizer needed = more methane usage.

    – Anti nuclear = gas lobby
    – Anti coal = gas lobby
    – Pro wind/solar = gas lobby (need it as back-up, back up is less efficient, more gas needed for each produced unit)

  15. David MacCobb says:

    Dear Mr Postma,

    I bought your book and I need to ask you a question, Does this email address get to you or is there another better contact.

    Yours sincerely

    David McCobb



  16. Malcolm A Smith says:

    It is time chew bubble gum and kick ass

  17. Joseph E. Postma says:

    “The “appear out of nowhere” ”

    Yes that’s dumb as hell. They’ve done it so much, I’m always expecting it now and relieved when the morons don’t actually do it because it wouldn’t have made sense…as it never does.

    But what they’re now doing is an actual algorithm, for example with the recent Star Wars trilogy movies. They’re utilizing the algorithm of the negative Hegelian Dialectic to literally make you stupider and kill off brain cells if you even watch the movies at all. The plot holes and unexplained coincidences and random events…it’s all designed to condition your mind, in its state of suspended disbelief while watching a movie, into accepting that things happen for no reason, with no explanation, and randomly, etc. It’s basically trying to turn people into the minds of climate alarmists…lol. We all accept fiction as fiction and as long as the writers or movie directory sufficiently give a half-way plausible explanation for something impossible, we can accept that while our disbelief is suspended. But now they’re using that state of suspended disbelief, which is almost a hypnotic state, to totally mess with your mind entirely and condition it to accept things with no explanation or plausibility at all whatsoever. It’s a method to reduce consciouness.

  18. boomie789 says:
    If i had to pick a favorite Horror/sci-fi.

    Lots of video essays and discussions still go on today about the timeline and outcome of this film.
    Best John Carpenter film

  19. Sent you an email David.

  20. “Noise in space” (^_^)

    … like a large growling comet?
    … like the whoosh of a space engine?
    … like the rumble of glowing-hot space debris?
    … like the “boom” of an exploding planet?

    So many people fear space and silence that they have to constantly fill it with stuff, even if it’s stupid stuff.

  21. CD Marshall says:

    The law use to be and still is for many writers who refuse to go the movie route is that fiction has to be believable more so than non fiction. In a novel all strings from the first sentence to the last have to be interwoven logically and with an element of belief. Many writers spend a long time getting this right to the point that if you pull one sentence and change it, it may unwrap the logic of the whole story.

    I used chapter notebooks to keep points in for each chapter and post it notes plastered everywhere like a crime scene. Plus I had maps and lore handy, a huge project with fantasy and science fiction in world building.

    Fiction has to be more believable than reality. In the real world characters can do things unbelievable in the fiction world they have to remain “in character.” The few good writers can “breath life” into the character, making them an almost “real” person and at that point you just write the story how they would react. If a writer forces the character to act how they want it to it is limiting the creation and inadvertently creating a 2-d character under your laws and not a free thinking 3-d character larger than life. I use to picture this as a character with a leash around their neck held by the writer. A good writer holds you by the hand and leads you into the fiction and then lets go…then you are immersed and the voice of the writer is no longer heard, just the story you can’t put down.

    How many times have you said, “they wouldn’t act like that?” happens more in movies than in books and for good reason. Good actors know how their character should act the producers/directors are always inserting themselves into it and breaking the suspension of belief.

    My cousin read the Star Wars books or whatever they were called and he said in the books Obiwan doesn’t die like in Star Wars, when he disappeared as Darth struck him he actually translated to a distant part of the galaxy by the force but was still alive and I’m not sure the Sith Lord rule was in place, one master one apprentice crap which made no sense, like the “Force” has participation limits for evil ones.

    The Expanse makes a good effort at making the science somewhat believable more so than any other program I can recall.

    I just watched “The Arrival” last night and it was a spot on 1998 Global Warming fear mongering film. They actually said in a 100 years the global temps would increase by 12 degrees killing all life on Earth but the “aliens” were increasing this in just 10 years by putting CO2 into the atmosphere with “machines.”

    Line from the movie, “Our factories can’t pump out 7 billion tons of CO2 a year and not do damage”.
    The political climate change mantra is not imaginative, just repetitive.

  22. CD Marshall says:

    Spectral 2016 was a good movie too, a lesser known gem of scifi flicks. Weird flick.

  23. tom0mason says:

    Maybe the mind control is working too well …


  24. Michael says:

    Put on the glasses!!!

  25. I guess I must be like the the human in the movie, DARK CITY, who could “tune”, because I seem to be able to “tune” out of this crap. (^_^)

    Now if I could just get good enough at it to propel objects (including myself) through the air.

  26. CD Marshall says:

    Speaking of aliens I keep hearing, “can’t settle on Mars becasue of the radiation.” Any thoughts on this? I admit it’s a hurdle but I hate the slimeball greedy turds who say “can’t” becasue they want all the money for gender studies and video games or are just to cowardly to admit they are cowards.

    Their has to be a way to overcome the radiation.

    If only they could create a mock magnetic shield that could help filter out the radiation.

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